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1 day ago "Auld lang syne" Billy Keane, James Taylor, Kim Taylor #music
1 day ago people who work=labor thugs. people who fire them=job creators #rightwingdoublespeak
1 day ago When a species poisons an entire planet ~ #drgrist #eco
1 day ago Indigenous Land Management Highly Effective in Combating Climate Change ~ #yesmagazine
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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10.7 hours ago RT @SnowinRI: Join @TheOnlineMom Fri. 3pm ET "The Mobile Conversation" #apps RSVP for chance to WIN #VZWBuzz
10.7 hours ago RT @roncallari: Animals Caught In Cross-fire Of Israeli-Gaza Conflict | via @roncallari
10.7 hours ago RT @AffiliateSherpa: We Analyzed Nearly 1 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned | #blogging #contentmarketing
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6.4 hours ago Chances are you can't spare 90 min to watch this whole panel, but see former DOJ chief economist's commentary at 5:00
7.4 hours ago @JoshuaLenon thanks for your kind mention.
7.7 hours ago RT @jenanmoussa: I think there are more tweets about #Gaza in these last couple of days than there were about #Syria war in last 3 yrs. #justsaying
7.9 hours ago Jodie Liu & @benjaminwittes excellent @lawfareblog summary: Gory details of #NSA bill: [13]
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23.8 hours ago Bicycling Can Be Deadlier in L.A. Than in Mumbai, Shanghai and Other Heavy-Traffic Cities (VIDEO)
2 days ago How long do I have after my Arizona motorcycle accident to file my motorcycle injury case?
2 days ago Commercial Landlord Not Liable for Fall by Tenants’ Employee
2 days ago 2 Warwick women arrested after melee that started in Federal Hill’s $3 Bar
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10.6 hours ago RT @HeyJennyLeone: I didn't wear this top so you'd compliment my eyes.
11.1 hours ago RT @aimeevc1970: My tweets used to get trophies, now they get participation ribbons.
11.4 hours ago RT @PenguinCrystal: The hobby lobby didn't go far enough!! I won't shop anywhere that allows their employees to have sex at all.
14.3 hours ago RT @SexySpainNights: A group of people who judge you is called a facebook
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1 day ago Drunk driving case thrown out due to pre-trial Motions
May 13, 2014 Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program for Massachusetts
April 7, 2014 Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement
April 5, 2014 Please see my answer on @Avvo to: Do I file for custody in my state when my ex husband has my ... #childcustody
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July 24, 2014 10 Things You Didn't Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service | | @mashable via @scoopit | #termsofservice #tos
July 24, 2014 MT @mellorlawfirm: Game Playing In Expert Exchange Results In Preclusion Of Use Of Experts At Trial.
July 24, 2014 MT @smqueue: “ Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.” John Zenger #quote
July 24, 2014 RT @Inspire_Us: “Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.” #quote
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July 24, 2014 @joelenos that's about right
July 24, 2014 RT @pourmecoffee: Pretty sure Billy Joel could put together a "We Didn't Start The Fire" remake from just the last few weeks.
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4 days ago Woke up at 6:15 on a Sunday to go play golf in the rain. Wondering about my life choices.
4 days ago Whenever I watch Escape from New York, I'm mildly disappointed that I'm not watching Escape from L.A.
4 days ago @flotisserie I never got very good at skateboarding despite my brother having built a quarter pipe in our driveway.
4 days ago @thomascarlcook I missed the request. I would have been similarly unhelpful.
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2 days ago #NHTSA investigates 320,000 GM cars for air bag defects
2 days ago @CharlieCAndrews @RealJanaBanana I love oh's. How about Post mini-wheats?
2 days ago Perspective And Preparedness For Divorcing Women -
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July 23, 2014 Shaneen Allen, race and gun control via @washingtonpost
July 23, 2014 Mothers in Charge rally to stop Kansas City gun violence via @fox4kc
July 23, 2014 Officials: Stolen gun linked to Elmira attempted murder via @StarGazette
July 23, 2014 Raymond Felton pleads guilty on gun charge, avoids jail via @cbssports
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July 25, 2014 @CharlesCThomas_ If you get one of my credit card bills, feel free to pay it. @CharlieThomas
July 25, 2014 RT @pnuts_mama: dear rand paul: nothing, I repeat, NOTHING about or your life experience allows you to consider yourself a minority or oppressed.
July 25, 2014 @GiantSweetTart Being a lawyer is no guarantee against being homeless.
July 25, 2014 Hey @CharlieThomas, we got a new member of the club! @CharlesCThomas_
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11.4 hours ago The question is why did they ever have one
11.5 hours ago AG defends law banning independents from primaries - Local News - Santa Fe New Mexican
4 days ago Lawsuits challenge state child abuse review
July 24, 2014 Governor taps Santa Fe attorney for new District Court seat via @thenewmexican
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July 23, 2014 FDA warns of compounded drug recall by Texas firm #WorkComp
July 23, 2014 FDA warns of compounded drug recall by Texas firm: WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration warned doctor...
July 23, 2014 There's a new post (FDA warns of compounded drug recall...) on our blog, check it out!
July 23, 2014 Apple Faces Class-Action Suit for Unpaid Wages via @DawnC331
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July 25, 2014 How Do I Object to a Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy? #bankruptcy
July 25, 2014 The Dangers of Representing Yourself in Bankruptcy #bankruptcy
July 25, 2014 Will Bankruptcy Help Me Get My Driver's License Back? #bankruptcy
July 25, 2014 What Does Bankruptcy Assistance Mean in the Bankruptcy Code? #bankruptcy
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3 days ago Boko Haram Kidnaps Wife of Cameroon's Vice Prime Minister, Official Says
3 days ago Q2 2014 Quick Links, Part 4 (Content Regulation, Prostitution & More)
3 days ago International Police Visit to MH17 Crash Site Canceled Amid Reports of Fighting
3 days ago Ebola Kills Top Doctor in Liberia, Official Says
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June 24, 2014 Finished George Washington's Secret Six by Brian Kilmeade, Don Yaeger and gave it 5 stars. Buy it!
April 22, 2014 Starting a new business? Do you know the right questions to ask? Do you need help with the list? Check our blog at
April 22, 2014 RT @PrufrocksPeach: The Man Who Wrote Henry VIII's Court via @HuffPostUKEnt
April 22, 2014 Is it time to update your estate plan? Need to know when to do that? Check out our blog at .
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July 23, 2014 If you stand for atheism, secularism, or social justice, then your goal should be to persuade, and not two demean & alienate.
July 23, 2014 The nice thing about platitudes is that they apply to most, so you can always shirk responsibility 4 applying them to anyone in particular.
July 23, 2014 Ideologues push once-noble causes long after the reasons 4 their efforts vanish. Because indignation feeds their careers & a sense of self.
July 20, 2014 @cuibono182 That wouldn't be inconsistent, but he's definitely not an ideologue.
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July 24, 2014 You know it's a RUMPSHAKER day when a day that LOOKS easy, on paper, becomes ALL THE WAY LIVE! #everydayIamhustlin
July 24, 2014 Note to self: Just because an exercise you did was easy in your 20s, doesn't mean it will be in your 40s. #burpeessuck
July 23, 2014 6:48 in the morning and I am grinding. Lol on the road again
July 22, 2014 I'm so Pine Bluff because I remember when the only shopping center was Jefferson Square, the only movie theater...
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19.5 hours ago Sad. @RealPeterson21 @AZCardinals probably first player insecure enough to tweet what getting paid in contract & what's guaranteed.
1 day ago RT @JoshMBlackman: Supreme Court experts hit 56%. Slightly better than chance >> and monkeys with darts ;)
1 day ago Today’s Top 10 in Law Blogs: Top 10 in Law Blogs: Paperless HR, Paying in Bitcoin, Corruption in M&A
1 day ago Jurors Not Hot on Tweeting at Trial per survey of federal judges - @marlissess
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April 16, 2014 RT @CharlieCrist: This Saturday, we're opening our first field office. RSVP now to join us for the grand opening:
November 24, 2013 RT @MiamiHerald: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah converge — it’s Thanksgivukkah
October 4, 2013 Happy Friday everyone!
August 1, 2013 Netflix Pulled Movie For The Nerdiest Reason Ever -
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July 24, 2014 .@TheTimeBlawg @clearspire Well, apparently they were going to start offering their tech to other firms ...guess we'll see.
July 24, 2014 .@clearspire I am collecting case studies for the 2nd edition of the virtual law practice book for the ABA. Open to sharing?
July 24, 2014 Seeking feedback on Access Hub prototypes by @margarethagan -- #a2j #legaltech
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July 7, 2014 Missing in Miami’s new condo boom: Miamians - Business Monday -
July 3, 2014 Nazi 'perfect Aryan' poster child was Jewish - photographer wanted to make Nazis look foolish.
July 1, 2014 Yes.
July 1, 2014 RT @jeffrey_brandt: RT lol @practicingruby: It is not 1980 anymore. If you hate end users or think they're stupid, you should stop writing software.
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1 day ago Fired Export-Import Bank Official Pleads the Fifth at Hearing on Corruption, Fraud: An Export-Import Ban... #tcot
1 day ago My Exchange with Two New York Times Writers on Marriage Equality and Civility: Can people respect each o... #tcot
1 day ago 22nd Amendment set term limits for the US President.
1 day ago George Washington set a precedent by serving only 2 terms. 22nd Amendment set the precedent in stone
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1 day ago It's bed time in the bayou; wishing you smooth, soothing sleep cycles and turbulent, torrid dreams :) good night :) xxx
1 day ago @padrestevie One of my favourites of all time he is.
1 day ago @Richard_Elsen I'm so glad you liked it :) that was the last song of the night :) sleep well :)
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1 day ago Rethinking "Light Duty" Jobs for Employees on the Mend @Steptoe_Johnson #employment #employees #lightduty
1 day ago EPA’s Regulatory Timeline for Disclosure and Reporting of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals @bgllp #EPA #fracking
1 day ago Changes on the Horizon for Federal Job Training Programs @mcbrayer_law #jobtraining #jobs #employment
1 day ago #Insurance Coverage: IL Ct Rules Policy Language Precluded Replacement Cost for Equipment > 5y/o @HeylRoyster
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July 15, 2014 Parental alienation: More common than you'd think in #divorce, and it can destroy parent-child relationships forever.
July 13, 2014 As social media become a major factor in #divorces, couples are addressing the issue in #prenup agreements.
July 11, 2014 #Utah to appeal to #SCOTUS in an effort to further delay #samesex #marriages. #LGBT
July 9, 2014 Word to the wise: Don't get behind on #childSupport payments or it can negatively affect your credit.
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July 24, 2014 5 tips for selling your home for the best price - Business - The Boston Globe
June 26, 2014 Condos are ‘the strongest part’ of the May housing market, the Warren Group says - Business - The Boston Globe
June 25, 2014 Report: Greater Boston home values rose 2.9 percent from March to April - Business - The Boston Globe
June 16, 2014 Maximize your mobile marketing: 3 tools to capture, engage and inform today’s real estate consumers | Inman News
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July 24, 2014 Remember, not too long ago, when it was criminal for married couples to use contraception?
July 24, 2014 RIP Vivien Leone: journalist, philanthropist, "There was nothing boring about Vivien" @thevillagernyc
July 24, 2014 Asha Curran @RadioFreeAsha talks innovation @92Y including upcoming women's leadership fellowship to launch in 2015:
July 23, 2014 @magicbeans ireland is so tiny that Galway (west coast) is only 2 hours from Dublin.
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July 24, 2014 Photo: going to have to check this out… #urbancompost via thegreenurbanist: "Love my hood."
July 24, 2014 In Remembrance: Burton V. Barnes | School of Natural Resources and Environment | University of Michigan @SNRE
July 24, 2014 Rest in Peace BVB. You were the best RT @michigandaily Barnes delivers his ideal lecture #Michigan @SNRE #ecology
July 24, 2014 Shocking drought data from NASA via @dailykos
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July 21, 2014 He knew there had to be a better way to prevent destruction. So he invented it. (via @Upworthy)
July 18, 2014 RT @StephenAtHome: Are animals intelligent? Sure! I let my monkey type my tweets and he does a great (PLEASE HELP ME ESCAPE) job!
July 11, 2014 Green Home Predictions That Are Best Poised to Come True in 2014 and Beyond (guest post)
July 9, 2014 @LizOSullivanAIA Thanks for the RT of my article.
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5 days ago I wish there were a way to program my water heater to turn off at 7 am, so if I haven't taken a shower by then, I have to take a cold shower
5 days ago RT @MelissaGalt: Just as a seed contains all it needs to sprout, so are you already equipped to thrive.
5 days ago RT @MarkFritz: TEST OF OUR ABILITY & RESOLVE: Problems are simply a test of our ability & resolve to reach our goals.
July 25, 2014 RT @T_Harv_Eker: “Worry is the interest you pay on a debt you may not owe.” ? Keith Caserta
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July 25, 2014 Try to go through today with a positive attitude, without complaining. See how it works for you. Try it again tomorrow, the next day...
July 24, 2014 RT @UCILaw: Prof. Ashar @sameer_ashar comments @ocweekly on case of OC Sheriff's Dept. violating TRUST Act:
July 24, 2014 RT @angelareddock: Check out my Op-Ed on the Min Wage - Minimum wage debate is all about economic survival - Los Angeles Wave: Opinion
July 24, 2014 Shells hit U.N.-run school sheltering evacuees in Gaza Strip
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4 days ago @espn Enough from Stephen A Smith...he spoke from his heart & it was ugly....It's a problem when tongue works faster than brain .. Fire him
July 25, 2014 My week on twitter: 3 New Followers. via
July 17, 2014 It's been a great day for our clients! We were able to secure a dismissal of an administrative license...
July 17, 2014 Good Morning Atlanta!! It is a beautiful morning and I want you to make it your best day!!
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July 23, 2014 RT @GreggDoyelCBS: Of course Michael Sam's a distraction. Dungy's not wrong. Sam's talent-to-distraction ratio will determine his career
July 23, 2014 RT @JKealing: Wait. What? RT @LukeMorris: *blink* .... *blink*
July 23, 2014 @USChamber What about the other 6?
July 22, 2014 "Mayor Buddy Dyer welcomes @FLGovScott to Orlando Science Center for jobs speech.” #irony
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2 days ago @TODAYshow I'm guessing that "ask your employees to show a little respect for their customers" is a bit too simple, huh?
2 days ago RT @TODAYshow: TSA offers $15,000 for best ideas to speed up security: #WhatsTrendingTODAY
2 days ago @ImJustEri @Forbes I'm a mom of three kids, too, and I can't even imagine the heartbreak.
2 days ago @ImJustEri @Forbes Completely agree. I think it's terrific. There's been very little press.
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4 days ago @JCHLawFirm PS I’m out of bourbon.
4 days ago @JCHLawFirm Sure it does—I read vapid pleadings all the time—but that’s not the right word here.
4 days ago I think @MaxKennerly’s answer is probably best. “Purported.” @frabyn @APribetic @Turkewitz
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July 25, 2014 The Springfield Post, Post 12 of the Ohio State Highway Patrol made 416 OVI arrests in 2013. This number does not...
July 25, 2014 Supreme Court of Ohio today: In OVI conviction with specification for prior drunken driving convictions, the...