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Social Security Disability/SSI Legal Birds by Community Connections

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2 days ago Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Increase Melanoma Risk: Two years ago, a study was published linking Viagra to ...
3 days ago Woman Wins $10 Million in TVM Lawsuit: As lawsuits against manufacturers of transvaginal mesh (TVM) products g...
3 days ago As lawsuits against manufacturers of transvaginal mesh (TVM) products go to trial, our team of TVM lawyers are...
February 5, 2016 How to Report Suspected Nursing Home Abuse
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January 14, 2016 @ottolawgroupllc Hi, I am the administrator for all Otto Law Group, LLC web and social media properties. Kindly grant admin access.
November 1, 2015 @livinlowcarbman Umm WHO has conveyed truth. They aren't subject to manipulation by industry, unlike organizations in the USA. @CarbSane
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20.9 hours ago Workers Compensation Changes. Are There More to Come?
3 days ago Retaliatory Discharge Lawsuits Filed By Injured Workers
February 4, 2016 Teen Drivers: Understand the Facts & Risks
February 3, 2016 Don’t Be Tempted to Use Expired Medicines
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February 4, 2016 We'll say #GoChiefs 'til the end.....but, who will you be rooting for this weekend??
February 3, 2016 Here are some helpful tips and links about safety and awareness for motorcycle enthusiasts. #looktwicesavealife
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2 days ago Marijuana DUI Testing: The New Technology for Police
4 days ago Attorney Marin Featured in Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly for Drug Defense
February 2, 2016 Ride-share services may have played role in falling number of drunk driving deaths
February 1, 2016 ND Drunk Driving/Refusal Case to be Reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court
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February 4, 2016 Social Security disabled adult child benefits
February 3, 2016 Should You Work While Applying for Social Security Disability?
February 2, 2016 How Much Can I Earn and Keep My SSI Benefits?
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February 4, 2016 January 2016 Newsletter—Social Security Disability & Special Needs Planning News
January 29, 2016 Check out our most recent newsletter!
January 20, 2016 Northern Virginia Emergency Phone Numbers & Websites
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February 3, 2016 @clmazin Aren't you worried about being audited/drafted/kidnapped by the CIA and tortured/etc?
February 2, 2016 @EricGuster @jozenc is that a spoiler? Sorry
February 2, 2016 @EricGuster @jozenc surprise plot twist OJ found NOT GUILTY!
February 2, 2016 @Diane_7A Cruz would look awkward shooting that or doing anything manly
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February 4, 2016 Get the Latest Social Security, Medicare & Campaign News on "Morning Read" via Entitled to Know - ...
February 4, 2016 Do I need to hire an attorney for my continuing disability review?
February 3, 2016 New Election Website Designed for Seniors Launches Today via Entitled to Know - As Primary Season ...
February 3, 2016 IN THE KNOW: Arizona Girls and racism to Politics and Primaries on Tony Reeves will air 02/03. #BlogTalkRadio
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February 4, 2016 Falls and Other Hazards to Workers Removing Snow from Rooftops and Other Elevated Surfaces #OSHA @USDOL
February 4, 2016 Representing nearly 1000 9/11 1st responders & lower Manhattan residents in Victim Compensation Fund claims #zadroga
February 4, 2016 RT @USDOL: Consult @CDCEmergency guidance to protect #workers from exposure to #Zika virus & other infectious diseases. #OSHA
February 4, 2016 RT @women4earth: Meeting w/ MIGHTY women finding ways 2 make #salons healthier places to work! @NAPAWF @CA_HNSC @adhikaar @NYCOSH
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February 5, 2016 Did You Know? 1 out of 4 car accidents in the US are caused by texting while driving.
February 4, 2016 Insurance companies have tendencies to do everything in their power to disprove a claim. Know what to do.
February 4, 2016 This problem will bring recalls of up to 5 million vehicles worldwide.
February 3, 2016 Annual work-related stress claims cost U.S. companies $200 billion to $300 billion a year
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2 days ago RT @BeschlossDC: Contents of Abraham Lincoln's pockets at moment of his assassination--not shown to public for 111 years: #LOC
February 4, 2016 Field trip day!
February 4, 2016 Awake.
February 2, 2016 @trabernlaw what was result of your "reflections?"
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February 4, 2016 RT @SInow: Ahead of Super Bowl 50, here's an interactive Phil Simms soundboard to have fun with
February 4, 2016 #Georgia may soon have new #wagegarnishment rules. Is that a good thing? Here is my take: @gwinnettnewsnow
February 2, 2016 What is the difference between #ssdi and #ssi?
February 2, 2016 Social media posts could possibly damage your #socialsecuritydisability claim -
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January 22, 2016 RT @lawrence_author: #Shoutout => @Bakari_Sellers Former SC House of Rep 2006-14. #Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. '14. @StromLaw Catch him on @CNN
January 20, 2016 We have mapped out every recorded nursing home abuse incident in SC for your convenience. Keep your loved ones safe.
January 15, 2016 RT @CompuScripts: South Carolina Attorney Offers Tips for Pro Hac Vice Deposition Success -
January 15, 2016 It was our pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity!
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January 7, 2014 To all who are following me on this page - and to those who may be waiting on responses to messages, please be...
December 9, 2013 Moving to my new office within the next few weeks - watch this space for details!
September 9, 2013 Probably not the best answer...
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February 3, 2016 Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments:
February 3, 2016 Gwinnett authorities make $1 million marijuana bust
February 2, 2016 Fla. woman pulls over police officer for speeding
February 1, 2016 Walking while intoxicated case could force changes in Georgia courts | The Watchdog blog
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September 29, 2015 DEA employees fail drug tests and shockingly face no serious consequences via @HuffPostPol
September 29, 2015 Paul Walker's Daughter Is Suing Porsche and Claims That Her Father Was Burned Alive!
September 27, 2015 Study: Tennessee attorneys increase hours of free legal service | News - Home
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June 15, 2011 Homeless find services, aid in Richmond -
April 25, 2011 RT @riconfidential: Contra Costa County program helps residents’ clean up their criminal records. Nicole Jones has more:
April 25, 2011 RT @RubiconPrograms: County program helps residents’ clean up their criminal records
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June 20, 2015 Held: The appeals court found a different section of the Vehicle and Traffic Law controlling and ruled that the...
June 20, 2015 Police Car Is a "Motor Vehicle" for Purposes of an Underinsured Motorist Claim
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4 days ago RT @BarrowNeuro: 90 percent of concussions are hard to spot because they don't result in loss of consciousness #ConcussionMonday
February 4, 2016 RT @ReutersLegal: #Honda adds 2.2 million vehicles to #Takata air bag recall
February 4, 2016 RT @RothenbergLaw: As head injuries continue to occur during football games what can we do to convey the serious risks involved? #TBI
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January 18, 2016 @MLKQuote Here is an amazing timeline of how #MLKDay came to be! Celebrate #MLKDay2016 Today! Please share!
January 18, 2016 @MLKDay An amazing infographic timeline about the history of #MLKDay Please share so we can all learn!
January 18, 2016 @wxyzdetroit Here is a great timeline about the history of #MLKDay Celebrate #MLKDay2016 Today! Please share!
January 18, 2016 @educationweek Check out this awesome infographic timeline for #MLKDay! Celebrate #MLKDay2016 Today!
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January 26, 2016 #TestimonialTuesday #Thanks Robert. We are glad to be here for the Pennsylvania Worker
January 25, 2016 Now that #Blizzard2016 is finally over & cleanup is slowly occurring across PA, check out these winter safety tips
January 25, 2016 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Martin Law: The Law Firm For Workers
January 21, 2016 #TBT to our 1st super 'bowl' as our staff prepares for next week's 4th annual super 'bowl' competition #teambuilding
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March 4, 2013 Gave presentation regarding special needs trusts and planning at Capital Area Center for Indepen...
March 3, 2013 Testimonial from a happy client of The Law Office of Raymond A. Harris, PLLC
February 11, 2013 Before Passing Along Valuables, Passing Along Values
December 11, 2012 Don't add a loved one to your deed
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October 10, 2015 10 Common But Wrong Ideas About Social Security Disability
July 29, 2015 Why Your Contingent Fee Social Security Disability Lawyer Does not Benefit from Delay by @StanDenman
July 28, 2015 RT @TalkPoverty: Millions of Americans depend on #SSDI—hear @rebeccavallas discuss this important program on @drshow tomorrow @ 10 ET!
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August 1, 2011 is officially a Tennessee Rule 31 Family Mediator. Looking forward to mediating divorce and family law disputes.
November 30, 2010 Headed to Chicago and looking forward to seeing my first snow of the year.
July 28, 2011 On my way to St. Louis- been too long. Looking forward to meeting with clients and bev business partners, Lovshin bach party, and Cubs-Cards
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February 4, 2016 Ok - Family, I'm going to create a few genealogy pages for the surnames of my family: 1. Benjamin/Reed 2....
February 2, 2016 Ok Benjamins of Grand Case, St. Martin, FWI; our genealogy is as follows: Present (slave of Elizabeth Wells) of...
January 31, 2016 The United States should consider reparations to African-American descendants of slavery, a...
January 31, 2016 Today I've confirm that it is highly likely that my paternal ancestral origins are derived from the West African...
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4 days ago Be safe out there!
January 22, 2016 As rough weather looks to take over much of Pennsylvania this weekend, we want to remind you to be prepared and...
January 22, 2016 As rough weather looks to take over much of Pennsylvania this weekend, we want to remind you to be prepared and...
January 12, 2016 This week is PennDOT's annual Winter Driving Awareness Week! All week we will be sharing useful driving tips to...
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January 27, 2016 IRS to track large estate asset basis (and whether beneficiary pays cap gains tax)
January 19, 2016 Appls Ct:Life estate deed to daughter enforced. Hospitalization for hallucinations didn't prove Mom lacked capacity
January 11, 2016 Reforming an Irrevocable Trust was a disqualifying transfer! Look-Back Period: Part 1 Massachusetts Medicaid
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June 8, 2013 RT @instapundit: COFFEE: Is There Anything It Can’t Do? For hundreds of years, coffee has been one of the two... via @instapundit
June 8, 2013 RT @GovGaryJohnson: #Obama assurances that #NSA dragnet is OK are premised on govt being 1) competent and 2) trustworthy. Feel better? #ItrustTheGovtLike #tlot
June 7, 2013 RT @Mediaite: Paper Of Re-Record: New York Times Softens Criticism Of President Obama And Glenn Greenwald (COLUMN by @tommyxtopher)
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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September 9, 2015 This checklist tells you everything you need to do after a car accident:
March 20, 2015 My Avvo Rating just increased to 10.0!
January 26, 2015 Think you can't afford a big law firm to help you? We think you can: #attorney #zerofeeguarantee
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February 2, 2016 And the verdict is in! At the annual Groundhog Day ceremony, Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow ! We are...
February 1, 2016 #MondayMotivation
January 29, 2016 Have a great weekend!
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January 5, 2016 Independent Medical Examinations (IME) in Massachusetts Workers Compensation Claims: Injured workers in Massac...
January 5, 2016 Independent Medical Examinations (IME) in Massachusetts Workers Compensation Claims
December 17, 2015 Impact of a “Light Duty” Job Offer on Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claims:           Injured workers in...
December 17, 2015 Impact of a “Light Duty” Job Offer on Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claims
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October 20, 2015 Download a Bear! Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear send me extra data
September 29, 2015 Wombacher Disability & Elder Law Blog: Should I put my money in joint tenancy with my children?
September 29, 2015 Wombacher Disability & Elder Law Blog: A Breast Cancer Surgeon Who Keeps Challenging the Establishment-read and learn
September 15, 2015 Have you seen @LandsEnd lately? Get $25 off your purchase of $75 or more with my link:
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February 4, 2016 Do you know why the hole is there?
January 22, 2016 CAREFUL: Is your car on the list? Newly linked fatal air bag deployment adds Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and...
January 22, 2016 ALERT: Dole Salads linked to #Listeria outbreak. #FoodSafety
January 22, 2016 Parents: Learn the three things you can teach your teen to save their life behind the wheel. #TeenDriving #safety
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February 4, 2016 In 2015 there were 113 boat crashes in Louisiana. Good news is numbers are down from 2014.
February 2, 2016 Our legal services extend to the whole state of Louisiana, including Baton Rouge.
February 1, 2016 A large number of products have contained #asbestos over the decades.
January 29, 2016 Lauren Saucier appeared on Jambalaya this morning to talk about the Lions Club Gumbo #Fundraiser happening Feb 17!