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October 1, 2013 I just backed Public Safety Codes of the World: Stand Up For Safety! on @Kickstarter
September 29, 2013 RT @1906Ultras: Final in Carson, Quakes 1-0 Chivas USA. Great heart and resolve from the boys! Big result and closer to a playoff spot!
September 29, 2013 RT @SJEarthquakes: FT: Quakes 1, @cdchivasusa 0. A massive late goal from @ChrisWondo leads the Quakes to 3 HUGE points. #neversaydie #CHVvSJ
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2 days ago Monday Matters: Creating Content Marketing with the Right Voice ~ LexBlog's @caramcdonald24
2 days ago Your new Twitter profile is ready. Here’s how to get it now via @VentureBeat
2 days ago WhatsApp Tops 500M User Mark ~ @allfacebook Like buying land who think has oil below it for Facebook
2 days ago @buffer @mrreaderapp Referring to the @ Author and @ Source in the UI - how are you pulling or deploying that?
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2 days ago @law2023 love your 7 principles - but any thoughts on the future of solos & smalls?
3 days ago RT @atlblog: Get started with fixed-fee billing or try again if you've been unsuccessful in the past. (by @carolynelefant)
April 18, 2014 @nikiblack They are really doing cool stuff at the LII with @trbruce et al
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3 days ago @kiwikissling @jkubicki Ha! Me too.
3 days ago Voila! Dinner is served (rack of lamb, roasted cauliflower and baked tomatoes)
3 days ago @jkubicki Another one I love: "If Andrew gets up, we'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!"
3 days ago @negot8or @briancpike Another one: "Screws fall out all the time. The world's an imperfect place." Judd Nelson's character is the best!
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2 days ago RT @modrnhealthcr: BREAKING: FTC wins appeal in ProMedica case: The Federal Trade Commission extended its recent winning streak i...
3 days ago Hugh Masekela - 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' <-- a Dylan cover to bring you to tears
3 days ago @GirlsGuidetoLS @nancyprager you can hear scholarly hearts around the world pitter patter in iambic pentameter :-)
3 days ago 1. Super cool. 2. Hard to believe. 3. Wow --> Lost Shakespeare Play Discovered in Family Heirloom
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2 days ago Top 3 Reasons Attorneys Fail to Grow Their Practices & What You Can Do to Succeed #attorney #lawmarketing
2 days ago Twitter's Redesign Makes the Platform Ripe for Recruitment #socialmedia
2 days ago Avvo Gets $37.5M to Fund New Product Development, International Expansion #lawmarketing
2 days ago Learn to Increase Your Online Exposure at April 24 Free @lawmarketingcom #Webinar #lawmarketing
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2 days ago A neuromorphic-computing ‘roadmap’ | KurzweilAI
2 days ago The backlash against big data | The Economist
2 days ago The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest |
2 days ago Reading: "Supremes appear skeptical of Coca-Cola claim it can't be sued over juice label blessed by FDA" #scotus
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3 days ago I think this bag needs one of those weight not volume disclaimers... Bag was totally not open.
3 days ago Shh! We took Monday off for a much deserved lunch out with the family @StellaRossa_. Delicious, great service and outdoor seating was fab.
3 days ago IRS Reports Tax Filing Numbers As Expected, Issues Statement On Refund Delays via @forbes #tax
3 days ago RT @VodkaPundit: <gratuitous coffee tweet>
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4 days ago 5 Tips For Paying Off Your Student Loans in 4 Years or Less - Motley Fool
4 days ago Northeast Ohio colleges, students weigh in on student loan debt -
4 days ago Student Loan 'Profits' Show Government Should Get Out Of Student Loan Business - Forbes
4 days ago Biggest student loan profits come from grad students - The Tribune-Democrat
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2 days ago Mass. courts step into digital era via @BostonGlobe
3 days ago Good report from @LowellSunNews and @ChelseaDiana_ on the domestic-violence bill that wld block access to police logs
3 days ago Also AP's @BillKole. RT @Kendall_HatchMW: Folo @WalthamNewsTrib as editor Paul Crocetti live tweets his @bostonmarathon run. #PaulRuns
3 days ago Ken Feinberg’s ‘rough justice’ for Marathon victims via @BostonGlobe
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April 17, 2014 access to justice & technology: everyone, anytime, anywhere via @NeotaLogic #A2J
April 15, 2014 Don’t Skimp on Legal Training via NYTimes
April 11, 2014 Co-writing an article on legal education reform for ILTA publication. #Legaled #legaltech
April 10, 2014 @shaunjamison I have stats on VLOs if you want them. Happy to share that freely. @rgranat also has some actual data/stats.
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2 days ago @mdmlibrarian - Sorry to miss you on my return to the ATL. :-) Will do on the YardHouse
2 days ago LegalZoom Gets Nod From South Carolina Supreme Court New #3Geeks post. #A2J
3 days ago @ZAppleCI - Luckily, I followed that up with an email that had an incorrect link in it. I'm batting 1.000 today!! :-)
3 days ago New #3Geeks Post: Glass First Impressions: The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good via @rmcclead #FashionKing
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2 days ago Congrats, Suzanne! RT .@meehlelaw: Just posted my #Clioday video:…. Running instead of running my firm.
2 days ago RT .@jaredcorreia: Spend Less Time Dealing w/ Clients You DON'T Want + More time Dealing w/ Clients You DO Want: |
2 days ago Great post from @meehlelaw New @ #SPU Everything I Need to Know About Solo Practice I Learned From “The Walking Dead”
2 days ago New @ #SPU: Lesson 4 - Sketches for Utility Patents (Part 1) in Profitable Patent Practice w/@patentgenius
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April 18, 2014 RT @JoshuaLenon: Clio's #gmail plugin has hit the Chrome Store! Track time, file documents and emails directly into case files. Neat!
April 15, 2014 RT @jacobglick: LAWYER DREAM JOB - @googlecanada is hiring its first in-house counsel:
April 8, 2014 RT @mgeist: CanLII Connects launched with nearly 27,000 docs on cases from 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces & territories.
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August 23, 2013 @joshdreyer @LizLidgett I am surprised you spotted me; I was in my Pollock Camo.
August 23, 2013 @Suzika @ericaism Are you needing legal representation, or help disposing of the body? I have to know what clothes to wear.
August 23, 2013 @johnpemble I heard they are making him a Copyright Attorney, rather than a Patent Attorney, to throw adoring fans off my scent.
July 1, 2013 @joshdreyer I don't know if Kimi will move to RBR. I know Vettel wants a say, and Vettel would never want a teammate that good.
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February 28, 2014 Like this logo! - and Mike Williams will donate $2,000 to the Springfield Area Arts Council #springfield #arts
December 7, 2013 @AlexanderRandi and @raptordactyl are not hanging out with me right now...oh hi @laura_vaught who are you?
December 6, 2013 @prebynski will milk be served with the cookies?
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3 days ago RT @sglassmeyer: Doctor Mew. You're welcome.
3 days ago Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear Hilariously Engage In Improvised Existential Banter During 1979 Camera Test
3 days ago Related (sorta): recommended new follows: @Kanye_WestLaw, @the_blue_book, @2Ls1Cup
3 days ago .@Westlaw is phasing out Westlaw Classic, starting w/academic segment What's the timeframe 4 other segments?
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2 days ago Beware the client who is playing #law firm ping-pong #LawFirm
2 days ago Lawyer-Client Confidentiality: A Casualty of NSA Surveillance? LawBiz® Tips: 4/22 #constantcontact
2 days ago The goodwill created by #lawyers after decades of diligent work can be monetized for the benefit of one’s family.
2 days ago A Law practice’s value is based on the #lawyer’s success and the people who have been touched by that success.
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2 days ago Mike Ramsey on Local SEO for Law Firms -
2 days ago RT @SoloPracticeU: 11 best customer service stories. Truly impressive.
2 days ago RT @rocketmatter: Don’t Skimp on Legal Training - NY Times
2 days ago RT @jaredcorreia: Spend Less Time Dealing w/ Clients You DON'T Want + More time Dealing w/ Clients You DO Want:
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March 2, 2014 RT @kborbely: Cold nose, warm heart.
January 6, 2014 Follow E. Steven Coren @VerdictAttorney Personal Injury Lawyer - Massachusetts Attorney Mentor #bigcaselawyer #wellesley
January 6, 2014 Follow E. Steven Coren @VerdictAttorney Personal Injury Lawyer - Massachusetts Attorney Mentor #followmonday #boston #autoaccident
January 6, 2014 RT @VerdictAttorney: Counsel to Plaintiff in the largest slip and fall verdict in the history of the Norfolk County Superior Court -
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2 days ago @copyblogger it looks like all of your sites are down (and my sites hosted on websythesis are too). Any word on what's happening?
3 days ago Lawyers: what are your biggest challenges in managing tasks, or tracking time? Simple survey here:
3 days ago @LegalTypist I let that domain go a long time ago. Thanks, for monitoring everything for me though.
3 days ago 24 Books You've Never Heard Of - But Will Change Your Life:
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3 days ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @Injury_Law @HashemiLaw @SOCIALMEDIAINF0
4 days ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @polipaca @ABC11_WTVD @RecklessEndange
5 days ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @BenowitzLaw @goclio @Grissomedlegal
5 days ago Check out Korean Spanish Dictionary,Diccionario,español book,coreano-español ??? ???? ?? via @eBay
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April 17, 2014 RT @kevinhalle: "Giving every student the opportunity to take the ACT at least once, says what Nebraska wants for it's students." @mattblomstedt #NEACT14
April 17, 2014 Matthew Blomstedt discussing issues & ideas around a mindset of education to engage every student. #neact14
April 17, 2014 RT @CherylKreik: We are digital learners not digital natives. We have much to learn from students. Great point @garykebbel #neact14
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March 23, 2014 Happy Birthday Sadaf: via @YouTube
February 24, 2014 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 2014 Birthday Cubicle Vandalism
October 5, 2013 I liked a @YouTube video Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)
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2 days ago @1938loren @LeeJeans selfies coming later today
2 days ago @1938loren @LeeJeans looking at jeans now.. yes, verifying your assessment...
2 days ago RT @ARLANGroup: Whether u are looking to inspire, motivate, educate, or entertain, our speakers are all experts in their fields.
2 days ago RT @uncceed: International Conference on Eating Disorders (Parts I and II)
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2 days ago I promise my upcoming talk at @CAWomensConf will be a game changer. How to get a raise/promotion. Get tickets now:
2 days ago RT @ogsoftskills: Business Communication & Negotiation Skills teaches participants 2express self clearly and...
2 days ago RT @TMErelocation: 5 Tips for Relocation Package Negotiation > thx - many of my clients have to negotiate this
2 days ago RT @HarvardNegoti8: Win-win #negotiations in the Middle East - -> negotiation is not weakness, it's strength
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April 14, 2014 Utah cops warrantlessly search drug records of 480 emergency personnel
March 13, 2014 "13 March 2014: The first MIT Legal Science Salon online event"
March 4, 2014 Benefits of having a mild case of prosopagnosia: people think I'm really observant when I notice haircuts.
March 4, 2014 @mariebeaudette To be fair, it's hard to have a target customer of "people who need something NOW and are willing to pay 5x the price."
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2 days ago does your office have an employee cell phone use policy? what is it
4 days ago Atlanta.from temperatures in the 30's 2 weeks ago, to four foot high flowering weeds today #trailRun
4 days ago RT @nytimes: General Mills Reverses Itself on Consumers’ Right to Sue
4 days ago RT @JusticeDotOrg: New Blog Post: Victory for Consumer Rights: General Mills Drops its Forced Arbitration Clause
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April 8, 2014 Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple!
March 14, 2014 Marketing materials with a proven track record for success all bundled up & ready for you to implement
March 12, 2014 3 lead generation strategies you can implement now to encourage prospects to take the next step
March 12, 2014 My friend is in a contest & I would love your help can u go like his band page? and share this status? TY!
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March 3, 2013 I've updated my site! See what's new.
January 17, 2013 I've updated my site! See what's new. #yahoosite
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2 days ago Do you keep a list of your Ten Most Wanted Customers? You should!
3 days ago If you charge by the hour, here's how to stop fixing your own technology:
4 days ago If you've got Idea Surplus Disorder like me: Quarantine Your Best Ideas | The [non]billable hour
4 days ago RT @BentleyGTCSpeed: A top lawyer in NYC told me his firm charges by the hour because clients insist. I told him he's educated clients incorrectly.
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4 days ago I posted a new photo to Facebook
4 days ago State law allowing backyard gun ranges worries Volusia officials
4 days ago Judge says ordinary tools actually are ‘weapons’
4 days ago Toyota i-Road Test Drive: Is This Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle The Answer To Urban Gridlock?
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October 3, 2013 Scientific proof of the benefits of reading literary fiction
August 7, 2013 How Exercise Can Help Us Learn. Timing and Intensity impact the ability to remember
March 26, 2013 RT @bobambrogi: LawSites blog: Judge Explains Difference Between Tweeting from Courtroom and Blogging from Courtroom
March 18, 2013 Good News Beats Bad on Social Networks
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2 days ago Vote for the Webby Awards — Voice
3 days ago RT @HelenMVann: @HelenMVann THIS cartoon shows root cause of bickering--AND there IS a better way. Just ask Lawrence Lessig @lessig.
3 days ago @mv1809 my pl.
3 days ago @mv1809 never.
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2 days ago Profits Per Partner - A False God for Law Firms.
2 days ago People looking for a lawyer are turning to the Internet first - @VictorLi_ABA
2 days ago Don’t Skimp on Legal Training - NY Times
2 days ago Six Ways To Avoid Paying A Price For Using Fixed Fees - @carolynelefant
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2 days ago I don't think the cables will reach. RT @jonathangstein: Anyone have a trickle charger for a car battery? Anyone?
2 days ago When It's Time to Dump Your Toxic Boss HT @econwriter5
2 days ago The first client to hire LegalTypist in May of 2001 is still a client who routinely sends in work and says lovely things about the service.
2 days ago Mornin! c[_] Happy Tuesday!!! RT @sinclair_brian: Awake.
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April 18, 2014 @JBCounsel: I'm hiring - Electrical Engineering IP Attorney Job in Troy, MI #IPattorneyjobs#worldipday
April 18, 2014 RT @maryabrancio: I'm seeking top corporate attorneys interested in moving to #Denver #morethanlegal
April 18, 2014 @EFossier y'all deserve a fun day after that incredible March! @ParkerLynchDFW @SixFlagsOverTX @Dfwdirecthire @ParkerLynch
April 18, 2014 @TLMitchellLegal welcome, Taryn!!