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January 26, 2017 Better yet: show up at their Town Halls and community meetings.
December 31, 2016 Wow. In the last few minutes of 2016 I'm watching Mariah Carey die live on ABC.
November 2, 2016 I. Don't. Know. What. This. Feeling. Is.
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March 16, 2017 Microsoft Teams goes live with new email integration, enterprise bots | ZDNet
March 16, 2017 Sonic cyber attack shows security holes in ubiquitous sensors | University of Michigan News
March 16, 2017 Is Your Stuff Safe in the Cloud? - WSJ
March 16, 2017 Deal for Mobileye Puts Intel’s Spotty Record of Acquisitions on the Line - WSJ
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December 30, 2016 RT @ChildrenOfYost: Great season, @UMichFootball. We can't wait to see you next year!
December 27, 2016 A good article from @joemullin re three 2016 cases that breathed some life back into software patents
December 27, 2016 These three 2016 cases gave new life to software patents
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March 22, 2017 Not proposing it is a direct response to ideology and/or influence. Straight line. Propose/drop/propose/drop loo…
March 22, 2017 PCAOB wants it. Big 4 do not adamantly. So why do legislators who take Big 4 campaign contributions repeatedly pro…
March 22, 2017 I have no idea what in the world you are talking about.
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August 6, 2008 Paris Hilton responds to McCain ad
November 11, 2016 I feel like everyone has got it wrong. It's worse than minority rights. It's about whether he has the competency to manage.
November 11, 2016 It has taken me a few days to come to terms with the current facts. As a Venezuelan, I have seen this kind of populist mentality before…
November 11, 2016 it's taken me a few days to come to terms to the current facts. As a Venezuelan, I've seen this kind of populist mentality before.
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July 14, 2015 I just flew 1,248m in an awesome game of #JetpackJoyride on iPad. Bam! P
August 22, 2014 I just flew 426m in a brilliant game of #JetpackJoyride on iPad.
August 19, 2014 I just flew 178m in a brilliant game of #JetpackJoyride on iPad.
August 19, 2014 I just flew 166m in an awesome game of #JetpackJoyride on iPad.
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March 17, 2017 RT @WSJ: Get the trusted insights you need to navigate the crucial events moving markets and impacting business with @WSJ.
March 17, 2017 Should the court reduce Ex-Governor Blagojevich's prison sentence? #Illinois #IllinoisGovernorsInPrison
March 17, 2017 Should the court reduce Blagojevich's prison sentence? #Illinois #IllinoisGovernorsInPrison #Blagojevich
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March 14, 2017 Discount code 10% of ( RIN1462 )
May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
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March 21, 2017 RT @DanielJHemel: .@PatentScholar and me on Impression v. Lexmark and the upside of price discrimination.
March 21, 2017 .@stone_geoffrey's "Sex and the Constitution" is "a learned, illuminating, and analytical compendium"
March 20, 2017 RT @WilliamBaude: On VC: Law professors in support of Judge Gorsuch (and my thoughts, too)
March 20, 2017 RT @WilliamBaude: On VC: Institutional formalism and realism in the Trump presidency
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January 5, 2017 Today's the day I begin to #ReinventMyself, starting with bestselling author James Altucher's new book:
January 4, 2017 Apply Now for Round 3 of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme | Disrupt Africa via @DisruptAfrica
January 4, 2017 Legal entity? Contracts? Trademarks, logos, brand and ideas? Contact me to find out how to set a proper foundation…
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March 18, 2017 RT @elizabethb15: My favorite thing is to go where I have never gone. - Diane Arbus
March 18, 2017 Same question for all my lovely entertainment friends ????
March 17, 2017 An unnamed Soror encouraged me to join she won't answer her phone... I will call her out if she doesn't soon #loudsubliminal
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August 4, 2011 "And how many cities are there as good as Chicago?" - Derek Lee Read more:
July 25, 2011 Judge Judy Fact of the Day: Her 24k square-foot home contains a snoring room -- an extra room for guests who snore. TY Peter King MMQB
July 16, 2011 Hall of Fame Game -- He Gone...
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March 16, 2017 The company's autonomous vehicles struggle to take anyone even a single mile without human intervention. #Uber
March 16, 2017 Those that took home top honors hail exclusively from Japan, Germany and the United States. via @Pearl9Rose
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March 15, 2017 Read more about the uncertainty of the TSCA reform under the Trump Administration:
March 7, 2017 Sadly child sexual abuse is an issue found even in the most trusted institutions like the Boy Scouts. Read more:
March 6, 2017 For the 7th consecutive year the @stlouisbiz has ranked us as the largest plaintiff's law firm in the St. Louis Me...
March 3, 2017 Many power plant workers had no idea that they were exposed to a toxin that could one day cause cancer. Read more:
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January 19, 2017 Blues is Chicago's most famous cultural export. Why don't we do more to promote it? via @crainschicago
January 13, 2017 This Chicago tech company brings a lawyer to your living room: via @BuiltInChicago
January 11, 2017 I've never retweeted a sponsored post before...Eero is a game changer for home WiFi. Best purchase of 2015 for me.
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March 19, 2017 Check out the recent article by Chicago-Kent #Patent Hub director Mary Anne Smith in @IPWatchdog: #probono #iplaw
March 18, 2017 3/20, 5pm: @ACSChicagoKent & @ACLUChicagoKent present "First Look: Executive Power in the Trump Administration."…
March 18, 2017 WATCH: "What's the Verdict on Neil Gorsuch?" panel w/ Ilya Shapiro of @CatoInstitute and Profs. Shapiro & Schmidt:
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March 17, 2017 The big tax cut could potentially save President Trump millions via @WSJ
March 15, 2017 RT @GoodmanESPN: Cal has issued statement that Cuonzo Martin has resigned. Sources told ESPN he is expected to take Missouri job.
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April 19, 2016 RT @HuschBlackwell: .@uspto new rules for AIA review proceedings. Mike Annis & Andy Gilfoil explain. CC:
November 11, 2015 RT @HuschBlackwell: .@philip_segrest discusses the court’s local #patent rules that limit parties to 10 terms for claim construction
November 6, 2015 RT @NorCalIPBlog: Producing 500,000 Pages of Documents and Source Code Found to be Good Cause For Leave to Amend
November 6, 2015 I've begun editing the blog that @JosephCwik previously covered. Watch here and @HuschBlackwell for new content.
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March 10, 2017 UpRight Law is looking for Account Manager. Help UpRight increase #AccessToJustice. Refer a frien... #job
March 7, 2017 UpRight Law is looking for Client Services Executive. Help UpRight increase #AccessToJustice. Ref... #job
March 7, 2017 UpRight Law is looking for Training Manager. Help UpRight increase #AccessToJustice. Refer a frie... #job
February 27, 2017 UpRight Law is looking for Account Executive. Help UpRight increase #AccessToJustice. Refer a fri... #job
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March 14, 2017 RT @FPBland: Bill to effectively ban class actions will gut civil rights, antitrust and many laws protecting Americans
March 12, 2017 RT @Public_Citizen: ICYMI: Bad news if you ever are a hospital patient:
March 10, 2017 RT @USCPSC: Think you've identified an unsafe product? Report it on #ConsumerProtection #NCPW17
March 9, 2017 RT @Public_Justice: Call (202) 224-3121 and tell your Rep to vote NO on HR 985 right now
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March 15, 2017 Exactly. Listen to Ronny Raygun clearly identify Conservatism and Facism
March 14, 2017 "Always keep your booger hooker off the bang switch". Say it with me...
March 10, 2017 Evanston friends, head over to to find out how much you can save on your residential prope…
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February 8, 2010 Sorry for being away for so long, found a great new position in FL as a college Dean. Working hard!! **smile**
January 2, 2010 Happy New Year Tweetpple!
November 10, 2009 Job Search Tip: Look up comp of different sizes in your industry and apply to small and medium size companies 1st - may find a job faster
October 20, 2009 Job Search Tip: When you network, look at building a long relationship - not a "quick hit"
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February 8, 2017 It’s the Jewish Way To Demand Facts Amid Trump’s Barrage of Fake News via @jdforward
January 12, 2017 The assault. Just beginning or continuing? New feds could be fired for ‘no cause at all’ under planned legislation
January 12, 2017 Troublesome. House Republicans revive obscure rule allows them to slash the pay of individual federal workers to $1
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February 23, 2010 Some insight into the Illinois recount process that could be set in motion re: the recent Illinois election results
February 18, 2010 Chicago native Shani Davis wins Olympic gold in speed skating
February 17, 2010 Chicago lawyers do their part for Haiti orphans affected by recent earthquake
February 2, 2010 Medical journal retracts claims that autism linked to MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine
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March 17, 2017 Happy St. Patrick's Day from L&P!
March 16, 2017 Government Led Investigation Shows For Profit Nursing Homes Have Highest Profits, Fewest Staff
March 16, 2017 RT @unichicago: Familia latina gana demanda contra el asilo Center Home for Hispanic Elderly en Humboldt Park via @unichicago
March 16, 2017 RT @unichicago: ¿Cómo afecta el estatus migratorio sus derechos médicos? via @unichicago
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March 17, 2017 RT @denisleary: #StPatricksDay Irish History Fact: We invented whiskey, sarcasm & bare knuckle brawling. All on the same night. In that order.
March 11, 2017 “Look at Nothing” by @dailyzen @dailyzen/looking-at-nothing-73f1b1b95ddf#.5h6i15xyx" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" class="tweetlink">
March 4, 2017 RT @Mr_Lincoln: Lincoln was by far the most gifted writer of the U.S. presidents, and some experts consider him one of the most gifted writers, period.
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March 19, 2017 #DePaulLawCommunity: Join #PBCSI for its donate-a-day for bingo & lunch event w/ residents of @DebsPlaceChi
March 17, 2017 The #DePaulLawDifference: Mix & mingle w/ Law Career Service staff & meet its newest advisor on 3/20, 2nd fl. loung…
March 17, 2017 RT @CueStephanie: .@lawdepaul is having a great time in Oxford! Day one of mooting in the books! #depaullaw #OxfordIPMoot #preloading
March 17, 2017 RT @CueStephanie: First day of competition at the Oxford International IP Moot Court Competition! @lawdepaul is ready to go! #depaullaw #oxfordIPmoot
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November 1, 2016 #hillaryforprison
January 2, 2016 RT @blorish: There's a weird way to fix your iPhone if it's acting slow — and it takes less than 30 seconds
December 1, 2015 @NBA Jordan, Kareem and Wilt #sweeps #nbatickettuesday
October 31, 2015 @robreidattorney @TeamMarco @tedcruz It's not nearly that simple with Rubio. And remember Cruz is Canadian born.
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March 17, 2017 ICYMI: Our Legal Writing, Trial Ad, & IP programs have once again been ranked among the country’s best! #JmlsPride
March 15, 2017 RT @LS_at_JMLS: We are lucky to have Prof. Contento leading the Writing Resource Center at @JMLSChicago. Congrats on this recogniti…
March 15, 2017 RT @PerkinsCoieLLP: Register today for Update on #IPLitigation at the U.S. International Trade Commission at @JMLSChicago on 4/27:
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February 26, 2010 Anyone have a referral for a business attorney near Clearwater, FL?
February 26, 2010 Thanks @Shusmo! Maybe we can have virtual Tweetups, so I don't feel left out ;)
February 26, 2010 Why your lawyer won't return your calls. A primer for potential clients:
February 16, 2010 Should some student loans be dischargeable in bankruptcy? Ask the doctor with $555K in student loan debt:
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January 6, 2017 Wild how a year goes by in an instant. A great memory from 2016
September 22, 2016 #tbt! An extraordinary honor - made so special by sharing it with my family and closest friends. I'm truly...
January 6, 2016 Had a great time with Darlene Hill Fox 32 Chicago this morning - dreaming about what we will do when we win the...
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July 30, 2011 Get a sneak peak of the exciting things to come this fall with Michael Farris's new revolutionary video series,...
July 16, 2011 Watch this two-minute video to see how our freedom to speak the Truth without fear of government intervention is...
June 25, 2011 Mediation is something else I offer...,mediation can save both parties a lot of money but more importantly can...
June 18, 2011 Conflict Coaching is a service I offer. What is "Conflict Coaching"? Read below for more...
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March 22, 2017 RT @TheADDF: Dr. Diana Shineman joins the @UBS Women’s Symposium today to discuss dementia prevention and emerging drugs for…
February 14, 2017 RT @ElderLawAssoc: New Medicare Rule Encourages Doctors to Test for Alzheimer's Disease and Offer Care Planning
February 14, 2017 RT @sheriabrams: It is estimated that 63% of Americans don’t have a will. Do you?