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April 25, 2016 Social Media and Divorce, The Dos and Donts; #SocialMedia #DivorceEtiquette #Divorce #FamilyLaw; Read More:
April 22, 2016 Mediation, Arbitration and Collaboration and Divorce; #CollaborativeDivorce #Divorce #DivorceProcess #FamilyLaw;...
April 21, 2016 Can You Include Child Custody and Child Support Agreements in a Pre-Nup? #PreNup #ChildCustody #Marriage #Divorce...
April 20, 2016 Three Ways a Divorce Can Impact Your Credit Score; #Divorce #PersonalFinance #CreditScore #FamilyLaw...
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4 days ago Former House speaker sentenced to more than a year in prison
4 days ago Norway violated Anders Breivik’s human rights, judge rules via @WSJ
April 25, 2016 NFL wins 'Deflategate' appeal; Tom Brady's suspension reinstated @CNN
April 25, 2016 Reports: Manziel indicted on assault charge
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4 days ago RT @NifMuhammad: you can see the exact point where that woman reconsiders her vote after he says "basketball ring"
4 days ago @JeffWeinerOS @renestutzman Technically, that's always been the policy.
5 days ago RT @AschoffESPN: Former #Gators standout James Bates (@jb8sy) finds his artistic side. A little folk, some abstract and landscape
April 25, 2016 RT @FuckJerry: i guess it's fair to say Jay-Z got 100 problems now.
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April 24, 2016 Having a good time with my family — feeling thankful at Ty's Park
April 23, 2016 Hey babe (Aneesa) ... You are the most beautiful girl in the world!
April 23, 2016 This young man has talent and real swag #RipPrincess #PurpleOne
April 22, 2016 Get it ... Vote!
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March 3, 2010 Check out our newest blogpost about the cost of a divorce. #familylaw #divorce #divorcelawyer #divorceattorney
March 1, 2010 Here's our new post regarding electronic communication in divorce #divorce #divorceattorney #divorcelawyer #familylaw
February 26, 2010 Check out our new blogpost about when child support ends. #divorce #familylaw #divorceattorney #divorcelawyer
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April 25, 2016 Asian Restaurant Sued Over #Discrimination of White Employee
April 25, 2016 Former #JAG Attorney with International Defense Counsel Experience Joins #TullyRinckey PLLC
April 22, 2016 #Veteran s’ preference protections do not extend to disciplinary actions
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March 8, 2016 RT @DonnaJonesACI: Great interview @CarlsonLawFirm on this important hospital safety issue. Thanks @MichaelJSwanson for sharing
February 29, 2016 Estimated that 1 in 10 vehicles are affected by Takata #recalls
February 18, 2016 Car crashes are the leading cause of #deaths for traumatic brain injuries
February 18, 2016 Toyota recalls 2.9M SUVs over seat belts via @usatoday
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April 25, 2016 CCA holds no reasonable expectation of privacy in privately-held medical records....
April 20, 2016 Texas grand juries do not typically review misdemeanor cases. Why is this different for #JohnnyManziel?
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March 22, 2016 Filing Bankruptcy in Wisconsin and Illinois: #Beloit
March 6, 2016 How to Get Your Ex to Pay Child Support in Wisconsin: #Beloit #FamilyLaw
February 8, 2016 Governor signs bill legalizing concealed switchblades: #Switchblades #Beloit
February 5, 2016 Three ways Wisconsin's Community Property laws impact divorce: #FamilyLaw #Beloit
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December 30, 2015 @HNTweets Can I combine this with #AVG Web Tuneup and force-install it?
December 30, 2015 Great Talk. Even those who work with this everyday can probably learn something or at least get a few talking point…
December 20, 2015 SANS Holiday Hacking Challenge:
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February 29, 2012 Jefferson Parish Woman Sues Boomtown Casino in Louisiana's 24th Judicial District Court Over Slip and Fall: A Ha...
February 28, 2012 St. Landry Parish Man Files Jones Act Claim in New Orleans Over Burn Injuries Received While Onboard Sinking Shi...
February 28, 2012 Transocean Employee Seeks Separate Deepwater Horizon Personal Injury Trial: A Transocean employee injured onboar...
February 28, 2012 Chemical Waste Spilled After Driver Backs Into 18-Wheeler on I-10 Near Slidell: On Wednesday, a semi-truck carry...
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January 26, 2016 David Bowie planned his end as he lived – on his own terms, blazing a trail
January 26, 2016 As Boomers Age, Alzheimer's Research Picks Up. Will A Cure Follow? - See more at:
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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March 4, 2016 Brought the kids to meet top UFC fight Raphael Assuncao today in Riverview! @RaphaAssuncao
March 4, 2016 Julia was too shy to show off her fighting moves for @RaphaAssuncao
November 11, 2015 @ErikWemple She should absolutely be fired for trampling the First Amendment. An attack on the First Amendment is an attack on everyone.
June 25, 2015 @DWMagann I need to learn more about your practice. I refer out disability clients. I would like to send them to a fellow Marine.
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April 25, 2015 I'm relieved to learn that all my friends in Kathmandu are ok. But my thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of Nepalis who are not.
September 2, 2009 Trying to figure out why Twitter is all the rage. I mean, isn't this like a less sophisticated Facebook?
September 2, 2009 Did CNN interview today; grilling wild Alaskan king salmon for din din; meeting up with friends later in WeHo
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December 16, 2015 @TimCowlishaw I can't take the cool sculpting read seriously. Really. C'mon man!
August 31, 2015 @Ianfitzespn RG3 to Dallas as aa backup. Learn from Romo.
August 26, 2015 @stevenwdennis - if he had been acquitted, then what would the appropriate response be?
August 26, 2015 @stevenwdennis - BU kept the player off the field. Many others wouldn't have. Agree?
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June 29, 2011 Income deduction orders can help both parties involved in court-ordered financial obligations to be paid - less worries - consider it!
May 9, 2011 For marriages 17 years or more, there is a statutory presumption in favor of Permanent Alimony if there's a need for and ability to pay it.
May 9, 2011 When facing a problem, only glance at it - don't stare at it. Instead, focus/gaze at God, who is The Only worthy of your attention/thoughts.
April 21, 2011 As Easter approaches, let us be grateful for what Jesus was willing to do for all mankind - take on the sin of the world and save me & you!
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August 13, 2009 July 2009 - U.S. v. Army E-6 - Tripler Army Medical Center - Soldier was falsely accused of raping a co-worker (a vindictive ex-girlfrie ...
August 13, 2009 August 2009 - U.S. v. Navy E-4 - Sasebo Navy Base, Japan - Client charged with Rape,forcible sodomy and numerous sexual assaults. Sailor ...
August 13, 2009 RT @tweetmeme Columbus GA Uncontested Divorce Attorney - Usher’s wife disputes divorce claim | Columbus GA Divorce ...
August 13, 2009 RT @tweetmeme Hello world! | Columbus GA Divorce Lawyer - Georgia Family Attorney
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February 26, 2010 Post Edited: Child Support (
February 26, 2010 Post Edited: How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support in Florida? (
February 26, 2010 New post: How Long Do I Have to Pay Child Support in Florida? (
January 29, 2010 Post Edited: Children testifying in custody cases (
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5 days ago Amid safety concerns, many beach cities are making alcohol new rules: #CriminalDefense
April 25, 2016 Read what many of our clients are saying about their experience with us: #CriminalDefense
April 23, 2016 In our blog, we discuss marijuana and #DUIs. Click here to learn its connection:
April 22, 2016 We see it every day, but is loitering really a crime? #CriminalDefenseNews
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April 26, 2016 Shout out to our staff for raising $833.82 through our penny wars. The money will be donated to @rflwoodcountywv
April 25, 2016 RT @ABC: Marines who were friends in Vietnam War reunite to recreate 50-year-old photo -@wfaachannel8
April 25, 2016 If you're hurt in an #accident, you likely won't know where to turn. Calling #attorney Jan Dils is a smart 1st step
April 25, 2016 When youu're hurt in an #accident, you likely won't know what to do. Calling #attorney Jan Dils is a smart 1st step
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October 12, 2015 Why do you need a board certified lawyer? Learn more about the benefits! #jacksonvilledivorceattorney
October 5, 2015 Attorney Charles E. Willmott has nearly 20 years of experience handling divorce and military divorce cases!
February 12, 2015 Get advice on how to appeal your child custody order!
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June 23, 2015 Facing military charges? You need to know what you are up against. Find the aggressive defense you need:
May 27, 2015 What Is The Difference Between Military and Civilian Law? Read More:
May 4, 2015 Congress Further Restricts Military Defense Lawyers by Not Placing Value on the Soldier's Record of Conduct:
April 21, 2015 Many are questioning the Marine Corps' Victims' Legal Counsel Program & how far they go to protect their clients:
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July 2, 2012 Fourth of July #Fireworks Information From the #Asbestos Legal Center!
July 2, 2012 What Does The Obamacare Victory Mean To #Mesothelioma Patients and #Asbestos Victims?
June 20, 2012 W.R. Grace's #Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Delayed Pending Appeals
May 30, 2012 Please Help the #Asbestos Legal Center Warn the Public About #Asbestos Containing Drywall!
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November 29, 2010 New Blog Up: Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases – Do You Really Want to Plea?
November 29, 2010 Client tip: Don't be rude to your attorney's staff. They are only trying to help you!
November 24, 2010 New blog up... an overview of the criminal process:
November 23, 2010 Criminal Defense Lawyer : VOP, DUI/DWI, Traffic, Felony, Misdemeanor on eBay Classifieds Miami #eBayClassifieds
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4 days ago We provide hot shot services short or long trips. Reserve a taxi now!
4 days ago We provide stress free rides for Night out, Parties, Proms, & Weddings. Reserve a taxi now!
4 days ago We provide stress free rides for Night out, Parties, Proms, Weddings, Sporting events, Reserve a taxi now!
April 25, 2016 Biofuels are transportation fuels made from recently living organisms. They are generally divided into 3 categories.
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January 12, 2016 I'm attending UConn School of Business Alumni Networking Reception in Boston #constantcontact
December 24, 2015 2015 MASSACHUSETTS LAWYERS’ SEASONAL GREETING: In an abundance of good faith, from us (collectively, the “Wish...
April 8, 2015 Starting a Small Business in Boston in 2015? We Can Help.: Founding a small business is a venture packed with ...
March 31, 2015 Protect Your Boston Business Trademark From Infringement: Your business trademark (also sometimes referred to ...
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March 10, 2015 Getting married? A prenup can open important discussions on finances before you tie the knot. #marriage #prenup
February 26, 2015 Injury claims don’t just cover medical bills—they can also cover suffering and non-economic damages. Learn more at
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April 21, 2016 Our involvement in the Miramar mountain bike confiscation case was recently covered by the Mission Times Courier:...
March 22, 2016 Richard Duquette spoke with GrindTV about the Miramar mountain bike case, discussing the handling of the...
March 22, 2016 Watch coverage from yesterday on CBS 8 - San Diego News about the Miramar mountain bike confiscation case:...
March 21, 2016 We were very pleased to meet with our five clients in the Miramar mountain bike confiscation case for the return...
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December 16, 2014 Important Information from San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney on dangers of DUI arrest in Holiday Season
December 12, 2014 My answer to: My interview is this Friday. I am Confuse about the affidavit
October 29, 2014 Check Fraud, Grand Theft and Burglary - Gedulin & Greany
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April 13, 2016 RT @askthedom: @1025TheBone @MrMikeCalta The Ask the Dom Show is live tonight with Military Lawyer Jeff Lieser at 10:00PM on 102.5
April 2, 2016 Enjoy this rainy day in LSA's Theater 5 during the Gasparilla International Film Festival!!
December 17, 2015 Hiring an unlicensed contractor can cost more than you realize.
September 3, 2015 Jeff Lieser shares his JAG expertise to explain how to upgrade your military discharge from unfavorable to honorable.
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September 8, 2015 Hospice Accused of Overbilling Medicare for Continuous Home Care Hospice Services, Pays Government $5.8 Millio...
July 20, 2015 I Didn't Really Need Heart Surgery?? False Claims Act Combats Unnecessary Surgeries: Only a paranoid person wo...
July 16, 2015 Kickbacks for Lab Tests Continue to Plague Medicare and Taxpayers: U.S. taxpayers are doling out mega-dollars ...
July 13, 2015 Study Shows Conflicts of Interest Encourage Home Health Fraud: Letting a home health agency decide whether pat...
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August 5, 2014 New post: Bay City, Michigan couple crash motorcycle in Bangor Township, taken to Saginaw, Michigan hospitals
August 5, 2014 New post: West Bloomfield Township man dead after fatal accident in Auburn Hills, Michigan
July 4, 2014 New post: Fireworks are to blame for a house fire in Grand Haven MI
July 4, 2014 New post: Boating safety over the Fourth of July holiday in Michigan
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April 18, 2016 An Active Duty Airman was arrested for attacking a protester at a Donald Trump Rally. Read our blog for more info. h
April 12, 2016 Check out our latest blog, on a naval officer who was arrested and plead guilty to a conspiracy scheme.
April 5, 2016 Check out or latest blog, regarding the Navy and their policy change on tattoos.
March 29, 2016 Check out our latest blog, on the disciplinary actions being taken against those responsible for the 2015 airstrike.