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November 5, 2008 We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks
March 8, 2017 On International Women’s Day, @MichelleObama and I are inspired by all of you who embrace your power to drive chang…
March 2, 2017 RT @ObamaFoundation: Courage comes in many forms. Who in your local community or neighborhood leads by example? #ProfileInCourage
March 2, 2017 Humbled to be recognized by a family with a legacy of service. Who's your #ProfileInCourage? Tell me about them:…
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February 13, 2010 Google Buys Social Search Company (@BayNewser) value in search our exchange/results based on our network
June 30, 2011 How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
March 11, 2017 High school student, @Isabelle_Robles named Journalist of the Year for tackling sexual harassment at school
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March 9, 2017 RT @percipient_co: .@nikiblack examines lawyers' use of social media in 2017:
March 9, 2017 RT @rivertownlawyer: @nikiblack Right-of-center/libertarian legal organizations like @FedSoc and @cato have been talking about CAF reform for a bit now.
March 9, 2017 Congress begins rolling back Obama's broadband privacy rules (UAW)
March 9, 2017 ACLU challenges police effort to search Facebook page of Dakota Access Protestors (The Hill)
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March 8, 2017 RT @HelpTheLawyers: When lawyers return to their offices & are no longer in the news/being photographed, how can the momentum of the past 6 weeks keep going? /2
March 3, 2017 RT @ServeManager: Legal Software Bill of Rights via @lawyerist @samglover Don't worry, folks! ServeManager has these covered!
February 27, 2017 Does the @FERC e-library ever work these days? I can't represent my clients without access
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March 10, 2017 Tips for Dealing with Car Insurance Companies Following Your Wreck -
March 9, 2017 Not all personal injury lawyers are the same. Learn how to narrow your search and hire the right one. ==>…
March 8, 2017 Deadly, Defective IVC Filters: Are You At-Risk? -
March 7, 2017 Have You Been Harmed by a Defective Stryker LFIT™ Hip Implant? Here's everything you need to know ==>…
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March 14, 2017 RT @kevinokeefe: 10th Annual @ABATechShow @BeerforBloggers is 5:30 to 7, Friday at Chicago Hilton, sponsored by your friends at the…
March 14, 2017 RT @atlblog: This Week In Legal Tech: Startups To Face Off at ABA TECHSHOW: (by @bobambrogi)
March 14, 2017 Interesting perspective from @smozarsky 'Large Law’s Not-So-Secret Weapon In Marketing And BD: The Library' @atlblog
March 14, 2017 Blizzard got you thinking of a trip to sunny Cuba? Check out my post, '20 Tips for Travel to Cuba' #Cuba
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March 12, 2017 #Telehealth Outlook Under the #Trump Administration
March 12, 2017 Night of the Undead . . . #Mortgages (Zombie Mortgages) #Foreclosure #RealEstate
March 12, 2017 #Handgun Regulation in Community Associations #RealEstate #SCOTUS
March 12, 2017 #Trump's Revised #EO, "Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The US" @proskauer #Immigration
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March 9, 2017 RT @BarnesLawLtdLLP: 2 vets win Agent Orange exposure cases from Okinawa
March 9, 2017 Thanks for the RTs @lauraumfer @JulioSilvaJr
March 9, 2017 #Divorce advice from real people
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March 11, 2017 Hunting, Hiring, and Keeping High-Dollar Rainmakers -
March 11, 2017 Hunting, Hiring, and Keeping High-Dollar Rainmakers -
March 10, 2017 Hunting, Hiring, and Keeping High-Dollar Rainmakers
March 10, 2017 Hunting, Hiring, and Keeping High-Dollar Rainmakers
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March 11, 2017 Small-Town Judge Punished Because of Her Religious Beliefs | Todd Starnes #Christian #Wyoming
March 11, 2017 Exploring the Ethical Duty of Technology Competence, Part I /by Ivy Grey @IvyBGrey | Law Technology Today #lawyers
March 11, 2017 5 Key Tips to Maximize Your Content Curation Efforts | Social Media Today
March 11, 2017 RT @VP: Obamacare places a crushing burden on America’s job creators—with more mandates and rules, higher costs, and higher taxes.
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February 5, 2017 Can't wait! RT @CODEXFoundation: It's a beautiful morning here at the Craneway Pavilion! We're excited to set up...
January 25, 2017 RT @BillNye: Ordering the EPA or NASA not to talk about climate change isn’t going to cool things off. Don't double down on deni…
January 25, 2017 RT @AltNatParkSer: A scientist march on Washington is being planned to pressure the White House & Trump
January 25, 2017 I have an MA focusing on WWII, social memory, & revolution. Deeply distressed - ok terrified - by news from Trump administration. #resist
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February 19, 2017 Hey @Nike I got my kid this pair of KD9 on Black Friday. Wears them infrequently. Look at the condition.
February 13, 2017 RT @AdamSMinsky: I'm doing a #studentloan roundtable tomorrow, Tues, 2/14, at 12pm with Volunteer Lawyers Proj @VLP_Boston. Join us!
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March 9, 2017 Noooooooooooo. Eagles release Connor Barwin via @billy_penn @ConnorBarwin98 is one of the good guys. Sniff.
March 9, 2017 Taxpayers Slow To File Even Though IRS No Longer Required To Hold Tax Refunds
March 9, 2017 OMG @joebwan @NKaeding @kpomerleau twerkers comp. I *love* it.
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March 14, 2017 Why Email Marketing Is Making a Comeback in 2017
March 14, 2017 I'm at @Harrods in London, Greater London
March 14, 2017 Should You Hire a Virtual Paralegal?
March 13, 2017 RT @B2Community: Consider These 4 Elements Before You Design Your Logo
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February 12, 2017 RT @ThomasLawKY: I just emailed my opponent for @JusticeDotOrg parliamentarian asking for a debate. Members should have a chance to see where we stand.
February 12, 2017 RT @ThomasLawKY: I just emailed my opponent for @JusticeDotOrg parliamentarian asking for a debate. Members should have a chance to see where we stand.
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March 6, 2017 Very proud of Max - he'll be a LIT (leader in training, f/k/a CIT - counselor in training) this summer at JCC on the Hudson.
March 3, 2017 A California firm is seeking to associate w/or refer to counsel in BC 4 a replevin action by a U.S. co. Any recs, @goclio, @JoshuaLenon?
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March 9, 2017 Aaron Hall at this morning's Freedom Workshop outlining how business owners/CEOs can get the freedom they deserve w…
March 8, 2017 Startups often struggle whether to use the employee or independent contractor model. Join us on March 21 to explore…
March 6, 2017 Is your start-up looking to raise money? In this short video, JUX Attorney Todd Taylor explains how security offeri…
February 27, 2017 JUX Attorneys Kim Lowe and Todd Taylor served on the panel of the MNvest Roundtable hosted by MNStarter and other l…
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March 9, 2017 What was it like to be in Foster Care? (Part 1)
March 9, 2017 Lack of pension equality for same-sex couples 'is sexual discrimination'
March 9, 2017 Predicting financial impacts may be useful in California divorce
March 8, 2017 Mom and Dad, Here's What I Need During Your Divorce - Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County
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July 21, 2016 RT @whitinglawgroup: We know how important #socialmedia is in our world! #FF @BarrettDavid
June 11, 2016 Seriously ... harmless .... @CCSocialScene
September 18, 2015 I'm playing new daily fantasy leagues at - come and join me!
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July 5, 2011 A Lawsuit Is Never Frivolous When It’s About Your Family: The Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote las...
March 10, 2017 Workers’ Comp Lawsuits: What You Need to Survive When You Can’t Work
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January 17, 2017 A number of my favorite things converging here: @geekwire @Bertschi1975 and #equality
January 9, 2017 Did @DeshaunWatson4 just say they needed a "good pick" on last play? Uh, Deshaun probably best not to admit to illegal play on national TV.
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March 7, 2017 RT @GastelumLawLA: Tricks and Tips for Dodging a DUI Checkpoint
March 7, 2017 RT @DaytonMBB: The @atlantic10 awards are out and the 2016-17 Coach of the Year is @Archie_Miller! #TrueTeam
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March 8, 2017 Today, we take a closer look at the steps you need to take if you want to enter Canada and have a previous DUI:…
March 7, 2017 A record number of drugs were seized by police in Minnesota last year:
March 7, 2017 Minnesota Man Earns DUI On Frozen Lake:
March 7, 2017 RT @WCCO: MN Senate voted down a bill Monday that would have updated the state's ID standards to comply with federal law. |
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March 12, 2017 Followers - 5, Unfollowers - 3. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your daily stats via
March 11, 2017 Thanks for the recent follow @MBnycFlowerShop @ElizabethCano23 Happy to connect :) have a great Saturday. ??Get it?????
March 11, 2017 NFL Free Agency: Chiefs re-sign S Daniel Sorensen to 4-year, $16M deal - NFL Network; involved in 7 takeaways last season (ESPN) …
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February 21, 2017 Texas Attorney Russ Munsch killed in Australian Plane Crash:
January 11, 2017 Investigation Reveals Mechanical Problem Causes Mom's Deadly Fall From Ski Lift in Colorado:
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March 10, 2017 Doesn't this prove #russiagate? And, if this was happening in plain sight, what was going on behind scenes?…
March 9, 2017 Thanks @Ccavallo007 @LegalTechLIVE @jdshastri26 for being top engaged members in my community this week ??Get it?????
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March 10, 2017 Just realized I misspelled "Berkeley" in two separate tweets today. Bah.
March 10, 2017 This is concerning. RT @NoelSemple Expanding Small Claims Court jurisdiction had negative impact on A2J:
March 10, 2017 RT @davidcurle @michaelmillsny of @NeotaLogic wraps up his series on Practice Engineering:
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March 12, 2017 A Massachusetts Listeria Death Linked to Wawona Packing Fruit
March 12, 2017 A link between the recall of SoLo GI energy bars and the E. coli outbreak linked to I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter?…
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March 9, 2017 RT @ESPNNBA: San Antonio's creepin' on up there
March 9, 2017 RT @GregDeeWeather: Seeing light fog along SR589 near Brooksville. This view just south of hwy 98. @abcactionn
March 9, 2017 RT @Tampa_NC: Tampa News Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says he won’t run for governor
March 8, 2017 RT @WFLA: Juggling driver: Yep, he’s sober!
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March 7, 2017 RT @ACTStudent: Take advantage of our free, 75-minute session tomorrow at 7pm ET that will cover the most tested topics on the ACT…
March 7, 2017 RT @pauljsohn: Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. - Pablo Picasso
March 5, 2017 RT @DonCheadle: Hated him since he asked my friend's father at a Doral pro-am if he'd ever "f*cked a nigger..." Did it for me ...
March 5, 2017 RT @GeorgeTakei: Trump made $60mil in a home sale to this Russian oligarch. Now it seems his plane was many places Trump was in 2016.
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March 9, 2017 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a serious, debilitating, and deadly injury resulting from trauma to the head....
March 9, 2017 Florida motorcycle laws are unique compared with most other states. In most states motorcycle insurance laws are...
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February 10, 2014 Your financial statements are likely to look MUCH different because of #UBS Puerto Rico bond fiasco: #bonds
February 8, 2014 UBS Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds: How Can You Recover? #UBS #bonds #finance #law
February 8, 2014 You can’t afford to ride it out any longer. UBS Puerto Rico bond loss larger than reported: #UBS #finance
February 7, 2014 Last year, UBS Puerto Rico funds lose over $1.6 billion, but you haven’t seen anything yet:
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March 10, 2017 Federal judge charged with sexual assault in Livonia:
March 9, 2017 Anti-recidivism bills clear Michigan House:
March 2, 2017 Michigan House panel OKs criminal justice overhaul:
February 22, 2017 Does the Constitution protect someone on the Mexican side of the border?
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March 13, 2017 How do you financially prepare for a divorce when you have no income of your own? Lewis has the answer -
March 10, 2017 Psychology Today shares the best 10 tips to help your divorce proceedings go smoothly -
March 9, 2017 Whether you need a compassionate helping hand or an aggressive team to fight on your behalf, we can help. Call 503-573-5566 for more info.
March 8, 2017 How do you prepare for a child custody case? Lewis has the answer -
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March 1, 2017 RT @zachami: Hearings on #Whiteclay liquor licenses postponed til April 6. Group protesting beer stores has enlisted litigator @DaveDomina
January 29, 2017 Is violation of the Immig & Naturaliz Act of 1965, 8 USC Ch 12, an ImpeachableOffense? #YearningToBeFree
January 28, 2017 It's up to #lawyersfirst to fight xenophobia.We cannot abide racism by an citizen - elected or not. #ReadMyCopy