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1 day ago RT @KramerLawFirm: How to Handle a Mixed Check with Earned and Unearned Fees
1 day ago RT @rpattersonlaw: ‘Hey Wilma!’: On this date, in 1960, The Flintstones make their TV debut on ABC (‘Yabba dabba do..!’)
1 day ago A Win for Borrowers? Freddie Mac Testing Pilot Program for Speedier Alternative to Foreclosure via @dbreview
2 days ago Disciplined Without Lying, Cheating, Stealing. Now U.S. Supreme Court Will Weigh In via @dbreview
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4 days ago The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes
4 days ago Sharpshooters raise $1.2M for military charities
4 days ago University ad tells RAPISTS to blow warning whistle before committing rape
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September 20, 2014 RT @heatherjolee: We can't just put our kids in harder classes and expect them to achieve. Help people understand who they serve. #NACAC14
September 20, 2014 ACT’s @tylercoonact is presenting on ACT PROFILE in the exhibit hall learning lab right now. #nacac14
September 19, 2014 @NCAA_EC thanks for the clarification. It can be confusing.
September 19, 2014 @NCAA_EC pretty sure that ACT score in your tweet is a typo. :-) please do an edit & correction. 36 is the highest score possible.
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September 25, 2014 Will a Continuance Without a Finding Affect a Professional License?: Most criminal cases in Massachusetts are ...
September 15, 2014 53 Year Old Man Charged Under Massachusetts Upskirting Law: Last week employees at an Arlington, Massachusetts...
August 28, 2014 Will My Sentence Be Worse If I Go To Trial And Lose?: One of the toughest decisions defendants in criminal cas...
August 19, 2014 What Should I Do If I Missed My Court Date in Massachusetts?: There are times when I am sitting in court waiti...
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1 day ago When Fundraising Becomes More Lucrative Than Running the Business
2 days ago @carlos_nyc PIketty's Capital was rich in data and insight. I'm less sure about his conclusions.
2 days ago Why I think the Accredited Investor Standard Should Not Change
2 days ago 20% done with Timebound, by Rysa Walker
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July 22, 2013 Instructor loves to share the happiness yoga brings via @SpectrumNews
October 19, 2012 Congratulations to The Cacao Group, Inc., formed by Utah Truffles and Amber Lyn Chocolates. Utah Business via@sharethis
October 19, 2012 Congratulations to Kaddas Enterprises Inc. - Utah Business via @sharethis
October 5, 2012 .@SenMikeLee as one of your constituents, I ask that you support H.R.6480 and S.3609 IRFA: #FairNetRadio
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February 26, 2010 Anyone have a referral for a business attorney near Clearwater, FL?
February 26, 2010 Thanks @Shusmo! Maybe we can have virtual Tweetups, so I don't feel left out ;)
February 26, 2010 Why your lawyer won't return your calls. A primer for potential clients:
February 16, 2010 Should some student loans be dischargeable in bankruptcy? Ask the doctor with $555K in student loan debt:
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April 3, 2013 RT @glambert: ReInvent Law Silicon Valley Videos Now Available #ReInventLaw #3Geeks
April 3, 2013 RT @nikiblack: New California "Right to Know" Act Would Let Consumers Find Out Who Has Their Personal Data & Get a Copy of It...
April 3, 2013 RT @ltrc: Cloud Ethics Opinions Around the U.S. (Updated) #cloudcomputing #lawtech
April 3, 2013 RT @bobambrogi: LawSites blog: Clio to Announce Integration with Document Management and Accounting Platforms
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September 25, 2013 Apartment manager lives directly above us. We have to always be on best behavior. I hope she is an Ozzy fan. #apartmentlivingproblems
July 19, 2013 RT @IronmanTri: All of us at IRONMAN mourn the loss of incredible mom, wife, and athlete Molli Serrano http://www.gerryeisenhaur.comVScktjayZ
February 9, 2013 I nominate @CharityMiles for a Shorty Award in #apps because I ran 2.007 miles in the @UNFoundation #VDay10k for @wwpinc. #runla
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August 25, 2014 Me too, @jessicaesquire I like to think 3 yrs law school + 12 yrs as a licensed practicing atty give me a legal drafting edge! Thnx!
August 8, 2014 @charlesthomas Yes, less crazy is generally a good thing in interpersonal relations. ;) Have a great day, Charlie!
August 8, 2014 So much unpleasant drama surrounding Casey Kasem's final affairs was avoidable with good estate planning & counsel.
June 26, 2014 Supreme Court holds inherited IRAs are not retirement funds
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10.4 hours ago City Allegedly Fails to Pay Out All Monies Owed on Class Action Settlement: City allegedly has an incentive no...
11 hours ago Car Dealer’s Fail to Pay Off Car Loan on Trade-In: Car Dealers exposed for failing to pay off loan on trade-ins.
11.5 hours ago Class Action Against State Auto For Allegedly Inflating Home Values to Inflate Premium Revenues Can Proceed Oh...
2 days ago Department of Labor Settles Alleged Unpaid Overtime Case with LinkedIn: Lucky for LinkedIn, their case never r...
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September 13, 2014 RT @AZSports: #ASU QB Taylor Kelly injures right foot, status vs. UCLA unknown -
September 13, 2014 RT @BDenny29: DJ Foster has now exceeded his rushing total from last year (501 yards) in this 3rd game of 2014.
September 13, 2014 @EricSports360AZ And the Trojans are doing it WITHOUT Lane Kiffen.
September 13, 2014 Hey, #SunDevil fans. It's Texas 17, UCLA 13 with 5:13 in 4th. BC 36, USC 24 with 3:30 in 4th. They both look very beatable. #asufootball
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15 hours ago The 2nd Amendment protects a Personal Natural Right to Self Defense: #PJNET #2A @Constitution89 #IARTG
15.1 hours ago Mom-and-Pop Restaurants Feel Pinch of Minimum Wage Hike: LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J.—As far as Rob Pluta is conc... #tcot
15.1 hours ago Independent Voters Hold Key in Maine Governor’s Race: AUGUSTA, Maine—Outspoken and under fire, Republica... #tcot
16.1 hours ago Petition of the day The petition of the day is: Cuti v. United States 13-1491 Issue: Wheth #scotus
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July 12, 2014 @cjstephens @glenn_mcan on vacation but will be in touch after I get back next week!
November 22, 2013 Better Buildings Partnership Adds MOU, Unveils Updated Green Lease Toolkit
November 1, 2013 The Missing Link: More Data Is Key for Building Energy Retrofit Market
October 31, 2013 At 510 Madison, BXP Lands Freakonomics Firm in Triple-Digit Penthouse Deal
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April 7, 2014 2014 - Alabama Franchise Alliance Lunch #constantcontact
January 23, 2014 “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie
January 21, 2014 Many of us have them! -->
January 13, 2014 20 Activists Who Are Changing America -->
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September 8, 2014 @MediacomSupport please advise of expected repair time. Our business is completely without telephone and Internet.
August 9, 2014 RT @TIME: A billion passwords have been stolen. Here’s what to do now
August 6, 2014 RT @natlawreview: #IRS Increases 9.5% Affordability Threshold—Or Did It? @proskauer #law #aca #obamacare #tax
August 6, 2014 #Mortgage-backed security settlement>RT @politico: Bank of America reaches agreement to pay nearly $17 billion:
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September 25, 2014 An inefficient lawyer expends time and money getting the client to a place the client really shouldn’t be
September 25, 2014 An inefficient lawyer gets the client to the right place for a bad price
September 24, 2014 An efficient lawyer helps get their clients to the right result for a good price
September 24, 2014 There are efficient lawyers and inefficient lawyers
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September 18, 2014 Hotel Lawyer: How will the new 11th edition of the Uniform System affect your hotel management agreement or franch...
September 17, 2014 ADA Compliance & Defense Lawyer: FAQs on “service animal” requirements of the ADA. What every hotelier nee...
September 7, 2014 Hotel Lawyer to Developers: Looking for EB-5 Financing? The China “Retrogression” means you should act soo...
August 25, 2014 Hospitality Lawyer: Why this may be the time to buy or sell a hotel management company
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June 21, 2011 Class Action Defense Cases–Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Supreme Court Reverses Class Action Certification Of Largest Lab...
June 12, 2011 New Labor Law Class Action Filings Maintain Top Spot Among Weekly Class Actions Filed In California State And Federa...
June 12, 2011 Labor Law Class Action Filings Dominate New Class Actions Filed In California State And Federal Courts During Past W...
May 21, 2011 Dramatic Drop In New Class Action Filings As Labor Law Class Actions Again Claim Top Spot Among Weekly Class Actions...
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September 25, 2014 Our Politically Polarized Supreme Court? Very interesting article!
September 19, 2014 Tarrant County Texas judge denies request to end #same-sex marriage by divorce!
September 15, 2014 Supreme Court Adds #Gay Marriage To Sept. 29 Agenda! And Now It Begins!
September 14, 2014 #Interstate Jurisdiction: Parent Abducts the Child! Child Abduction, Genevieve Kelley,
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October 23, 2013 I just endorsed Howard Woodley Bailey on Avvo
September 26, 2013 Thank you @lapinlawoffices for giving me +K about Law!
September 26, 2013 Thank you @jdlawpsu for giving me +K about Bankruptcy!
September 21, 2013 Thank you @whurstlaw for giving me +K about Bankruptcy!
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4 days ago RT @EverlawInc: What's a young lawyer interested in #legaltech to do? @rightbrainlaw asked @TheCowenGroup, @R_Amani & our Biz Dev VP:...
September 22, 2014 Evolving issues, standards and solutions for securing litigation data webcast tomorrow. Request an invite at
September 20, 2014 Evolving issues, standards and solutions for securing litigation data. Be a part of the discussion next Tuesday.
September 18, 2014 Thank you to everyone in California who participated in our Fall Roundtables on the West Coast. Bringing clarity to the rapidly-evolving...
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July 8, 2014 New Blog Post Prepare for Bankruptcy Filing: Take These Steps
August 30, 2013 Just shared a photo using @Dropbox
August 30, 2013 I just endorsed Habib Hasbini on Avvo
July 10, 2013 Please check out my answer on @Avvo to: I have a holdover tenant whose lease expired this month. ... #eviction
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April 5, 2013 Can a Plan of Reorganization Separately Classify a Claim That Is Personally Guaranteed?
February 12, 2013 Lenders: Beware of the Arizona "Two-Dollar Bankruptcy" - Recently, my partner, Matt Kenefick, obtained a large judgm...
January 7, 2013 Double Bogie: Bank's Security Interest in Green Fees Cut Off by Club's Bankruptcy
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January 6, 2014 VC Ben Horowitz on Can-Do vs. Can’t-Do Culture
December 23, 2013 RT @cherrytreegrp: 2013, reflections on a breakthrough year:
October 30, 2013 RT @cherrytreegrp: Roslindale Substation added to National Register of Historic Places
October 7, 2013 RT @cherrytreegrp: Our General Counsel, Yelena Tsvaygenbaum's Banker & Tradesman Article about turning #Brownfields to Brightfields
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July 21, 2014 Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool for defending against #repossession. Read our latest blog to learn more.
July 16, 2014 Busting Bankruptcy Myths: The Impact of Filing
March 10, 2014 W.R. Grace Finally Emerges from Bankruptcy After 13 Years
March 5, 2014 “I had to do a #bankruptcy, embarrassing but I had no choice. I called Jacoby & Jacoby they were very helpful” –Laura H. #longisland #law
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September 18, 2014 @jdkunesh no problem Jason!
September 18, 2014 Red Hat Buys FeedHenry For $82M To Add Mobile App Development To Its Platform | TechCrunch -
September 18, 2014 ‘We are a civic tech city:’ How Chicago is rapidly advancing public good technology via @BuiltInChicago @jdkunesh
September 4, 2014 21 free SEO tools to instantly improve your marketing
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October 4, 2008 Searched Twitter for lemon law:
September 25, 2008 @JSammon512 Doc Brown is my vote.
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Put your website in your profile. Give a brief description of what you do. That is the way to start!
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Rob, This is a great new way to build professional and social relationships over the internet.
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March 17, 2014 @LegalTypist Sure. when is the next one?
March 17, 2014 @LegalTypist Monday gets difficult. It used to be Wednesdays.
March 5, 2014 @LegalTypist Thank you G's
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May 21, 2013 My vision of equity in the legal profession is not needing to ask...but we do still. #equityABA
March 7, 2012 Help us end #LRA violence. Visit to find out why and how. @billgates Join us for #KONY2012
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September 22, 2014 A number of children's sunglasses have been recalled due to high levels of lead paint. #productliability #recallalert
September 19, 2014 New app by a Cambridge-based company aims to improve drivers by tracking driving habits. #driving #safety
September 18, 2014 A 15-year-old was critically injured after being hit by a school bus while riding his bicycle. #bicycleaccident
September 18, 2014 An attack by 2 unleashed pit bulls on 2 dogs resulted in the injury of 1 person in Dorchester. #dogbite #animalattack
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September 3, 2014 If you are on a bicycle and there is a car coming and you have a stop sign and they don't, it is not okay to not stop.
August 12, 2014 @TeaPartyCat A lot of people do think suicide is the coward's way out (not sure why, it's not like it's easy to off one's self.)
August 11, 2014 RT @SouthPark: "If you want to be one of the non-conformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do." #GothKids
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2 days ago Monster Energy Drinks hit with copyright infringement lawsuit for using Beastie Boys songs in ad
September 25, 2014 Insect photographer squashed by copyright infringement
September 23, 2014 Hip-Hop Artist Azalea Files Suit: Intellectual Property
September 23, 2014 Online schools engage in trademark dispute
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5 days ago Please consider a small $20 tax deductible contribution to help a needy child by giving them a warm winter coat!...
5 days ago only a $20 tax deductible contribution to help a local child have a warm coat this winter!
September 24, 2014 Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to help kids get a warm coat before winter comes Hamden Rotary
September 24, 2014 “Taking a knee” spoiled a good chance of a Yale Bowl scoring record, if anyone cares! –
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September 23, 2014 What is a compulsory medical exam (CME)?...
September 23, 2014 What is a compulsory medical exam (CME)?...
September 23, 2014 Florida First Party Bad Faith Claims...
September 18, 2014 The Difference between Medical Negligence and General Negligence in Florida...
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August 15, 2014 Are Some Customers Paying Too Much In Fees? The SEC Cracks Down on Linkbrokers: "Is my stockbroker charging me...
April 11, 2014 Biggest Recent FINRA Fines Point to Poor Supervision at Large Broker-Dealers: Apparently the opportunity for b...
April 4, 2014 Managed Futures Fund Fees: When Is Enough Enough?: When are money management fees too much? It is hard to im...
March 21, 2014 Whistleblower Due To Receive $63+ Million Reward: Keith Edwards, a former J.P. Morgan employee is due to recei...
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September 18, 2014 Public Event in Emeryville Time to Remember Lost Daughter, Raise Awareness Over Railroad Safety: Any time a p...
September 15, 2014 Health Care Fraud Targets Back Pain Care: Readers of this blog know that health care fraud steals billions fro...
September 12, 2014 SFFD Fine Against Property Owner Points to Example of When Seemingly Minor Infraction Can Lead to Major Disast...
September 12, 2014 San Mateo Collision Is Example of Perils for Pedestrians That Go Beyond Crosswalks: As we have seen on these ...
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September 17, 2014 "Willful" Copyright Infringement Can Result in Criminal Prosecution: Copyright enforcement is typically a civi...
September 17, 2014 U.S. Trademark Office Cancels Registration for Washington DC Football Team on Grounds of Disparagement: The Na...
September 2, 2014 Trademark of Common Mathematical Symbol Creates Controversy: Trademark law generally protects names or symbols...
September 2, 2014 The Rise of 3D Printing Presents New Intellectual Property Challenges: Three-dimensional printing, or 3D print...
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September 22, 2014 RT @demoisblue: @DaveBrandonAD I pay $350 a seat for my seat license x 3. Then $75 or $95 a ticket for each game x 3. Then I see this
September 22, 2014 @GerdOzone @TBone971 Let's buy 100 cokes & get a group to dress up as caped cowboy finger gunners & do final scene of 3 Amigos in AA.
September 22, 2014 @TomOrr4 @MarkKunz44 The only reason I'm on the tweeter is because my AOL is down and I'm waiting on the postman to deliver another disc.
September 22, 2014 Can I have the Junior Mints instead of the tix? “@BCastOZone: Soon they'll pay people to go to games in Ann Arbor.”
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September 7, 2014 The Massachusetts Sex Offense of Open & Gross Conduct/Lewd & Lascivious Behavior: Exactly What Is This? – Par...
September 3, 2014 Massachusetts Gun Laws Now Tougher: I get an increasing number of calls and emails from people who either want...
September 3, 2014 Dangerous Boston, Massachusetts Apartment Buildings: Students & Parents Beware: Recently here in the Boston...