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October 8, 2013 "That vote could take place today. The shutdown would be over." —President Obama http://OFA.BO/FTLirH cc @SpeakerBoehner
October 8, 2013 It's time @SpeakerBoehner ended this shutdown. Tell him to #JustVote: http://OFA.BO/NqxoJn
October 8, 2013 "It hurts our credibility around the world. It makes us look like we don't have our act together." —President Obama on the #shutdown
October 8, 2013 "The way we got to this point was one thing and one thing only: Republican obsession with dismantling Obamacare." —President Obama
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August 27, 2014 Lawrence Lessig and Eugene Volokh on Campaign Finance
August 27, 2014 #Mayday.US: Gallego Victory
August 27, 2014 @hegivor bravo! Thanks.
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January 17, 2010 Continued shift in mix of condo sales will raise median condo price (OC).
January 17, 2010 RT @lancearmstrong: Whoa!!! Adelaide came out!! Thx to every1 for being there. Estimates were anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand folks. On bikes!!
January 17, 2010 RT @kevinokeefe: Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
January 17, 2010 RT @aplusk: never underestimate the value of quality execution. Every one has ideas, success is driven by execution.
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July 22, 2014 @prebynski are people still using the Internet? #notafad?
February 28, 2014 Like this logo! - and Mike Williams will donate $2,000 to the Springfield Area Arts Council #springfield #arts
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4 days ago Your Google Location History: How to See It and Turn It Off #Google #privacy via @wonderoftech
4 days ago Your Social Community Does Not Belong to You or Your Organization via @DJThistle
4 days ago What Do People Do with their Smartphone in the Bathroom (Infographic) via @shaanhaider
4 days ago Nike Training Club - Your Secret to Fitness Success! via @wonderoftech
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August 23, 2014 Political Insider: #Hudson #Democrats bask in light of #WNY mayor's fundraiser #NJ #politics #Fulop via @njdotcom
August 22, 2014 Court Rules Atlantic City Internal Affairs Files Are Discoverable #OPRA #law #public #NJ
August 20, 2014 Heading to West New York to prepare for the meeting to hire a new Municipal Administrator at noon today.
August 19, 2014 @Mike_Cifelli Michael, thank you for the RT on my LinkedIn post. Glad you enjoyed it!
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August 25, 2014 I was just endorsed by John M O'Brien on Avvo
August 21, 2014 @maeification Sorry ti hear that!
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5 days ago "Every conflict, every challenge, every struggle is our greatest opportunity to be more of who we really are."
5 days ago Pain serves a purpose, but the only way to neutralize it is to move towards it. Read on: #TBT from @amberalchemy
5 days ago Heart = awakened Liberation = fulfilled
August 28, 2014 #TBT I think it's funny that I recorded this video for SpendLessTV when it's almost impossible for me.
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5 days ago ALS group moves to trademark “ice bucket challenge” viral sensation
5 days ago Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log: #1 with a bullet: Nutribullet wins false advertisi...
August 28, 2014 Brian Singer Sex Abuse Case Dismissed
August 28, 2014 Don't forget about Russia's invasion and occupation of Crimea via @washingtonpost
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December 20, 2013 RISE and Shine 5k/ Fun Run via @active
November 24, 2013 @MargaretPazant It is my pleasure to follow you Margaret!! xo
November 21, 2013 RT @PamelaWhitmore: Question & Answer of experts by @JDSupra regarding how to improve workplace social media policies
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1.1 hours ago "Carry me home" Marlena Smalls #music #gospel #spiritual
1.2 hours ago How Humanitarian Aid Weakened Post-Earthquake Haiti ~ #thenation
1.3 hours ago The Trotskyites of the right are wrecking the Conservative party | Polly Toynbee ~ #pollytoynbee
1.4 hours ago Foursquare is no longer Foursquare – blame it on success theater
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2.9 hours ago FBI, Apple Probing Alleged Nude Photo Hack of Jennifer Lawrence and Others
3.5 hours ago 'Die Hard' Director John McTiernan Reveals Next Film Projects at #Bankruptcy Hearing
6.3 hours ago RT @clickorlando: Alligator eats Orlando man's pet dog #Local6
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August 26, 2014 Petition of the day The petition of the day is: #scotus
August 26, 2014 Please take a moment to "like" my atty at law page:
August 26, 2014 Constitution's 18th Amendment: Prohibition Leads to Organized Crime and National Police Force #PJNET
August 26, 2014 18th Century principles applied to 21st. Cell phone data can't be searched without warrant #PJNET #IARTG
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August 24, 2014 Incredible; humbling RT @dickinsonbeth: This is the frontline against #ebola: selfless heroes with little reward
August 23, 2014 Brazil ties Secret app to bullying; weighs ordering Apple not only to ban it but to delete it from existing iPhones
August 20, 2014 @budish @csoghoian Can't blame 'em for building a better service, but yes, there should be non-AWS turnkey solutions for the masses ...
August 18, 2014 @andrewmaier Dan Geer doesn't merely rhyme with "seer." I learn especially in those areas where I disagree with him.
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August 27, 2014 Grennier Law, PC is an expert in Personal Injury Lawsuits in Ventura, Oxnard and the San Fernando Valley. For...
August 26, 2014 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt reorganization & repayment plan. Bankruptcy will protect you from creditors taking action. (805) 643-3900
August 25, 2014 Bankruptcy Services That We Provide ~ Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt reorganization and repayment...
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August 18, 2014 I had a great time speaking with Brad Means on The Means Report the other day. Click here -
August 6, 2014 RT if you're continuing to stand with Israel!
July 28, 2014 Click here if you agree the answer is - D. All Of The Above!
July 24, 2014 We must stand with our closest ally in the Middle East. Sign and RT if you agree!
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5 days ago GM's legal team targeted in federal probe of faulty ignition switches
August 26, 2014 Avoiding Back-to-School Car Accidents
August 24, 2014 Driving Under the Influence of Meth Responsible for 5 Fatalities in Gainesville Accident
August 17, 2014 “Sovereign Citizen” Prevented from Executing Widespread Gun Violence in Forsyth County
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August 15, 2014 Lemon Cookies - The best cookies ever!
August 11, 2014 She Wanted A Party
July 11, 2014 My Assignment As A Cat Is Now Done via @wordpressdotcom
March 23, 2014 Happy Birthday Sadaf: via @YouTube
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August 26, 2014 @_obewan Thanks. She's more cute than smart but we'll keep her. ;)
August 26, 2014 @_obewan It's a really great idea since our insurance doesn't cover it.
August 26, 2014 @joebwan @rdftaxpro That's the nicest thing said to me today! Granted, you're pitted against my kid who had to go to the orthodontist...
August 26, 2014 Quick favor? My daughter entered a photo of our dog, Becks, in a contest. A quick vote would be great, no reg req'd.
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August 27, 2014 How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking
August 27, 2014 What is Tax Inversion? Can Our Company Reduce Taxes Like Burger King?
August 27, 2014 VC Funding Can Be Bad For Your Company
August 26, 2014 @worstall @PolicyN_Politix The US government will lose tax revenue from foreign countries when company headquarters move out of the US.
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July 9, 2014 Boehner’s Pitiful Jobs Record Remains on Display
July 9, 2014 New GOP Poll Raises Questions About GOP Talking Point
July 8, 2014 Speaker Boehner & House Republicans: Wasting Taxpayer Dollars By the Second
July 8, 2014 Mr. Boehner, It’s Time to Fix the Highway Trust Fund
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August 27, 2014 RT @SoloPracticeU Is This The One Client You Should Never Have? | Solo Practice University®
August 27, 2014 Good piece by @smithjenBK on the huge demand for up-and-coming IP lawyers #lawschool
August 26, 2014 Divorce Discourse Oldies: The Attack of the Interruptions
August 26, 2014 Fixed fees are better -- for your #lawpractice & your clients. Here's how to make the transition. #lawyers
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August 18, 2014 RT @gujavarty: #Ferguson RT @mediagazer: Getty Images objects to arrest of photographer Scott Olson, works to secure his release
August 18, 2014 @canna_obscura @AstheGrassGrows Sorry I missed you @seattlehempfest. I still want a copy.
August 18, 2014 This weeks nominee for "WTF did you say?" Anti-medical marijuana group claims legalizing pot, could lead to date rape
August 18, 2014 Groot, meet froot.
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August 26, 2014 Insurance Co told you "They're still assessing your claim;" in a way that's true-they're assessing if you'll go away
August 26, 2014 #China Understands What The West Does Not; That #Africa Is Our Next Superpower #Business
August 26, 2014 An 19-pound-baby was born. That poor mother...
August 26, 2014 An 11-pound-baby was born. That poor mother...
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August 25, 2014 ISIS an 'Incredible' Fighting Force, US Special Ops Sources Say - ABC News via @ABC
August 14, 2014 Commuter Train Safety Issues via @socializeWP
August 14, 2014 Pedestrian Accidents – No One is Immune via @socializeWP
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August 27, 2014 Cluetrain at fifteen. Do the people you work with know it? - @euan
August 27, 2014 There’s a bit of a renaissance of real personal blogging here in NYC. - Venture Capitalist @fredwilson
August 27, 2014 @Wolters_Kluwer Legal Names Gregory Samios CEO Of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, Replacing Bob Lemmond
August 27, 2014 Facebook's new click bait rule will totally blow you away (update) - @venturebeat
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July 29, 2014 11th Circuit upholds 'Docs v. Glocks' law in First Amendment challenge
July 22, 2014 Saving Democracy in Florida - The New Yorker
June 30, 2014 Hospitals turning to data brokers for patient information
June 30, 2014 How Long Does a Divorce Take? Part I: Contested Divorces -
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August 27, 2014 Channel 3 Covering The Pregnant Man Case ft. David Cantor
August 27, 2014 David Cantor & Thomas Beatie on Channel 12
August 26, 2014 KPNX 8 14 5PM Beatie Divorce
August 26, 2014 KTVK 8 14 6AM Thomas Beatie
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August 27, 2014 What is StumbleUpon and How Does it Work? #smallbiz
August 27, 2014 The Right Way For Brands To Leverage 'Event Television' Now #business
August 27, 2014 Rocket's Asian Ups and Downs #business
August 27, 2014 Bangladesh's Footwear Industry Is Making Tracks #business
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August 26, 2014 Does the federal computer hacking law apply to a laptop not connected to the Internet?
August 26, 2014 Lawyer charged with spray-painting garage of juror who convicted him in disorderly conduct case
August 25, 2014 @tylerjkoenig Have a good night, Tyler. I'm hangin' in there. It's hot down here...
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July 20, 2014 I just got a whole year of Spotdox for free. Now I have remote access to all the files on my computer via Dropbox.
April 8, 2014 Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple!
March 14, 2014 Marketing materials with a proven track record for success all bundled up & ready for you to implement
March 12, 2014 3 lead generation strategies you can implement now to encourage prospects to take the next step
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August 16, 2014 My seat for the concert tonight. Pat Benatar. I'm old, sober, know I like this better than crowds #focomusic
July 25, 2014 RT @HC_ChrisGage: Thanks for a wonderful conference #ACTEPC - already looking forward to 2015. Now we can focus on #nacac14 @ACTepc @NACAC @NACACConference
July 25, 2014 Thanks to everyone at #actepc who attended my No-Plan Plan session. You were awesome! #noplanplan
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June 17, 2014 Photos show shooter's, victim's fathers embracing
June 16, 2014 El Salvadoran girl's illegal migration highlights America's 'urgent' problem
June 13, 2014 Priest killed, another one injured in attack at Catholic church in Phoenix
June 11, 2014 Shaken Las Vegas cops wear badges proudly despite attack on colleagues
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August 21, 2014 @TobiasRush @SiliconPrairie Congratulations, Toby!
August 20, 2014 Every Hitchcock cameo -
August 15, 2014 Russian PM's Twitter hacked, posting 'I resign'
August 14, 2014 Should holiday email be deleted? -
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August 26, 2014 RT @KarenERiggs RT @valerialandivar The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Social Media Posts on Your Website
August 26, 2014 Iconic monarch butterfly needs protection as endangered species, advocacy groups say in US petition | ABA Journal
August 26, 2014 Obamacare's Death of a Thousand Rate Hikes | Forbes #Obamacare
August 26, 2014 New Law Expands Access to Google, Facebook Accounts of Deceased | WSJ Law Blog #law #DE #sm
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August 26, 2014 The failure to diagnose cancer as an illness has become a prevalent issue in American society and the...
August 26, 2014 The failure to diagnose cancer as an illness has become a prevalent issue in American society and the world.
August 26, 2014 Vizio recalls 245,000 HDTVs to fix stands that might let them tip over
August 26, 2014 Vizio recalls 245,000 HDTVs to fix stands that might let them tip over
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August 26, 2014 Pentagon's top-secret hypersonic weapon explodes in mystery Alaska fireball: Flaming missile ... via @MailOnline
August 25, 2014 A Gel That Can Stop Bleeding In Under 10 Seconds Gets Closer To Human Use By @arielhs via @FastCompany
August 25, 2014 Islamic authority: Extremists no 'Islamic State' (from @AP)
August 25, 2014 What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings
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August 27, 2014 RT @nationaljournal: Uber's recruitment strategies could warrant an antitrust investigation by the FTC
August 27, 2014 Classic Steve Jobs quote moment. “Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?” #IceBucketChallenge
August 27, 2014 RT @DanRayburn: One of the BEST articles I have read so far: "This year’s #netneutrality debate has completely missed the point -
August 27, 2014 Central Californians getting bottled water because their wells have run dry. via @mattdpearce
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May 21, 2014 RT @Pharrell: It's beyond sad these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness
November 20, 2013 @YSYLAW Files Suit Against San Bernardino Unified School District After Student Was Beaten By School Police:
November 14, 2013 President of Saginaw School District Board of Education Files Lawsuit Over Audio Recordings of School Board Meetings