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3 days ago BBCWorld: Car bomb attack on hotel in Somalia
3 days ago washingtonpost: The rise and fall of Europe, in maps
3 days ago TrueActivist: Build Your Own Furniture Using Innovative Matchsticks That Lock Together
3 days ago NewYorker: Andrew Hacker, an outspoken critic of mandatory algebra education, was asked to defend his contentions:
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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3 days ago #Minnesota Judge Denies Injunction Against Persuader Rule but Notes Potential Issues with Rule
3 days ago Brexit – What Next for the UK and EU? #brexit #EUref #UK #EU #trade
3 days ago #Minneapolis Employers Brace for Paid Sick Leave #PTO #emplaw
3 days ago Legacy, Grandfathered Agreements are Not Subject to Disclosure Reqs Under #DOL New “Persuader” Regs
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3 days ago Artists of the Wall Festival 2016 in Rogers Park, Illinois #global
3 days ago 5 Predictions For The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Finale #business
3 days ago YouTube Adds Live Video to Mobile App: This Week in Social Media #social
3 days ago This Week In WWE Biz: Kurt Angle Returning?, Original AJ Styles Plans, Roman Reigns Suspension, More #business
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June 21, 2016 Am I Too Young To File Bankruptcy? #bankruptcy
June 21, 2016 Colorado Bankruptcy Court Decision - In re: Butcher #bankruptcy
June 21, 2016 What Happens if I Do Not Complete the Financial Management Course for My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? #bankruptcy
June 21, 2016 Colorado Attorney General Sues Regent Asset Management Solutions, Inc. in Consumer Protection Lawsuit #bankruptcy
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19.8 hours ago Happy Birthday Dakota! You are so lucky to have these two beautiful Rotts. ????????
21.4 hours ago Es la calle que invoca la mayoría de los recuerdos. Del @FourSeasons y la embajada EU a la Alameda esta en mi alma.
21.6 hours ago RT @adambanksdotcom: England team now feel they were misled about consequences of letting goals in, didn't think other team would actually win
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June 21, 2016 #Free #Orlando #CarAccident Consultation - Call 407-490-1271 Now -
June 21, 2016 #SafetyTips For #Driving In The #Rain When You Visit #Florida -
June 21, 2016 #MoreTrucks On #Roadways Increase Potential For #Orlando #AutoAccidents -
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June 20, 2016 PennDOT's practices enrage me. If you don't have a license, or have an out of state license and get a ticket,...
June 20, 2016 I missed you Smashing Pumpkins. Especially the boxed set.
June 18, 2016 Following @Richzeoli on lists and he's 100% right. Whether it's no fly, no buy, or whatever, once gov has list, it lives on forever. #NoList
June 18, 2016 You, the Easter Bunny, and Santa have me on the enemies list. Must be why they haven't visited me since the mid-80s.
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2 days ago The best group so far...Big Apple Circus....
2 days ago Retweeted New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews): .@TheRevAl — who’s marching in #NYCPride Parade — on what black...
2 days ago RT @NYDailyNews: .@TheRevAl — who’s marching in #NYCPride Parade — on what black clergy owe gays and lesbians
2 days ago Retweeted Yahoo News (@YahooNews): #NYCPride parade kicks off with huge crowds and increased security...
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2 days ago U.S. Supreme Court - A look at the major cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court via @ReutersGraphics
2 days ago FDA Grants Emergency Authorization for Hologic Zika Test
2 days ago Former FDA head: Opioid epidemic one of "great mistakes of modern medicine"
2 days ago Keep your kids safe! Get free bike helmets for your kids ->
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6.9 hours ago Debt Buyer Razor Capital, LLC Filed 1,575 New York Debt Collection Cases In 2014
8.4 hours ago Soldiers’ Rights Under The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act
9.2 hours ago Supreme Court lets debt collection class-action suit proceed - #debt #debtcollection #FDCPA
9.2 hours ago Why You Should Think Carefully Before Refinancing Student Loans - #studentloans
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June 20, 2016 Here are some things to consider following a wreck.
June 19, 2016 RT @CatoInstitute: It is long past time that we break the link between home prices and school quality.
June 13, 2016 RT @igeldard: Brexit is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to escape a burning building, we should take it
May 14, 2016 Do you know how to read your car insurance policy? Do you know what coverage is available to you after a car wreck?
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June 17, 2016 Fort Worth man found not guilty in fatal Arlington shooting
June 16, 2016 The level of sickness in that country just defies belief...
June 16, 2016 My favorite musical is going to be a movie...hope they don't screw it up...#Wicked....
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3 days ago 4 great deals on high-quality Bluetooth earbuds
3 days ago The 7 things to delete first when your iPhone storage is full
3 days ago Over 1 million people sign petition calling for a second EU referendum
3 days ago Things got weird on Twitter this week
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3 days ago RT @finneyk: NOT TRUE - $15 minimum wage was ALREADY in the platform, what failed was an amendment with language tweaks.
3 days ago RT @ilana_solomon1: TransCanada’s $15 billion NAFTA suit teaches us: No More Reckless Trade Deals #NoTPP #NoKXL
4 days ago RT @grist: Tesla wants to be your renewable energy everything
4 days ago RT @theprospect: "The time is ripe for an organization of reasonable gun owners for reasonable #guncontrol." -- @PeterDreier:
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June 22, 2016 Israel and U.S. sign cyber defense cooperation agreement - Israel News
June 22, 2016 How to Start Your Business in Los Angeles, California
June 22, 2016 How to Start Your Business in Los Angeles, California
June 21, 2016 6 Powerful Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy
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June 22, 2016 Houzz Tour: Midcentury Beach House Opens Up to the Outdoors (18 photos)
June 22, 2016 RT @WPLGLocal10: Rain is moving in from the Atlantic, soaking parts of Broward, as well as coastal areas of Miami-Dade and the Keys.
June 22, 2016 RT @fl511_state: NEW: Planned construction in Broward on Broward Blvd west before University Dr, right lane blocked.
June 22, 2016 RT @FHFA: The Pacific dvsn (HI, AK, WA, OR, CA) continues with greatest annual house price gain at 8.6% bt 4/15-4/16
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June 22, 2016 Getting Married Abroad? We help with our Official Document Translation and Notary Services
June 22, 2016 #Spanish Whatever begins in anger ends in shame. - Cualquier cosa que se inicia en el enojo termina en la vergüenza.
June 22, 2016 #Spanish Disappointment is God’s way of saying ‘I’ve got something better’. La decepción es la manera de Dios de decir 'tengo algo mejor'.
June 22, 2016 Nuts and Bolts of Your First Family Law Trial - June 28/16 by @suzannedeliscar for @ezcpdca
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June 21, 2016 Am I the only one who sees the humor in confusing male gypsy moth mating?
June 21, 2016 Super dad!-> Prince William urges fathers to discuss mental health with children #mentalhealth
June 20, 2016 RT @FiveThirtyEight: The Cavs faced the most difficult schedule of any champ since 1984:
June 20, 2016 RT @DavidRoads: Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is. - H. Jackson Browne
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June 21, 2016 #USMNT playing. ...scared. gonna get Messi in the 2nd half
June 21, 2016 RT @Gourmetlawyer: At least the #USMNT team can say they got to see Messi up close and personal #SilverLining #USAvARG
June 19, 2016 #Chile just scored again.
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June 21, 2016 Cowboy robots get sexy and violent in HBO’s new Westworld trailer via @TheAVClub
June 21, 2016 RT @mcsantacaterina: 2 MIT grads create a wine club to match you with wine. Take the Wine Quiz & see your matches
June 21, 2016 RT @Slate: Elon Musk’s A.I. project wants to build a robot that will do your housework:
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June 21, 2016 Snellings Law LLC - NJ Collection Attorneys - Persistence that pays! #Lawyers #NewJersey
June 21, 2016 Judges Love Tech in the Courtroom, Even When They Don't Use It -
June 21, 2016 Judge Allows Lawsuit Claiming Starbucks Underfills Lattes - New York Times #lawsuit
June 21, 2016 Donald Trump accused of raping 13-year-old in federal lawsuit - Raw Story #lawsuit
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June 22, 2016 Being a hoplophobic criminal-defense lawyer must be very conflicting: “1A, 4A, 5A, 6A are broad, but 2A is narrow."
June 22, 2016 It’s true. AnCapKid, né Thing Two, is the kind of guy you want around when you are playing with dangerous things.
June 22, 2016 I’m hoping "dumb as Jordan Chandler” will catch on outside the criminal-defense bar.
June 22, 2016 I’m inordinately proud of "whingeing leftwing authoritarian clownshoes”.
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June 23, 2016 Know OVI Law - Q: Is the .08 limit the only one I have to worry about? A: No. There are also “legal limits” for...
June 23, 2016 If you are arrested for OVI in Centerville or Washington Township, call us at (937) 318-1384 for 24/7 help....
June 22, 2016 I posted a new photo to Facebook
June 22, 2016 Another out of area OVI checkpoint.
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June 22, 2016 Manhattan Judge Misses Mark On Gender Discrimination Claim (my latest Daily Record column)
June 22, 2016 Why lawyers will love watchOS 3 (via @iPhoneJD)
June 22, 2016 RT @MyCaseInc: Food for thought: “Technology, the Practice of Law & Professional Ethics” | Legal Technology Blog
June 22, 2016 RT @Shermlit: Learning How to Use eDiscovery in Your Law Practice w/ @kellytwigger and @MyCaseInc #LegalTech #law #webinars
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5 days ago RT @chrisapplegate: 52% of undeclared votes needed for Remain, most of the remaining seats are English & rural
5 days ago RT @dannysullivan: In one day, the UK pound has gone from a high of $1.50 to a low of $1.35 -- lowest since 1985
5 days ago RT @JakeRudh: It's Transmission's annual #Pride program tonight on @TheCurrent. Live at 10pm
5 days ago RT @WSJ: "Leave" has 51.4% of the votes so far. The British pound tumbles
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4 days ago RT @JDiamond1: Red golf balls w/ swastikas dropped by man protesting Trump still on ground as @realDonaldTrump speaks:
June 18, 2016 New at Probable Cause: "Justice, Only Justice."
June 17, 2016 "Due process is what's killing us."
June 13, 2016 RT @TimCushing: When the govt bring guns to a robbery sting and then sentences you for possessing weapons$file/13-3096.pdf
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2 days ago The Importance of Estate Planning - Route to Retire -
2 days ago Who Wants Wind Turbines? -
2 days ago What you’re not hearing about George Soros today -
2 days ago Thanks for the recent follow @TheGlobalLove @PashkevichSerzh Happy to connect :) have a great Sunday. >> Get FREE?
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19.5 hours ago RT @hillarykwiatek: Don't overlook this important decision regarding gun control/domestic violence, too. Important win for women, too.
23.3 hours ago RT @AbbieRuzicka: tfw when ~1/5 of your writing staff is female
23.6 hours ago intended audience for @TheDailyShow tweet is men ("knock someone up") not women (wld be "get knocked up") #SCOTUS
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June 19, 2016 "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today." Wimpie, Popeye's obese friend, who didn't follow Popeye's preference for Spinach.
June 19, 2016 When the cops tell you that anything you say "CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU", it is no joke. It WILL be used against you.
June 17, 2016 The authorities try to get smuggled illegals to say they were in unsafe conditions, so they can give the smuggler a longer sentence.
June 17, 2016 ". . . know whence thou camest, and whither thou art going, and before whom thou wilt in the future have to give an account and reckoning. "
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June 21, 2016 RT @TorontoStar: Toronto FC draws first blood against Vancouver in Canadian Championship #TFCLive
June 21, 2016 #Toronto residents please exercise caution and alert emergency services if any activities of #crime are spotted.
June 21, 2016 York Regional #Police report a traffic stop after an #officer recorded a BMW travelling at 175 km/h in a posted...
June 20, 2016 Drones are being more commonplace, but most don’t know #regulations associated with their use. Did you know that...
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June 21, 2016 Comdisco finally seeking to close its Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, almost 15 years after the cases were initially filed
June 21, 2016 RT @Bankruptcy_Law: JDSupra: Bankruptcy Preferences and the Ordinary Course Defense: Recent Decision Rescues... | by @RobinsonCole
June 21, 2016 RT @andrewscurria: No surprise here, but heavy trade volume today on Puerto Rico 8s as holders go unrestricted. Price hovering @ 66
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4 days ago RT @PhilipPullman: We had a headache, so we shot our foot off. Now we can't walk, and we still have the headache.
4 days ago My fam is getting ready for #SantaFe #Pride. 1pm, March capital to Federal Place, looping Plaza.
4 days ago RT @BlindChow: whoa things are deteriorating quickly across the pond
4 days ago RT @carlmalamud: There will always be an England.
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June 21, 2016 Would you be willing to spend 39 years in prison to receive only $1 Million?
June 21, 2016 RT @Salon: The simple playbook that will lead to Donald Trump's political demise