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January 1, 2016 @nuunhydration 2015 goes to the recycle bin; here's to a new 2016 season #nuunlove #nuun
December 28, 2015 @jasonhobson #United I have some really great news: afylter 4 hours and 42 min on hold, @united answered the phone #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @united Good news: After 4 hours and 42 min, I was connected! #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @United on hold for 4 hours 25 min here...good job #united
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April 18, 2016 Oracle fundamentally disagrees with Judge Alsup on how to instruct jury on fair use in Google case
April 7, 2016 New ‘Digest Of EEO Law’ Issued By EEOC
April 2, 2016 DMCA Safe Harbors Again in the Spotlight
March 31, 2016 Disgorgement of infringer's profits in Apple v. Samsung and Oracle v. Google: apportionment is key
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April 27, 2016 RT @etnow: A judge finds Prince had no will & appoints a special administrator to handle the estate.
April 27, 2016 RT @PogoWasRight: Led Zeppelin can settle #copyright suit over Stairway to Heaven for $1 - but there's a catch:$1-40241538/
April 27, 2016 So, Amazons on screen should be tall.
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3 days ago We just saw 3 cars get pulled over walking home from @BrickDallas. Monday sting?
3 days ago RT @THR: "She's wearing Becky's skin" — Social media reacts to Beyonce, #MetGala looks
3 days ago "I give my time, my talent, and my treasures to charity." @LeeAnneLocken on #WWHL right now. #rhod
3 days ago The Graffiti on the Trinity River
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January 27, 2015 #bostonblizzard , #BostonYeti2015 make it all worthwhile. NOT
November 29, 2014 My dream: Please eat honey, you need to keep your strength up! I have a problem w/food porn: I can't visit Ron's FB!
August 31, 2014 @historyepics @jpalfrey The 19th Amendment passed in 1920, giving women the right to vote. Can't be early suffragettes, can it?
June 24, 2014 Stop being a creep, @Facebook! FB's tracking system is using our data to serve ads - Opt out here via @fightfortheftr
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1 day ago RT @OrinKerr: Network surveillance in 1937: SEC subpoenas Western Union for target telegrams, CA5 okays.
1 day ago RT @jaivirdi: The sign on this Baltimore streetcar urges people to get a diphtheria toxoid booster, 1935 #histmed
April 25, 2016 RT @ColinStarger: Visualizations for Hyatt, Hughes, Welch and every other 2015 Term case here: Today's opinions coming soon. #scotus
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March 3, 2010 I'm at Beth's Cafe (7311 Aurora Ave N, at Winona Ave N, Seattle) w/ 3 others.
February 25, 2010 Drinking soju in Belltown! (@ Kushibar)
November 8, 2009 Still uncomfortable about Southwest's free seating policy though I've had no problems getiibg a window seat so far.
November 8, 2009 Heading home. (@ Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis)
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July 11, 2015 @theParanoids RT @thekitchn: 9 dreamy backyard pizza ovens we wish were ours:
June 10, 2015 Confessions of a LeBron James hater - The Washington Post
June 4, 2015 @JustSommer Super Mario Theme park coming soon! Go-karts on Rainbow Road?
May 8, 2015 RT @chicagobulls: #Clutch looks good from every angle
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April 27, 2016 Star Wars and constitutional law -- join me to see why they go great together according to @CassSunstein!
April 19, 2016 @jdickerson do go on...?
April 15, 2016 Delighted to be part of this venture with @HarvardLIL -- Law Library of Congress Announces “Link Rot” Fix
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November 27, 2010 Enjoying the 4 day weekend.
November 25, 2010 Happy thanksgiving everyone
November 24, 2010 A beautiful 27 degrees this morning here in the great state of Michigan
May 11, 2011 RT @Heritage Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter | The Foundry
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3.6 hours ago RT @winklerinst: New proposals for Automated Online Dispute Resolution offered by @pulat via @slaw_dot_ca. Join the conversation here:
1 day ago RT @slaw_dot_ca: ? A Proposal for Automated Online Dispute Resolution, Part 1: This essay proposes a set of draft standards for…
1 day ago Took me about 30 minutes to complete the 2016 Canadian census online.
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July 21, 2011 Tell Secretary Sebelius @HHSGov: Make birth control free by designating it as preventive care. #fem2
July 20, 2011 Your Library Jobs Site @ via @GetLibraryJobs
September 9, 2008 Discovering that every library groups items differently! For example, do you put all restatements together?
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1 day ago RT @IMS: May the fourth be with you, Race Fans! See you in 25 days for the 100th Running of the #Indy500!
1 day ago The Internet told me that taping a photo of a person's face to the window would scare the cardinal. DONE.
1 day ago A cardinal keeps flying into our patio door to attack his reflection, which is competing with him for Llllllady Cardinal attenton.
3 days ago I can hear the 3-D printer through the ceiling, and it sounds like the Harlem Shake.
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April 25, 2016 RT @UWMadison: When your professor turns 80, *of course* you throw him a surprise party in lecture. Happy birthday, Prof. Stretton!
April 21, 2016 "If the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy—punch a higher floor," wrote Prince—found dead in an elevator. The higher floor—heaven.
April 4, 2016 RT @BretEastonEllis: Season #5 is the best year of GIRLS so far: great episode after great episode. Beautifully written, shot, directed.
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March 10, 2016 Honored to be one of tonight's 40 under 40 honorees!! Such an inspiring crowd of fellow honorees!
February 21, 2016 Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Please share!
January 22, 2016 @lalaland999 @MSPBJnews Thanks so much!!! Honored to be with this awesome crew of innovators!
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1 day ago You know, I didn’t think the 2016 election cycle could top 2008, but this is a hell of a ride so far.
2 days ago RT @realDonaldTrump: An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud.
2 days ago The ad blocker wars are going well, I see.
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April 13, 2016 RT @realDonaldTrump: The Football program at Penn State should be suspended.
April 7, 2016 RT @JohnKasich: @Divapalooza Titter is definitely interesting - Much faster paced than Face Book - which I am more used to.
April 6, 2016 RT @DanielDenvir: Odd math in today's print @nytimes: Cruz "soundly" defeats Trump while Sanders prevails in "much closer contest."
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January 30, 2015 RT @tckankara: Natural Gas in the Turkish Domestic Energy Market
October 28, 2010 Tiryakioglu Law Office Blog
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February 16, 2010 Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
January 17, 2010 The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
January 10, 2010 You're not a victim of the universe, you are the universe.
December 22, 2009 Fame has also this great drawback, that if we pursue it, we must direct our lives so as to please the fancy of men.