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November 21, 2016 TheTakeaway: Want to avoid politics this Thanksgiving? Help us come up with OTHER conversation starters and tweet us using the hashtag #SoA
November 21, 2016 NewYorker: The high-tech conservators at FactumArte use lasers and scanners to create eerily accurate replicas of …
November 21, 2016 outsidemagazine: RT Sierra_Magazine: Photographer Paul Bannick spent 10 years searching out owls for his new book.
November 21, 2016 dcexaminer: Tulsi Gabbard: Trump should avoid 'the drumbeats of war that neocons have been beating'
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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November 21, 2016 Attorney-Client Privilege in Washington State No Longer Applies When Employment Ends @BracewellLaw #LaborLaw #SCOTUS
November 21, 2016 How Your Clients Can Guide You to Building a Better Law Firm #Business #Marketing #Growth
November 21, 2016 #FERC to Re-Examine Its Policy on the Length of #Hydroelectric License Terms #Energy
November 21, 2016 What Do 401(k) Plan Fiduciaries Need to Know About Revenue Sharing? B #Labor #Retirement #ERISA #Fiduciary
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November 23, 2016 Jill Stein pursues recount in swing states after hacking allegations via @nypost
November 23, 2016 NY Senators Schumer & Gillibrand Must Demand Trump Rescind Stephen Bannon's Appointment @moveon
November 22, 2016 RT @EliseGYoung Trump MUST publicly reject this hatred & NOT choose SteveBannon who associates w this racist madness
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November 17, 2016 This got me thinking:Another great client story! #givemiamiday
November 17, 2016 This got me thinking:One of our clients. Still time to donate and share! #givemiamiday
November 16, 2016 Save the date! #GiveMiamiDay is on 11/17. Join the movement with me and support Partners for Self- Employment
November 16, 2016 This got me thinking:Every year, the Knight Foundation sponsors #GiveMiamiDay. This offers local organizations to…
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November 24, 2016 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Bankruptcy Decision - In re: Bakay #bankruptcy
November 24, 2016 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion - Terry D. Jacks v. Wells Fargo, N.A. #bankruptcy
November 24, 2016 What You Should Know About Having Your Paycheck Garnished #bankruptcy
November 24, 2016 16 Things Debt Collectors Can't Say #bankruptcy
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November 18, 2016 No, but maybe project manager, one who was responsible for signing approval to pay. Like guy that "worked with" SAP…
November 18, 2016 RT @danprimack: Very strange having a phone call with DraftKings and FanDuel CEOs on same line. Earlier in yr, I couldn't get them on same conference stage.
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November 23, 2016 Front page of USA Today. Make the U.S. stock market great again? #TrumpRally
November 20, 2016 You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; don't look now, yo…
November 10, 2016 That early voting hispanic surge didn't help Hillary in Miami. Election dataset proves it.
November 10, 2016 The real election story: 4 years of non-stop "Hannity Exclusives" with the President of the United States. @Richzeoli @GREGSTOCKER
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November 21, 2016 Retweeted AI (@DeepLearn007): Infographics: the inevitable #blockchain to save banks $20Bn in fees by 2022...
November 21, 2016 RT @DeepLearn007: Infographics: the inevitable #blockchain to save banks $20Bn in fees by 2022 #Banking #Technology #fintech
November 21, 2016 Retweeted Coinfirm (@Coinfirm_io): New #blockchain #influencer #rankings We're movin on up! ???? to @Richtopia...
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November 22, 2016 RT @jpodhoretz: Trump tells NYT he wishes he won the popular vote, would mean more than the Electoral College. You can just leave your jaw on the floor.
November 22, 2016 RT @grynbaum: To be clear, since some asked -- this is Billy Bush's actual voicemail message
November 21, 2016 RT @davidfrum: The president-elect of the United States is confessing on Twitter his intention to prostitute his office for personal financial gain
November 21, 2016 RT @PeterBeinart: In the age of Trump + Bannon, any American Jewish organization that isn't protecting American Muslims isn't protecting American Jews
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November 21, 2016 AstraZeneca pauses two cancer drug trials' enrolment due to bleeding
November 21, 2016 What could happen to you when minors are drinking at a your party:
November 21, 2016 The last thing you want to do when going through a #divorce is worry about the costs.
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November 23, 2016 4 Year Statute of Limitations on Store Branded Credit Cards in New Jersey
November 23, 2016 Sued By LVNV Funding, LLC In New York or New Jersey?
November 23, 2016 Is Sewer Service an FDCPA Violation?
November 23, 2016 Can Debt Collectors Call Me at Work?
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November 24, 2016 RT @jeffpalermoLRN: Speculation involving LSU and Florida State's Jimbo Fisher expected to ramp up this weekend.
September 9, 2016 In a car wreck? Not sure about what is covered under your insurance policy? This can help: #insurance #carwreck
September 5, 2016 You can raise "sanity" two ways in Louisiana Criminal Law. Learn more about it here:
September 4, 2016 RT @reason: .@GovGaryJohnson Lands Newspaper Endorsement in Virginia
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November 24, 2016 John M. Cook, Eric D. Clendenin, Justin J. McShane, Josh Lee, Brian Manchester
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November 21, 2016 How to protect yourself while online shopping for the holidays
November 21, 2016 Even more retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving Day in 2016
November 21, 2016 Watch this drone prepare the perfect(ish) Thanksgiving meal - Drones are great for a lot of things, but cooking...
November 21, 2016 How Black Lives Matters activists interrupted a popular tree-lighting ceremony
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November 21, 2016 RT @pbump: 1) Though we don’t know exactly where those interests are. 2) It is now after the election.
November 21, 2016 RT @Green_Footballs: Area man who tried to blame the rise of Trump on liberals is now telling us to ignore those neo-Nazis heiling for Trump.
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November 25, 2016 Obligatory groom + groomsmen selfie. Mazol tov to my best friend @websiteman and @charlene
November 25, 2016 10 Things You Can Do with an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
November 24, 2016 We sleep much differently than our ancestors — here's why
November 24, 2016 Here's How Much Uber Drivers Make in Your City
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November 24, 2016 In #SouthFlorida: President Obama's 'corny-copia' of jokes about turkeys (Video)
November 23, 2016 Existing Home Sales Surge To Feb 2007 Highs Before Yuuge Spike In Mortgage Rates
November 23, 2016 In #SouthFlorida: Related Group partnership favored to win bid for downtown Fort Lauderdale project
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November 21, 2016 Huge thanks to @EFF for hosting Digital Security Workshop today at #BerkeleyLaw
November 21, 2016 Congrats to Prof Holly Doremus ’91 2017 fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science @aaas
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November 25, 2016 “Analyzing French Language Contracts – Part I“ by @suzannedeliscar for #CTTIC-EDU
November 25, 2016 RT @Jeromobot: The Forum, Machine Translation: The End of the Human Translator? via @dlkyz
November 25, 2016 RT @PeritoPortugues: #MeGustaDiciembrePara explorar más este recurso de WIPO (OMPI) para buscar términos al traducir documentos sobre PI
November 25, 2016 RT @ATranSolutions: Bilingual babies are better at detecting musical sounds, research shows
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November 23, 2016 RT @CNBC: Daughter of Indian immigrants accepts Trump UN ambassador job: Report
November 23, 2016 RT @DavidRoads: If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. -John Wooden
November 23, 2016 RT @WomanDoItAll: Don't look back - you're not going that way.
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June 21, 2016 #USMNT playing. ...scared. gonna get Messi in the 2nd half
June 21, 2016 RT @Gourmetlawyer: At least the #USMNT team can say they got to see Messi up close and personal #SilverLining #USAvARG
June 19, 2016 #Chile just scored again.
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November 17, 2016 U.S. Attorney Charges Former Valeant, Philidor Executives, Alleging ‘Fraud and Kickback Scheme’
November 17, 2016 Why the World Needs WikiLeaks
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November 23, 2016 Lawsuit Over Snake-Infested Maryland House Has Been Settled - ABC News #lawsuit
November 23, 2016 See what's happening over at our firm's Google+ page - #GooglePlus
November 23, 2016 Steve Sarkisian's Ex Can't Touch His USC Lawsuit Money! - #lawsuit
November 23, 2016 Rutgers footballer said 'I'm so sorry' after sex assault: lawsuit - New York Daily News #lawsuit
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November 24, 2016 My daughter is cooking for Thanksgiving like she's auditioning for #Chopped. "Mom, come check out my knife cuts."
November 24, 2016 Dancing around the kitchen to Wham with my girls while I make #Thanksgiving dinner. You?
November 23, 2016 As the holidays approach, if you're considering a pet for your family, please consider a rescue animal. We have a…
November 23, 2016 I've lived up north for more than 15 years and am only just now realizing that the term lima beans includes what I call butter beans.
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November 21, 2016 In case you missed it: Is Your Mind Set?
November 21, 2016 New Defending People post: Is Your Mind Set?
November 17, 2016 Dinner with Nino and Russ.
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November 26, 2016 Beer consumption rising in wine producing countries - Malay Mail Online
November 26, 2016 My alma mater, Wright State, did not have a football ???? team so I rooted for Ohio State. #GoBucks
November 25, 2016 Surgeon General Says Addiction Is a Chronic Brain Disease - Woman's Day
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November 22, 2016 RT @MyCaseInc: "Why Public Wi-Fi Can Be Dangerous (& Why You Should Use Your Mobile Phone as a Hotspot)" | SlawTips
November 22, 2016 RT @MyCaseInc: Do you think the billable hour is dying?: "Will the Billable Hour Be Alive in 2026?" | Legal Skills Prof Blog
November 22, 2016 RT @MyCaseInc: Some useful tips: "4 Tips for Organizing Your Digital Documents" | Technologist
November 22, 2016 This Week In Legal Tech: The Facebook Phenomenon That Is ‘Lawyers Of The Left’ (Above the law via @bobambrogi)…
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November 21, 2016 RT @SSRN: Can bookworms save themselves & the world at the same time? @ElectricLit has an infographic:
November 21, 2016 RT @JazzTimes: Happy birthday to Dr. John, who turns 76 today.
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November 21, 2016 Thank goodness I have until tomorrow to finish writing my brief.
November 21, 2016 So, apparently @lexisnexis is down again. Funny how their billing never goes down.
November 20, 2016 RT @marcorandazza: Back in the McCarthy days, imagine if EVERYONE asked "are you now, or have you ever been a communist" just said "go fuck yourself, Eugene"
November 20, 2016 According to the article, this officer shot twice in the face was "blessed by God." God must be one hell of an assh…
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November 18, 2016 RT @Baylor: As part of #NationalAdoptionDay, @BaylorLawSchool hosted a celebration where 41 children joined their new families:…
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November 1, 2016 We wish a very happy birthday to Adam!!!!!!
October 18, 2016 We had a great time tonight at the Broward Democratic Executive Committee meeting tonight!
October 11, 2016 Helping to register voters!
September 30, 2016 Great time at the BCHBA Hispanic Heritage Month Domino Tournament!
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November 24, 2016 A very happy #Thanksgiving to everyone! ????????
November 23, 2016 Police: #Massachusetts Woman tried to use #pizza as ID to enter town #bar ???????? ???? ???? ????
November 23, 2016 For some reason this #HumpDay feels like #FelonyFriday ???? #BetterCallHash ????
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November 21, 2016 Here is a fun pick from my recent trip to the #Peterhof near St. Petersburg, #Russia. Such a wonderful place
November 21, 2016 Here is fun shot from my trip to #Copenhagen. Hope you all enjoy this crazy one.
November 21, 2016 This One Will Hurt! #Tax Alert: PA & NJ Taxpayers & Employers: Termination of Reciprocal Tax Agreement Will Result …
November 21, 2016 Here is a most amazing clock that sings from #Catherine's Palace in #StPetersburg, #Russia.
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November 22, 2016 RT @droisen: @WendyMolyneux @quinncy DOJ may not be tallying, but senators and congressmen/women are! Make your voice heard by calling calling calling
November 22, 2016 RT @theoriesofminds: Thread. When to call representatives to avoid having to actually talk to people; example scripts; where to get phon…
November 22, 2016 RT @jonathanweisman: Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead over Trump stands at 1,720,053 and still climbing. A strange history is being made here, very quietly.
November 22, 2016 RT @ABC: POTUS awards Margaret Hamilton, who helped create software for NASA's Apollo command modules, the Medal of Freedom.
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November 23, 2016 To those of us over 50, we get to look at all the food tomorrow and imagine we are eating it.
November 23, 2016 RT @KimmyMonte: You need to start defrosting your potato now so it'll be ready in time for tomorrow.
November 23, 2016 In Baby it's Cold Outside the female sings, "Say, what's in this drink. . . . " Bill Cosby drew inspiration from this song.
November 23, 2016 The Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards is now a celebrity awards show.
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November 24, 2016 RT @pschaap: This obscure casino run by a Trump protege is making money like you wouldn't believe via @business
November 24, 2016 RT @The_Heckler: We will never look at a rain delay the same way again.
November 23, 2016 @TheFix You can't be suggesting that our alma mater isn't getting their $2.8MM/yr worth from the current coach....
November 23, 2016 The Liquidating Trustee for the old Fisker Automotive filed a complaint against the purchasers Karma Auto & Wanxian…