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3 days ago Hug Pug Rio Bravo #pug #pugs
3 days ago Sheba, Belle and Rio ready for hump day hug pug work ?????????? #pug #pugs #mop #mops #hugpug #hugpugs @…
3 days ago Rio Bravo relaxing ?????????? #pug #pugs #mop #mops #hugpug #hugpugs @ Justia Inc.
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February 13, 2010 Google Buys Social Search Company (@BayNewser) value in search our exchange/results based on our network
June 30, 2011 How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
January 17, 2010 Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
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2 days ago With @LEXIS I need a training or a new link or some nonsense. Its not 1976 and moving from the red desk box to a computer. Which was easier
2 days ago Why is it not possible for me to simply log on to @LEXIS and get the new advance service. When Google updates, I get new service & that's it
3 days ago MyShingle Is Back, Thank You. at
3 days ago Nine Years Later, Avvo Is Pretty Much the Only Game In Town at
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2 days ago Visual Content Marketing: A Resource Guide for Marketers | Social Media Examiner #marketing
2 days ago Reading: "Inside Rand Paul’s Presidential Campaign Machine: How the Kentucky Senator Plans to Win in 2016"
2 days ago Cruz: Congress Should Use ‘Any Procedural Means Necessary to Defund Planned Parenthood’ | CNS News
2 days ago FTC investigating online college Univ. of Phoenix | CNBC #ftc
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3 days ago Thanks for the push @joy_gothard! Hey @ZimmermanAnna - just a few emails/calls. Can you message me?
3 days ago IRS: We'll Tumblr For You via @forbes #tax #socialmedia #irs
3 days ago Language is different than what I usually tweet but worth a read: No, You Are NOT Going To Have a Papal Pass Lottery
3 days ago RT @Forbes: 93% of adults listen to the radio each week -- only 87% watch TV:
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3 days ago OBR should examine student loans system, says panel - Times Higher Education
3 days ago Here's how all the 2016 candidates say they'll fix the student-loan crisis - MarketWatch
4 days ago Audits Of Asset Forfeiture Program Uncover Funds Used To Pay Student Loans ... - Techdirt
4 days ago Student Loans Have No Effect on US Housing Market - Realty Today
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June 4, 2015 RT @practicepanther: Highlights from the ABA's National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services #lmamkt
June 4, 2015 RT @ToxConsulting: STUDY: Stoned Drivers At Far Lower Risk Of Crash Than Drunken Drivers
June 4, 2015 RT @ToxConsulting: Drugged driving enforcement leading to false arrests?
June 4, 2015 RT @ToxConsulting: "Indeed, while most prosecutors and police officers are ethical and take their constitutional obligations...
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July 24, 2015 RT @PrairieWindsArt: @AllphinBatik Kristine Allphin and @kevinhouchin at @PrairieWindsArt . Join us for the opening reception Aug 7, 5:30
July 20, 2015 @ColoradoGEARUP @edpartnerships thanks for the photo! What a great group. Go Colorado (I live in Ft. Collins).
July 17, 2015 RT @karynadams: Accountability, affordability, accessibility. #em #enrollmentmanagement #actepc
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July 6, 2015 RT @DMAnews1: Trial date in New England Compounding Center (NECC) case set for April 4, 2016 in Boston
July 6, 2015 Even the newest dog had too much fun on July 4th.
June 27, 2015 @toddmr @nancy_jester for millions, marriage ceremony has nothing to do with religion
June 26, 2015 @tedcruz I want to make sure I have this right. Marriage decision- worse than 9/11, Lincoln's death; Pearl Harbor, Great Depression. Got it.
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2 days ago My Most Embarrassing Moment – *
2 days ago Webinar: Your Vivid Vision – *
2 days ago Webinar: Your Vivid Vision –
2 days ago My Most Embarrassing Moment –
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4 days ago A case over denial of form 1 to build a machine gun MTD granted in favor of ATF....
5 days ago Nearly a billion Android phones could be hackable with a single text message
July 27, 2015 Violating Injunctions for Protection Against Domestic Violence: Violation of injunction for protection against...
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2 days ago RT @SCIJJYapp: Law Schools Fight Bar Association Over How Graduates' Jobs Are Counted
2 days ago RT @ALACapChap: Check out our Business Partner of the Week, TRAK Legal Services @TRAKCompanies @TRAKmiriam #ALACC
2 days ago RT @lindseyemonroe: Meet the intern who has been named CEO of a 5,000-person company for a month via @BI_Careers
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May 25, 2015 The Pain-Free Furniture Checklist This is great advice. I wish more furniture met this criteria.
May 20, 2015 Emojinsanity? ???? WSJ columnist uses emojis to to use ????????????
May 28, 2014 RT @DrMayaAngelou: Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.
October 3, 2013 Scientific proof of the benefits of reading literary fiction
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2 days ago Anatomy of a Construction Dispute- A Wrap Up | Construction Law Musings- Richmond, VA
2 days ago Thoughts on Letting Go at ALPS 411
3 days ago Town Says It Will Prosecute Official (Part II)
3 days ago Town Says It Will Prosecute Official Who Did Something Useful
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July 5, 2011 A Lawsuit Is Never Frivolous When It’s About Your Family: The Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote las...
3 days ago Suit Alleges Blue Cross Overcharges Customers and Underpays Doctors
3 days ago Five Social Security Disability Myths That Simply Aren’t True
4 days ago Families Face Tough Decisions as Cost of Elder Care Soars
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June 15, 2015 Backlash Against TPP Grows as Leaked Text Reveals Increased Corporate Control of Public Health |
June 12, 2015 Plan for 'Independent' Copyright Office Meets Resistance
June 11, 2015 Paul Ryan’s Obamatrade Moment: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’ -
June 11, 2015 The Muddled Case for Trade Agreements by Dani Rodrik - Project Syndicate
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November 24, 2014 SEC Responds to Criticism of Use of Administrative Proceedings
November 24, 2014 Justices Scalia and Thomas Invite Supreme Court Review of Chevron Deference
November 24, 2014 Judge Rakoff Criticizes SEC Administrative Proceedings
November 6, 2014 NYC Funds Rolls Out Boardroom Accountability Project to Improve Responsiveness of Boards to Shareholders
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July 24, 2015 How law firms are innovating when it comes to hiring:
July 23, 2015 @bobambrogi Don't forget: contingency fees increase access to justice!
July 23, 2015 Document review not "the practice of law"? 2nd Circuit ruling could be huge: HT @heather_morse
July 23, 2015 Going solo: Do you have what it takes? | Input from @OmarHaRedeye @SoloPracticeU and me. Via @CBAnatmag
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July 25, 2015 I so want this for you because I know that when you have it, the world becomes a better place...
July 25, 2015 There's NO cookie-cutter approach to financial freedom. You have to know yourself in order to get into alignment with what you really want.
July 24, 2015 RT @SpendLessTV: Money Map for Entrepreneurial Success - @AlexisNeely Exclusive video guides you to the success you want
July 23, 2015 Tip of the day. Don't work with mean people. It's not necessary. And, if you do, ask yourself why. Is it serving you, really?
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July 20, 2011 @colligan Paul, glad to see that Internet Marketing This Week is back in operation with Episode #52.
July 11, 2011 My presentation to the Utah State Bar on why lawyers should have a YouTube channel seemed to be well-received.
June 2, 2011 It's a surprisingly chilly Salt Lake City day - summer will arrive eventually.
June 2, 2011 @peterbaskind Interesting thought on a video in the Utah Supreme Court.
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3 days ago Attorney Spotlight: Marny Rosenbloom Kravenas
3 days ago Attorney Spotlight: Marny Rosenbloom Kravenas
July 27, 2015 If you get in an accident your cell phone could be the difference maker. Find out more here:
July 27, 2015 If you get in an accident your cell phone could be the difference maker. Find out more here:
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3 days ago Violation of restraining order case on for pretrial in Framingham today. Always accommodating to lawyers.
July 24, 2015 Attorneys Face Hurdles Defending Assault and Battery on Police Officer Cases: I was recently reading and artic...
July 14, 2015 Pretrial Probation For A Felony Charge Or A CWOF For A Misdemeanor…Which Is Better?: Anytime you can dispose o...
July 14, 2015 Malicious destruction to property charge dismissed in Newton yesterday. Prior to arraignment.
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4 days ago Illinois Appellate Court Orders New Trial in Wrongful Death Case Where Sister of Decedent Testified About Fami...
5 days ago Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Illinois Common Fund Doctrine Decision Requiring ERISA Plan to Reimburse for ...
July 21, 2015 Twelve-Year-Old Boy Dies When He is Prematurely Extubated Resulting in a Confidential Settlement: Brett L., 12...
July 20, 2015 $1 Million Settlement for Patient Injured by Failure to Identify and Repair Negligently Sutured Ureters: This ...
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3 days ago Don't miss our webinar on Friday! We will be showing a sneak peak of 4.0.#headwaywp
3 days ago We will be having a live webinar this Friday One of the topics will be sneak peek at the new 4.0 Details to come. #HeadwayWP
4 days ago RT @chrishoward: Architect v1.4 out very soon will let you easily alternate the feature left/right. #headwaywp #wordpress
4 days ago We will be having a live webinar this Friday. One of the topics will be sneak peek at the new 4.0 Details to come. #headwaywp
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May 6, 2015 The defendant in the ambulance death case, American Medical Response, is re-negotiating its contract with Brockton:
May 6, 2015 My partner, Marc Breakstone, got a great verdict in a wrongful death case this week. Here is some more information:
September 2, 2014 Always nice to see a rainbow! Downtown Boston.
June 11, 2014 Congratulations to our next Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice, Ralph Gants.
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April 23, 2015 The Arizona Supreme Court rules software malfunctions must be given to a jury.
March 16, 2015 Robert Durst of HBO’s ‘The Jinx’ Says He ‘Killed Them All’, via @nytimes
February 4, 2015 Harper Lee, Author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Is to Publish a Second Novel, via @nytimes
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July 25, 2015 Updated website bio.
July 23, 2015 Former GA Bar President leads largest section of American Association for Justice.
July 23, 2015 The 2011 file photo shows kess gray hair and more girth than I currently have, but they still spell my name right.
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July 22, 2015 Remember No Texting and Driving on Your Family Trip-Compelling Video:
June 24, 2015 Trek Recalls Bicycles Due to Fork and Quick Release Failures...Citing Risk of Injury and Death:
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July 26, 2015 RT @sbagen: Really powerful piece by @JedediahSPurdy: Sandra Bland, Citizen @HuffPostBlog via @HuffPostPol
July 25, 2015 RT @washingtonpost: When a police officer asks you to do something, how do you know if it's a request or a "lawful order"?
July 24, 2015 RT @LitSoftwareApps: We listen to our users! Not only will you be able to skip Bates numbering on import, you can do it before producing! #DocReviewPad
July 21, 2015 Should sail right through. @MikaSpencer: Democrats Plan To Introduce Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill In Congress This Week
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July 10, 2015 Here's a link to my interview with NPR's Marketplace program about the recent OPM data breach class action.
June 5, 2015 Is a New Rule on Issue Certification a Good Idea?
May 26, 2015 Don't forget to sign up for the 2nd Annual ABA Regional CLE Program on Class Actions in San Fran June 19 -
May 20, 2015 RT @ksjenson: Preparing for the December 2015 Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
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1 day ago RT @Kaore: #GotDumpedBecause I hunt dentists and wear their skin. @midnight
1 day ago Sitting in my living room. It's 87 degrees in my house. ARS just arrived to see if they can fix my AC. #HoustonProbs
2 days ago 3 Steps to More Referrals
2 days ago This Toddler Loves A Personal Injury Lawyer So Much, His Mom Made It His Birthday Theme via @broderick @buzzfeednews
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3 days ago A federal appeals court judge says he may sometimes be "a little brutal to lawyers" when expressing his views…
3 days ago These Dogs Were Scheduled To Die. But A Hug Changed Everything…
3 days ago Family of Smoker That Died From Lung Cancer Gets $10.5 Million - See more at:
4 days ago Worker sues over Kmart's plastic paychecks…
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2 days ago Packing for the @PanMass Challenge. Still time to donate.
3 days ago Daily Post from Compliance Building -
3 days ago RT @complianceweek: #FASB finalizes simpler method to account for inventory, not exactly what people were expecting #GAAP #audit
3 days ago RT @wac6: I just made a donation to support @DougCornelius in #PMC2015 - click here to support! #PanMass via @panmass
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2 days ago 5 CEO-Level Questions to Grow Your Next Quarter via @EOSWorldwide
3 days ago Is Life Too Busy for What Matters Most to You? Make a Daily Change: via @MickWhite7
3 days ago Attorney @SteveKatkovEsq represented the seller in this deal:
4 days ago Hire Slow, Fire Fast
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July 20, 2015 Tico draft. @ St Theresa, Costa Rico
July 20, 2015 9 feet of fun. @ Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
July 19, 2015 The view from our room in the jungle that we shared with bugs, crabs and howling monkeys. @ Malpais,…
July 19, 2015 Anjali caught all the fish today. @ Hotel Tropico Latino