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October 29, 2010 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case
October 22, 2010 Law Firm using drive-thru service window
June 22, 2010 Prosecution rests in the case of the BART transit officer who shot an unarmed man at a BART station...
June 22, 2010 Prosecution rests in the case of the BART transit officer who shot an unarmed man at a BART station
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January 3, 2014 Unclear how your assets will be divided in NC during a divorce? Read this blog on equitable distribution:
September 9, 2013 Why is my DWI case taking so long?
June 4, 2013 RT @USALawNetwork: getting $$ from your parents? be clear on if it's a gift, loan or "advancement" on your inheritance - read more -
May 23, 2013 Child Name Change in South Carolina:…south-carolina/
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October 15, 2016 Big Climbing Comp in Albuquerque today. the_rock_lounge @ Stone Age Climbing Gym
October 6, 2016 When you misjudge where the tree is going. Ooops. #firewood #donefortoday #durangolife
September 30, 2016 McClure pass. This Friday morning.
September 27, 2016 RT @jerryspringer: Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.
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February 12, 2017 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? World's first Photo and Hashtag Engaging Platform. Upload your logo and…
February 12, 2017 ? ? ? ? ? World's first Photo and Hashtag Engaging Platform. Upload your logo and visual assets…
February 11, 2017 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? World's first Photo and Hashtag Engaging Platform.…
February 11, 2017 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? ???? ???? ???? World's first Photo and Hashtag Engaging Platform. Upload your logo and…
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July 19, 2016 Thanks twitter. Confirmed my indifference re: your importance and influence for years. It's always the same: certain voices are silenced.
May 19, 2016 RT @Joelmentum: Judge can't believe he has to tell DOJ not to lie in court: 'it is almost too mundane to discuss in an opinion'
May 19, 2016 Nothing bad could ever happen, right?
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February 7, 2017 How many followers do you get everyday? I got 15 in the last week. Growing daily with
February 7, 2017 RT @SctBurnettSmith: 9th Cir affirms certification of two RICO/FCRA/state fraud #ClassActions, distinguishing Comcast v. Behrend.
February 7, 2017 RT @AdvertisingLaw: VIZIO to pay $2.2M to #FTC, #NJ to settle charges it collected viewing histories on 11M smart TVs w/out user consent
February 7, 2017 RT @JedBracy: In China, KFC uses facial rec to predict what meal customers are likely to want, based on age, gender & time of day
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February 5, 2017 RT @TonyRobbins: I'm donating 100% of the profits from my new book, UNSHAKEABLE, to @feedingamerica. Pre-order & receive a free gift…
February 3, 2017 RT @wics_abc20: AROUND THE WEB: Tooth-whitening strip theft suspect arrested in Chicago
February 3, 2017 Lawmakers a proposing a ban on Red light cameras in Illinois.. #anxietyin5words: I got a ticket today.
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
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November 2, 2015 RT @AmandaMurphyFL: Please join me for this wonderful event on Thursday, November 12 to celebrate 25 years of Pasco Kids First in our...
July 30, 2015 Today's blog by New Port Richey Injury Attorney Scott McPherson. Avoid firms with an "intake specialist"
June 20, 2015 Today's blog subject: Only reasonable costs advanced by attorney should be recovered in Florida auto accident case.
June 12, 2015 RT @DaytonDUI: Why the bail system sucks. -by John Oliver
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February 7, 2017 Manganese Exposure Linked to Progressive Parkinsonism via @practiceupdate
February 3, 2017 Copy Fees and Limitation of Patients’ Access to Their Medical Records
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February 6, 2017 Melissa Villaseñor w/raves for her Huma Abedin impression; her "Yes, Madam President" the nation's catchphrase.
February 6, 2017 Dr. Hannibal Lecturer #SoftenABadGuy @midnight
February 6, 2017 If the White House really wanted to persuade Justice Kennedy, they'd find some precedent in European law.
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February 10, 2017 RT @evergfoundation: #BreakingNews: FL @RepThadAltman files the house companion bill, HB761, to Sen. @Rob_Bradley's SB10, calling to buy land south of Lake O.
February 6, 2017 RT @AndyMarlette: #Florida cartoon: Welcome to the Panhandle, where state, local govs have done so well that @mattgaetz says no need…
February 6, 2017 Agreed! @richardcorcoran; CA spends money on it's infrastructure and environment and we should too #SB10
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October 24, 2016 Riverside Crash is 11th U.S. Death Linked to Takata Air Bags: Delia Robles, 50, was killed in a car crash on ...
October 23, 2016 Major Palm Springs Tour Bus Accident with Semi-Truck: Update: CHP will be holding a press conference at 1:30p...
October 21, 2016 Chino Hills Crash Injures Two Student Pedestrians and Driver: A fiery two-car crash in Chino Hills has injure...
October 21, 2016 Boy Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in Victorville: On Thursday evening, a 13-year-old boy was riding his bicycl...
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September 24, 2008 Auto Tort and Environmental Litigation
February 9, 2010 @AS_Foundation MJL once got 14M 4 Construction Acciden.;
August 12, 2008 Environmental and Toxic Tort Laws, Class Actions, and Product Liability
February 8, 2010 Anapol Schwartz Foundation to Announce Semi-Finalists During Burn Week
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September 4, 2008 Pharmaceutical Liability- Avandia & Fosamax,
August 13, 2008 Pharmaceutical Liability
February 9, 2010 @AS_Foundation Users raise their risk of Heart Attacks by 43%
January 29, 2010 .@jronca & .@tanapol are tweeting about drugs that are being recalled by the FDA. #FollowFriday
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August 14, 2008 Pharmaceutical Liabililty- Digitek
January 29, 2010 Auto Accident Statistics for New Jersey: 2000 - Present.
January 29, 2010 I can't believe this balloon boy thing is still in the news. -
January 28, 2010 Russia hate crimes decrease in 2009: rights group: [JURIST] Russian racial hate crimes decreased slightly in 2009 ...
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February 2, 2017 @NHTSAgov - Looking to contribute to your organization. How can I reach you outside of Twitter?
January 27, 2017 I am still looking to contribute to @LASchools, let me know if you're interested.
January 27, 2017 Looking to contribute to @UCLA_Law, how can I reach you outside of Twitter?
January 17, 2017 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Trade Show Still Plays Big Role for L.A. Businesses | Los Angeles Business Journal
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October 4, 2008 Searched Twitter for lemon law:
September 25, 2008 @JSammon512 Doc Brown is my vote.
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Put your website in your profile. Give a brief description of what you do. That is the way to start!
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Rob, This is a great new way to build professional and social relationships over the internet.
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February 5, 2017 What can I go buy from 84 Lumber? We are in a wrongful death suit with them right now. Yet I love them in this moment.
February 3, 2017 @CNN Can we do a gofundme on offering her enough money to take some sodium pentothal?
January 30, 2017 @MaxKennerly uber=scabs. Starbucks=I forgot already
January 29, 2017 Really enjoyed everything about the #AustraliaOpen2017 #tbt
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October 30, 2008 Learning how to blog or "blawg" as I am told since I will be sticking to legal topics.
October 16, 2008 Need to know best place to watch Steelers in Omaha, Nebraska!
October 14, 2008 Great hiking in Highlands this weekend. Gorgeous colors. Now, writing an article on insurance companies defending bad faith claims.
October 7, 2008 Saw great Nanci Griffith concert and Steelers beat the Jags this weekend! Today, trying to learn how to blog.
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January 19, 2017 With the sleet and ice recently it’s even more important to cut out distractions.
January 17, 2017 The most dangerous intersections in Milwaukee.
January 13, 2017 Is texting and driving as bad as drunk driving?
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February 6, 2017 Newport Beach Personal Injury Attorney Logs First Trial Win #Legal
February 1, 2017 Two Bisnar Chase Attorneys Featured on Super Lawyers List #Legal
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August 27, 2014 @HuffingtonPost you should do a piece on the back to school photos on social media. I tried but this happened.
March 18, 2014 @PNCBank_Help thanks for quick reply!
March 18, 2014 @PNCBank_Help , has the debit card issue been resolved?
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January 25, 2017 RT @americaslawyer: On tonight's show Mike uncovers the scandal that has lead to 1 in 6 cars being equipped with a ticking time bomb. T…
January 13, 2017 RT @USCPSC: Think you've identified an unsafe product? Report it on
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February 2, 2017 In this survey, Americans feel they are safe drivers, but are they?
February 1, 2017 In Texas: 1 reportable crash every 61 secs, where 1 person is injured every 2min 8s, of which 1 person is killed every 2hrs 29mins
January 31, 2017 Insurance: rental reimbursement is only $1-$2/mnth but often overlooked. Keep rental costs down w/ these tips
January 26, 2017 It is not always the fault of the driver in a train collision
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February 12, 2017 Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open - SNL via @YouTube - I'm still crying.....
February 11, 2017 Hey @realDonaldTrump - over dinner with Abe, did you mention: "Japan, South Korea might need nuclear weapons"…
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October 20, 2016 Just booked the throwback dinner with @tniver and guests... any chance a table for two under the stairs next to the fireplace is available?
July 23, 2015 Ralph Palmer Voted Top 100 Lawyer: For the 16th consecutive year, Ralph Palmer has been recognized as a Super ...
May 1, 2015 Jury Verdict: Cervical Disc Herniation in Hennepin County: Ralph Palmer and Eric Palmer have obtained a $97,75...
May 1, 2015 Jury Verdict: Cervical Disc Herniation in Hennepin County: Ralph Palmer and Eric Palmer have obtained a $97,75...
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January 9, 2017 Holy shit espn that camera angle is awful. #nationalchampionship #espn
December 25, 2016 RT @IamRavindu: A Christmas Carol service in Sri Lanka has accidentally printed the lyrics of Tupac’s Hail Mary, instead of the pra…
November 21, 2016 RT @staciestern: Now our state can get to work on updating old laws regarding #fantasy sports so Arizonans aren't left out…
November 14, 2016 RT @IKE_DEVJI: Who is the Arizona Business Person of the Year for 2016? local start-up @tuftandneedle is winning #entrepreneur
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February 10, 2017 Repost from @AttorneyClub one of the most common types of cruise ship passenger accidents our…
February 9, 2017 Slippery Step Causes Cruise Ship Accident - One of the most common types of cruise ship accidents our maritime ...
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February 1, 2017 Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee to the SCOTUS.
January 31, 2017 "India allows communities to follow family laws that are governed by their religion. But the practice of what is...
January 30, 2017 If you want to know why Google is honoring Fred Korematsu's 98th birthday today, by featuring him on their home...
January 25, 2017 The Utah legislative session is in full swing. Hold on to your rights, pocket books, etc. We will keep you in the...
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February 8, 2017 RT @SenJeffMerkley: Unsung heroes of the Senate: Capitol Police, stenographers, clerks, pages, cloakroom staff, doorkeepers, and officers of the Senate.
February 7, 2017 RT @AltNatParkSer: Trump is apparently very annoyed by this picture of #PresidentBannon on the cover of Time. Please RT. #NPS
February 7, 2017 RT @MatPDX: Live stream of oral arguments in Washington v. Trump tomorrow (Tue. Feb. 7) at 3 pm. Bets on whether the servers br…
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February 10, 2017 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – A Lawyer’s Trucks
February 4, 2017 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – A Lawyer’s Bill
February 1, 2017 Virginia: Legal Recognition – A Lawyer’s Business
January 29, 2017 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – A Lawyer’s Refiling
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September 22, 2015 Tell Obama We Want Serious Action on Climate Before Paris Take Action w @Roots_Action
August 13, 2015 NFL Settlement Of Concussion Class Action Lawsuit With Former Players–Is It Adequate?: There was an interestin...
July 23, 2015 Tragic DWI Crash in Cutchogue: This past Saturday, July 18, 2015, there was an horrific DWI crash in Cutchogue...
July 10, 2015 Lower Hudson Valley Motor Vehicle Crashes 2011-2014: As anyone who drives on the major highways and parkways i...
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February 7, 2017 Congratulations to our 2017 Super Lawyers! Thank you for all that you do. #levinperconti #superlawyers
February 1, 2017 DO YOU TWEET? Contact Congress Until 2/11 to Voice Support for Banning Binding Arbitration in Nurs...
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January 29, 2017 RT @windypundit: Trump cut off his infant grandnephew's health insurance while the kid was being treated for cerebral palsy.…
January 28, 2017 RT @TorontoStar: Pence tweet in 2015 criticized Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim travel to U.S.