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3 days ago Hug Pugs and Peeps in the office :)
3 days ago the 49ers were nice enough to give us these cards to hard our faces as we prepared for a loss to the Bears....
September 5, 2014 Rio Bravo and his photo :)
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August 21, 2014 Researchers at @MyFWC request #tarpon data from north #Florida anglers: #fishing #citizenscience
August 13, 2014 Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy via @BreitbartNews
August 5, 2014 Do We Want Google To Have This Much Power; Child Pornographer Caught By Gmail Scan - Forbes
July 7, 2014 Missing in Miami’s new condo boom: Miamians - Business Monday -
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August 16, 2014 My seat for the concert tonight. Pat Benatar. I'm old, sober, know I like this better than crowds #focomusic
July 25, 2014 RT @HC_ChrisGage: Thanks for a wonderful conference #ACTEPC - already looking forward to 2015. Now we can focus on #nacac14 @ACTepc @NACAC @NACACConference
July 25, 2014 Thanks to everyone at #actepc who attended my No-Plan Plan session. You were awesome! #noplanplan
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17.8 hours ago How Successful People Stay Calm
2 days ago Scaling Your Company: Lessons from King Arthur
2 days ago When must you show ID to police?
3 days ago Build Your Success with Apologies
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August 6, 2014 Anyone interested in outting insurance companies for bad acts should check out Bad Insurance Companies on facebook
March 24, 2014 Las Vegas lawyer Donald Kudler has posted to his blogDo We Really Need Witnesses to Car Accident Cases?
November 30, 2013 Las Vegas lawyer Donald Kudler has posted to his blogTechnology in the Courtroom – Can it Backfire?
November 6, 2013 Las Vegas lawyer Donald Kudler has posted to his blogUse of Depositions During Closing Argument
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2 days ago "Union Maid" Arlo Guthrie & Sarah Lee Guthrie #music #socialjustice
2 days ago "The Internationale" Billy Bragg #music #freedom (2009)
2 days ago "When I'm gone" Allison Crowe #music #freedom
2 days ago "Go down Moses" Louis Armstrong #music #gospel #freedom #spiritual
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September 10, 2014 Leon the Professional Fur Trapper #MakeAMovieCanadian @midnight
September 10, 2014 Girl, if I'd rewrite the alphabet I'd put vowels first, then curved consonants, then the angular ones. This your first time at OCD club?
September 10, 2014 Harry Potter and the Ketchup Chips #MakeAMovieCanadian
September 10, 2014 RT @lymanjohnson: I'm actually kind of a fan of the anti-vax movement. It's fun to think of a plague affecting only affluent, high-carbon dumbasses for once.
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4 days ago RT @AZSports: #ASU QB Taylor Kelly injures right foot, status vs. UCLA unknown -
4 days ago RT @BDenny29: DJ Foster has now exceeded his rushing total from last year (501 yards) in this 3rd game of 2014.
4 days ago @EricSports360AZ And the Trojans are doing it WITHOUT Lane Kiffen.
4 days ago Hey, #SunDevil fans. It's Texas 17, UCLA 13 with 5:13 in 4th. BC 36, USC 24 with 3:30 in 4th. They both look very beatable. #asufootball
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September 11, 2014 RT @patent: blogs@bnip - The Art of IP blog: Unique Branding On Bulk Packaging For Popchips Brand Chips #branding #ip
September 10, 2014 @patentology Is there an Australian equivalent to "Jepson" claims?
September 5, 2014 @RutledgeWood @fosterthinking I thought facial hair = manliness.
September 5, 2014 @scott_nicholson Bad for not enforcing their rights sooner? I wonder if Twitpic was in denial, or whether they had bad advice.
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4 days ago E-Commerce Law Daily Briefing is out! Stories via @stevemeltzer
5 days ago E-Commerce Law Daily Briefing is out! Stories via @Tech_Law
September 12, 2014 E-Commerce Law Daily Briefing is out!
September 11, 2014 E-Commerce Law Daily Briefing is out! Stories via @Tech_Law
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April 3, 2014 Apple, Ford, GE Team Up for Patent Lawsuit Reform via @CorpCounsel
March 24, 2014 Inventor battling U.S. over patents from '70s via @usatoday
March 24, 2014 Patent owners beware, your patent has a 15 percent chance (or less) of surviving the PTAB
March 17, 2014 Is The Supreme Court About To Rule That Software Is Ineligible For Patent Protection? via @forbes
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July 22, 2014 just closed a deal in 14 minutes using Adobe #EchoSign #esignature solution
June 13, 2014 "I would have saved myself a lot of time by patenting my designs from the start, despite how arduous and costly the process was."
November 29, 2013 @CamilleDiotel Thank you for the follow. Please also connect at
September 19, 2013 This 1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Were Nanotechnology Pioneers | Smithsonian Magazine
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September 10, 2014 RT @ChrisWarcraft: So glad this "independent" investigation is being overseen by two NFL owners. No conflict of interest there. Nope. None at all.
August 31, 2014 RT @nittanyrich: Walking through Dublin Airport to my gate and saw this. #PennState
August 31, 2014 @MathMeetsFball Congrats on your latest achievement!!
August 31, 2014 RT @RyanBeckler: .@OnwardState's @rysChen captured the photo of the day.
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April 7, 2014 2014 - Alabama Franchise Alliance Lunch #constantcontact
January 23, 2014 “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie
January 21, 2014 Many of us have them! -->
January 13, 2014 20 Activists Who Are Changing America -->
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July 10, 2011 Law Offices of Olga Zalomiy & Barnhill & Vaynerov LLP won summary judgment in trademark case for LA newspaper.
July 6, 2011 Summary Judgment Victory for a Los Angles Based Russian Language Newspaper
July 6, 2011 Summary Judgment Victory for a Los Angles Based Russian Language Newspaper
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September 12, 2014 An IP Audit report can be an invaluable tool when business looks for investors or buyers
September 12, 2014 Due to the lack of cutlery in the office kitchen, I am eating Italian tortellini with chopsticks. It is mentally a clash of cultures.
September 12, 2014 The process of doing an IP Audit is relatively straight forward.
September 12, 2014 @iempoweru don't think I know what borage is - any pics?
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15.3 hours ago ? Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations
1 day ago RT @OWHnews: 3 lessons @Hudl's success in #Nebraska has taught us:
4 days ago @PharmaPatent Fais in bon voyage, Rob!
5 days ago #Omaha is top startup city!
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4 days ago Feeling Whole with a side of Adventurous after our dinner tonight. @CafeGratitudeVB @ Café Gratitude,…
4 days ago The 5 Most Common Writing Mistakes That Break Reader Immersion
4 days ago Fun seeing #100footjourney with my daughter, an aspiring chef. Good escape from the heat too.
September 12, 2014 Congrats on the new position @KatMeyer! Sounds like a perfect fit. @PublishersWkly
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September 9, 2014 @RepBera Why are you letting your supporters post campaign messages on your OFFICIAL Facebook page that insult your opponent? That's wrong.
September 9, 2014 Judge jails two for contempt for continuing to falsely advertise their weight loss products: #advertising
September 9, 2014 The Third Circuit has changed its #trademark attorneys' fees analysis to comply with new Octane Fitness standard:
September 9, 2014 Reports from UK Intellectual Property Office @The_IPO on IP as collateral and IP marketplaces
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October 11, 2013 RT @afrobella: Just realized that I now have 50K twitter followers. That is crazy and awesome. I'm thankful for all…
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September 8, 2014 Indiana Trademark Litigation Update - Sensory Technologies v. Logmein
August 30, 2014 Farmers grow Indiana hops for Indiana beer -
August 28, 2014 RT @jamesonfarrell: @KLFLegal Monastery possible home to new brewery;
August 24, 2014 @jamesonfarrell Beer was first, I followed it here. Still, I never saw such love for @3floyds and @BellsBrewery as I see out here.
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December 22, 2009 The #USPTO 's ignored duty to disseminate patent- and trademark-related information to the public -
December 18, 2009 Friday food for thought: Did the Patent and Trademark Office leave $118 million on the table?
December 16, 2009 FTC sues patent reformer Intel for damage done to innovation and consumers -
December 3, 2009 just testing #fedcir
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September 10, 2014 Excellent summary of important decision regarding the Massachusetts fine art consignment law
September 5, 2014 Australian Bar Association loses #UDRP #trademarks
June 25, 2014 "Small plates for sale from Wolfgang Puck's Big Mac Falafel food cart" James Taylor lyrics repurposed into a #trademark nightmare
June 12, 2014 UDRP# fail. patient[dot]com, seriously? #trademarks
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August 28, 2014 Hollywood Sex Abuse Cases, Now Dismissed, May Yet Live On via @THR
August 22, 2014 SAG-AFTRA Ratifies 2014 TV/Theatrical Contracts via @THR
August 20, 2014 Fun time tonight at 1st screening of Pencils Down doc re 2007-08 WGA strike @WGAWest @WGAEast
August 20, 2014 Metropolitan Opera Reaches Deal With Third Major Union, Allowing Season to Open As Scheduled via @THR
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August 23, 2014 The top 10 ways to get arrested using social media -
August 23, 2014 RT @rocketmatter: [E-Book] Rocket Matter Case Studies - Total Firm Management Through Better Technology
July 22, 2014 My week on twitter: 2 New Followers, 1 Replies. via
July 3, 2014 IAB: Top five tips on knowing social media -
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September 10, 2014 Former exotic dancer sues Cowboys' owner Jones for sexual harassment! ! Being sued by one man law firm upset Jerry?
September 2, 2014 We Need a Serious, Federal Digital Privacy Law! Yes We Do:Now!
August 25, 2014 Sealing the Deal: # Business Contracts – A Smart Investment (Part 1)
August 24, 2014 What Will Happen to My Pet When I Die?: Providing a Future for your Pet!
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April 4, 2014 RT @mountip_blog: Michelle Lee, Deputy Director of the USPTO, now speaking at ABA #IPLSpring
April 4, 2014 RT @LegallySparkly: "I'm not going to say that these things depend on whether they're funny or not but..." June Besek on Leibovitz v. Paramount Pics #IPLSpring
April 3, 2014 Prof. Abdel-Khalik did a fantastic job w/ #cooyright fair use. @umkclaw Rt @Schubert921: 3 inaugural #IPlspring symposiums beginning now!
April 3, 2014 Great way to get your next treatise or novel published. Rt @ajoakes: Check out the @abaipl book board reception tonight #IPLSpring
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September 3, 2014 I liked a @YouTube video 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge vs. 2006 Custom Pontiac GTO - Generation Gap: GTOs
August 8, 2014 ONLINE ADVERTISING LAW: With expertise in advertising law, we can help you with all your mobile and…
August 8, 2014 ONLINE GAME LAW: With expertise in game law, we can help you set up legal online and mobile games,…
August 8, 2014 TRADEMARK LAW: With expertise in trademark law, we can help you protect your trademarks.…
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September 11, 2014 Proud to announce that @revisionlegal is now open in #Detroit.
September 6, 2014 I think I've had this tshirt since high school #2600
September 6, 2014 @R_Watsonian Your phone sucks
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September 9, 2014 Who Gets The Royalties for 'Mein Kampf'? via @sharethis
August 26, 2014 Brands named Isis face tough choice via @cbsnews
July 27, 2014 Is Warner Going to Have to Give up the Gravy Train that is "Happy Birthday"? via @TNIPLawyer
July 27, 2014 Is Warner Going to Have to Give up the Gravy Train that is “Happy Birthday”?
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2 days ago RT @NateWessler: New @ACLU brief urges full 4th Circuit to rehear panel decision allowing use of warrantless GPS tracking evidence
2 days ago @shrivercenter Thanks for the follow, I really like the work you are doing with the WA State ATJ Board
2 days ago RT @tracyannkosa: Projects, people and institutes in ethics & privacy listed here also other great resources from @engnroom #EoD14
2 days ago RT @Top8Games: Definitely going to build a Sultai Commander deck!
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February 21, 2014 Business Aquisition: Does WhatsApp deal show Facebook knows what's up?
August 25, 2013 Business and Technology: Yahoo passed Google in US Web visitors in July (from @AP)
January 7, 2013 AP News - Alabama beats Notre Dame 42-14 to win BCS college football championship
December 13, 2012 Business Technology - Google Maps return to iPhone with new mobile app
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July 15, 2011 OUCH! Greenpoint's Coco 66 Raided, Owner Arrested, Booze Poured Out via @gothamist I'd be happy to help.
July 11, 2011 No more liquor truck in Central Park.
July 3, 2011 @pxismyname I travel to California when needed. Licensed in CA, MA and NY and can appear in any federal ct.
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2 days ago Eminem's Publishers File Lawsuit Against New Zealand’s National Party Over Copyright Infringement
September 12, 2014 Warner Bros. faces infringement lawsuit over Gilligan’s Island
September 9, 2014 Monday's storm is historic, but floods have deadly, damaging history in Arizona.
September 9, 2014 Google Settles Infringement Suit with Photographers
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4 days ago Even if public uses Google as a verb, company still has valid #trademark in its name.
5 days ago iOS and Privacy: Major New Privacy Features -
5 days ago Sotomayor Concerned About #Drones and #Privacy, Says You Should Be Too. #technology
5 days ago Facebook vs. Drag Queens: The Social Network Says Drag Names Can’t Be Used in Profiles. #social media
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September 12, 2014 @ali Really?
September 12, 2014 RT @Popehat: Shaneen Allen: textbook case for prosecutorial discretion. Too bad DA McClain used up his on Ray Rice
September 12, 2014 RT @instapundit: WAR ON WOMEN: Mom arrested for carrying licensed firearm slams NJ prosecutor who let Ray Ric... via @instapundit
September 11, 2014 RT @SalenaZitoTrib: ! --> @MahmoudRamsey quote from White House press "Saudi Arabia has extensive border w/ Syria"
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August 10, 2014 @skooks unsurprisingly, there is already an ubër for security:
July 28, 2014 @davepell re your aside about introspection apps, have you seen @Get_Headspace? It’s crazy good (
July 26, 2014 @_thedudeabides_ I’d go with a shovel, a garbage bag (sealed well) and the big green can. It will only get worse the longer it sits there.
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September 6, 2014 RT @dannykanell: Slow your roll Leonard Fournette. Its Sam Houston St. And I could have walked that in. #heismanpose
September 6, 2014 RT @primediscussion: Ever. RT @saintwarrick: This is why you don't schedule I-AA option teams.
August 30, 2014 RT @primediscussion: Clown show.
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September 2, 2014 Trademark of Common Mathematical Symbol Creates Controversy: Trademark law generally protects names or symbols...
September 2, 2014 The Rise of 3D Printing Presents New Intellectual Property Challenges: Three-dimensional printing, or 3D print...
September 2, 2014 U.S. Copyright Office Most Likely Will Not Allow Photographer to Register "Monkey Selfie": A famous "selfie" p...
September 2, 2014 Lawsuit Challenges "Happy Birthday to You" Copyright: "Happy Birthday to You" is perhaps one of the most well-...