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June 30, 2015 $13,000 Cook County Jury Verdict for Pedestrian Hit by Backing Car in Chicago’s West Loop: On March 13, 2011, ...
June 29, 2015 Pathologist Missed Cancer in Brain Tissue Leading to Patient Death and $1.7 Million Illinois Jury Verdict: On ...
June 26, 2015 Gay Marriage Supporters Win Supreme Court Victory
June 26, 2015 Illinois Jury Finds in Favor of Nursing Home when Resident is Injured Falling from Wheelchair: Frank Hegyi, 91...
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July 20, 2011 @colligan Paul, glad to see that Internet Marketing This Week is back in operation with Episode #52.
July 11, 2011 My presentation to the Utah State Bar on why lawyers should have a YouTube channel seemed to be well-received.
June 2, 2011 It's a surprisingly chilly Salt Lake City day - summer will arrive eventually.
June 2, 2011 @peterbaskind Interesting thought on a video in the Utah Supreme Court.
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June 30, 2015 Benicar Maker Ordered to Pay $39 Million: The Department of Justice recently settled with the manufacturer of ...
June 29, 2015 Crash Caused by Sleeping Truck Driver Highlights Trucking Accident Law: In the early morning hours of June 19,...
June 26, 2015 Colonoscopy Patient Awarded $500,000 for Malpractice and Defamation: A man in Virginia went in for a colonosco...
June 25, 2015 For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Nursing Homes: When choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one, many factor...
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June 28, 2015 32 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
June 28, 2015 RT @NixonPeabodyLLP: New York State Bar Association updates its Social Media Ethics Guidelines
June 28, 2015 RT @EERhinehart: Changes on the horizon for consumer laws?
June 27, 2015 Courts Restrict Ability of Customers and Employees to Sue Companies Following a Data Breach, But Risks of Other Liab…
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3 days ago Stay safe this weekend! Tips for Choosing a Life Vest - #NC #watersafety
June 30, 2015 Short and sweet tips on Getting Legal Help From Personal Injury lawyers - Mom Bloggers Club #personalinjury #nc
June 27, 2015 Learn About MADD's Victim Services - Auger Site #nc #MADD
June 25, 2015 Good blog post....Personal Injury Costs, the numbers don't lie. #personalinjurylaw #nc
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June 27, 2015 Can workers’ compensation be granted to a deceased worker’s estate?
June 26, 2015 Over 65,000 children in the U.S. are victims of medication errors
June 26, 2015 Wet Weather Driving Tips
June 25, 2015 Passing the Vehicle Safety Improvement Act Could Prevent Major Auto Recalls
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5 days ago Congrats Vicky on your 20 year anniversary at Aaron Sachs & Associates!
June 26, 2015 Best of luck Lynne!!!
May 30, 2015 The Aaron Sachs & Associates Medical Mile team!
May 28, 2015 Congrats to our new Employee of the Month Desiree!
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September 25, 2013 Apartment manager lives directly above us. We have to always be on best behavior. I hope she is an Ozzy fan. #apartmentlivingproblems
July 19, 2013 RT @IronmanTri: All of us at IRONMAN mourn the loss of incredible mom, wife, and athlete Molli Serrano http://www.gerryeisenhaur.comVScktjayZ
February 9, 2013 I nominate @CharityMiles for a Shorty Award in #apps because I ran 2.007 miles in the @UNFoundation #VDay10k for @wwpinc. #runla
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June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: Former HealthSource RI chief Ferguson arrested on social-host charges via @projo
June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: R.I. AG's offices amends DUI form after legal challenges to test results #courts #RI via @projo
June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: Former HealthSource RI chief arrested on social-host charges via @projo
June 11, 2015 R.I. amends DUI form after challenges to test results
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5 days ago The Humpday LegalBeagleNews featuring #toplegalbloggers and curated, as always, by top…
June 29, 2015 Originally shared by sinisa majetic
June 29, 2015 Shared by The Law Office of James E. Novak
June 29, 2015 Very information post about HIE in babies by Jesse Reiter of Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers
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June 21, 2015 RT @HuffingtonPost: California Labor Commission rules Uber drivers are employees, Uber argued they are contractors
June 21, 2015 RT @WSJ: Health-insurance mergers could cut consumer options, a Wall Street Journal analysis finds
June 21, 2015 RT @JulieKNix: RT @AlexHernandezJr: Doctors and nurses busted for $712 million #Medicare #fraud
June 21, 2015 RT @mashable: Apple exec: Don't worry, Taylor Swift, Apple Music will pay artists for free trial period
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June 24, 2015 How to Teach Kids about the Dangers of #DistractedDriving
June 22, 2015 How Parents Can Teach “Drive By Example”
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June 16, 2015 Another win for corporations and loss for humans
June 16, 2015 @TexasTribune wouldn't want companies to have to be responsible would we? Another win for corps and a loss for humans
June 16, 2015 RT @lawyerology: FedEx will pay $227M to settle suits alleging it misclassifiied its delivery drivers
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December 19, 2009 MarilyEC1 if you send me a tweet I will follow you. You can follow me also using this tweet
December 19, 2009 MarilynEC1 I see that you are on Twitter. Just thought I would say hi!
December 9, 2009 MarilynEC1 Whats up?
November 3, 2009 I have just posted a simple employee termination article at
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December 31, 2014 Happy New Year's Eve! What are you doing to ring in 2015?
December 25, 2014 Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you have a special day with family and friends.
December 24, 2014 Today is the last day of Hanukkah. Take this quiz to see how much you know about this Jewish holiday!
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May 28, 2015 RT @StevenMSweat: Drug Addicts Can Sue Pharmacies, Doctors: West Virginia Supreme Court
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October 14, 2014 Click here to learn the new warning labels for testosterone drugs
October 9, 2014 Has an accident lawyer told you they can’t work with you? Click here to learn what to do when a lawyer tells you “No”.
October 3, 2014 If you are concerned about fracking in your area, this online community is full of information about its dangers.
September 26, 2014 Did you know that the FDA is investigating the safety of AndroGel and other testosterone therapy drugs? Read this...
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June 16, 2015 Do you have questions about bankruptcy? Watch our helpful videos to get the answers you need!
May 26, 2015 Have questions about bankruptcy? Check out our helpful bankruptcy FAQ page!
April 10, 2015 Wondering if debt settlement or consolidation is the best choice for you?
March 11, 2015 Should student loans be discharged by bankruptcy? Some lawmakers and the White House think so. Learn more at our blog:
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May 24, 2015 Peter Hoss, Scam of the Month: Scams involving the IRS
May 20, 2015 4 Reasons Why You'll Never Be a Millionaire, and How You Can Change That
May 11, 2015 The Next Asset Likely to Blow Up Big Banks’ Balance Sheets
May 8, 2015 7 Reasons You’ll Retire Poor | Money Talks News
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June 27, 2015 PTSD is often associated with veterans, but it can also result from life-threatening accidents -
June 24, 2015 RT @OilandGasnew: How Iranian Oil Tankers Keep Syria's War Machine Alive - Bloomberg
June 24, 2015 RT @mohkaushik: Indian Navy Rescues 14 Crew Members From Ill-fated MV Coastal Pride [PHOTOS]
June 24, 2015 RT @CivilBeat: Is the Jones Act to Blame for Hawaii's High Prices? @JonesAct @Mar_Ex @ShipNews @LloydsList
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June 29, 2015 A ruling shows employers must be able to foresee stress at work to be liable for psychiatric injury to employees
June 29, 2015 Reports show that more than 1 in 5 elevators in Massachusetts lack inspection #healthandsafety
June 26, 2015 A recent case highlights the blurred distinction between injury on the job and after hours #workplaceinjury
June 26, 2015 If working in ridesharing, it's important to examine the extent of your responsibility in case of accident and injury
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February 2, 2015 OSHA fines Ashley Furniture $1.8M for violations | Star Tribune
December 24, 2014 Have a safe and happy holiday season!
December 23, 2014 Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season.
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March 3, 2010 RT @MiaDebtAttorney: Mortgage Mod Bandaid on Gaping Wound, Need Bankruptcy Mod
March 3, 2010 Will your city declare bankruptcy? The National Review Online sees a lag, but a severe crunch ahead
March 3, 2010 RT @USATODAY More consumers file for bankruptcy protection and sadly this is very consistent with my observations
March 2, 2010 One man's view on becoming a consumer bankruptcy lawyer
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4 days ago President Obama to raise wages for millions: If you are working over forty hours a week and are not currently ...
June 11, 2015 Donelson Nursing Home Banned from Taking New Patients after putting them in Danger: When you have to make the ...
June 8, 2015 Jury Awards Family $1.2 M in Nursing Home Abuse Case: According to this case, Doris Racher and her two sisters...
June 8, 2015 Why are FMLA Lawsuits on the Rise?: Family Medical Leave has been around for a while now, but the Administrati...
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4 days ago Do You have a Safe Way to Get Home After Fourth of July Events?: Fourth of July weekend is quickly approaching...
4 days ago Unexpected Medical Expenses are One of the Leading Causes of Personal Bankruptcy: Do you know how you would de...
4 days ago Avoiding Financial Disaster after a Truck Accident: Being in a truck accident in Hollywood or any South Florid...
June 30, 2015 Summer Tune-Ups to Keep Your Car Safer and More Efficient: Summer driving comes with a host of issues, includi...
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June 30, 2015 Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 22 new followers in the last week! Stats via
June 28, 2015 @oxlynnexo thanks for sharing Brands, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
June 28, 2015 @MotoSchoolCafe thanks for sharing Moto School Cafe, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
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June 26, 2015 Common Types of Birth Injury
June 26, 2015 RT @visionzero425: .@FLmassacre Apparently @ Eastside SEA Vision Zero Workshop, presenters mentioned best way stay safe while bike/walking: Don't do it in FL.
June 25, 2015 Miami or Ft. Lauderdale: Which Is More Dangerous for Drivers?
June 24, 2015 Liability for Concert Injuries
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June 26, 2015 How will the federal cap on damages affect the Amtrak crash victims and their families?
June 24, 2015 Congratulations to the winner of the Carpey Law scholarship, Rachel Alexanian!
June 16, 2015 New post: Punitive Damages vs. Compensatory Damages in the Tracy Morgan Case
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5 days ago Dive Into The Fourth of July - Carefully #constantcontact
June 27, 2015 End Massachusetts Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing – Part One of Two: Readers of this blog know that I’ve mad...
June 15, 2015 Massachusetts Car Accidents: Hitting The Guard Rail: This post is intended to discuss something that is so pre...
June 13, 2015 Marty Walsh’s Fixation on Opposing Marijuana Legalization: Wrong-Headed on Every Level - Part Two of Two: In P...
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June 27, 2015 The Little-Known Story of the Night Witches, an All-Female Force in WWII:
June 27, 2015 Not surprisingly, Delta is not on here. "the 10 cleanest airlines" via @FortuneMagazine
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4 days ago #ThrowbackThursday Social Security Disability Success Stories
4 days ago RT @AP: Robot grabs worker and crushes him against metal plate, causing fatal injuries at a Volkswagen plant in Germany:
5 days ago RT @nprnews: Senators Call For VA To Explain Why It Couldn't Find Mustard-Gassed Veterans
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June 30, 2015 This guy jumped the gap on a drawbridge. He was cited for reckless driving, but likely wasn't paying attention.
June 30, 2015 When a death occurs, it is possible for survivors to seek damages for loss of companionship and burial expenses.
June 26, 2015 Top 3 Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents 1) Brake Problems 2) Traveling Too Fast 3) Driver Unfamiliar w/ Roadway
June 25, 2015 Research determined that it is realistic to assume America’s drowsy drivers will cause over 6,000 deaths each year.
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June 26, 2015 How I did on Twitter this week: 4 New Followers, 4 Mentions, 37.5K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
June 19, 2015 How I did on Twitter this week: 3 New Followers, 1 Mentions, 171 Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
June 17, 2015 I liked a @YouTube video #TheAskCharlieShow - Episode 3 - Perfection and Procrastination
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June 25, 2015 RT @Bakari_Sellers: Today @stromlaw filed a Notice of Intent to Appeal re: Steve Cain and his removal from Batesburg Leesville Town Council.
June 22, 2015 Maximum Medical Improvement & Independent Medical Examinations: When to Request an Independent Medical Exam (IME)
June 19, 2015 Columbia is nicknamed "Famously Hot" for a reason, and we feel it. Stay cool this summer with these hot tips:
June 18, 2015 We're praying for Charleston. #prayforcharleston #CharlestonShooting
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5 days ago Soil may be contaminated with #lead, #asbestos after Sandy | News 12 NJ
June 30, 2015 Obama seeks overtime rules revamp that could help 5 million workers
June 30, 2015 Obama rolls out overtime rules, triggering fight with business
June 30, 2015 The Path to Federalization of workers' compensation.........Universal Healthcare
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June 19, 2015 The FCC Affirms Telephone Consumer Protection Act Protections Against Robo–Calls Despite Protests by Banks, De...
June 10, 2015 Nationstar — A Star at Mortgage Fraud:   Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, is a mortgage finance service provider head...
May 25, 2015 Attorney Rex C. Anderson in the News: Rex C. Anderson is not only an advocate fighting on behalf of consumers,...
March 27, 2015 Attorney Rex C. Anderson in the News: Rex C. Anderson is not only an advocate fighting on behalf of consumers,...
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4 days ago DeKalb Recorder's Court to Be Erased Wednesday | Daily Report Online
June 30, 2015 Summer Crime in Atlanta - Don't let fun turn into misfortune. - Atlanta Criminal Lawyers Blog
June 27, 2015 Is Georgia Covering Up This Student’s Jailhouse Death?
June 24, 2015 In Kingsley, the Supreme Court Creates a Crucial New Protection Against Police Abuse
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June 26, 2015 You have the constitutional right to love; AND to marry
June 26, 2015 This is what we did to each other; just because "everyone is doing it" does not mean that it is OK to do; (and,...
June 25, 2015 Supreme Court Allows Nationwide Health Care Subsidies
June 25, 2015 Although a tragedy for its employees; it will certainly not be missed by many others who perceived themseves as...
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May 9, 2015 Will My Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim be Denied?
April 28, 2015 My answer to: Need legal advice about reactive airway disease.
April 21, 2015 My answer to: Can a lawyer help me with a workers comp case?
April 20, 2015 Reporting a Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim