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May 14, 2016 The Ambrose School, this year's Idaho state champions, placed sixth at the National Mock Trial Championship today! Congrats! #NatlMockTrial
April 26, 2016 According to the USPTO, there are currently 11059 active patent agents and 33210 active patent attorneys.
April 19, 2016 Scraping the patent database and creating public prior art en mass | New Scientist
March 23, 2016 RT @tm4smallbiz interesting #trademark: MAKING IP BETTER reg'd for legal services by Buchanan Nipper LLP @patent
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January 30, 2010 Michelle Malkin is addressing the Tea Party Leadership class. It is great to be with people who believe that this country is salvageable!
January 19, 2010 Scott Brown wins in Mass, 52%/47%, Coakley gives up. SWEET!
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November 20, 2016 RT @Fresh_Flames1: #BlackHistory Was Made Today Nov 20 1923 When Garrett Morgan Received A Patent For His Traffic Signal Invention
November 8, 2016 RT @IMSA: Our preferred kind of close racing.
October 5, 2016 There is a difference between "confidential" and "proprietary". It may not always be an important distinction, but…
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November 11, 2016 To all who served, and especially to my grandfather, father, and brother (who has been to Afghanistan twice),...
November 7, 2016 Let me say one thing, and make it clear. If you hate someone for who they support, or how they vote, you and your...
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August 4, 2011 RT @IAmBiotech: Take a look at BIO's new website! Nice job! #biotech
July 1, 2011 Back in Ohio after a fantastic BIO convention. I'm already looking forward to 2012! #bio2011
June 30, 2011 RT @kevinokeefe: How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
June 30, 2011 RT @FBT_law: Graphic Design position open at Frost Brown Todd (can work out of Louisville, Cincinnati or Indianapolis).
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November 16, 2016 RT @Gizmodo: Lego made a miniature working version of the Panama Canal
November 12, 2016 RT @GUVoiceSports: Several theories as to this outburst from the #Hoyas. 1: KENTE ON THE COURT 2: New (sleeker) uniforms 3. Rodney Pryor
November 8, 2016 RT @happydelinquent: If Trump wins tonight, I actually think Kanye West has a shot to be our president in 2020. #ElectionNight
November 8, 2016 RT @Writeintrump: Good news Billy Bush! You can quit your job at Target because I need a White House Press Secretary!…
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April 27, 2009 USPTO Patent Quality Review Changing (for Better?)
April 24, 2009 it official, espn reporting Lions sign Stafford $41M+.
April 24, 2009 RT @TheOnion Sports: Report: Lions To Use No. 1 Pick In NFL Draft On Ryan Leaf
April 23, 2009 RT @RossRunkel Her first argument before any court, associate wins at US Supreme Court
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November 21, 2016 We our proud to announce we were recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Business Journal in their Nov 14th...
November 17, 2016 Fantastic time at the Patrick soon shiong innovation awards.
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November 17, 2016 The odds of a hybrid vehicle being involved in a pedestrian crash are 19% higher than a gas-powered vehicle - NHTSA
November 16, 2016 I would recommend them to my mom, family, friends..anybody." -Jonathan R. We were happy we could get you the settl…
November 15, 2016 Being awake for more than 24 hours produces impairment equal to a blood alcohol concentration of .10
November 11, 2016 Angel Reyes is proud to have been named to the Super Lawyers list, 2008-2016 by Law & Politics magazine. Read more:…
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August 28, 2015 The building and street have changed a lot, but it is still recognizable, see also
August 28, 2015 A chicken sandwich is not eligible for copyright protection. Colon-Lorenzana v. South American Restaurants,
August 26, 2015 9th Cir. says holding defendants in shackles in court requires adequate rational, economic strain of the jailer is not an adequate rational.
0 CC51 CF338 AC1,339 AF0 TT#15 CC
February 19, 2013 Tiffany was not amused that Costco used its name to describe diamond engagement rings sold in Costco stores.
February 18, 2013 Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ~George Washington
February 15, 2013 Google sues British telecoms group BT, claiming its infringing on 4 of Google's patents.
February 14, 2013 Mary Kay and Michael Kors battle it out over the use of the MK trademark.
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November 9, 2016 RT @Storytek: We have an amazing lineup of speakers at #storytek revealing how to get to millions in entertainment industry!
November 8, 2016 PatSnap Launches Competitor Patent and Trademark Analysis Tool, OneClick IP
November 8, 2016 Coolest invention on @Kickstarter: SprayPrinter: Smart Spray Paint Technology
October 19, 2016 China is Now Stealing Ideas Off Kickstarter and Launching Them Faster and Cheaper
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November 24, 2016 #WeSupport JDRF Fund a Cure 2016
November 24, 2016 #Trump trademarks win in China, days after Donald Trump is elected president…
November 24, 2016 New FCC rules will require Internet service providers to allow customers to “opt-in” for gathering of personal info…
November 23, 2016 RT @StephenEFox: #weed at work? CA, Mass & Nev legalize marijuana--how will it effect workplace? Great insight from @polsinelli_LE.
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November 3, 2016 Ação Patrocinada pelo nosso escritório
October 21, 2016 Urgente: STF julgará desaposentação no próximo dia 26. Vc que é aeronauta e tem seu processo parado em razão da...
September 22, 2016 Entrevista ao Jornal Zero Hora
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November 14, 2016 #'s 3 & 5 may be particularly important when forming political opinions.
November 12, 2016 I hope Pres-elect Trump invites this young man to the Whitehouse. ... and his little brother, who tried to stick up…
November 12, 2016 Would love to get my hands on one of these. It will be as valuable as "Dewey Wins" newspapers.
November 12, 2016 @AndrewNBCNews Contrast how Stanford provides resources to help educate students vs UConn, Ohio St and Yale, who validate & coddle them.
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June 2, 2016 RT @larryport: AWESOME STUFF for my fellow typography geeks: Type Terms
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November 20, 2016 RT @xLiserx: Million Dollar Idea: A Canadian dating website that carries Americans over the border by drone for green card marriages. Eh-Mazon Prime.
November 19, 2016 RT @jonhartmannjazz: #NameAPenceMuscial The Grand Wizard of Oz
November 18, 2016 RT @IvaARogers: I'm now thinking there's a definite conflict of interest with Ivanka's home bedding collection of white sheets. #TrumpTransition
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August 24, 2016 You can now find me @contingencyblog. Please follow me there, as this Twitter account has gone inactive.
July 12, 2015 I've moved to @contingencyblog. Please follow me there.
July 7, 2015 Check out my new law blog, The Contingency.
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November 17, 2016 RT @DPRK_News: Revelation that 75% of U.S. news stories are fraudulent shatters public faith in journalism @DPRK_News publishes only truthful reports.
November 15, 2016 RT @DPRK_News: DPRK United Nations legation urges investigation of south Korean Samsung corporation, for telephones of mass destruction.
November 14, 2016 RT @DPRK_News: Studies by Kim Il-Sung University sociologists contradict failed US hegemon Hillary Clinton, as 100% of Americans are found to be deplorable
November 12, 2016 RT @DPRK_News: Popularity of internet-connected refrigerators is sign that western society is doomed beyond salvation, according to leading historians.
0 CC22 CF679 AC2,376 AF2 TT#25 CC
November 21, 2016 RT @Law360: Alec Baldwin shoots back at art gallery in fight over sale of counterfeit painting:
November 21, 2016 RT @didinyc: #CA Fedl judge appvd USD4.75MM settlemnt #classaction by customers claiming #Reebok’s exclusve #NFL #licensing deal violated #antitrust laws
November 21, 2016 RT @EldonHam: Who's on First? Courts can't agree. Broadway play uses routine, gets sued, earns third base ruling: "I Don't Know."
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June 22, 2016 Win A Dual Stage Temperature Controller via @homebrewfinds #homebrew
October 9, 2015 The REAL most wonderful time of the year is here. Oktoberfest 2015! #CapCityOFest
October 8, 2015 Oktoberfest 2015!
July 27, 2015 just closed a deal in 96 minutes using #AdobeDocCloud #eSign services
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August 4, 2011 @MassGovernor Dear Governor Patrick, a multi-year delay on the green-line extension across Somerville is not an acceptable option.
July 27, 2011 Thanks, Cyntia (@HyperionLaw). I had gone so long without blogging, I appreciate the comments.
July 27, 2011 New blog post: "This American Life" on patents:
July 26, 2011 Flying Jet Blue to DC soon for some examiner interviews at the USPTO. #TrueBlueJackpot - maybe win some ff points.
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November 21, 2016 RT @torrentfreak: Rightscorp Only Has Enough Cash to Last Until December
November 21, 2016 RT @FreeLawProject: After months of effort, we are absolutely thrilled to launch our new tool for searching PACER content.
November 11, 2016 RT @torrentfreak: University Bans BitTorrent to Stop Flood of Infringement Notices
November 10, 2016 ICYMI: Edward Snowden interview on privacy and the election results via @MyStartMail
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November 20, 2016 Full notice to IP colleagues: I quit blogging. Ok, so I quit a year ago, but now it's official ...since I blogged it
November 9, 2016 To those who felt they didn't fairly share in the prosperity of past 8 yrs, I honestly hope there is any to be shared at all in coming 4.
November 3, 2016 The @aipla IP Moot Court Problem is available for the 2017 competition. Rules and additional logistics to follow!
November 2, 2016 Cf. Milwaukee v. Illinois, 451 U.S. 304 (1981) (federal common law gone "when Congress addresses a question" of tha…
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October 3, 2016 Oregon authorities are investigating Kickstarter darling Coolest (updated) via @engadget
September 23, 2016 Companies seek to capitalize on hot Crispr gene tool, though patent dispute is unresolved via @WSJ
September 21, 2016 Apple on the losing end of an 22Mil verdict. Patent trolls strike again.
0 CC33 CF229 AC776 AF2 TT#31 CC
November 19, 2016 Does President Trump Provide an Opportunity for Patent-friendly Policies? Kevin Noonan
November 15, 2016 Like the Ashley Madison site before it, AdultFriendFinder has been hacked, with 99% of user passwords cracked and...
November 11, 2016 . Time to get beyond just username & password. #HIPAA
November 11, 2016 . Time to get beyond just username & password. #HIPAA
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November 16, 2016 RT @FreshPatents: NEW - GOOGLE - Methods, systems, and media for generating an advertisement from a video stream -
November 16, 2016 Amazon taking counterfeit sellers to court, after businesses state that knockoffs impact sales & endanger consumers
November 14, 2016 Webinar - Driving Invention into Successful Innovation: Collaboration is Key. 11/15 @ 2ET
November 9, 2016 It's currently permissible to hack the software of your own car due to recent DMCA exemption taking effect.
0 CC3 CF84 AC167 AF2 TT#34 CC
June 30, 2016 Did you listen to Serial? This is phenomenal -- new trial granted eight years after conviction for Adnan Syed.
April 6, 2016 RT @CarolineJFoxLaw: #QueenBey doesn't have time for your TM tarnishment: "‘Feyonce’ Knockoffs Are So Not Beyoncé Approved: via @TheCut
February 8, 2016 This is a brilliant, elegant theory to describe the behavior of politicians: sufficient opportunity for graft:
0 CC2 CF6 AC19 AF0 TT#35 CC
September 29, 2015 It’s official: Port City is the best small brewery in America
September 15, 2015 9th Cir Affirms Lenz v. Universal: fair use must be considered before sending DMCA notice. via @SFGate
0 CC21 CF65 AC1,131 AF0 TT#36 CC
November 23, 2016 Apple obtains a patent for a iPhone which is foldable and can clip onto clothing
November 22, 2016 Astronomers have found one of the most massive objects in the universe hiding nearby..
November 21, 2016 Instagram continues expansion of trademark territory but they may be biting off more than they can chew ...
November 21, 2016 RT @CNN: Donald Trump criticized this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" as "biased" and asked for "equal time" to respond.…
0 CC18 CF70 AC534 AF0 TT#37 CC
May 23, 2016 How Abraham Lincoln Became the Only U.S. President to Hold a Patent
May 20, 2016 This Day In History: Levi Strauss patents blue jeans via @abc7
May 18, 2016 Mary’s Medicinals secures patent for marijuana gel in its transdermal patches: via @cannabist
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November 23, 2016 Transfer payments for offshoring patents can invite IRS scrutiny and hinder patent damage claims.
September 28, 2016 A huge congrats to Fenwick's @cindyhess and Jennifer Kelly, named @RecorderTweets Women Leaders in Tech Law!
September 26, 2016 Congrats to Fenwick's @cindyhess and Jennifer Kelly who were honored as @RecorderTweets Women Leaders in #Tech Law!
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November 20, 2016 On epigenetics: we need both Darwin’s and Lamarck’s theories – via @aeonmag
October 24, 2016 9 Trends That Will Carry #Genomics Into 2020 (And Beyond) via @meddeviceonline
October 19, 2016 #CRISPR Therapeutics raises a $56M IPO, but patent battles, potential stock drops loom