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July 21, 2016 Ida is one of the millions of people getting new opportunities to go solar and save money. Find out more:
July 21, 2016 Our economy is making real progress.
July 21, 2016 By almost every economic measure, our economy is better off than it was eight years ago.
July 21, 2016 America’s businesses have created more than 14 million new private-sector jobs over 76 straight months.
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February 13, 2010 Google Buys Social Search Company (@BayNewser) value in search our exchange/results based on our network
June 30, 2011 How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
January 17, 2010 Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
July 21, 2016 "The most unique business meeting in America" @packers' President, Mark Murphy kicking off our shareholders meeting
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3 days ago Great read: "BigLaw's Gender Diversity Problem Is The Traditional Model Itself" | Law360 - LexTalk
3 days ago Lawyers Use Social Media Posts to Vet Potential Jurors [PODCAST]
3 days ago New trials for delivering goods by drones (BBC News)
3 days ago These 5 issues are scaring homeowners away from IoT (RWW)
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July 21, 2016 My Husband Died From Brain Cancer. @HopkinsMedicine Should Be Ashamed, Not Me. (tired of being silent any longer) @carolynelefant/my-husband-died-from-brain-cancer-johns-hopkins-medine-should-be-ashamed-not-me-6bbbad525c16#.swnwc3ktk" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" class="tweetlink">
July 21, 2016 @carolynelefant/my-husband-died-from-brain-cancer-johns-hopkins-medine-should-be-ashamed-not-me-6bbbad525c16#.swnwc3ktk" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" class="tweetlink">
July 21, 2016 Has MontgomeryCountyMD heard of the #FifthAmendment?Don't I have rights on my property? Plus, I'm stuck until cars are probated. @311mc311
July 21, 2016 To @311MC311 Tell your inspectors to stop harassing me re:cars w/old plate on property.They are titled to my husband & going through probate
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May 10, 2016 RT @justiacom: Congrats, Justia clients Silicon Valley Law Group & Sowards Law Firm: @atlblog-recognized White Sandal Elite Firms!
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July 23, 2016 #Inspiring Keynote Speakers at the #LawFirm500. See if your firm qualifies:
July 21, 2016 You built a great law firm. Why not let the world know about it? #LawFirm500! Apply here:
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July 22, 2016 RT @LegalTalkNet: New #lawyer2lawyer #podcast: The American Bar Association: A Look Ahead Under New President, Linda Klein
July 22, 2016 RT @MyCaseInc: "Video: My ‘Bar Chat’ on Legal Technology Trends" | LawSites via @bobambrogi
July 22, 2016 Pokémon Go — another reminder about the duty of competence for lawyers
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July 22, 2016 SEC Affirms Denial of Bounties to Three Purported Whistleblowers #SEC #quitam #whistleblowers #securities
July 22, 2016 Las #P3 y el riesgo político: ¿por qué las P3 de Miami-Dade pueden resistir el clima político? @BilzinSumberg
July 22, 2016 3 Surefire Strategies to Put a Stop to Potential Client No-Shows #lawfirm #marketing #LMAmkt #lawyer
July 22, 2016 Could the Flying Car Finally Take Off? #flyingcar #autoindustry #auto #cars
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July 21, 2016 Do Good Work, and the Business Will Come
July 21, 2016 11 Things to Do With Your Money Instead of SEO
July 21, 2016 Podcast: Add 7 Extra Hours to Your Week—Part 2 –
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July 21, 2016 21 Quotes From the Christian Gathering That Brought Hundreds of Thousands to DC | The Daily Signal #Christian
July 21, 2016 5 Top Cutting-Edge Legal Technologies You Can Start Using Today | FindLaw's Technologist #legal #lawyers #AI
July 19, 2016 Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by 11 Points with Independents | Breitbart || @realDonaldTrump
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June 22, 2016 RT @WhiteHouse: "If we’re going to raise our kids in a safer, more loving world, we need to speak up for it." —@POTUS #NoBillNoBreak
June 22, 2016 RT @SenWarren: .@SpeakerRyan & the @HouseGOP: You should be ashamed of yourselves for your totally corrupt priorities. People are watching.
November 14, 2015 RT @SFCB: Everybody Makes Books San Francisco Center for the Book #bookarts
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4 days ago How to provide 401k plans for your employees from @debtfreeafterthree
July 20, 2016 Wendell Potter talking with @FARNOOSH #SoMoney #podcast
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3 days ago How I know daughter is mine: she messaged that the thing she's most looking forward to during sleepaway camp is going to the #coffee shop.
3 days ago Sending luck and calm nerves to those of you taking the #barexam today. It will be over before you know it.
3 days ago Yes @USExpatCanada - that's a real concern. @jcerb sees the pitfalls in his work quite often (w/ international companies and execs). #law
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July 22, 2016 I'm at Hong Kong Food Street in Houston, TX
July 22, 2016 I'm at my most productive when trying to avoid doing something else. #FridayFeeling
July 22, 2016 Simple Ways to Generate More Business on LinkedIn
July 21, 2016 I'm at iPic Theaters for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in Houston, TX
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June 21, 2016 #USMNT playing. ...scared. gonna get Messi in the 2nd half
June 21, 2016 RT @Gourmetlawyer: At least the #USMNT team can say they got to see Messi up close and personal #SilverLining #USAvARG
June 19, 2016 #Chile just scored again.
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July 21, 2016 .@bschorr Feedback 4 the Word team: why does a quick part w/an auto-incrementing field work only in main doc, not in fns? @legalofficeguru
July 21, 2016 Great, my keyboard mapping has also been erased. Thanks, Win 10 @bschorr
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July 21, 2016 Leaders: Why Your People Need to Know Your Core Values via @EOSWorldwide
July 21, 2016 Women In Tech Predict Major Change In 2016:
July 21, 2016 Employer Notice - The Uniform Wage Garnishment Act is coming to your state,
July 21, 2016 The surprising habits of original thinkers via @AdamMGrant
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July 21, 2016 Think Goodell supports Hillary? Birds of a feather. -
July 20, 2016 Be the Role Model -
July 20, 2016 Government must do more to teach children about abuse, says MP -
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July 21, 2016 RT @whitinglawgroup: We know how important #socialmedia is in our world! #FF @BarrettDavid
June 11, 2016 Seriously ... harmless .... @CCSocialScene
September 18, 2015 I'm playing new daily fantasy leagues at - come and join me!
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July 5, 2011 A Lawsuit Is Never Frivolous When It’s About Your Family: The Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote las...
3 days ago Legal Expectations: What Attorneys Want from Paralegals
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July 18, 2016 Melania Trump's speech plagiarized from Michelle Obama? Passages very simlar - could a speech writer be that stupid?
July 15, 2016 Hey Portlandia! 5 things to know today, including brash kings of footwear and lil ol' Avvo
June 19, 2016 When languages collide: I'll stick with first class fish, thank you.
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4 days ago Study: Police are no more likely to shoot at blacks than whites, but blacks get more rough treatment…
4 days ago Supreme Court says warrantless blood draws in DUI arrests are unconstitutional…
July 24, 2016 Law firm that slashed summer associate program offers $35K signing bonus to newbie lawyers…
July 23, 2016 Supreme Court upholds affirmative action program at University of Texas…
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4 days ago RT @SocialInStPaul: More cities in Minnesota considering police oversight boards
4 days ago The 10 Countries With The Most Crime:
4 days ago Minneapolis Police are using a smartphone app to help tackle crime throughout the city:
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July 22, 2016 12 amazing followers in the last day and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with
July 22, 2016 I'm at Lapin Law Offices in Lincoln, NE w/ @patdriver1 @jilltinnelly
July 22, 2016 Does Voice Search and/or Conversational Search Change SEO Tactics or Strategy?
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July 21, 2016 RT @Dads4Change: Every American should read this. Now. #RNCinCLE We are at a crossroad of history.
July 21, 2016 Thanks for the retweets this week @jdlawpsu @67Chester much appreciated :) ????????Grow followers ? ????????
July 21, 2016 @Morales_LawFirm thanks for sharing The, have a great Thursday :) (Want this ????? >>
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4 days ago RT @LAWPRO: Check out the leading errors in litigation claims and learn how to avoid them
4 days ago There were 2,900 lateral moves in 2015. Doesn't that suggest ongoing system-wide dissatisfaction? And that in the end, it's all just churn?
4 days ago Bigger question is: has either the firm or the partner really addressed needs / solved problems with the lateral move? My guess: usually no.
4 days ago If 95% of laterally acquired partners don't back out of their decision, I'd say that's a pretty good success rate:
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July 21, 2016 RT @HillaryClinton: This is real—Donald Trump just accepted the @GOP nomination. RT if you agree: We can't let him become president.
July 21, 2016 RT @ditzkoff: Jon Stewart had a few words for the people who say they want their country back.
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4 days ago RT @NBCNews: This is the chilling moment a tiger pulls a woman into the jungle. She survived. Full story:
5 days ago RT @EmeraldMorrow: Teen party at Fort Myers nightclub turns violent after mass shooting. Two dead, up to 17 injured. Three in custody.
July 22, 2016 50 Former Wrestlers Sue WWE: More than 50 ex-wrestlers have filed a Connecticut lawsuit stating that World Wr...
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July 18, 2016 RT @edpartnerships: Thank you @ACT for your unwavering support for our #GEARUPworks community #GUcon @drcasscarr
July 18, 2016 RT @optimisticky: "GEAR UP is the keeper of the American Dream." - Ranjit Sidhu. #Feels #GUcon GUcon #GEARUPworks
July 18, 2016 RT @GEARUPTopeka: "The more you learn, the more you earn." - Ranjit Sidhu #GEARUPworks #GUcon
July 18, 2016 RT @edpartnerships: Ranjit Sidhu describing the social mobility ladder & why we need the #GEARUPworks movement! #GUcon
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July 24, 2016 Couple accused of having sex in car while 5-year-old was in back seat - caught by video
July 24, 2016 RT @DaytonDUI: Right now MSNBC is running a story on coerced confessions. It happens, and it happens more often than the system wants to admit.
July 24, 2016 RT @innocence: Exoneree Angel Gonzalez & his best friend Chris are w us in Chicago tonight, telling Angel's story. Thank you guys!
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3 days ago RT @EPSpineCenter: #FollowFriday @ByeByeDWI @tnish99 @EMREASLAN616 top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :)
3 days ago Thanks Matthew I just sent you a connection request on #LinkedIn
July 22, 2016 Officer arrested for drunken driving had previous DWI arrest - #DWI #DWIlaws
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3 days ago Can I Get an Amen? The Power of Client Testimonials
3 days ago Legal Referral Websites - False Leads or Scam Memberships
3 days ago Zachar Law Firm - Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer - Timeline | Facebook
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February 10, 2014 Your financial statements are likely to look MUCH different because of #UBS Puerto Rico bond fiasco: #bonds
February 8, 2014 UBS Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds: How Can You Recover? #UBS #bonds #finance #law
February 8, 2014 You can’t afford to ride it out any longer. UBS Puerto Rico bond loss larger than reported: #UBS #finance
February 7, 2014 Last year, UBS Puerto Rico funds lose over $1.6 billion, but you haven’t seen anything yet:
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July 19, 2016 Punished for being poor?
July 18, 2016 Juveniles can still receive life without parole in Michigan despite Supreme Court ruling:
July 13, 2016 Michigan State Police picking counties for roadside drug testing pilot:
July 12, 2016 Will Michigan Prisoners Who are Exonerated Finally Be Treated as Fairly as Parolees?
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July 22, 2016 Equitable Distribution: Understanding the Division of Property in an Oregon Divorce -
July 20, 2016 Infidelity may not impact your divorce as much as you might expect, but there areas which it could effect -
July 18, 2016 BLOG: First Steps to Take If You’re Going Forward With a Divorce -
July 15, 2016 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates
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July 21, 2016 Forever is composed of nows. ...Emily Dickinson
July 21, 2016 RT @TheJusticeDept: Securities Fraud Related to Biodiesel Fraud Scheme Convicted in Jury Trial
July 21, 2016 RT @justiacom: Garland is about to break a record set by Louis Bradeis 100 years ago as the longest wait of a #SCOTUS nominee
July 21, 2016 RT @ReutersLegal: Why do securities class actions drag on once #SCOTUS gets involved? @AlisonFrankel