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BerkeleyLawNews 41.8 minutes ago .@EthanElkind on @KQEDForum says electric vehicle batteries can be re-purposed for energy storage.
markknoller 41.9 minutes ago The @USParkPolice says it confiscated the drone and issued the operator a citation. Violation carries an $85 fine.
KansasDivorce 41.9 minutes ago #KSCourts: KS and most other states allow dependent children #SSDI payments to be credited against #childsupport
goldietaylor 41.9 minutes ago Super sensitive skin, ugly allergies. Hard to find laundry soap. Any suggestions, Twitter?
kenvogel 42 minutes ago Reagan biographers assail @oreillyfactor book alleging assassination attempt started mental decline. "Total B.S.":

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