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February 10, 2017 This got me thinking:I think everyone should check out my nephew's new blog. And not just because we have the sam…
January 25, 2017 This got me thinking:
January 25, 2017 RT @ScienceMarchDC: Hey everyone, our official facebook page is: Please share and retweet.
January 25, 2017 This got me thinking:For attorneys that are interested in helping refugees that may be set to arrive in the US giv…
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March 16, 2017 How to Stay Safe From an #Orlando #AutoAccident While #Driving in the #Rain -
March 16, 2017 #Free #Orlando #CarAccident Consultation - Call 407-490-1271 Now -
March 16, 2017 #SafetyTips For #Driving In The #Rain When You Visit #Florida -
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March 21, 2017 Your auto insurance rates are probably going to soar this year
March 21, 2017 How to Get Your Insurance Company to Pay Up After a Natural Disaster:  #hurricane #flooding
March 21, 2017 Lack of Oxford Comma Could Cost Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute
March 21, 2017 RT @orlandosentinel: Florida appeals court sides with State Farm on limiting public's access to policy information…
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March 17, 2017 n #MiamiRealEstate: Ultimate Key West party compound lists for $6M
March 17, 2017 Re #Florida: Drug dealers launder billions through Miami refinery, feds say
March 17, 2017 RT @SunSentinel: Broward giving away land for affordable housing
March 17, 2017 RT @FlaPnthrsPunk: I'd say because it's the best place in Broward to go to hunt Pokemon ????
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November 1, 2016 We wish a very happy birthday to Adam!!!!!!
October 18, 2016 We had a great time tonight at the Broward Democratic Executive Committee meeting tonight!
October 11, 2016 Helping to register voters!
September 30, 2016 Great time at the BCHBA Hispanic Heritage Month Domino Tournament!
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December 6, 2016 In #NewMexico, nudity is allow, provided that male genitals are covered. #Law #NewMexicoLaw
December 6, 2016 Howard W. Myones is a litigation attorney at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine. His practice areas include:…
December 6, 2016 Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing pro. legal services & make every effort to get the best results for our clients.
December 6, 2016 What exactly does "Full Coverage" Insurance mean? Read here:
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March 22, 2017 RT @Phillies: We mourn the passing of Dallas Green. The Phillies have lost a great man and wonderful friend. Our thoughts and pra…
March 22, 2017 Disgusting & sad that veterans have2tolerate:VA emails reveal blood on ceiling & roaches in operating room Bay Pines
March 22, 2017 Pay the Man! Josh Cribbs announces retirement - via @ESPN App
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March 9, 2017 Wrongfully Convicted Man Gets $175,000 for 13 Years in Prison
March 5, 2017 Leashes Come Off Wall Street, Gun Sellers, Polluters and More
March 2, 2017 RT @BraddJaffy: Here is Jeff Sessions in 1999 talking about the seriousness of committing perjury under oath
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March 10, 2017 RT @thehill: House passes bill restricting class action lawsuits
February 15, 2017 RT @USATODAY: The posters are apparently the work of a campaign by a far-right, pro-white organization called American Vanguard.
February 6, 2017 #PresidentBannon: A drunk, racist, alt-facts purveyor. A man filled with hate who has demonstrated little understan…
February 2, 2017 Nearing retirement age? This article may help you decide WHERE you'd like to be during retirement. Good...
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March 21, 2017 Ever think about cheating on your certified payroll? Don't! This NYC contractor is fined $3.2M. Ouch!
March 21, 2017 I probably shouldn't tell you this, but here I go. Here are 10 things I'd want to know about my #ConstructionLawyer
March 21, 2017 Want to recover your #LegalFees when you sue? Then do this. #ConstructionLaw
March 20, 2017 Moss tops off Hyde Midtown. #MiamiConstruction
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March 22, 2017 RT @callruby: Happening now! Three Guaranteed Ways to Grow Your Business with Follow Up. @EJCase @oenorg
March 22, 2017 Still not convinced about cloud computing benefits for your law firm? You may want to read this:…
March 22, 2017 More reasons to love Office 365 (one of our newest integration partners.) Thanks for the post @LegalMacIT
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March 17, 2017 Florida prosecutors rebuke Orlando state attorney, promise to continue seeking death penalty via @TB_Times
March 17, 2017 RT @vicenews: The search for an answer to the mystery of dark matter led to a bigger discovery: dark energy #VICEonHBO
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March 19, 2017 RT @BarackObama: Chuck Berry rolled over everyone who came before him – and turned up everyone who came after. We'll miss you, Chuck. Be good.
March 18, 2017 RT @springsteen: Chuck Berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived.
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March 19, 2017 I don't agree with @sltrib on a lot of things, but I think this holds true.
March 18, 2017 It appears @johndehlin has a low #trigger threshold for blocking. Just a single tweet about lengthy podcasts, as fa…
March 18, 2017 RT @OaksDallinH: Followers of Christ should be examples of civility. As you communicate with others, remember the Savior’s teaching to love one another.
March 14, 2017 To be wise as serpents does not require that we act as snakes.
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March 20, 2017 This was rather odd. Unusual orchestration.
March 19, 2017 RT @StratGleeson: If memory serves, in "The Hunt for Red October," these types of folks were called "political commissars."
March 16, 2017 Enjoyed presenting on #EB5 Visas Loan v Equity RC models at ILW Conference in New Delhi today. Excellent Conference!
March 15, 2017 Looking forward to presenting at the ILW #EB5 Visa Conference this morning in New Delhi on green card options for Indian Investors.
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March 16, 2017 What Makes a Driver Negligent for a Florida Accident?
March 16, 2017 The State of Florida and the City of Clearwater have many highways that truckers and tractor trailer drivers use...
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March 7, 2017 @GoMeteoric I know what you mean. :)
March 3, 2017 Great time with @askjillian and "West Coast" John Phillips @Johnnydontlike on KABC.
February 15, 2017 @mattgutmanABC See pediatric dentist Schneider declared incompetent to stand trial? A lot of parents you met are outraged.
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March 18, 2017 Video Surfaces of Anthem of the Seas Battling 30 Foot Waves
March 17, 2017 Happy St. Patrick's Day! Use extra caution out on the road tonight and always designate a sober driver. Have fun an…
March 17, 2017 Report Issued Relating to Carnival Pride Gangway Crash
March 16, 2017 Cruise ship damages pristine coral reef. How big an impact do cruises have on the environment?
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March 16, 2017 n #SFla - Mayor: Miami-Dade may need higher taxes to pay for SMART plan
March 16, 2017 . #news - Man gets life sentence for killing lover - A South Florida man who was 18 years old when he fatally s...
March 16, 2017 RT @toronto511: OPP is currently conducting the March Break Distracted Driving Campaign from March 13-19 2017.
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March 23, 2017 Thank you for the RT @Ryan_Vose
March 23, 2017 RT @dolmanlaw: #CarAccidents Caused by Distracted Drivers: Types and Prevention
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March 15, 2017 Inter-American Law Review article quoted in story about the @MLB's "Cuban Conundrum" #SportsLaw #Cuba
February 3, 2017 "Climate Wrongs and Human Rights" hosted by @UMLawReview is coming up! Don't forget to register…
January 31, 2017 Missed Prof. Ahmad's lecture on stropping Pres. Trump's Executive Order on #Immigration? Catch it here:…
January 19, 2017 Going on now, Prof. Don Jones' panel discussion surrounding new book, #DangerousSpaces beyond the racial profile
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March 17, 2017 Internet security questioned when hacker bypass firewalls...
March 17, 2017 Cyber security needing to be revisited as open source programs are used in business...
March 17, 2017 Processing payments effectively is key to a start-up's success. #business #Internet #startups
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March 21, 2017 When it comes to family law, you'll want aggressive attorneys on your side. Trust our attorney to fight for you.…
March 17, 2017 Check out this blog on premarital agreements by the @HuffPostBlog!
March 16, 2017 When is alimony awarded and what determines how much is given? Find out:
March 14, 2017 Our attorneys can handle your case, no matter how complex. Contact us us today for a consultation on your case.…
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February 27, 2017 Ridgewood Energy R Fund - Investor Alert
February 16, 2017 Waveland Resource Partners IV - Investor Alert
February 4, 2017 United Development Funding IV (UDF IV) - Investor Alert - UPDATED
December 23, 2016 Brandt Wendland - Investor Alert -
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March 13, 2017 RT @FSS_liveshots: Always a pleasure hosting @acriminallawyer for all your news liveshots when you go "LIVE FROM FSS!"
March 3, 2017 @alfranken instead of having staff write questions for you, maybe next time you write them yourself and think about…
January 10, 2017 RT @ThisMorningShow: What can we expect from the trial of the #Florida airport shooting suspect? @acriminallawyer gives us a look.…
January 10, 2017 RT @TuckerCarlson: We plan on bringing #MeanTweets back tomorrow! Make sure to tweet your cruelest to @TuckerCarlson or email
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March 21, 2017 Relying on a will for distribution of sentimental assets raises several issues in #probate:
March 21, 2017 "For wealthy couples, #SocialSecurity is still a guaranteed income stream that could pay out in excess of $1M...
March 21, 2017 RT @theflabar: Florida lawyers: Today is the LAST day to vote for President-elect of The Florida Bar! Cast your vote here!:…
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March 17, 2017 RT @CapitolCubans: New Cuban Documentary Highlights Struggles of Political Prisoners’ Families via @qmedia
March 17, 2017 Does ANYBODY think the scissors are to.blame? Should we ban scissors? Scissor violence? NO.Just like guns. Address…
March 17, 2017 RT @AlPuntoFL: Este domingo a las 9am analizamos lo ultimo sobre las intervenciónes telefónicas en Trump Tower. @MariliCancio
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March 16, 2017 Florida prosecutor removed from case for not seeking death penalty via @MailOnline
March 16, 2017 FHP to conduct DUI patrols over St. Patricks Day weekend in Sarasota/Bradenton areas
March 14, 2017 Drunk driver starts 15 year jail term for killing Miami cheerleader via @MailOnline
March 13, 2017 Ex Fairfax, Virginia mayor pleads guilty to distributing meth following sting via @MailOnline
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March 10, 2016 Florida Roads Alluring & Deadly for Motorcycle Riders: The state of Florida leads the nation in the number of ...
March 8, 2016 Hernando County Teacher Dies in Rodeo Accident: A Hernando County e-School teacher and well-known barrel racer...
March 8, 2016 Student Charged After Allegedly Posting Nude Pic of Teacher Online: A high school student who is accused of go...
March 4, 2016 Baker County Woman Accused of Having Sex With Teen: A 29-year-old woman was arrested last month after the Bake...
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March 16, 2017 Criminal Sentencing Discrepancies Excerpt: via @YouTube
February 9, 2017 RT @GetFlexSeal: From the makers of Flex Seal® comes Flex Tape™, the super strong waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal, and re…
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February 6, 2010 late late show (Broadcasting live at
January 31, 2010 good morning everybody from sunny florida (Broadcasting live at
January 31, 2010 Up and at it. It appears Obamacare is dead. P.S. had lunch at the Capital Grill in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. Good Stuff. High Priced but ok
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March 21, 2017 Is college leadership on trial in Penn State scandal? Prof Peter Lake @stetsonlaw @chronicle:
February 17, 2017 Stetson’s Veterans Law Institute partners with @VABayPines, @BayLegalJustice and @GLS_INC to assist veterans.…
February 15, 2017 Did you know? Today in 1879, President Hayes signed legislation allowing women to be admitted to practice before the @USSupremeCourt.
December 9, 2016 Can #Bitcoin technology promote equality around the world? Visiting Professor Reyes speaks on topic in Mexico…
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March 21, 2017 So looking forward to today's lunch!
March 20, 2017 Florida lawyers, have you voted for bar president yet? @LanseScriven has my vote and he should have yours too!
March 18, 2017 Are you coming to the @FlaBizLaw IP Symposium? Looking forward to presenting and seeing my IP Peeps! Sign up!
March 1, 2017 RT @theflabar: HUGE welcome from The Bar. (What are you waiting for? Follow them now!)
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June 29, 2011 Sharing Weight Discrimination Stories Online «CBS Philly: #emplaw #hr #employmentlaw Stop the war on the overweight!
March 21, 2017 Pfizer Sues Ex-Marketing Director Over Trade Secret Theft - Law360 #emplaw #hr #employees
March 21, 2017 NLRB Finds Employer Need Not Provide Union Rep During Police Interrogation During Which Management Present #emplaw
March 21, 2017 Immigration Legal Aid Workers May Hold Union Vote: NLRB - Law360 #emplaw #hr #employees
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March 18, 2017 Florida Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act -
March 16, 2017 The Six Elements of a Legal Contract
March 16, 2017 The Six Elements of a Legal Contract -
March 15, 2017 An overtime pay case was decided ENTIRELY on a missing comma. Can your contracts hold up under that level of...
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March 20, 2017 17 stunning photos that show how Dubai has become the 'Manhattan of the Middle East'
March 17, 2017 "The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) offers a service to transfer agents known as the.. - via @_feedspot
March 15, 2017 Financial Adviser Funds Lavish Lifestyle by Stealing from Client Accounts - via @securitieslawyer101
March 15, 2017 James P. Toner Jr Settles Fraud Charges - Posted by Brenda Hamilton - via @securitieslawyer101
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October 27, 2016 Call for Fellowship Applications: University of California Undocumented Legal Services Center: The Universit...
October 9, 2016 University of Geneva Asylum and Refugee Conference: The University of Geneva is hosting an asylum and migrati...
October 8, 2016 LEX LETTER: A publication for American expats, immigrants to the U.S., and the otherwise globally mobile: Le...
August 30, 2016 Immigration Article of the Day: 'Sanctuary' Laws: The New Immigration Federalism by Barbara E. Armacost: 'Sa...