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December 27, 2013 Report by Pew Research on Immigration Policy and views on deportation.
February 22, 2013 Big increase in DACA applications received in September/October may account for case transfers to local offices.
February 22, 2013 Padilla v. Kentucky (counsel must inform of immigration consequences of plea deals) does not apply retroactively.
January 29, 2013 USCIS' Policy Manual replacing the current Adjudicator's Field Manual .
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December 23, 2016 I can't believe it's Sunday already.
September 30, 2016 Hey Twitter, it's been awhile. Have I missed anything?
July 28, 2016 Someone tried to hack into my Twitter account, asked my registrar to forward my email, etc. Did Trump ask the Russians to do that too?
April 26, 2016 RT @talkshow: Hello, world — Talkshow is now available in the App Store. Read more about what we’re up to here:
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March 15, 2017 Yes! Your license can be suspended for possession of #marijuana. I might be able to help you avoid it. #virginia
March 2, 2017 Red flags to watch for when you are hiring a lawyer. #recklessdriving #virginia
January 22, 2017 Over 900 drivers took this quiz and 74% missed this question.
January 18, 2017 .@JoshuaSheats Check out the monastery they're working to build in the mountains:
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March 18, 2017 White House F**ks Up, Promotes Satirical Article That Makes Trump Look Like A MORON (TWEET)
February 19, 2017 RT @ChelseaClinton: What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?
February 12, 2017 RT @jjmacklegutt: @soledadobrien What has become true is most of what comes out of his mouth is Lies. No respect or trust for this so called president. None!!
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June 8, 2013 RT @instapundit: COFFEE: Is There Anything It Can’t Do? For hundreds of years, coffee has been one of the two... via @instapundit
June 8, 2013 RT @GovGaryJohnson: #Obama assurances that #NSA dragnet is OK are premised on govt being 1) competent and 2) trustworthy. Feel better? #ItrustTheGovtLike #tlot
June 7, 2013 RT @Mediaite: Paper Of Re-Record: New York Times Softens Criticism Of President Obama And Glenn Greenwald (COLUMN by @tommyxtopher)
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December 26, 2016 RT @TEDTalks: "Do you yearn to defend your own beliefs, or do you yearn to see the world as clearly as you possibly can?"
November 1, 2016 RT @danielellsworth: .@TheKyleAndrews and I wrote a song called "Side By Side" for a project called DRAXULAS and it'll be on…
December 8, 2015 RT @TheDailyShow: Jon Stewart wants you to tell @SenateMajLdr to pass the 9/11 Zadroga Act. Now. #worstresponders #shameworks
October 25, 2015 I really love my Wordpress Quiz Plugin ! Try it, it's awesome :
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January 29, 2017 I've been getting questions lately about executive orders, based on the controversial actions by President Trump...
January 8, 2017 Strictly Legal is back for 2017! Starting the year with my recent experience officiating a wedding and discussing...
January 11, 2016 In my thoughts on Serial Season 2, Episode 4, I provide some background to reporter David Rohde's assertion that...
January 10, 2016 In this post, I provide more background to Sarah Koenig's discussion of the Code of Conduct. I also explain how...
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March 15, 2017 What can Merkel teach Trump? W&L's Russ Miller on Germany's fight to balance privacy and security on @lawfareblog
March 14, 2017 W&L Institute for Honor continues today with a lecture and panel discussion on lawyers representing infamous client…
March 13, 2017 Congrats to W&L Law's Jim Moliterno, recipient of the @VAStateBar Leadership in Education Award!…
March 3, 2017 Great law school participation in the 2017 SSA conference! Check out their presentations and make plans to attend!
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October 23, 2008 I am an attorney with McSweeney Crump Childress & Temple
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March 21, 2017 Prof. Paul Stephan looks to concern of sovereign immunity suspensions with latest 9/11 suits @TribecaPatch
March 21, 2017 Get career tips and learn what makes the #UVALawNetwork special
March 21, 2017 Prof. @brandonlgarrett shares findings of latest research on #deathpenalty decline @ncronline
March 21, 2017 President to nominate #UVALaw lecturer Amul Thapar, U.S. federal judge, to 6th Circuit Court of Appeals @WhiteHouse
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March 17, 2017 Find out what "discovery" means in your personal injury case.
March 9, 2017 If you have a metal-on-metal hip implant, your health may be at risk. Learn more.
March 6, 2017 RT @DRIVESMARTVA: Your DRIVE TIME is not your DOWN TIME. Listen and learn, folks. Distracted Driving Awareness
March 6, 2017 Children need supervision and vigilance by adults to prevent burn injuries. Learn what you can do.
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March 3, 2017 North Carolina woman sues after Facebook photo used in beer ad campaign
March 2, 2017 Law to keep sex offenders off #socialmedia may be struck down
February 28, 2017 Why #SocialMedia is Critical to Ongoing Professional Success
February 28, 2017 #SocialMedia Are Driving Americans Insane
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March 17, 2017 (Cont.) @SnoopDogg's video flag-"shooting" a clown @realDonaldTrump isn't advocating violence against him, despite those who misconstrue.
March 17, 2017 (Cont.) @SnoopDogg's video flag-"shooting" a clown @realDonaldTrump isn't advocating violence against Trump. Some crazies might misconstrue.
March 17, 2017 (Cont.) @SnoopDogg's video character lampoons a clown looking like Trump @realDonaldTrump. The video is sobering & 1st Amendment protected.
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February 25, 2017 Congratulations to all Fall 2016 Ronald L. Fick book award recipients for earning the highest grade in a course. W…
January 7, 2017 Happy snow day from Regent Law! ??
July 1, 2016 Judge Steven Rogers, a Regent Law grad, recognized as Judge of the Year, check it out:
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September 28, 2016 Medical Malpractice and Infections:   Often, I am approached by potential clients inquiring as to whether the...
September 17, 2016 Virginia Medical Malpractice “Free” Case Evaluation
September 17, 2016 Virginia Medical Malpractice “Free” Case Evaluation:   Virginia Medical Malpractice Free Case Evaluation. Get...
August 19, 2016 Medical Malpractice Experts Are a Plaintiff’s Headache:   Medical malpractice experts are a Plaintiff’s heada...
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March 19, 2017 RT @socent_life: The Founder of Ntegrity: Why I Run My Business With Love - B The Change Media #socent
March 19, 2017 RT @written_simply: 9 Best Advertising Management Plugins For WordPress (2017 Edition) -
March 19, 2017 RT @hootsuite: Have you been neglecting your LinkedIn profile? 9 easy ways to refresh your LinkedIn
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January 16, 2017 The god of Islam is not the God worshipped by Jews and Christians; not the same god. #TheStoryOfGod #MorganFreeman
September 11, 2016 Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia
September 11, 2016 Clinton cancels trip to California after 'overheating' spell, pneumonia diagnosis via @USATODAY
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February 19, 2013 Tiffany was not amused that Costco used its name to describe diamond engagement rings sold in Costco stores.
February 18, 2013 Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ~George Washington
February 15, 2013 Google sues British telecoms group BT, claiming its infringing on 4 of Google's patents.
February 14, 2013 Mary Kay and Michael Kors battle it out over the use of the MK trademark.
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March 15, 2017 Virginia: Vehicle Accident – a Lawyer’s Bankruptcy
March 13, 2017 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Train
March 9, 2017 Virginia: Special Cases – a Lawyer’s Path
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January 25, 2017 Va. legislators consider bill with $10K homeowners fine for short-term rentals & requires reporting.…
January 6, 2017 Failure to communicate with client is frequent cause of malpractice claims and Bar complaints. Keep your clients i…
January 4, 2017 New Legal Ethics Opinion requires supervisory attorney to proactively intervene when another attorney in firm is imp…
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January 1, 2017 Chris Moss CPA Tax Attorney shared a link
December 31, 2016 Chris Moss CPA Tax Attorney shared a link
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August 4, 2011 Coming to campus early? Grundy has lots of road construction to widen roads, so be cautious driving through town.
July 19, 2011 Bar exam next week -- good luck to all takers!
July 6, 2011 Thanks to SBA for $$ to put new computers in Library Seminar Room! Check them out if you're in Grundy this summer.
June 28, 2011 ASL Library will be closed on Independence Day Monday (July 4): No card access. Normal weekend hours, though.
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June 22, 2016 Win A Dual Stage Temperature Controller via @homebrewfinds #homebrew
October 9, 2015 The REAL most wonderful time of the year is here. Oktoberfest 2015! #CapCityOFest
October 8, 2015 Oktoberfest 2015!
July 27, 2015 just closed a deal in 96 minutes using #AdobeDocCloud #eSign services
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November 29, 2009 Virginia Court Rules Additional Proof Needed in Prosecution for Trespassing -
November 29, 2009 Virginia Supreme Court Rules on Felon In Possession of Firearm Statute - Constructive Possession Enough -
March 27, 2011 Virginia Ct. App. holds no Miranda is necessary before giving FSTs where driver under arrest.
October 4, 2009 Virginia Court Reverses Robbery Conviction - Insufficient evidence of intimidation.
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March 17, 2017 The Health Care You Told Us You Want #elder #law #estate #planning
March 17, 2017 Wondering what keepsakes you should pass on to your grandchildren? Here are 5 ideas to get you started:...
March 17, 2017 Wondering what keepsakes you should pass on to your grandchildren? Here are 5 ideas to get you started: #elder #law
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March 21, 2017 Great panel on National Security Law careers today hosted by @MasonLawCAS and @MasonNatSec featuring three accompli…
February 13, 2017 Scalia Law's @jamil_n_jaffer speaks at a Northeastern University Law School event on surveillance law on Feb. 8, 20…
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March 16, 2017 The Importance of a Documenting Your Business Co-Ownership Relationship
March 16, 2017 The Importance of a Documenting Your Business Co-Ownership Relationship
March 15, 2017 Teaming Agreement Best Practices for Government Contractors
March 15, 2017 Teaming Agreement Best Practices for Government Contractors
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March 22, 2017 I look forward to the book/movie "The Copyright Troll Sues Prada"
March 21, 2017 @RyanAlley this jives with uptick in new (green) ex parte #PTAB appeals starting about 1 year ago, ramping up this…
March 21, 2017 #PTAB could crack 13k ex parte appeals docketed in FY2017 at current pace. Biggest year in a long time? (FY2012 had…
March 20, 2017 And then @Jeopardy had the audacity to ask a final jeopardy in Latin!!
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March 16, 2017 One-year statute of limitations for libel claims in VA starts running even if you don't know you've been defamed.
March 8, 2017 "The parties do not dispute that the one-year duration of the non-compete provision is not unreasonable." #quadruple-negative #legalwriting
March 6, 2017 Defamation per se is overrated. Defamation per quod can take you where you want to go.
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March 21, 2017 Con artists prey on immigrants fearing a Trump crackdown
March 15, 2017 "...Why, then, are academics not doing more to share their work with the broader public? The answer appears to...
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March 18, 2017 RT @cnnbrk: Secret Service laptop with highly sensitive information has been stolen, NY law enforcement officials say.
March 18, 2017 RT @AdvertisingLaw: Five Ninth Circuit Judges Issue Rare Dissent Rebuking The Panel In Immigration Ruling | JONATHAN TURLEY
February 26, 2017 RT @JohnHansell: Tonight's dram. Redbreast 25 yr., 53%. Very impressive! Cheers!