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July 5, 2011 A Lawsuit Is Never Frivolous When It’s About Your Family: The Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote las...
April 27, 2016 Six Instances When You Should Always Get Legal Help
April 26, 2016 Carfax: Number of US Vehicles With Open Safety Recalls Reaches 47 Million
April 25, 2016 The Senior Citizens League Warns – Medicare Often Takes One-Third To One – Half Of Your Social Sec...
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April 27, 2016 INFORMATION ALERT: Wrongful death in motorcycle accidents
April 27, 2016 INFORMATION ALERT: Wrongful death in motorcycle accidents
April 25, 2016 #MotivationMonday
April 25, 2016 #MotivationMonday
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March 16, 2016 Great charity event in NYC on May 5th! Please join me in supporting CYCLE Kids at our celebrity food & wine event!
January 29, 2016 RT @bwglawboston: Our blog on the Annual Walk to the Hill for Civil Legal Aid in Boston: #IWalkForJustice
October 19, 2015 @GovPenceIN, yes Governor, you can always tell when the #NewEnglandPatriots are in town, all you have to do is check the score.
October 14, 2015 RT @bwglawboston: Attorney David White at @TierneyCenter in South Boston. He brought bike helmets for the kids!
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April 25, 2016 Widow Sues Airplane Engine Maker over Fatal Crash: In 2005, David Sikkelee took off in his four-seat, single e...
April 22, 2016 Celebrating Earth Day: This Earth Day, our toxic substance attorneys want to highlight the importance of envir...
April 22, 2016 Celebrating Earth Day: This Earth Day, our toxic substance attorneys want to highlight the importance of envir...
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April 27, 2016 Levin & Perconti File Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit after Resident’s Death
April 25, 2016 New York to Provide Millions to Sub-Standard Nursing Homes
April 22, 2016 Nursing Home Neglect Led to Resident’s Death, Lawsuit
April 20, 2016 Levin & Perconti Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home Negligence Led to Death
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August 4, 2011 3rd Cir holds plaintiffs lack standing to challenge ind mandate provision of HCR because they have no current injury
July 25, 2011 RT @Arkansite: Come to Larry's Pizza Aug 2. I'll be your server! Your tips for my service will go to cancer research!
July 22, 2011 I need a referral for an atty in Taos Cty, NM, for a $5000 K case w/jurisdiction probs. Any suggestions?
July 21, 2011 8th Cir holds that calls, e-mails & wire transfer are insufficient to exercise personal jurisdiction over German co.
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September 22, 2015 Tell Obama We Want Serious Action on Climate Before Paris Take Action w @Roots_Action
August 13, 2015 NFL Settlement Of Concussion Class Action Lawsuit With Former Players–Is It Adequate?: There was an interestin...
July 23, 2015 Tragic DWI Crash in Cutchogue: This past Saturday, July 18, 2015, there was an horrific DWI crash in Cutchogue...
July 10, 2015 Lower Hudson Valley Motor Vehicle Crashes 2011-2014: As anyone who drives on the major highways and parkways i...
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September 16, 2013 San Jose Sharks' first draft pick Mirco Mueller finally healthy
September 15, 2013 Indications That Your Child May Be Suffering From Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious he...
September 15, 2013 Hawaii Helicopter Accident Closes Popular Hiking Traill: Hawaii news reports that the Kalalau Trail in Napali ...
September 13, 2013 Public Health Dept., restaurants team up for healthier dining
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April 26, 2016 Pasco-Hernando State College Softball Player Killed In Hudson Car Accident: A softball player at Pasco-Hernan...
April 26, 2016 Pasco-Hernando State College Softball Player Killed In Hudson Car Accident — Pasco County Injury Attorney Blog
April 26, 2016 RT @PreserveTheBurg: We'd also like to give a big thank you to a Gold Level sponsor of Movies in the Park. Whittel & Melton, LLC! If...
April 25, 2016 Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Spring Hill Crash: A Spring Hill man was critically injured Thursday after ...
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April 21, 2016 Immunotherapy With Live Bacterium Improves Response Rate in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
April 15, 2016 Justices Consider Any-Exposure Theory
April 13, 2016 Cahill Gordon, BASF Can’t Escape Asbestos Fraud Suit
April 8, 2016 Cancer-causing asbestos at center of complex Indiana legal battle
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April 7, 2016 Cap & Kudler have new firm news. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, Donald C. Kudler, Passes Personal Injury Expert…
March 22, 2016 Cap & Kudler have new firm news. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, Allen A. Cap Passes Personal Ijury Expert Requi…
March 22, 2016 Cap & Kudler have new firm news. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, Donald Kudler, Interviewed by Lawsuit Legal
March 22, 2016 Cap & Kudler have new firm news. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, Donald Kudler, Settles a Case Against a Departm…
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April 27, 2016 RT @msteinesq: CDCA remands wage act #ClassAction because D not establish #CAFA $5 MM threshold was met:
April 26, 2016 Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 7 new followers in the past week, courtesy
April 26, 2016 Class action says Trump campaign sent unsolicited, automated text messages, broke federal law
April 26, 2016 Infamous objectors’ counsel targeted in sanctions motion in MLB class action
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April 27, 2016 How Long Do You Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Illinois?
April 27, 2016 Laundry detergent pods can look like candy to kids
April 8, 2016 HIGHLY recommend - My entire family was in a car accident. Ankin Law was great and I HIGHLY recommend them!
April 4, 2016 How You Can Prevent Children’s Exposure To Lead At Home
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April 25, 2016 Like, share, and tag your friends!
April 25, 2016 I posted 151 photos on Facebook in the album "Safe&Sound 2016 Photos"
April 18, 2016 We had such a wonderful time seeing all of you at Safe & Sound Saturday! Stay tuned this week for pictures from...
April 16, 2016 We are rockin' at Safe&Sound Saturday! Come out and grab a bicycle helmet and take pictures with the minions!
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April 27, 2016 RT @LamchickM: @aronfeld Spencer I was there as well at 12:30. Enjoyed the lunch special of salad, sirloin burger and mouse dessert for $29.
April 27, 2016 Starbucks on #Yelp: Directly across US 1 from UM's campus. The service is very good and my favorite barista is Tati…
April 27, 2016 Vintage hermes pocket square belonged to my grandfather and it means a lot to me. #vintage
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April 27, 2016 Maine Hospitals' Safety Scores Again Rank Among Best in Nation
April 22, 2016 State failed to act on inspector's call for repairs to Bath bridge where SUV fell 40 feet
April 21, 2016 Augusta Police Step Up Distracted Driving Enforcement
April 19, 2016 In wake of daughter's death, Maine mom warns of distracted driving
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April 23, 2016 Providence patrolman charged in theft of Journal coupons
April 22, 2016 Constitutionality of Second Offense Chemical Test Refusal Charges Questioned
April 22, 2016 "Are Rhode Island Second Offense Chemical Test Refusal Charges Constitutional?"
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November 17, 2015 RT @innocence: 4 questions w/ Angel Cordero star of wrongful conviction doc. "Coming Home" @welcomepictures
October 27, 2015 RT @washingtonpost: Florida wildlife officials end hunt after nearly 300 bears killed in two days
August 25, 2015 RT @Legal_Alerts: D.C. Circuit Declines to Eviscerate Attorney-Client Privilege in Internal Investigations | by @McDermottLaw
August 2, 2015 South Florida Is the Fraud Capital Of America - Fortune
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April 26, 2016 Gladstone Alert. Minors Targeting Walmart For Liquor Theft -
April 21, 2016 Does My Injury Case Qualify for Punitive Damages? -
April 18, 2016 Was Snapchat the Cause of a Fatal Kansas City Accident? -
April 14, 2016 If I Don’t Wear a Seatbelt, Can I Still Make An Insurance Claim? -
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January 30, 2016 Happy Saturday from PAUL PADDA LAW! Drive safely!
December 28, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car a...
December 14, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car ac...
November 24, 2015 What are the causes of Las Vegas wrong-way accidents?
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April 26, 2016 Have you been insured but are unsure if you should call an attorney? Read our blog for helpful tips!...
April 21, 2016 If you’ve been #injured by the fault of another, it’s time to learn how our team at Cutler Rader, PL may be able...
April 20, 2016 Many people are injured while at #work. Is your employer doing everything to ensure a safe work #environment?
April 18, 2016 #Legal assistance starts with understanding. At Cutler Rader, PL, we provide the utmost understanding and...
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April 19, 2016 BGL Blog: In Virginia, you can be DUI by sleeping in your car.: In Sarafin v. Commonwealth, 288 Va. 320 (2014)...
April 14, 2016 BGL Blog: Are you required to take a Breath Test in Virginia DUI Law?:  The most common question a get when ta...
March 31, 2016 BGL Blog: New Car? The Most Important Question You Forgot to Ask!: You’re in the market for a new car.  Congr...
March 29, 2016 BGL Blog: Virginia Court Reviews GMU's Disciplinary Procedures: Recently, the US District Court, Alexandria Di...
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April 27, 2016 Thanks, Sarah Weaver-Murphy, for your excellent review on Facebook #GetLegal
April 24, 2016 Ripken Champions!!!! So proud of the SJ Warriors 8U Baseball Team for sweeping the tournament…
April 21, 2016 Mediation in NYC They say you get more bees with honey.... Turns out these bees need to be…
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April 26, 2016 In a follow up to a prior story please read and be careful with young children when using detergent pods!!!
April 25, 2016 Have a question about your auto insurance? Feel free to call us to help you with your policy.
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December 31, 2014 Happy New Year's Eve! What are you doing to ring in 2015?
December 25, 2014 Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you have a special day with family and friends.
December 24, 2014 Today is the last day of Hanukkah. Take this quiz to see how much you know about this Jewish holiday!
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April 8, 2016 RT @kayvanwey: Why should I find a #personalinjuryattorney who advertises handling my specific type of accident case?
April 5, 2016 RT @whurstlaw: Will I Lose My Medicaid When I Settle My Indiana Personal Injury Case?
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March 17, 2016 New office first of April
March 17, 2016 RT @harleydavidson: All current & former U.S. military & first responders! Take #RidingAcademy for FREE in 2016.
February 2, 2016 RT @MotorcyclistMag: MC GARAGE TIPS: HOW TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE FOREVER >>>
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April 22, 2016 Olympus Settles Federal Kickback Case -
April 22, 2016 Polaris Recalls Off-Road Vehicles After Fires Cause Injuries, Death -
April 21, 2016 Guardrail Safety Questioned as Crash Causes Guardrail to Pierce Through Car -
April 20, 2016 Ski Resort Injuries: Who’s Liable? -
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November 4, 2015 @Charles26822194 Hope that helps. Email me if you want to talk further.
November 4, 2015 @Charles26822194 or whether he gives you $ depends on when it is discovered, what jurisdiction you are in, and what you ask for in lawsuit
November 4, 2015 @Charles26822194 Thanks for reaching out. Yes, if the builder did not build it to code, he is liable. Whether or not he re-builds it or ..
October 30, 2015 What the Triangle’s Construction Boom Means for Dealing with Hispanic Crews (tip)
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March 23, 2016 Looking for a fun bicycle race to ride in this weekend? Check out Gran Fondo FL in San Antonio this Saturday. @granfondoGFNCS #granfondo
November 6, 2015 Find out the most dangerous roads in Pinellas County Florida
October 9, 2014 National Walk to School Day!: What a great turnout for National Walk to School Day! There were hundreds of kid...
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November 5, 2015 After Tampa longshoreman's death, 609-foot ship has become a phantom. See my comments in the article. via @TB_Times
September 15, 2015 Our thoughts go out to all involved in the tragic HISD school bus accident that took place this morning: #HISD #HTX
September 15, 2015 Employers are responsible for ensuring adequate water supply for employees.
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July 29, 2011 See my answer on @Avvo to: If this situation were to result in a lawsuit, what would determine how much time the patie...
June 22, 2011 The Washington Post (6/21, Boodman) reports, "Based on state data, Joint Commission officials estimate that wr… (cont)
November 26, 2010 Worked on some cases and fixed the toliet in the office. Not sure which should have the higher hourly rate.
June 3, 2011 The law frowns on an attorney's neglect to comply with a clear rule, but it positively glowers at another atto… (cont)
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April 14, 2016 FDA finalizes food safety transportation rule #foodsafety #FSMA #foodtransportation #personalinjury
April 13, 2016 MRI contrast agents subject to #FDA and EMA investigations on risks of toxic deposits in the brain #MRI #safety
April 13, 2016 Increasing evidence shows popular quartz countertops pose Silicosis risk to workers #Silicosis #workplaceinjury
April 12, 2016 Consumer reports finds that patients lack vital access to Doctors’ disciplinary records #medicalmalpractice
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January 27, 2016 RT @FamilyLawPlace: The Family Law Place is now on @Twiiter. Make sure to follow us for all your #familylaw needs in #sarasota Florida. #myfirstTweet #work
May 6, 2015 RT @ManateeChamber: Can't wait for the music to start! ?????? #BluesByTheBay
May 6, 2015 Personius: Campbell DUI arrest was a set-up via @WTSP10News
May 6, 2015 Happy #HumpDay everyone. I hope everyone had a good #CincoDeMayo and didn't get into to much trouble.