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August 25, 2014 US Court of Appeals Held That a Confidentiality Agreement Between Parties Who Settled Was Insufficient to Requ...
August 22, 2014 When an Omission to a Written or Final Judgment was Inconsequential, It Did Not Invalidate the Final Judgment’...
August 21, 2014 U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Has Affirmed Dismissal of Third Party Counterclaim Involved in an El...
August 19, 2014 $55 Million Jury Verdict is Entered Against Honda Motor Company for Catastrophic Injuries in a Rollover Case: ...
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July 20, 2011 @colligan Paul, glad to see that Internet Marketing This Week is back in operation with Episode #52.
July 11, 2011 My presentation to the Utah State Bar on why lawyers should have a YouTube channel seemed to be well-received.
June 2, 2011 It's a surprisingly chilly Salt Lake City day - summer will arrive eventually.
June 2, 2011 @peterbaskind Interesting thought on a video in the Utah Supreme Court.
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August 25, 2014 Millions of Bean Bags Recalled after Child Deaths: More than 2.2 million bean bags made by Ace Bayou Corp. are...
August 20, 2014 Nursing Home Complaints Can Now be Submitted Online: Illinois Governor Quinn recently signed into law two piec...
August 14, 2014 Asbestos and Autoimmune Disease: The grave health risks of asbestos exposure have been known and documented si...
August 13, 2014 Illinois Revokes License of Nursing Home Psychiatrist: A popular Chicago psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Reinstein, ...
84 CC152 CF681 AC2,102 AF0 TT#4 CC
August 26, 2014 RT @EricHGibbs: Class claims proceed against Chrysler in defective TIPM matter #girardgibbs
August 26, 2014 True. The 9th Cir. has been busy too... “@msteinesq: @StevenWeisbrot At least until these cases start being filed in another circuit!”
August 25, 2014 RT @edmpirg: .@CFPB slaps Global Client Solutions, payment processor for debt-settlement firms, to pay $1M penalty, return $6M
August 25, 2014 RT @g_maatman: TCPA #class actions are now filtering into state courts; here is the latest ruling from Massachusetts -
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February 25, 2014 I weigh in on a tough situation in "What to Do If You Are Being Sued" as reported by #USNews
February 11, 2014 18 patients in Winston-Salem exposed to CJD a deadly & incurable disease #lawsuit #malpractice #madcowdisease
February 11, 2014 18 patients in Winston-Salem exposed to CJD deadly, & incurable disease #lawsuit #malpractice #madcowdisease
February 11, 2014 18 patients in Winston-Salem were exposed to CJD, a serious, deadly, & incurable disease #lawsuit #malpractice
76 CC93 CF562 AC1,214 AF0 TT#6 CC
August 19, 2014 Judge tosses suit claiming amputation during botched circumcision
August 19, 2014 Elder abuse reports increasing in DuPage County
August 19, 2014 Disabled workers could face a 25 percent cut in their benefits
August 7, 2014 11,000 Kawasaki Vehicles Recalled for Injury Risk
73 CC91 CF389 AC802 AF2 TT#7 CC
August 26, 2014 Former Missouri State player had CTE when he died at 25
August 25, 2014 Missouri Highway Patrol officials say fewer deaths on Missouri roads
August 23, 2014 Missouri bus riders to buckle seat belts
August 20, 2014 Civil Air Patrol hosts disaster response drill in Marshall over weekend
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September 25, 2013 Apartment manager lives directly above us. We have to always be on best behavior. I hope she is an Ozzy fan. #apartmentlivingproblems
July 19, 2013 RT @IronmanTri: All of us at IRONMAN mourn the loss of incredible mom, wife, and athlete Molli Serrano http://www.gerryeisenhaur.comVScktjayZ
February 9, 2013 I nominate @CharityMiles for a Shorty Award in #apps because I ran 2.007 miles in the @UNFoundation #VDay10k for @wwpinc. #runla
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August 26, 2014 Court suspends attorney for concealing client’s DWI - The Buffalo News
August 25, 2014 Man hit with Taser during drunk driving arrest
August 25, 2014 Rhode Island Expungement Statute
August 25, 2014 Rhode Island Expungement Statute
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5 days ago RT @LeadersLearn: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” - Louis Pasteur #quote
5 days ago RT @mbookquotes: “The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself.” - Denis Waitley #quote
5 days ago RT @zaibatsu: “Innovation opportunities do not come with the tempest but with the rustling of the breeze.” - Peter Drucker #quote
5 days ago RT @MarkTwainPosts: “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.” #quote
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August 9, 2014 RT @TIME: A billion passwords have been stolen. Here’s what to do now
August 6, 2014 RT @natlawreview: #IRS Increases 9.5% Affordability Threshold—Or Did It? @proskauer #law #aca #obamacare #tax
August 6, 2014 #Mortgage-backed security settlement>RT @politico: Bank of America reaches agreement to pay nearly $17 billion:
August 6, 2014 RT @Legal_Alerts: Unintended consequences: After divorce, review your estate plan to avoid surprises | by @AdlerPollock
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April 20, 2014 Horn Law Blog: It's National #DistractedDriving Awareness Month
April 18, 2014 US Pushes for UN Texting While Driving Ban #DriverSafety
April 12, 2014 Studies show that learning to drive stick shift can make you a better driver #driversafety
April 10, 2014 This April 16th Drive by Example will be at Blue River MCC from 9am-1pm for a student-led event where we'll discuss #DriverSafety
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August 27, 2014 Escape to 12 of the world's most jaw-dropping rural cabins and hideouts: by @careydunne via @FastCoDesign (Awesome!)
August 27, 2014 The 80 Unspoken Rules Of Social Media [Infographic]. Its great that someone finally "spoke" these ru
August 27, 2014 Labor Day is a Major Legal Parking Holiday in NYC
August 25, 2014 30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, and Emails. Great, totally helpful post about the
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August 13, 2014 Sunset at North Clear Creek Falls, just outside of #creede #colorado
July 4, 2014 RT @allinjury: The Texas Workers Compensation system is really a beating for the injured worker.
July 4, 2014 Insurer Drops Suit Against Tyler Widow | @byjayroot making a difference via @TexasTribune
July 3, 2014 @lizmurmil glad to help
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December 19, 2009 MarilyEC1 if you send me a tweet I will follow you. You can follow me also using this tweet
December 9, 2009 MarilynEC1 Whats up?
November 3, 2009 I have just posted a simple employee termination article at
July 17, 2013 Enter BIC's 40th B-day i tried Flicktacular for a chance to win cool prizes, including a 4 to LAS VEGAS! NoPurNec,21+
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August 25, 2014 The U.S. Open begins today-- who do you think will win the trophy this year?
August 19, 2014 Today is National Aviation Day. What's your favorite place you've traveled on an airplane?
August 9, 2014 Happy Book Lover's Day! What's the best book you've read this year so far?
July 27, 2014 Today is Parents' Day. What is the most important lesson your mom and dad have taught you?
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August 19, 2014 Liability for Self-Driving Cars?
August 8, 2014 Penis Amputation Lawsuit Dismissed by Alabama Judge
July 29, 2014 RT @stromlaw: GM Announces 6 More Vehicle Recalls #GM #vehiclerecall
July 29, 2014 Alabama Penis Amputation Lawsuit Intensifies
32 CC42 CF2,271 AC3,274 AF2 TT#18 CC
August 8, 2014 What Can Happen If You Skip Your Criminal Court Hearing?
August 6, 2014 Can You Put Your Dog to Sleep Yourself?
August 5, 2014 Can a Speeding Ticket Land You in Jail?
August 4, 2014 Are Cops Required to Carry, Display Badges?
31 CC34 CF1,846 AC2,203 AF2 TT#19 CC
July 21, 2014 Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for defending against #repossession. Read our latest blog to learn more.
July 16, 2014 Busting Bankruptcy Myths: The Impact of Filing
March 10, 2014 W.R. Grace Finally Emerges from Bankruptcy After 13 Years
March 5, 2014 “I had to do a #bankruptcy, embarrassing but I had no choice. I called Jacoby & Jacoby they were very helpful” –Laura H. #longisland #law
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August 20, 2014 United States: Creditors: Delete A Discharged Debt From A Credit...
August 3, 2014 Is There Trouble in Your Will?
July 18, 2014 The Long-Term Outlook for the Federal Budget
July 10, 2014 7 ways to increase the profits of your business
28 CC47 CF704 AC1,473 AF2 TT#21 CC
August 25, 2014 New report: Texas construction workers more likely to be killed on the job than workers in the same jobs in any other state -...
August 22, 2014 One man was killed and another injured when a boat exploded at a New York marina fuel station on Wednesday. -
August 15, 2014 Crewmember Dies After Fall Onto Ship Deck - #maritime
August 6, 2014 Australian Mining Co. to Pay Record $2.2M in Asbestos Mesothelioma Case -
27 CC36 CF109 AC276 AF0 TT#22 CC
5 days ago MA authorities are cracking down on synthetic marijuana, which was linked to a series of recent overdoses. #bosnow
August 27, 2014 MA Governor Deval Patrick has signed a bill into law that toughens penalties for animal abuse. #animalabuse
August 26, 2014 In-flight pediatric medical risks - what you should know before flying with a baby. #safety #airplanesafety
August 26, 2014 #Corona recently recalled 1% of its products because the bottles may contain glass. #productliability #recallalert
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July 22, 2014 2014 Super Lawyers | Law Office of Thomas Mottaz
July 17, 2014 Changes to the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law
September 5, 2013 Changes to the Minnesota Workers? Compensation Law
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March 3, 2010 RT @MiaDebtAttorney: Mortgage Mod Bandaid on Gaping Wound, Need Bankruptcy Mod
March 3, 2010 Will your city declare bankruptcy? The National Review Online sees a lag, but a severe crunch ahead
March 3, 2010 RT @USATODAY More consumers file for bankruptcy protection and sadly this is very consistent with my observations
March 2, 2010 One man's view on becoming a consumer bankruptcy lawyer
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August 22, 2014 Warning Signs of a Bad Nursing Home: When it comes time to start thinking about putting a loved one in a nursi...
August 8, 2014 Are Tennessee’s Courts for Sale?: After last night’s election, it is clear that the efforts of the out-of-stat...
August 4, 2014 Tennessee’s New Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014: Do you ever worry that what you say, or post, online mig...
August 1, 2014 Stryker Hip Replacement Litigation: The litigation concerning Stryker Orthopaedics’ Stryker Rejuvenate and Str...
21 CC23 CF143 AC227 AF2 TT#26 CC
August 26, 2014 RT @savelifeindia: #safetytip Two-wheeler drivers should always use side view mirrors to remain alert of traffic approaching from...
August 26, 2014 RT @eB2B_Automotive: Safety tips to follow when driving in floods via @exploreB2B
August 26, 2014 RT @FedEx: Tammy shares her story to teach students the importance of helmets & safety: #GivingTuesday
August 26, 2014 RT @WFSBnews: Wallingford schools kick off school year with school safety #wfsb
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August 27, 2014 s many , but few want to talk about it. Let's Do Something
August 27, 2014 Thanks @Bankruptcyatty1 @legalwebdesign @pyvazupahywa for being top new followers in my community this week (via
August 26, 2014 @dagreatsambino sam its anthojny b there in 10
August 26, 2014 s many , but few want to talk about it. Let's Do Something
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4 days ago Miami Nurses Failing to Follow Doctor’s Instructions
August 26, 2014 Failure to Report a Change in a Patient’s Condition
August 25, 2014 Why Hospital and Nursing Home Rankings Rarely Matter
August 22, 2014 Failure to Take the Patient’s Medical History into Account
19 CC24 CF93 AC179 AF0 TT#29 CC
August 8, 2014 New post: Devastating Effects of Brain Injuries From Car Crashes
August 8, 2014 New post: August Newsletter
July 31, 2014 New post: Protect Yourself From Insurance Company Abuse
July 29, 2014 New post: Stuart A. Carpey Inducted to National Trial Lawyers Top 100
18 CC25 CF51 AC93 AF0 TT#30 CC
August 15, 2014 Another Fatal Massachusetts Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Accident: 12 Year-Old Brockton Boy Killed.: Birthdays, es...
August 9, 2014 Massachusetts Domestic Violence Reform Bill: Not Perfect, But Wise: The subject of Massachusetts domestic vio...
August 2, 2014 Boston U.S. Attorney’s Comments on Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo: Unjust and Unwarranted: Now that ...
August 2, 2014 Boston U.S. Attorney’s Comments on Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo: Unjust and Unwarranted: Now that ...
17 CC26 CF388 AC1,025 AF2 TT#31 CC
August 20, 2014 Enjoyed meeting @carter4governor tonight at the Roths' back yard!
August 11, 2014 Insurance Defense Attorneys Beware via @DailyReport
August 8, 2014 Thank goodness. "Forcing kids to do household chores with beatings isn't a federal crime, 6th Circuit rules"
15 CC28 CF117 AC523 AF0 TT#32 CC
August 5, 2014 #SocialSecurityDisability Trust Fund Done? via @cbsnews
August 5, 2014 Is Social Security Disability Trust Fund Done?: groupItem?view=&gid=1028077&type=member&item=5902537397505130499
July 11, 2014 Best Article in Defense of SSDI Program: groupItem?view=&gid=1028077&type=member&item=5893374919525281794
June 30, 2014 See ling to blog post on possible Facebook Account Impact on Social Security disability claims after last weeks Supr…
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August 25, 2014 RT @WXII: #WXIITraffic: serious accident on E Lindsay St at Sullivan St in Greensboro
August 19, 2014 Mike Lewis Supports Mandatory Electronic Reporting of #Workplace #Safety Data
August 8, 2014 Jazzy was released from the vet hospital today after a successful knee surgery.
August 5, 2014 Eminent Domain & State Supreme Courts | Mike Lewis -
13 CC46 CF85 AC505 AF0 TT#34 CC
August 27, 2014 A.G. Schneiderman Sues Long Island & Florida Companies For Defrauding Homeowners In Mortgage Rescue Scheme | Er...
August 24, 2014 My week on twitter: 7 New Followers, 2 Replies, 3 Retweets, 72.5K Retweet Reach. via
August 22, 2014 Thanks @DCBYGBounce @genebormann @pixlaw for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by
August 20, 2014 Thanks @DanielMurrayLaw @pvcwflonlinecom for being top new followers in my community this week (insight by
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3 days ago Several Restaurants in Charleston Violate Labor Laws #laborlaws #Charleston #wagepayment
4 days ago @allenrogers Thanks for the retweet!
4 days ago Man Entitled to Workers Comp for Kickball Injury #kickball #workerscomp #injurylawyers
4 days ago Multistate Traffic Safety Campaign Up for Labor Day #trafficsafety #LaborDay #HandsAcrossTheBorder
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5 days ago Public Comment Sought on Draft Document for Workplace Tobacco Policies #WorkComp
5 days ago Former clerk sues Hackensack council, former city manager #WorkComp
August 28, 2014 Former clerk sues Hackensack council, former city manager: By HANNAN ADELYstaff writerThe Record Print Hackens...
August 28, 2014 State Court: Workers' Comp OK for Kickball Injury - ABC News
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July 22, 2014 Review: Review: THE BEST!!! A few years back, I owed $400 on a credit card debt. The collector was trying ever...
April 14, 2014 What Is My Michigan TCPA Case Worth? An FAQ: Watch Our TCPA FAQ Video on What Is My Case Worth?   The TCPA is ...
December 24, 2013 Lapeer Michigan Bankruptcy Limits – Debts That Can’t Be Discharged: Lapeer Michigan Bankruptcy Limits – Watch ...
December 24, 2013 Lapeer Michigan Bankruptcy Limits - Debts That Can't Be Discharged #RexAndersonPC
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5 days ago Texas Dad Acquitted In Slaying Of Driver Who Killed Sons - Top Stories
August 26, 2014 Jesean Morris Arrested For Parole Violation After Posting 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Video On Facebook
August 26, 2014 Defense Lawyer Worried Murder Suspect's Horns, 666 Tattoo, May Sway Jury
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5 days ago People are still doing it! Marriage is alive! Yey!!!!
August 27, 2014 Are you glad you do not live in Massachusetts? Of do you wish you did?
August 27, 2014 Some of us work way too hard -- if we could only find a way to ease each other's burderns
August 12, 2014 Executing a Will through the Probate Process - Law Offices of Lynda L. Hinkle
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August 26, 2014 My answer on @Avvo to: Need help in finding a lawyer for a charged of Agg. Assault of a family member, one...
August 18, 2014 Please check out my answer on @Avvo to: My car was reported stolen and involved in an auto accident. I have...
August 18, 2014 Please check out my answer on @Avvo to: I hurt my back at work but I didn't report it until 6 days later kn...
August 9, 2014 See my answer on @Avvo to: Do I need a Lawyer if I hurt my back at work? Worker comp are paying my medical...