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DrewCochranLaw 22.8 hours ago We love Twitter. We love the memes and celebrity clapbacks and the insane “Twitter wars” between politicians and...
chris121483 1 day ago Obamacare repeal article: For a free legal consultation email or text 205-913-7406!
chris121483 2 days ago @JohnArchibald I love this. At a certain age you just don't care what people think anymore. My grandad was like this and it was refreshing
chris121483 2 days ago @FoxNews all 5 of these senators are useless . The sad thing is Tom Udall knows better but he did what his base wanted
chris121483 3 days ago @billmaher what is the solution for the states that are losing their insurers?
chris121483 3 days ago RT @FoxNews: Vegas Strip reopens after gunman surrender, fatal shooting

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