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December 4, 2009 RT @johnmijac: Foreclosure, Loan Modification: Obama's HAMP Not Working - TIME
2 days ago "Mustang Sally" Alice Tan Ridley @alicetridley #music #rock
2 days ago "Fever" Little Willie John #music #rock
2 days ago "When will I be loved?" Linda Ronstadt #music #rock
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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4.7 hours ago With Android Pay, Google Closes Gap With Apple In Mobile Payments #business
4.7 hours ago How To Stay Relevant In The Rapidly Changing World of Work #business
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2 days ago No PC growth over past 8 years. All mobile. Mary Meeker’s must-read Internet Trends Report ~>
2 days ago Mary Meeker’s @kpcb 2015 Internet Trends Report is out. Always a must-read ~> via @cdixon
2 days ago As usual, article misattributes exposure of Sec. 215 bulk phone metadata collection to Snowden. Wrong. USAToday 2006:
2 days ago RT @TechFreedom: The Obama Administration is moving to end bulk data collection #privacy
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1 day ago My tall wonderful pequenino!
1 day ago Medical Malpractice Insurance Denial Conspiracy to Prevent Future Cases via @
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May 21, 2015 RT @aveuaskew: Like the poisonous spines of a puffer fish, I too will find my way into your heart.
May 21, 2015 RT @TheBoydP: Tonight I'm having nachos and margaritas also known as breakfast for dinner...
May 20, 2015 Guess I'll never be on Letterman now.
May 20, 2015 RT @papasuncle: I never trust anyone who drives a 5-speed because they're shifty.
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May 21, 2015 Forensic Accounting For Your Divorce
May 17, 2015 Why Hiring a Forensic Accountant may be Necessary
May 11, 2015 Family Law Court Orders: Contempt and Enforcement of Court Orders
April 29, 2015 Massachusetts Law And Step-Parent Adoption
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May 22, 2015 RT @pmarca: In East Coast fever dreams, nobody in Silicon Valley talks about bubbles. In actual SV, #1 conversation topic post-2000 has been bubbles!
May 22, 2015 RT @MediaREDEF: How Hustlers Try to Scheme Their Way into the Cannes Film Festival (@danieldylanwray - @vice)
May 22, 2015 RT @sharonwaxman: Jessica Lange Weighs in on Ageism Debate: Even Women Run Hollywood With Male POV @thewrap
May 22, 2015 RT @eriqgardner: The Conan Doyle estate won't retire the good fight over "Sherlock Holmes," suing over a new Miramax film
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4 days ago This benighted place has no @PeoplesBrew. It's Applebee's, so I knew what I was getting into. (Bikable + coupon).
4 days ago Memorial Day in a democracy: where we recognize that the sacrifice was noble even if the nobility of the cause was more ambiguous.
May 23, 2015 Play list made. Stage two of pool opening - wing prep - initiated.
May 22, 2015 West Lafayette schools will dismiss an hour early due to water boil order courtesy of @inamwater.
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2 days ago Westlaw’s Days Are Numbered
2 days ago #firstoffense? Your initial call is free, confidential, and you are under no obligation to hire an attorney.
2 days ago An #Attorney Explains: After A Car Accident, Avoid Making These Three Mistakes
2 days ago Questions About #DivorceinFlorida? Check out our quick Florida Divorce FAQ
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May 23, 2015 @SternoShots There's still Paraguay.
May 23, 2015 RT @SternoShots: We're now officially less progressive than Ireland.
May 23, 2015 RT @ArganKisses: When a guy thinks he is irreplaceable
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May 23, 2015 New blood test quickly reveals severity of #radiation injury #WorkComp
May 22, 2015 Compensable Mental Stress and Conflict of Law Decisions Posted #WorkComp
May 22, 2015 Thousands of patients of 3 Bergen County hospitals notified personal info stolen in data breach - News
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4 days ago Can I Remove My Bankruptcy From My Credit Report? #bankruptcy
4 days ago Will Late Payments Still Show Up On My Credit Report After Bankruptcy? #bankruptcy
4 days ago What You Need to Know About the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 #bankruptcy
4 days ago Colorado Bankruptcy Court Decision - Corona Sierra Colorado, Inc. v. Brennan #bankruptcy
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1 day ago Here’s how to DIY muscle-activated bionic claws that let you flex like Wolverine
1 day ago Tilda Swinton in talks to join Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'
1 day ago This Kinect-powered pom pom mirror makes you fluffy in real-time
1 day ago Rick Santorum launches 2016 presidential campaign
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May 13, 2015 In business? Looking for ways to finance a new initiative? Looking to buy a biz? Hit a wall? Check out our blog at
May 13, 2015 RT @westcountycofc: Have you checked out our webpage recently? See what's happening at the West County Chamber! #itshappeninghere
May 12, 2015 Hey Burmas: Did u know Chamber/AAEDC made virtual tour of Odenton Town Center construction? #WheresTheSign #WestCounty #itshappeninghere
May 12, 2015 In business? Looking for ways to finance a new initiative? Looking to buy a biz? Hit a wall? Check out our blog at
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May 22, 2015 It's been one of those days that started dreadfully, yet ended pleasantly. I don't want to say goodnight quite...
May 22, 2015 How does this woman sleep at night? And does she use that same mattress?
May 21, 2015 Modern Art Desserts: From Mondrian Cake to Matisse Parfait
17 CC43 CF230 AC1,297 AF19 TT#21 TT
May 22, 2015 We hear so many people talk about the service our vets give to our country. However, I would like to take the...
May 21, 2015 Seniors Tell Congress Medicare Isn’t Your ATM via Entitled to Know -     Seniors advocates ...
May 20, 2015 VA Disability: How does that help my Social Security Disability case?
May 20, 2015 VA Disability: How does that help my Social Security Disability case?
163 CC622 CF1,697 AC14,745 AF19 TT#22 TT
February 13, 2010 Google Buys Social Search Company (@BayNewser) value in search our exchange/results based on our network
June 30, 2011 How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
January 17, 2010 Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
11.5 hours ago RT @LXBN: .@zosham takes a look at the #FIFA takedowns from yesterday:
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May 19, 2015 RT @jaesunum: @LegalNoise with @stephen_poor @StanfordLaw: no real reason for #biglaw to "go away" completely
May 19, 2015 RT @margarethagan: Ron Dolin: A Target List for Legal Innovators
May 15, 2015 RT @margarethagan: Legal innovation thoughts from Ron Dolan #abafutures
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April 30, 2015 RT @snellingslaw: Woman files lawsuit claiming inappropriate contact by massage therapist - WPBF West Palm Beach #lawsuit
April 30, 2015 RT @GMcCordLaw: In a switch of roles, Disney is the defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit (regarding a trailer for the...
April 30, 2015 RT @KesslerLawFirm: Suspicious lawyer finds malware on external hard drive supplied by police lawyer in discovery -
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2 days ago Give Indian Prime Minister a C for His First Year in Office: This week marks the end of Narendra Modi’s ... #tcot
2 days ago There’s Good and Bad in Senate’s Version of Defense Authorization Bill: As early as next week, the full ... #tcot
2 days ago What the Defense Department Learned From the Ebola Crisis: For most Americans, last year’s Ebola outbrea... #tcot
2 days ago Give Indian Prime Minister a C for His First Year in Office: This week marks the end of Narendra Modi’s ... #tcot
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May 22, 2015 Buki isn't going to get the chance to do her #FFs this week as work is a bit bonkers, (sorry) but you're all #FFs to her :) xxxx
May 22, 2015 This Man Put His Religious Rules Aside to Help An Injured Boy < What's the point of religion, otherwise? Awesome guy.
May 22, 2015 Abe, it turns out, likes Japanese pop music. #dragonsoftwitter
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36.8 minutes ago #NewJersey Federal Court Revives #ClassAction Lawsuit Based on Employee Misclassification #NJ #sleepys
1.1 hours ago Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Creates More Power for the #Arbitrator #Wisconsin #arbitration
2.9 hours ago #SupremeCourt Closes the Books on Civil #FalseClaimsAct Cases and Takes Issue w #FirstToFile Rule #SCOTUS
3.5 hours ago Getting What You Don't Ask For: The Perils of ADA Accommodation by Inference #ADA #emplaw #accommodation
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May 20, 2015 The Mary Nunes case: Is it OK for mom who reasonably believes child has been sexually molested by dad to flee US?
May 15, 2015 Splitting up Jon&KatePlus8 kids just cuz one whined to Dad she was being "cruelly mistreated" by Mom? Not in AZ!
May 8, 2015 Here's a story about Wills for Heroes, the awesome program I am so proud to be involved in.
May 1, 2015 Brilliant plan, Alabama: Just not issue marriage licenses regardless of the sexual orientation of the applicants.
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April 18, 2015 "Mortgage Rates Hover Near 2015 Lows | Realtor Magazine" #feedly
March 3, 2015 "Why social media is destined to play a bigger role in real estate search"
March 1, 2015 "BRA board approves 787 residential units, 1.1M square feet of new construction"
February 28, 2015 "What Makes Coffee Smell So Good? An Infographic Makes Scents of It"
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5 days ago If you are a female or gender non-conforming writer, apply for a scholarship for the next @BinderCon in NYC, Nov 2015
5 days ago RT @Annie_Acorn: Author? Support beginning writers, congratulate emerging talents, recognize true pros – this is your business community. #amwriting :-)
5 days ago RT @jendeaderick: The lovely @bencomics has spent the last several hours tweeting out image clips from #womenincomics' work. You should look.
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May 22, 2015 Street artist Shepard Fairey reflects on Detroit art via @detroitnews
May 22, 2015 Michigan lawmakers seek lessons from #Enbridge oil spill #line5
May 22, 2015 This Aging Oil Pipeline Is In Great Lakes' 'Worst Possible Place' For A Spill #Michigan #Line5 #Enbridge
May 21, 2015 Should states be responsible for protecting the atmosphere? - @highcountrynews
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April 29, 2015 RT @TMNinja: Not "wanting" to is no excuse not to do. Doing the Tasks You Hate, Even When You Don't Want To #motivation
April 29, 2015 @Paralegalese Didn't know you were on here! Hi!
April 29, 2015 Schoola: Save on kids clothes & 40% funds school programs. $15 free if you use my link. Awesome, right?!
March 3, 2015 Give Way or Yield? The jurisdiction of your contract does matter! (Law note)
64 CC79 CF3,140 AC5,606 AF13 TT#34 TT
2 days ago So, the man I asked to stop smoking kept doing it, although it's a non-smoking zone. I had to call security. Rude.
2 days ago I was just remembering a marketing class in which they taught us that Revlon doesn't sell make-up; they sell hope. What are you selling?
2 days ago Just asked a man--in the sweetest tone I could muster--to stop smoking in the non-smoking area.
81 CC105 CF949 AC2,142 AF13 TT#35 TT
4 days ago RT @businessinsider: Russell Wilson wants the richest contract in NFL history
5 days ago Florida Agency Classifies Uber Driver As Employee, Says He Is Eligible For Unemployment
5 days ago Secret’s collapse shows the traditional VC funding model is broken
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May 23, 2015 You've had 3 drinks; no food; you're driving & police stop you for speeding - do you know what to do? Contact me at 404-264-1036
May 23, 2015 free baseball as Skip Caray would say ... Go Braves!! #Braves #Brewers @MLBONFOX @MLB
May 23, 2015 for great information on dealing with a DUI charge, please check out the note section in my Facebook profile
May 23, 2015 Milwaukee Brewers manager, Craig Counsell, IMO, does not carry himself like a big league manager - I see little confidence #actlikeyoubelong
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May 22, 2015 RT @Scott_Maxwell: Scott Maxwell: Orlando soccer is so popular, building a new, smaller stadium is a silly wasteful. Plan for success.
May 21, 2015 Enjoy your retirement David @Letterman, like many people of my generation, I grew up watching you and laughing with you.
May 20, 2015 RT @fgonzalez1978: I hope my Senators @marcorubio and @SenBillNelson #StandWithRand to allow a vote and discussion on the so-called Patriot Act & NSA #sayfie
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2 days ago I have details about the #FIFA indictment (yes, there's a #tax piece). Story upcoming!
2 days ago ICYMI -> IRS Says Identity Thieves Accessed Tax Transcripts For More Than 100,000 Taxpayers via @forbes #tax #irs
2 days ago 10yo now struggling with edits on her persuasive essay. It's way too long. I have zero idea where she gets that from. Right, @janetnovack?
2 days ago 10yo's censorship essay cites @jk_rowling's Harry Potter series as example, calls opposition on religious grounds "silly."
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3 days ago Added Tweetdeck column for @peterjholley.
4 days ago RT @TDCAA: #HB2633 amendment adversely impacts the press & now our #txlege Twitter feed is a river of tears. #schadenfreude #welcometoourworld
4 days ago RT @Cernovich: Most people need authority. It's hard to say, "Yeah, I got life figured out. I don't need pop science to validate me." But you'll get there.
4 days ago RT @ClarkHat: 30 Seconds Over D.C.
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4 days ago The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
4 days ago FBI admits Patriot Act snooping powers didn’t crack any major terrorism cases
5 days ago As we continue the conversation on criminal justice reform, here are 10 facts you need to know.
5 days ago Happy Memorial Day from all of us at DaytonDUI and Babb & Rowland.