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January 31, 2017 Mediaite: Lifetime Has Released Two New Drama-Filled Trailers For its Britney Spears Biopic …
January 31, 2017 TheRoot: #ICYMI: #TrayvonMartin's parents are taking their activism to new levels & considering running for politi…
January 31, 2017 Mediaite: 'Where's Rudy?': Trump Doesn't Appear to Realize That Giuliani's Sitting Right Across From Him…
January 31, 2017 TheRoot: Allow Jouelzy to give you a refresher on beingmaryjane before tonight's all new episode on BET #BeingMary
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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February 5, 2017 Lessons Learned: #FMLA-Protected Employees can be Disciplined in the Event of Misconduct
February 5, 2017 State #DataBreach Notification Statutes: A Year in Review and Preparing for 2017
February 5, 2017 Change in Leadership at #DOJ #Tax Division
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February 2, 2017 "Teenager in Love" Dion & The Belmonts #music
February 2, 2017 "Turn,Turn,Turn" Roger McGuinn #music
February 2, 2017 "Standing On The Edge Of Love" Susan Tedeschi #music
February 2, 2017 There's no recording of Trump's talk with Putin—because Trump's team turned off the recorder ~ #DailyKos
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January 25, 2017 This got me thinking:
January 25, 2017 RT @ScienceMarchDC: Hey everyone, our official facebook page is: Please share and retweet.
January 25, 2017 This got me thinking:For attorneys that are interested in helping refugees that may be set to arrive in the US giv…
January 15, 2017 This got me thinking:Besitos #bestfriends
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February 3, 2017 What Happens to Property that I Have Pawned When I File Bankruptcy? #bankruptcy
February 3, 2017 What Happens When a Creditor Makes a False Credit Report? #bankruptcy
February 3, 2017 6th Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Decision - In re: Elizabeth Collins #bankruptcy
February 3, 2017 Should I Use My Retirement Account to Pay Off Credit Card Debt? #bankruptcy
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February 1, 2017 RT @AaronLucchetti: Missed this yesterday from the #bitcoin files: Former Fed Employee Fined $5,000 for Using Computer for Bitcoin
February 1, 2017 RT @ARiquier: Fitch cuts #Illinois GO #muniland #bond rating to BBB. Two notches above junk.
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February 2, 2017 Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. I can't wait for @Richzeoli to kick groundhogs and flip turtles on their backs - live at 3pm. @GREGSTOCKER
February 1, 2017 "Kicks Ponies and flips turtles on their backs" should be the new @Richzeoli show universal insult. @GREGSTOCKER
January 19, 2017 Can @Richzeoli make my day and say with creepy voice "IS DAWN GOING TO BE AT THE PARTY TOMORROW" once before I have to be in Court at 430?
January 18, 2017 Trust the Process. You rock @samhinkie
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January 31, 2017 #LegalTech17....Great sessions thus far....#Future…
January 31, 2017 My first LegalTech Conference #PaceLawLibrarian #LLAGY #AALL — attending Legaltech New York 2017 at New York...
January 30, 2017 Retweeted Latham & Watkins LLP (@lathamwatkins): Proud of our lawyers who offered assistance to detained...
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February 1, 2017 RT @lorimcneeartist: Helpful > Ways to Protect Your #Health in the #Art Studio - #finearttips
February 1, 2017 RT @MDSCInitiative: The pipeline for female directors from short films to top-grossing features. @MDSCInitiative #InclusionCrisis
February 1, 2017 RT @NarratedPOTUS: The President of the United States hopes you liked tonight's episode.
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January 31, 2017 FDA warns against use of homeopathic teething products
January 31, 2017 RT @orlandosentinel: White House considers reversing LGBT protections for federal workers
January 30, 2017 RT @business: Mylan is facing an antitrust investigation over whether it improperly thwarted competition to its EpiPen…
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February 2, 2017 Help, My Wages Are Being Garnisheed!
February 2, 2017 CFPB continues work on student loan payback playbook disclosures - #studentloans #CFPB
February 2, 2017 Why some are worried student loan borrowers may get a flood of robocalls under Trump - #studentloans
February 2, 2017 Students need bankruptcy protection from crushing loans - #studentloans
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January 25, 2017 RT @CafeAdelaide: This week's #cocktailclub secret password is "Louisiana Nights." That will get you any cocktail off our list for $5…
November 26, 2016 RT @ReggieBush: LSU just got better #respect and congrats to Ed Orgeron on the new job one of my favorite coaches of all time! ????????????????????????????????
November 24, 2016 RT @jeffpalermoLRN: Speculation involving LSU and Florida State's Jimbo Fisher expected to ramp up this weekend.
September 9, 2016 In a car wreck? Not sure about what is covered under your insurance policy? This can help: #insurance #carwreck
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January 31, 2017 This vintage-looking cardboard instant camera is a hipster dream
January 31, 2017 Tim Cook says India is 'a great place to be' as Apple posts its all-time record revenue
January 31, 2017 Rap group call out publication for using their image in place of 'gang'
January 31, 2017 New campaign wants you to raise funds for abuse victims by ditching the razor
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January 31, 2017 RT @Arianedevogue: Scotus decision 8pm Tuesday here's a refresher on a top contender: Gorsuch:
January 31, 2017 RT @atlblog: Is Judge Neil Gorsuch The Supreme Court Nominee?
January 31, 2017 Report: FBI Finds White Supremacists Infiltrated Law Enforcement Agencies via @TPM
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February 3, 2017 In #SouthFlorida: 7 South Floridians charged in multimillion-dollar health care fraud scheme
February 3, 2017 Remember when: Credit repts cost money, SSNs were on driver's licenses mortgages were 10%
February 3, 2017 In #SouthFlorida: INSIDE LOOK: Oceanfront condo of late political talk show host McLaughlin listed for sale
February 3, 2017 First-Time Homebuyers Survival Guide: What to Check on a Final Walk-Through
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February 3, 2017 Honored to welcome Judge Thelton Henderson '62 for Q&A/screening of Soul of Justice yesterday. Watch the trailer:…
February 3, 2017 Prof @StevenDavidoff says Snap's plan to issue only nonvoting shares in IPO is unprecedented via @nytimes @dealbook
February 3, 2017 RT @k3r3n3: My #UCBerkeley #cyber circus talk today starts at 1pm, in Boalt Hall. Thank you CLTC @BerkeleyLawNews for hosting!
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February 4, 2017 A gift for you - Sign up for the "Intersecting Law and Languages Newsletter" and receive free social media e-books:
February 4, 2017 #Spanish Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. - El sapo a la sapa tiénela por muy guapa.
February 4, 2017 #Spanish After the feast comes the reckoning. - A un gustazo, un trancazo.
February 4, 2017 Getting Married Abroad? We Can Help with our Spanish and French Translation and Notary Services…
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February 2, 2017 RT @OVVeterans: GetUR????On! @loveusveterans @karibowieHertel @50Choungi “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” Albert Camus
February 2, 2017 RT @OhioSOSHusted: Did you know in 1979 the #Ohio legislature made @OHBuckeyeChuck Ohio's official groundhog? #GroundhogDay Learn more…
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June 21, 2016 #USMNT playing. ...scared. gonna get Messi in the 2nd half
June 21, 2016 RT @Gourmetlawyer: At least the #USMNT team can say they got to see Messi up close and personal #SilverLining #USAvARG
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January 31, 2017 RT @guardian: The Guardian view on HBOS fraud: sex parties, lies and an almighty crash | Editorial
January 31, 2017 RT @sarahcuda: seems to confirm that Uber has never seen anything on this scale. imagine it wasn't baked into the $70b valuation
January 31, 2017 RT @WSJ: Prosecutors are weighing bringing child-pornography charges against Anthony Weiner.
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February 1, 2017 Snellings Law LLC - Focusing on commercial #debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights.…
February 1, 2017 RT @gocollectnow: Are you a collection attorney? Are you a business with overdue receivables? Sign up for our FREE beta -…
February 1, 2017 Need assistance collecting on your overdue receivables in the State of New Jersey? Visit us -…
February 1, 2017 Airport Internet: What Lawyers Need to Know -
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February 2, 2017 Something something game theory.
February 2, 2017 The removal of barriers makes disengagement less feasible, leaving us with Accept or Destroy.
February 2, 2017 … you can buy the other guy a beer; leave and avoid the other guy; or try to destroy the other guy. And for "the other guy" read "outgroup."
February 2, 2017 Thing about axioms: You're not going to change others'. Accept, Disengage, or Destroy. When you reach axiomatic bedrock in an argument…
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February 5, 2017 A Cleveland Heights, Ohio police officer admitted on Tuesday that he stole the fees motorists paid to have their...
February 5, 2017 Drink responsibly today. Have a sober friend lead you home.
February 5, 2017 This used to be a HUGE day for DUI Checkpoints. Are we seeing a move to more effective, less intrusive saturation...
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January 31, 2017 RT @denisleary: And I better win a fucking Oscar for this role:
January 31, 2017 RT @AdamMGrant: When you don't remember the answer to a history question, here's a clever way to get full credit anyway:
January 31, 2017 RT @MPRnews: Breaking: Army Corps told to proceed with easement needed to complete Dakota Access pipeline
January 31, 2017 RT @anseljh: Airport lawyers! Use @RECAPtheLaw when you are on PACER or CM/ECF, and your dockets will be free for all.
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January 31, 2017 RT @justinamash: Admitting that both parties routinely ignore the Constitution, reject the Rule of Law, and erode liberty is the first step to recovery.
January 31, 2017 News outlets should quit reporting what @POTUS -butt says, and only report what @realDonaldTrump actually does.
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February 1, 2017 Current BLS students, here's your chance to win free tickets to watch Baylor Bears Men's Basketball! See flyer for…
January 30, 2017 RT @Baylor: At @BaylorLawSchool's 2016 Adoption Day, students, faculty & staff helped with adoption processes for 41 children:…
January 27, 2017 SAVE THE DATE for the 2017 Baylor Law School Student Awards Ceremony! When: March 29, 2017 at 6:00 p.m // Where: Barfield Drawing Room
January 26, 2017 Donate your books to the Baylor Vets Textbook Library in the student lounge from now until FEBRUARY 6! http://WWW.BAYLOR.EDU/VETS/INDEX.PHP?ID=937431
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November 1, 2016 We wish a very happy birthday to Adam!!!!!!
October 18, 2016 We had a great time tonight at the Broward Democratic Executive Committee meeting tonight!
October 11, 2016 Helping to register voters!
September 30, 2016 Great time at the BCHBA Hispanic Heritage Month Domino Tournament!
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February 1, 2017 RT @mskristinawong: @VP You CAN'T celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth without acknowledging that #BlackLivesMatter.
February 1, 2017 RT @VP: As #BlackHistoryMonth begins, we remember when Pres. Lincoln submitted the 13th Amendment, ending slavery, to the states #NationalFreedomDay
February 1, 2017 Anna Julia Cooper's 1st book, A Voice from the South, is considered one of the founding texts on intersectionality
February 1, 2017 5calls makes it as easy as possible for you to make short, direct, relevant calls to your reps ht @chick_in_kiev
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February 2, 2017 Just told the staff while Adele song playing, "She should shut her mother that Adele".
February 2, 2017 RT @GrantTanaka: 2. Your mother & I grew up during the great depression, but I can’t remember which one, as we spent most of the time moping in our rooms
February 2, 2017 RT @The_GetawayGirl: it's so annoying when i say hey to someone in the hallway and they say nothing back and now i can't stop thinking about killing them.
February 2, 2017 RT @MrsTomServo: Listen, we could all use a pick-me-up right now.
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January 31, 2017 Check out #Divorce: Is Your Ex A High-Conflict Personality? Weinberger Blog by…
January 31, 2017 Guide for #DomesticViolence Victims in #NewJersey - Free Video @TheJHF Share to raise awareness!…
January 31, 2017 Take this yes/no quiz to find out 'Is Your Ex A High-Conflict Personality?' Weinberger Blog…
January 31, 2017 Divorcing A #Narcissist: 5 Steps To Protect Yourself - Weinberger Blog #divorce by…
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February 3, 2017 RT @jodixu: Sally Beauty #bonds drop on missed earnings #retailer
February 3, 2017 RT @jodixu: iPayment Signs Amended Refinancing Agreement With Notes Holders
February 3, 2017 RT @jimmillstein: Jim Millstein: Tread Carefully on Dodd-Frank via @business