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2 days ago Owner Of ITS, Formerly Fourth Largest Tax Prep Biz In Country, To Face Criminal Charges via @forbes #tax #crime
2 days ago My fall schedule scares me already.
2 days ago In case you missed it -> Citing Budget Woes, State Won't Pay Up (Yet) On Big Lottery Winnings via @forbes #tax
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2 days ago Pretrial diversion in Lawrence District Court for minor hosting party and providing alcohol. No record. No arraignment.
3 days ago If No One Read Me My Rights Will My Case Be Dismissed?: I get this question every day. “If no one read me my r...
August 24, 2015 New Rules For Massachusetts Probation Violation and Detention Hearings: Starting in September Massachusetts wi...
August 21, 2015 How Long Can The Police Hold Someone If They Are Not Under Arrest?: This past weekend I got a call from someon...
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5 days ago #ShareTheLove @claudiachan @ajamyx @Inbound_Mike for being top HighValue members this week :)
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February 9, 2010 @amyderby I refollowed you.
February 9, 2010 @Shelisrael Which automaker is next? You guess first.
February 9, 2010 @jasonrubenstein It means Social Media Guru (or whatever, as they say in the Valley)!!
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June 16, 2015 John Martin on Behalf of Menlo Park Kiwanis Club Creates $23,500 in Scholarships: Five Menlo-Atherton High Sch...
February 27, 2015 Have You Ever Wondered What Happens to Your Facebook Account After You Have Pass Away?: If no one contacts Fac...
August 5, 2014 John C. Martin, Esq. Earns Specialist Status: We are pleased to announce that as of August 1, 2014, the Califo...
June 12, 2014 BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Ruling on Inherited IRAs: Today, the Supreme Court ruled in Clark v. Rameker that...
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August 29, 2015 Look who's right at home. #burningman2015 @ Black Rock City
August 29, 2015 I'm on #Periscope live from #burningman through the day. Send me your questions. I'll answer later! I'm asking the Q - is it worth it?
August 29, 2015 Live from #burningman2015 30-50MPH winds. Continuing the is it worth it series at #burningman. …
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August 29, 2015 4 strategies to limit taxes on retirement income
August 28, 2015 Are you thinking about how you are going to successfully transition your family #business to the next generation?
August 27, 2015 Don't miss out on my presentation at PBI Pittsburgh- How to Prepare Fiduciary Accounts! Register now! #EstatePlanning
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1.4 hours ago Portsmouth deputy city manager Godfrey joins recent exodus; ninth top official to leave:
10.7 hours ago #RVA Bikeways User Guide- How to use and respect Richmond's bike lanes as a driver and as a rider:
3 days ago Redevelopment Remains Priority for City of Williamsburg's Economic Vitality, Character:
3 days ago 4th Citcuit Court of Appeals to move on redistricting as deadline for General Assembly passes:
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August 27, 2015 The dos and don'ts of online behavior after filing for divorce #socialmedia #divorce
August 27, 2015 "Many experts support couple in collaborative divorce" | The Sacramento Bee
August 27, 2015 Divorce is more than just a legal process. Learn about the role of a Divorce Coach in a collaborative divorce.
August 26, 2015 Learn the attorney's role in a collaborative divorce
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23.6 hours ago I gained 2 followers in the last day. You? Know your stats and grow with
2 days ago How many followers do you get everyday? I got 2 in the last day. Growing daily with
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July 5, 2015 RT @ussoccer_wnt: FINAL: USA 5, Japan 2. #SheBelieves the #USWNT are World Cup Champions!!
May 30, 2015 RT @IRSnews: #IRS never calls to demand an immediate #tax payment. That’s a #scam. #dontfallforit
May 20, 2015 #IRS phone scams a continuing problem, even for sophisticated taxpayers #taxscams
May 11, 2015 @liquidfence for the first time in years I have lasting Tulip blooms. Fingers are crossed for lasting Lilies. Thanks to liquid fence.
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August 21, 2015 On Your Side Alert: Warning about credit repair schemes
July 22, 2015 JPMorgan to pay over $125 million to settle U.S. credit card debt prob
July 22, 2015 JP Morgan Chase to pay $216 million over credit card debt sales practices
July 15, 2015 J.P. Morgan to Settle Credit-Card Probes for $136 Million
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March 28, 2014 Navigating L.A. Bankruptcy and Divorce Simultaneously: For some contemplating filing for bankruptcy in Los A...
March 24, 2014 Williams, et al. v. King - Determining Post-Petition Debts in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: On the day you file for a ...
March 20, 2014 Debt-Buyer Lawsuits Predicated on Inaccurate Data: There is now another reason that those in debt should feel ...
March 18, 2014 U.S. Supreme Court Reverses Surcharge on California Man's Bankruptcy Homestead Exemption: In a highly unusual ...
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August 27, 2015 Recent market corrections are increasing #securities risks.Seniors & conservative investors are particularly at risk
August 21, 2015 #Whistleblower tips and rewards continue to increase! Do you think we are still at a "sweet spot"? #SEC #DoddFrank
August 18, 2015 #SecuritiesFraud Citigroup Affiliates to Pay $180 Million to Settle Hedge Fund Fraud Charges with the SEC
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August 27, 2015 I'll be a panelist for the UCLA Tax Conf. on Oct.27th. Please click the link below for more details. #UCLA #TAX #IRS
August 21, 2015 I'll be a speaker at the 2015 Ca Tax Bar Meeting on Nov6th!Please click the link below for more info #Taxmeeting #IRS
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August 27, 2015 Why You Need an Exit Strategy Today - #GoogleAlerts
August 27, 2015 Use Make-a-Will Month to Plan Your Small-Business Exit Strategy - #GoogleAlerts
August 27, 2015 Exit Planning for Family-Owned Businesses - #GoogleAlerts
August 27, 2015 What An Executor Of An Estate Needs To Do - #GoogleAlerts
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August 16, 2015 Little League World Series is making me hate @kfc Kentucky Fried Chicken. All Colonel, all the time. #LLWS
August 6, 2015 RT @BeschlossDC: Harry Truman 1963 letter defending his decision to use atomic weapon against Japan 70 years ago today:
August 4, 2015 RT @HardballTalk: Video: A.J. Pierzynski attempts to frame a pitch that bounced three feet in front of the plate
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August 29, 2015 Dad who let 15-year-old drive gets prison time after fatal accident
August 28, 2015 Cops: Invoking Trump, men beat up homeless man @CNNpolitics
August 27, 2015 Woman Allegedly Cut Victim's Throat At Store, Wanted To Kill More @HuffPostCrime
August 26, 2015 St. Louis Neighborhood Erupts With Unrest Following Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting @HuffPostCrime
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April 25, 2015 @kawhileonard Much impressed by all you have accomplished. Your level of effort is old-school.
February 21, 2015 @WhiteHouse Maybe you guys should sanction the Carnival Barker at the Moscow Circus, and maybe another Russian lounge singer.
February 20, 2015 @artiequitter Because of you Artie, I wouldn't take pain pills if they were prescribed. You did help a lot of people without knowing.
February 15, 2015 @salgovernale You are a lucky man Sal. When you get to be a certain age, if you aren't rich, your love life will never be perfect.
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June 24, 2011 Private donors to pay rent on Jerry Brown's Sacramento loft through #nonprofit organization- | Hmmmm...
June 15, 2011 RT @npquarterly: Major PILOT agreement signed by Syracuse Universiity
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2 days ago Magic Minutes owner pleads guilty to federal tax evasion: #taxevasion
2 days ago Can You Fly Across State Lines With Medical Marijuana? Technically, no, but the laws are becoming trickier.
3 days ago Two separate dog bite attacks in SC leaves one seriously injured and the other dead.
4 days ago Divorce Attorneys preparing for the storm after hacked Ashley Madison accounts leaked online
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August 28, 2015 New federal estate basis report rules for estates 7/31/15-2/29/16 can delay filing to the latter time 2/29/16. #taxplanning #tax #estatetax
August 28, 2015 New federal state basis report rules for estates 7/31/15-2/29/16 can delay filing to the latter time 2/29/16. #taxplanning #tax #estatetax
August 28, 2015 After a couple divorces there are several key #estateplanning areas to address. #divorce #assetprotection
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July 10, 2015 Do Uber Drivers Really Want to Be Full-Time Employees? via @WSJ
July 8, 2015 DA’s office, Highway Patrol seeking information on July 4 hit-and-run in Southport | Port City Daily
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15 hours ago #Trump hits 30 percent in new poll [Yes, there are dumb conservatives. I'm warming to #Carson but he's weak on #2A.]
17.1 hours ago Ky. clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses #tcot #ccot
18.8 hours ago Europe Rethinks the Schengen Agreement #tcot #ccot
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August 28, 2015 Does your estate plan include your pets? Who will take care of them when you're gone? How will they be taken care of?
August 25, 2015 What will happen when it's time to sell your business or transfer ownership to your posterity?
August 14, 2015 Many people think that estate plans are just for the wealthy, but that's just not true.
August 7, 2015 What strategies can you use to leave an inheritance for your children in a way that is consistent with your goals...
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14.9 hours ago Want to learn more about the #OVDP? We'll answer some common questions during our webinar on Sept. 11th @ 3 PM EDT
20.1 hours ago FinCEN claims “Investment adviser” means “Financial Institutions”
20.2 hours ago Alternatively, 6 #IRS Offer in Compromise myths we came up with and subsequently debunked
21.8 hours ago If it's locked, it must be good
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July 21, 2015 Some really great tips.
July 6, 2015 We are delighted to have Tony on board!
May 26, 2015 California Powerhouse: Farella Braun & Martel - Law360
March 17, 2015 Senior Counsel, Northern California Office
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September 4, 2014 Beverliz Cafe in Beverly Hills is serving out law firm special today. It is awesome.
July 20, 2014 @jschoenwald @TWC_Help internet is out for me as well in 91423
May 21, 2014 RT @IRSnews: Who must file an #FBAR? Register for June 4 webinar and get answers to filing questions. #FBARwebinar
May 16, 2014 Tax Attorney Gary Slavett Quoted in Los Angeles Times regarding Donald Sterling and the Los Angles Clippers -
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August 29, 2015 Training for Endurance Sports and Your Immune System -
August 26, 2015 Athlete Success: A Modified Taper Leads to Better Results -
August 25, 2015 Why Elizabeth Warren is calling out a ‘deeply flawed’ Department of Education report
August 25, 2015 RT @DeLucaAssoc: “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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August 20, 2015 Initial Estimates from May Data Breach were Low | The Tax Battalion
August 17, 2015 @RayWoodson680 and I don't weigh 125 pounds
August 17, 2015 @RayWoodson680 raley field donut bacon cheeseburger
August 10, 2015 IRS Impersonators Have New Tricks | The Tax Battalion
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June 9, 2011 Discussing your estate plans with your heirs may prevent disputes or confusion. v: @cnnmoney
June 9, 2011 Trusts aren't just for the wealthy; they let you control how your assets will be distributed upon death. v: @cnnmoney
June 8, 2011 Everybody needs a will, a will tells the world exactly where you want your assets distributed when you die. v: @cnnmoney
June 8, 2011 Inventory of your assets is a good place to start: investments, retirement, insurance, and real estate. v: @cnnmoney
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August 28, 2015 Back to School: Essential Estate Planning for College-Age Students
August 28, 2015 Back to School: Essential Estate Planning for College-Age Students
June 26, 2015 Attorney Generals Updated Regulations for New Earned Sick Time Law
June 15, 2015 Sick Time Law Requirement
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September 26, 2014 RT @clintsito: Interested in networking with real estate professionals? Join the National Association of Real Estate Lawyers today!
December 10, 2013 I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. #in
February 22, 2013 RT @ForbesTech: 5 ways to pay your taxes when you don't have the cash
February 13, 2013 RT @azcentral: U.S Airways and American Airlines #merger may happen today. @chris12news with details on local impact:
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January 22, 2015 RT @IRSnews: Questions on health care coverage? Visit for info, tips on #tax features of the #ACA. #IRS
January 22, 2015 RT @IRSnews: #IRS Free File now open; software for those with AGI of $60K or less, online fillable forms for everyone. #tax
September 9, 2014 A great article in today's NYT about the necessity of estate planning and all the cost-saving potential headaches...
September 5, 2013 New Tax and Social Security Rules for Same-Sex Married Couples
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July 17, 2015 Good article on a "trick" used by a defense lawyer, resulting in a victory for his client but a fine for the lawyer.
June 10, 2015 Auditor shows commitment to job by going to strip club 10-15 times to determine that pole dancing is not taxable.
June 4, 2015 RT @knoxnews: Knoxville man arrested on child porn charges:
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5.4 hours ago RT @pndblog: New Trend in #Philanthropy: Making a Real Social Difference @ocregister
5.4 hours ago RT @NonProfitTimes: #ICYMI NLRB's Decision Could Impact Nonprofits ... you could be a co-employer, liable and not know it.
5.7 hours ago RT @NonProfitTimes: Fundraisers Petition U.S. Supreme Court On Donor Privacy #philanthropy #fundraising
6.2 hours ago A Lawyer’s Journey to Black Rock City: Burning Man 2015 #burningman2015
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June 13, 2011 Dear LeBron: SHUT UP!
May 6, 2011 It's Friday. Have a good one y'all!
April 29, 2011 oppps another attorney (Walter Weiss I think) just hung up before the Judge was done giving orders to him. If you know Mr. Weiss tell him!
April 29, 2011 There is some other attorney on CourtCall right now who is a really heavy breather. Oh my gosh dude don't have a heart attack during Court.