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69 CC89 CF234 AC740 AF0 TT#1 CC
April 27, 2009 USPTO Patent Quality Review Changing (for Better?)
April 24, 2009 it official, espn reporting Lions sign Stafford $41M+.
April 24, 2009 RT @TheOnion Sports: Report: Lions To Use No. 1 Pick In NFL Draft On Ryan Leaf
April 23, 2009 RT @RossRunkel Her first argument before any court, associate wins at US Supreme Court
69 CC113 CF1,589 AC2,956 AF57 TT#2 CC
21.4 hours ago RT @octoberfive2001: Pro Tip: wear hoodies in the fall and winter because drinking pumpkin milkshakes makes your nipples really hard in public
1 day ago RT @WilliamAder: When I was growing up, there was a number you could dial to get the time & temperature. That was our internet.
1 day ago RT @thetobbie: Been a bit ill all day. Pale. Should’ve been born a Victorian dandy, when vague but crippling illnesses & pallor were all the rage...
1 day ago RT @Importantest: "View Conversation"? It's not a conversation, Twitter. It's some bland asshole jocking my jokes.
68 CC94 CF270 AC757 AF0 TT#3 CC
2 days ago Anatomy of a #FAA Enforcement Action For Illegal #Drone Use. #skypan #UAV @aviatorHq @DIYDrones
2 days ago Anatomy of a FAA Enforcement Action For Illegal Drone Use: via @YouTube
3 days ago Read #FAA’s October 6 Civil Penalty Letter to #SkyPan seeking $1.9 Million or unlawful #drone #UAV operation.
3 days ago FAA get's serious. $1.9 fine for fling a #drone without #FAA permission. #fail #aviation #drones
66 CC71 CF3,902 AC4,583 AF0 TT#4 CC
March 27, 2015 #MostreSeuSom banda VALENTE - INSOSSEGO (One Produtora)
December 24, 2014 Foi um grande ano! Obrigado por fazer parte dele.
November 24, 2014 Entrei em contato com Jonatas Alan Schwengber - Administrador, SALGADOS DO VALE no Viadeo:
November 24, 2014 Entrei em contato com Fiona W - Sales manager no Viadeo:
61 CC120 CF1,197 AC3,100 AF0 TT#5 CC
July 24, 2015 Barenaked Ladies / Violent Femmes.
July 11, 2015 Not much lightning, but accurate. There goes the lights.
July 10, 2015 RT @patent: Reminder: various USPTO systems will be down for maintenance 8 pm 7/18/2015 through 5 pm 7/19/2015.
July 9, 2015 101 US Cities Have Pledged to Build Their Own Gigabit Networks (including Boise) -
58 CC61 CF611 AC905 AF0 TT#6 CC
September 30, 2015 I answered 8 out of 10 on a Smithsonian Quiz -
September 24, 2015 A false patent reform narrative - The Innovation Act is not about small businesses - via @ipwatchdog
September 24, 2015 'Holy Copyright!' Batmobile Protected Against Replica Seller via @TheNLJ
September 21, 2015 Good, Fast Certainty: The Case for Patent Office Litigation via @NYLawJournal
58 CC63 CF2,008 AC2,451 AF0 TT#7 CC
July 27, 2015 just closed a deal in 96 minutes using #AdobeDocCloud #eSign services
June 22, 2015 just closed a deal in 5 hours using #AdobeDocCloud #eSign services
June 16, 2015 .@DonBeyerVA Oppose the Remote Transactions Parity Act – it will harm U.S. small businesses! #NoNetTax
June 16, 2015 .@MarkWarner Oppose the Remote Transactions Parity Act – it will harm U.S. small businesses! #NoNetTax
44 CC83 CF676 AC3,415 AF0 TT#8 CC
October 4, 2015 Videos of various #patent and #trademark district court proceedings. Yes, they’re boring.
October 3, 2015 The Federal Circuit's en banc oral argument in the #patent exhaustion Lexmark case can be heard here:
October 3, 2015 The Federal Circuit's en banc In Re Tam "scandalous" #trademark oral argument can be heard here:
20 CC22 CF142 AC167 AF0 TT#9 CC
June 18, 2015 RT @PoJoGeoffWilson: Hudson Whiskey laid the groundwork for distilleries in NY, creating jobs and contributing to tourism. #whiskey
April 20, 2015 Scent Marks: The Future of Trademark Branding?: The primary purpose of a trademark is to create an immediate a...
February 11, 2015 The Supreme Court of the United States Leaves Question of Trademark Tacking To Jury: The United States Supreme...
19 CC45 CF376 AC1,366 AF0 TT#10 CC
February 19, 2013 Tiffany was not amused that Costco used its name to describe diamond engagement rings sold in Costco stores.
February 18, 2013 Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ~George Washington
February 15, 2013 Google sues British telecoms group BT, claiming its infringing on 4 of Google's patents.
February 14, 2013 Mary Kay and Michael Kors battle it out over the use of the MK trademark.
15 CC52 CF118 AC966 AF0 TT#11 CC
October 3, 2015 RT @consumerist: Verizon Tells Judge: Porn Copyright Troll Is Wasting Everyone’s Time With “Defective” Subpoenas
October 1, 2015 RT @torrentfreak: Verizon Fights Copyright Troll Demands in Court
September 30, 2015 RT @EFF: Speak out in defense of strong security. Tell @Whitehouse: no backdoors in our technology.
September 30, 2015 RT @DreadWingKnight: Rightscorp Retains Dallas Buyers Club Copyright Troll Lawyer - TorrentFreak
13 CC23 CF237 AC554 AF0 TT#12 CC
August 19, 2015 #Patent Examiners are only human; Patent Strategy includes thinking creatively, collaboratively, to reach out and educate re your innovation
August 19, 2015 Getting so excited for "The Martian" movie (New trailer: Science, innovative thinking, a few explosions, I'm in :)
12 CC24 CF361 AC1,201 AF0 TT#13 CC
20.8 hours ago Henry Wickham, the Amazon river and rubber trees--the state of biodiversity and biopiracy today: Around Christ...
21.7 hours ago A Site for Sore Eyes: Economics of Domain names: What is in a name? With Internet consumer laws changing, Goog...
23.6 hours ago News from Abroad: Australian High Court Has Ruled in Myriad Gene Patent Case: By Karen Sinclair -- The Austral...
24 hours ago News from Abroad: High Court Rules Myriad's BRCA Genes Not Patentable Subject Matter in Australia: By Tania Ob...
11 CC17 CF187 AC349 AF5 TT#14 CC
1 day ago 7 Intellectual Property Issues Startup Entrepreneurs Should Not Overlook | JD Supra Perspectives - JDSupra
4 days ago Wondering about patents that look like mere abstract ideas? Check out the FR Alice Tracker
4 days ago In case your wondering about patents that look like mere abstract ideas, check out the FR Alice Tracker
4 days ago After-Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 (AFCP 2.0) extended to September 30, 2016 at @USPTO
11 CC23 CF173 AC648 AF0 TT#15 CC
4 days ago Watch @SavetheInventor's Google Hangout Oct. 7 at 3 PM ET to learn why #PatentsMatter. via @SavetheInventor
5 days ago Good advice from Frank Bradshaw of Ho'ike Tech. And think of Elman Technology Law for the recommended...
5 days ago Good advice for Small and Medium Businesses from Frank Bradshaw of Ho'ike Tech.
October 3, 2015 Social Media Takes Television Back in Time. @PaulLev what say you?
10 CC12 CF129 AC184 AF1 TT#16 CC
9 CC49 CF85 AC1,254 AF0 TT#17 CC
August 4, 2011 RT @IAmBiotech: Take a look at BIO's new website! Nice job! #biotech
July 1, 2011 Back in Ohio after a fantastic BIO convention. I'm already looking forward to 2012! #bio2011
June 30, 2011 RT @kevinokeefe: How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
June 30, 2011 RT @FBT_law: Graphic Design position open at Frost Brown Todd (can work out of Louisville, Cincinnati or Indianapolis).
8 CC23 CF28 AC242 AF0 TT#18 CC
October 3, 2015 RT @ArenaFlowers: If the legend is true, Marty McFly will jump from the past, & join us here on present-day earth on 21st October 2015
September 28, 2015 RT @BadAstronomer: Turns out the big NASA news is that we've had it backwards this whole time. Men are from Venus and women are from Mars.
September 25, 2015 RT @algolia: How to make a #Jekyll developers happy? Give an awesome search bar experience installed in no time with no backend.
September 25, 2015 RT @OneJaredNewman: Still the best patent illustration of all time.
7 CC15 CF191 AC402 AF0 TT#19 CC
September 30, 2015 15 Things Every Newbie Needs to Know About Starting a Business
September 27, 2015 How to get $90M from Coke for your big idea
September 25, 2015 Two small Colorado businesses competing for free Super Bowl ad
September 15, 2015 The big business of making celebs online brands
6 CC9 CF29 AC74 AF0 TT#20 CC
4 days ago 179 Trademark Registrations Issued to Indiana Companies in September 2015
October 2, 2015 179 Trademark Registrations Issued to Indiana Companies in September 2015
October 1, 2015 Indiana Patent Litigation: Additional Complaint Asserting Patent Infringement Filed Against Lippert
September 30, 2015 Indiana Copyright Litigation: Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Removed to Federal Court
4 CC26 CF159 AC1,152 AF0 TT#21 CC
September 21, 2015 Cohen IP Law Group PC | Intellectual Property Paralegal Legal Assistant | Cohen IP Law Group PC...
September 21, 2015 Intellectual Property Paralegal Legal Assistant, Cohen IP Law Group PC
August 12, 2015 We are happy to announce that Cohen IP Law Group, PC has ranked again as one of the top trademark firms in the...
4 CC5 CF86 AC171 AF0 TT#22 CC
October 3, 2015 Altho "patent pending" icon should have been a multi-year calendar in the shape of a maze.
October 2, 2015 Looking forward to the @AIPLA annual meeting (and moderating my first track) in just a few weeks. See everyone there! #aiplaAM15
September 22, 2015 About time! But a shame "Happy Birthday" entered the public domain via a validity attack instead of term expiry.
4 CC5 CF90 AC179 AF0 TT#23 CC
March 16, 2014 Happy IP Birthday: Happy Birthday goes out today to Georg Ohm who was born in 1789. You may well wonder what...
3 CC11 CF110 AC380 AF1 TT#24 CC
September 20, 2015 "First-of-its-Kind Nerve Regeneration Pulled Off with 3D Printed Nerve Guides" via 3D Printing Industry
September 9, 2015 "Michelin to Develop Metal 3D Printers in €25 Million Joint Venture" via 3D Printing Industry
3 CC11 CF57 AC155 AF0 TT#25 CC
September 1, 2015 RT @jpmcdonald: I still say the best James Bond would be Jim Gaffigan.
August 29, 2015 RT @Roy_Meets_World: Not gonna lie. Don't even know how to change my twitter handle.
August 23, 2015 frenchies, next time an American asks for directions, don't pretend you don't speak English. Just say thank you
3 CC3 CF59 AC154 AF0 TT#26 CC
September 19, 2015 RT @GaryParrishCBS: The Memphis football team has now won 10 consecutive games. (That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type in my entire life.)
September 19, 2015 Take that, Spurrier. #SCvsUGA #GoDawgs
September 2, 2015 RT @SethMacFarlane: Fozzie Bear's material is now considered too offensive for college campuses.
2 CC3 CF21 AC87 AF0 TT#27 CC
January 30, 2010 Michelle Malkin is addressing the Tea Party Leadership class. It is great to be with people who believe that this country is salvageable!
January 19, 2010 Scott Brown wins in Mass, 52%/47%, Coakley gives up. SWEET!
June 6, 2011 Why Run Your Company Into The Ground?
May 26, 2011 So Pawlenty, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul all oppose Ethanol. A good start! Now if we can get Europe and Japan pay for their own defense.
2 CC11 CF15 AC69 AF0 TT#28 CC
September 2, 2015 Wills of millions of [deceased] Americans now available online - via @HeraldTribune
August 27, 2015 StarKist Settles Tuna Suit, Consumers Can Get $25 or $50 in Tuna
August 6, 2015 So weird watching Stewart's last show. Nice cameo by Kilborn. Thx for the laughs. Looking forward to next ch. @TheDailyShow #JonVoyage
2 CC3 CF36 AC112 AF1 TT#29 CC
September 30, 2015 Neil Woodford gambles $25M on a rare genetic disease startup
September 23, 2015 Edge Therapeutics, Strongbridge line up for hoped-for IPO windfalls
September 23, 2015 AstraZeneca embraces crowdsourcing in a mix-and-match cancer R&D contest
September 13, 2015 A. Jamie Cuticchia, PhD JD Resume
2 CC10 CF23 AC120 AF0 TT#30 CC
September 26, 2015 Jumping Down the Rabbit Hole with Artificial Intelligence & Self-Awareness - REMARKABLE... When will AI&SA appear?
September 25, 2015 Pope's speech to Congress - 4 American heroes, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day & Thomas Merton - fr…
September 25, 2015 The self aggrandizement of Mr. Trump appears to know no bounds. Today, he questioned why an election is even necess…
September 22, 2015 Another interesting review of cognitive bias.
2 CC5 CF4 AC23 AF0 TT#31 CC
July 14, 2011 Better Fit for Mucho Macho Man?: The shoes of a racehorse are essential to his performance…
June 22, 2011 Retired Teachers Can Pursue Other Careers: Workers who are not involved in the profession may…
June 20, 2011 High Identity Theft in Florida: Minimizing the Effects: Retailers and consumers should be…
June 14, 2011 Exciting Merger: Gainesville Biotech Company and Texas Company Combine Forces: AxoGen is…
2 CC6 CF64 AC173 AF0 TT#32 CC
2 CC2 CF76 AC92 AF0 TT#33 CC
December 3, 2013 Fall Festivities, Food, and Football: October Link Roundup via @sharethis
March 14, 2013 RT @DaleWestlingSR: The Most Damaging Assumption About Divorce: The Blame Game
December 10, 2012 RT @DaleWestlingSR: ‘D’ Is for Divorce: Big Feelings on Sesame Street - Storyboard Editorial:
2 CC3 CF10 AC31 AF0 TT#34 CC
September 30, 2015 In January, HKW successfully defended Martin Sprock, the founder of Moe's Southwest Grill, in a federal trial,...
September 22, 2015 Our annual firm retreat is always a great opportunity to get our team together outside the office and identify...
September 17, 2015 I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album "Softball Party"
1 CC11 CF318 AC1,302 AF2 TT#35 CC
October 2, 2015 Yeah, it sucks just creating tech billionaires, putting people into space, and being the No. 1 party school...again.
October 2, 2015 Its all fun to climb into the ring with the Champ- until you're Sonny Liston looking up at Cassius Clay from the mat
October 2, 2015 RT @THREsq: Bill Cosby's Bid to End Accuser's Lawsuit Rips Into Gloria Allred's PR Tactics
October 2, 2015 Escorts? I thought Ford stopped making those in 2003? Seems kinda cheep. Louisville should hire Escalades instead...
1 CC2 CF11 AC56 AF0 TT#36 CC
October 1, 2014 Join Us at the Jacksonville Communities Fighting Addiction Rally
September 19, 2014 Accident Reports are Not Admissible in Court Against You
August 11, 2014 A Monkey’s Selfie in the Forest turns into a Copyright Debate
July 21, 2014 Tesla Faces Trademark Battle in China
1 CC2 CF40 AC103 AF0 TT#37 CC
1 day ago The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting the Internet. #adblockalypse2015
2 days ago man has strong feelings about Renoir:
2 days ago Europe shuts down data privacy safe harbor for US companies. Will increase compliance costs for US startups :-/
2 days ago Venture Dealr - neat visualization of a few rounds of VC funding.
0 CC0 CF0 AC0 AF0 TT#38 CC
October 3, 2015 RT @RealJamesWoods: My God, what extraordinary people these young Christians were. The courage of their conviction is unimaginable.
October 2, 2015 Great time bowling with the judges. Safe to say I will never have the ten pin skills displayed in the Big...
October 1, 2015 Bowling with Judges tonight! But if they think I'm going to let them win because they wear a robe (difficult to...
September 29, 2015 One of the best mantras I've encountered, and tried to adopt, declares: "If it is to be, it is up to me."
0 CC0 CF0 AC0 AF0 TT#39 CC
August 28, 2015 The building and street have changed a lot, but it is still recognizable, see also
August 28, 2015 A chicken sandwich is not eligible for copyright protection. Colon-Lorenzana v. South American Restaurants,
August 26, 2015 9th Cir. says holding defendants in shackles in court requires adequate rational, economic strain of the jailer is not an adequate rational.
0 CC0 CF0 AC0 AF0 TT#40 CC
September 4, 2015 Enjoy your weekend ~ BE SAFE!! #laborday
July 3, 2015 Happy 4th of July weekend! BE SAFE!!
June 21, 2015 I posted a new photo to Facebook