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2 days ago RT @townhallcom: MSNBC Host: "You Can't Keep Your Crappy Plan! Just Deal With That!"
2 days ago RT @DickMorrisTweet: Can Any Democrat Defeat Hillary? Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! @GOP @Senate_GOPs @TalkRadio1210 @tcot @CRNC #Hillary
2 days ago #TCOT How Harry Reid Is Trying to End Debate in the Senate
2 days ago RT @Heritage: Don't call your film "conservative film" just because you're conservative, says @BenHowe:Liberals call their films "films" #bloggersbriefing
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March 26, 2014 RT @LiberalEffects: Obama Totally Blew America's Chance
March 26, 2014 RT @azmoderate: Donald Rumsfeld is quite simply a racist asshole with blood of thousands of young Americans on his hands. #GOP
March 26, 2014 RT @KennettDems: The difference between Viagra and birth control: #StandWithWomen
March 18, 2014 RT @ChrisJZullo: #Obamacare has helped touch the lives of 15 million Americans. I'm sorry. I consider that success. #uniteblue #tcot
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2 days ago @1938loren @LeeJeans selfies coming later today
2 days ago @1938loren @LeeJeans looking at jeans now.. yes, verifying your assessment...
2 days ago RT @ARLANGroup: Whether u are looking to inspire, motivate, educate, or entertain, our speakers are all experts in their fields.
2 days ago RT @uncceed: International Conference on Eating Disorders (Parts I and II)
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2 days ago Remember: Local officials take oath to support the #Constitution, remind them: #PJNET #IARTG #TCOT
2 days ago Remember: Local officials take oath to support the #Constitution, remind them: #PJNET #IARTG #TCOT
2 days ago Today’s Question: I am guilty, have no defense, and just want to get this over with. Should I even bother... #law
2 days ago Today’s Question: I am guilty, have no defense, and just want to get this over with. Should I even bother... #law
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September 7, 2013 RT @Jose_A_Alonso: Introduction to Network Mathematics. ~ Bruce Hoppe #Math via @Prismatic
September 5, 2013 RT @M_T_Patterson: Sabermetrics course syllabus from Williams Math department:
September 5, 2013 RT @fmanjoo: "Still, I trust the mathematics." @Schneier on the NSA
September 5, 2013 RT @jayvanbavel: A framework for studying the neurobiology of value-based decision making | | Nature Reviews Neuroscience
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September 9, 2013 IP Think Tank update from Think IP Strategy -
July 10, 2013 IP Think Tank update from Think IP Strategy -
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February 21, 2014 Our new Atlanta office is up and running representing immigration clients in business and removal cases. Managing...
February 18, 2014 Senator McCain Says Immigration Reform NOW
February 12, 2014 Deport a man in a coma???
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2 days ago Possession of more than 20 grams of #marijuana is still a #felony in FL
3 days ago #DUI laws could be complicated by SCOTUS ruling -
3 days ago First Leg Of Argentinian Default Heads To U.S. Supreme Court
3 days ago Don’t Let a #Divorce Leave You Illiquid
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3 days ago Ehline Law Discusses the Latest Techniques at Improving Brain Memory
4 days ago @HassanGill I am interested in hiring you as a writer. Can you please contact me?
5 days ago Obstacles Faced By Many Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
April 18, 2014 Assault & Battery Claims for Personal Injuries
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2 days ago Mickey Rooney's Estate Finds Peace, But Will It Last?
3 days ago Put the fun in funding with our celebrity stories! #Funding #Trusts
April 18, 2014 Family coming together for the holidays is the best time to talk about your Estate Planning! #CelebrityStories
April 14, 2014 Have you read our latest article on Mickey Rooney yet? #MickeyRooney #TrialAndHeirs
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March 1, 2013 All it takes is one band, one song, or even one lyric to bring back 1,000 memories. #Listen to @FromMidnightOn free!
March 1, 2013 Super Lawyers: Martin E. Hubbell, Attorney at Law via @wordpressdotcom
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2 days ago Start Small & Think Big, Like Steve Jobs Did
2 days ago You Are the Company You Keep: @Tom_Peters
3 days ago 4 Tips for Hiring People Who Work as Hard as You Do
4 days ago @bradlantz Brad, the email below suggests your Twitter account was hacked.
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2 days ago "Pastures of plenty" Ramblin' Jack Elliot #music #freedom
2 days ago "Between the wars" Billy Bragg #music #freedom
2 days ago "There but for fortune" Joan Baez #freedom #music
2 days ago "Beasts in the fog" Mason Reed #music #freedom #ows #occupy
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December 20, 2013 I just learned to use Bitcoin one! @trybtc #bitcoin
December 20, 2013 I just learned to use Bitcoin on! @trybtc #bitcoin
December 2, 2013 Tell @googumproduce to remove his grotesque #Newtown massacre video game from internet. Sign this petition! #p2 #tcot
October 27, 2013 RT @StephenAtHome: Please retweet this. Sincerely, Stephen #lordofthetweets
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April 15, 2014 Saving MMA Fighters from Traumatic Brain Injuries -
April 9, 2014 Why Are Vehicles Being Recalled? -
April 8, 2014 Secrets to Foster Good Business Partnerships -
April 3, 2014 Mesriani Law Group Nets $78K for Retaliated Employee
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3 days ago I think this bag needs one of those weight not volume disclaimers... Bag was totally not open.
3 days ago Shh! We took Monday off for a much deserved lunch out with the family @StellaRossa_. Delicious, great service and outdoor seating was fab.
3 days ago IRS Reports Tax Filing Numbers As Expected, Issues Statement On Refund Delays via @forbes #tax
3 days ago RT @VodkaPundit: <gratuitous coffee tweet>
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2 days ago Put Down That Knife: How Good Manners Saved The World #business
2 days ago 27 Etiquette Rules For Our Times #business
2 days ago Look Out, Facebook: Google Ups The Ante On Mobile App Install Ads #business
2 days ago 25 Tricks For Effective Instagram Marketing #smallbiz
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2 days ago Separated at birth?
3 days ago In case you can't read the sign, it says: "Rental Car Return Only." #classic
April 18, 2014 A worthy read. Seriously. READ IT: Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence
April 12, 2014 And you thought Florida's juvenile justice was draconian...
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4 days ago Nike Denies FuelBand Shutdown, but Layoffs Could Reveal New Cracks in Wearables Market | Re/code
April 18, 2014 NMotion announces startups for second accelerator class
April 18, 2014 Memo to tech startups: If you want money, raise it now
April 17, 2014 How Americans Die
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June 6, 2013 Reminds me of childhood memories... ?
January 17, 2013 And I'm going outside to get soaking wet! ♫
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70 CC89 CF8,114 AC10,695 AF3 TT#22 AC
2 days ago Amen! RT @felberjosh: Sweat Equity the most valuable asset #passion #addictedtosuccess #markcuban @GoElrodGo...
2 days ago Thx for the kind words! It was my pleasure! RT @RichStrehl: New blog post: How To Learn From Great Influencers Around You...
3 days ago @felberjosh yes plz!
April 11, 2014 @KeithMolloy thanks man!
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2 days ago A neuromorphic-computing ‘roadmap’ | KurzweilAI
2 days ago The backlash against big data | The Economist
2 days ago The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest |
2 days ago Reading: "Supremes appear skeptical of Coca-Cola claim it can't be sued over juice label blessed by FDA" #scotus
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2 days ago RT @IntrovertDear: Sincere conversation, not small talk. #introvert #INFJ
3 days ago RT @danielpinkney: Better to be alone that with the wrong crowd (or person) #INFJ
April 17, 2014 If you want enforceable Terms, you need your customer to agree to those terms. @mikestenger
April 16, 2014 Don't forget to file your annual statement of information / registration / license for your #smallbiz! #legaltip
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April 1, 2014 RT @PetersonLawGrp: Protect Your Parents from Financial Elder Abuse
March 22, 2014 @andem funny thing is I do the same thing when playing chess
March 22, 2014 RT @HowToArgueLess: Don’t argue with Idiots.. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
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December 5, 2013 Sign up for our monthly newsletter at
October 29, 2013 After the Shutdown...Effects on Immigration #constantcontact
October 4, 2013 Asylum applications from Mexico have dramatically increase recently. Although Mexico has not traditionally been a country from which...
October 2, 2013 An award winning real estate company in Manatee County, FL has selected Goldman & Loughlin as a member of an immigration team aimed at...
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3 days ago An Easy Way to Understand Construction Risk
4 days ago good read: "Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy."
4 days ago Quotable Sunday: Why Processes Matter
4 days ago @IKillGerbils I can't think of a single way to respond except, yes
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April 4, 2014 Ran 4.5 miles in 47 mins and felt good. Easy run with my neighbor
April 2, 2014 Ran 5.18 miles in 53 mins and felt good.
April 1, 2014 Ran 5.1 miles in 50 mins and felt good. Pretty good pace with all the slippery spots out there. Dang, April!
March 31, 2014 The Truth about the Educational Value of Zoos
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August 23, 2013 @joshdreyer @LizLidgett I am surprised you spotted me; I was in my Pollock Camo.
August 23, 2013 @Suzika @ericaism Are you needing legal representation, or help disposing of the body? I have to know what clothes to wear.
August 23, 2013 @johnpemble I heard they are making him a Copyright Attorney, rather than a Patent Attorney, to throw adoring fans off my scent.
July 1, 2013 @joshdreyer I don't know if Kimi will move to RBR. I know Vettel wants a say, and Vettel would never want a teammate that good.
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2 days ago @kiwikissling @jkubicki Ha! Me too.
2 days ago Voila! Dinner is served (rack of lamb, roasted cauliflower and baked tomatoes)
3 days ago @jkubicki Another one I love: "If Andrew gets up, we'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!"
3 days ago @negot8or @briancpike Another one: "Screws fall out all the time. The world's an imperfect place." Judd Nelson's character is the best!
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3 days ago The President has lost the our trust, with deceptions on taxes, healthcare, the IRS, Benghazi, the list goes on.
April 15, 2014 A wide majority of Americans now believe their taxes are too high. Do you agree?
April 3, 2014 Take action NOW! Sign the petition & demand a full investigation of the IRS!
April 1, 2014 Do you agree that we need a full investigation of the IRS? Sign the petition and demand it.
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April 17, 2014 RT @kevinhalle: "Giving every student the opportunity to take the ACT at least once, says what Nebraska wants for it's students." @mattblomstedt #NEACT14
April 17, 2014 Matthew Blomstedt discussing issues & ideas around a mindset of education to engage every student. #neact14
April 17, 2014 RT @CherylKreik: We are digital learners not digital natives. We have much to learn from students. Great point @garykebbel #neact14
18 CC18 CF4,729 AC9,489 AF1 TT#33 AC
2 days ago Yesterday, completed NYPD v. Police Officer Angel Irizzary in the Trial Room. Please follow this case. Another waste of taxpayer's money.
2 days ago The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @MstarsNews @jtinfo
3 days ago I was just endorsed by John M O'Brien on Avvo
3 days ago Please see my answer on @Avvo to: Civil Rights Litigation 42 U.S.C.S :1983 #civilrights
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October 8, 2013 IT Workers Lose Cert. In Amdocs Collective Action #law #employmentlaw #IT
October 8, 2013 Ex-NFLers Seek OK Of Contested $42M Publicity Rights Deal #law #employmentlaw #ex-NFL #publicity #rights #deal
October 8, 2013 Hospital Settles Religious Bias Suit Over Veganism #law #employmentlaw #hospital #suit #veganism
October 7, 2013 Fight Over Wis. Collective Bargaining Law Heads To 7th Circ. #law #employmentlaw #Wisconsin #bargaining
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3 days ago Legendary: “@tcorcoran: A1_Limo: "Is ur website reservation down?" "Yep." " No website message? No estimate for fix? #notgreatservice
4 days ago A380 Landing KSFO San Francisco SUBTITLES English (without commentary)
4 days ago @kimgarst Yes since free I guess that is perfectly correct ??
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4 days ago I posted a new photo to Facebook
4 days ago State law allowing backyard gun ranges worries Volusia officials
4 days ago Judge says ordinary tools actually are ‘weapons’
4 days ago Toyota i-Road Test Drive: Is This Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle The Answer To Urban Gridlock?
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5 days ago RT @PSFK: Giant iBeacon Easter Eggs will be hidden around NYC for you to find & play with: |
5 days ago Scientists Discover Brain's Anti Distraction System:
April 18, 2014 Conceptual representation in the brain: Towards mind-reading?
April 18, 2014 RT @PressNewsRoom1: Communication Expert Anastasia Pryanikova (@Lawsagna) Featured on NBC as Guest on The Brian Tracy Show
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February 25, 2010 The REAL cost of a traffic ticket: When it comes to moving violations the real cost can be surprising.   Picture t...
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?: The Journal News has been following a story of a County Po..
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?
December 28, 2009 5 MINUTE PARKING METER GRACE PERIOD GRANTED TO DRIVERS: Have you ever waited in line for a purchase and panicke..
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April 10, 2013 Einstein Quotes: Personal Development & Brain Food |
April 10, 2013 Einstein Quotes: Personal Development & Brain Food
March 26, 2013 Funny Stupid Video
March 26, 2013 I made a funny video: "copy machine dummies". . Please Retweet!
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2 days ago 30-Minute WordPress Setup Guide (via @lawyerist)
3 days ago Why Capping Hourly Fees is (Usually) a Bad Idea (via @lawyerist)
3 days ago 4 Ways Subcontractors Can Get Paid Using the zlien Methodology