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December 13, 2014 After losing 72lbs, tomorrow adds icing to the cake by running in the 42nd @HNLmarathon #HNLMarathon #DiamondHead May to road rise to meet u
October 22, 2014 RT @FamilyFsc: Did you see Molly on the news last week? Just in case you missed her, here she is talking about the rise in...
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March 2, 2010 Your Personal Brand vs Your Corporate Brand _ Added Clarity for Legal Marketers
March 2, 2010 "Legal Marketers, Attract More Clients With SEO Copywriting St."
March 20, 2015 Writer’s Block Can Derail Ad Agency New Business
March 19, 2015 Is The Shoemaker’s Daughter Syndrome Costing Your Ad Agency New Business?
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March 25, 2015 RT @CatoInstitute: Political capitalism is a system which economic and political elites cooperate for their mutual benefit. Learn more:
March 25, 2015 RT @ConstitutionCtr: Fred Gedicks and Kevin Walsh have taken the stage. The debate begins! #NCCTownHall
March 25, 2015 Compact for America Solution to Article V Convention Issues According to Founders, Part II #BMRTG #PJNET
March 25, 2015 Opinion analysis: Justices unsettled in trademark preclusion dispute The Court apparently #scotus
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March 5, 2015 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Retribution as it happens
March 5, 2015 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Promise
March 2, 2015 I just earned the Global Domination badge on #Yelp!
February 25, 2015 Birthday Vandalism 2015: via @YouTube
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March 24, 2015 #Florida Hospital: 2 employees copied records of 9,000 patients
March 24, 2015 RT @DebbiLewisSTL: Signs You Are Giving Away Your #Power
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4 days ago How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software #smallbiz
4 days ago IKEA Fuels Up With Bloom Energy #business
4 days ago Controversial Government Loan Program Seeks Shot At Redemption In Auto Industry #business
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5 days ago Tax Day Countdown: Reduce Your Tax Bill with Retirement Accounts via @lblco
March 25, 2015 We published a new checklist for CEOs and company owners:
March 24, 2015 RT @robmay70: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit - Aristotle #quote
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December 4, 2009 RT @johnmijac: Foreclosure, Loan Modification: Obama's HAMP Not Working - TIME
March 24, 2015 radical racism, radical sexism, radical jingoism, repeal of bill of rights, repeal of equal protection=conservative #rightwingdoublespeak
March 24, 2015 "Hallelujah" Leonard Cohen [live 1985] #music
March 24, 2015 "Save the last dance for me" Emmylou Harris #music
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March 24, 2015 Inclusion to Leaves of Absence Graces Peace Officers and Rescue Personnel -
March 23, 2015 Tips on How to Avoid Car Accident When You're in Los Angeles -
March 12, 2015 Know more about how you can file a discrimination case through the EEOC:
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March 24, 2015 Taxes From A To Z (2015): M Is For Municipal Bonds via @forbes #tax
March 24, 2015 For taxes A to Z, I'm working on M. Any guesses? #tax
March 24, 2015 You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. - J. K. Rowling Wishing you nerve and possibilities today!
March 23, 2015 We should all be so gracious when people aren't kind. Mo'ne Davis asks Bloomsburg to reinstate player
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March 21, 2015 You got it! A Cuban Anole, I think..
March 20, 2015 Watch "Man arrested after saying bad words
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October 23, 2014 Been awhile! :)
May 9, 2014 .@lowes: 2/3 of our food crops need bees. Stop selling bee-killing pesticides. #BeeLove #BeeAction @foe_us
June 6, 2013 Reminds me of childhood memories... ?
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March 25, 2015 52% of Recruiters Check Social Media During the Hiring Process [Infographic] | SocialTimes
March 25, 2015 Meet Top Teachers Who Reject Common Core | RealClearPolitics #commoncorefails
March 25, 2015 FTC Report Details How Google Manipulates Search Market | SEW #ftc
March 25, 2015 Wisconsin voter-ID law stands as U.S. high court rejects appeal | Personal Liberty #Wisconsin #scotus
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5 days ago U.S. Representatives Pocan & Massie Introduce Legislation to Repeal PATRIOT Act
March 23, 2015 I Beat A Patent Troll And You Can Too | TechCrunch
March 23, 2015 Four Patents That Changed Enterprise Storage | TechCrunch
March 19, 2015 RT @carlmedearis: Speaking tomorrow at the Nebraska Governors breakfast. Go Big Red! And Jesus, of course...
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March 12, 2015 RT @WSJ: Are you ready for a financial emergency? Tips for passing a personal finance "stress test":
March 12, 2015 RT @PetersonLawGrp: Protect Your Assets and Your Beneficiaries with a Spendthrift Trust #willstrustsestateplanning
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February 27, 2015 FREE CITIZENSHIP CLASS March 2, 2015; 435 12th Street W., Bradenton, FL 34205. Register at 941-773-1523
November 24, 2014 CORRECTION (NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER) #constantcontact
November 24, 2014 NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER ANNOUNCED #constantcontact
November 20, 2014 Obama Executive Order: How to Apply - Florida: via @YouTube
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3 days ago Hey @SPOTNEWSonIG heard Dearborn and Division lots of police and firetrucks. What's going on?
3 days ago Just slippin' on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound.
3 days ago RT @JeffElder: Jury could still change everything, court liaison tells us. It might've been foul tip on last pitch of game, but Ellen Pao's still in game.
3 days ago RT @JeffElder: "They said they had a verdict, but they don't," court liaison tells curious court watcher. Pao jury is still re-huddling after an hour.
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November 10, 2014 It's that time of year to recognize top clients & referral sources!!!
September 20, 2014 Don't forget to make a life while you are making a living!
September 18, 2014 Simple Steps For Strong Team Building
September 17, 2014 In celebration of Constitution Day! ;) School House Rock - The Constitution
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March 22, 2015 Long Slogans Are Absolutely, Positively More Effective Than Short Ones | Al Ries - Advertising Age via @Instapaper
March 19, 2015 Ha! RT @mickshaffer: Cincinnati. Future Big 12 team. Counting that as a win.
March 19, 2015 Holy cow, Pipedrive, where have you been all my life? Best CRM by a mile. You made my week!
March 17, 2015 Wish I knew more about stats RT @DavidPurdum: 94% of bets on “Will Kentucky go undefeated?” prop were on Yes.
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March 20, 2015 A big SC welcome to the women's bball teams of Syracuse, Nebraska and Savannah State coming to Columbia to compete in NCAA tournament!
March 19, 2015 Excited to cheer on the USC Women's Basketball Team as they enter the NCAA Tournament as the #1 seed. #marchmadness Go gamecocks!
March 3, 2015 Sign if you join me in supporting PM Netanyahu of Israel!
February 19, 2015 Executive amnesty has been dealt a blow but we must continue to fight it! RT if you agree!
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March 24, 2015 I was happy to be a part of Twitter Power 1.0. Glad to see my friend @joelcomm at version 3.0. Great stuff.
March 24, 2015 ACT and Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Announce Collaboration... -- ALEXANDRIA, Va. and...
March 23, 2015 I'll be serving on the national Manufacturing Skills Standards Council's Leadership Council.
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March 24, 2015 The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @LindaSolotaire @VietNamVet1964 @amanemous
March 24, 2015 Elizabeth Jennings (1830-1901) before Rosa Parks, sued the 3rd Avenue Railway opening the system up for Blacks
March 24, 2015 Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) no formal education, race inhibited his growth, developed 3rd rail system for trains
March 24, 2015 Philadelphia Cops Shoot and Kill People at Six Times the Rate of the NYPD
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2 days ago How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Become part of @newchoirTO ;) #totalvocal
2 days ago RT @fromcentralprk: #totalvocal rehearsal day 2. See you tomorrow, Carnegie Hall! by newchoirto
2 days ago At Carnegie hall, waiting for my friends in newchoir to sing as part of the Total Vocal show
2 days ago Last weekend of Cabaret. @Alancumming's performance was divine this afternoon. A bientot!
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October 8, 2013 IT Workers Lose Cert. In Amdocs Collective Action #law #employmentlaw #IT
October 8, 2013 Ex-NFLers Seek OK Of Contested $42M Publicity Rights Deal #law #employmentlaw #ex-NFL #publicity #rights #deal
October 8, 2013 Hospital Settles Religious Bias Suit Over Veganism #law #employmentlaw #hospital #suit #veganism
October 7, 2013 Fight Over Wis. Collective Bargaining Law Heads To 7th Circ. #law #employmentlaw #Wisconsin #bargaining
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March 24, 2015 Democrat to Meet With New ATF Director to Revive AR-15 Ammo Ban
March 24, 2015 Federal court rejects Third Amendment claim against police officers
March 23, 2015 Interesting website Gun related shirts "Guaranteed to Offend" a new client in Austin...
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March 24, 2015 Meetings: When to Present and When to Converse
March 24, 2015 How to use your voice for leadership
March 23, 2015 These 9 pro-tips on immaculate photo composition will help you win at Instagram
March 23, 2015 Empathy Is Key to a Great Meeting
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February 25, 2010 The REAL cost of a traffic ticket: When it comes to moving violations the real cost can be surprising.   Picture t...
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?: The Journal News has been following a story of a County Po..
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?
December 28, 2009 5 MINUTE PARKING METER GRACE PERIOD GRANTED TO DRIVERS: Have you ever waited in line for a purchase and panicke..
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March 25, 2015 Changes and Claims: Make Sure You Actually Ask for What You Want
March 24, 2015 Best Construction Blog competition: One week for popular vote #feedly
March 24, 2015 Why Password Security Matters
March 24, 2015 Construction Mediation (Often) Isn't About Money
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March 24, 2015 When is best time to tell kids of donor? | Daily Mail Online
March 24, 2015 Surrogacy in Canada presentation - Last week I had the pleasure of hosting visiting Canadian surrogacy lawyer Nico...
March 23, 2015 Subject to Senator Brandis' agreement there is to be a parliamentary inquiry into both domestic and international surrogacy.
March 23, 2015 Family Law Week: £40,000 damages awarded to UK husband misled over IVF birth
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March 24, 2015 Child Psychotherapist: Easy and Constant Access To the Internet Is Harming Kids @slashdot
March 24, 2015 Lots of speed enforcement on Delaware 52 today
March 24, 2015 I'm at State of Delaware in Newark, DE
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March 24, 2015 RT @Buster_ESPN: Getting the annual reminder that the design of the Tampa Airport is extraordinary, and the efficiency in the place is exceptional. A model.
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16.4 hours ago Meet the Money® National Hotel Finance & Investment Conference – May 4-6, 2015 in Los Angeles
March 19, 2015 JMBM has sourced more than $700 million of EB-5 financing for new development projects
February 12, 2015 Succession planning for the family-owned hospitality business
February 3, 2015 Just published: The ADA Compliance and Defense Guide — free download
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December 24, 2014 Foi um grande ano! Obrigado por fazer parte dele.
November 24, 2014 Entrei em contato com Jonatas Alan Schwengber - Administrador, SALGADOS DO VALE no Viadeo:
November 24, 2014 Entrei em contato com Fiona W - Sales manager no Viadeo:
November 24, 2014 Entrei em contato com NADIA L. - CONTACTEZ-MOI: Responsable Marketing - CBV incoming no Viadeo:
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4 days ago The termites have been beaten. The battle royale is complete. @BrennaRC @kbrauchle @Txprobate @sandylburke @allisonbwise
March 25, 2015 Association of Women in the Law luncheon (@ Hyatt Regency Houston in Houston, TX)
March 24, 2015 LegalZoom Racks Up 200,000 Legal Consultations
March 24, 2015 Five Tips for Running a Lean Law Practice
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March 18, 2015 RT @walterolson: Legal ethics issues raised in Better Call Saul: an ongoing series by Nicole Hyland at Legal @ethicsforum
March 18, 2015 Idaho woman charged with killing hunter's pet falcon to save wild duck via @MailOnline
March 18, 2015 Woman Charged With Killing Hunter's Falcon to Save Duck - ABC News via @ABC
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March 25, 2015 Amy’s Kitchen has issued a recall for about 74,000 cases of frozen food items.
March 24, 2015 The Truth About 411-Pain and Lawyer Referral Services - via via @DolmanLaw
March 24, 2015 Female software engineer is suing Twitter for allegedly using a secretive promotion process that favors men.
March 23, 2015 The CDPH has released video advertisements calling electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes toxic.
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March 24, 2015 Once rivals, two Minnesota law schools announce plans to merge…
March 24, 2015 Author tells tangled tale of the $19B verdict against Chevron in 'Law of the Jungle' (podcast)…
March 24, 2015 Prosecutor's PowerPoint closing leads to overturned conviction…
March 23, 2015 Preloaded adware makes some laptops more vulnerable to hackers than others, experts say…
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4 days ago Convicted rapist escapes from Va. treatment facility; 2 schools go on lockdown
4 days ago Murder Charge for Man After Friend Killed in Crash
4 days ago RT @phscoop: U.S. judge sentences 3 men snared in controversial D.C. police robbery sting
4 days ago RT @nbcwashington: Federal audit says Md. misallocated $28.4M in federal money for its flawed health care exchange.