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February 24, 2015 General continuance for heroin possession and conspiracy case in Lawrence today. Charges getting dismissed in 90 days.
February 20, 2015 Hearing on an Application for a Criminal Complaint in Massachusetts: Most Massachusetts district courts hear c...
February 20, 2015 Judge accepts invocation of marital privilege in Malden. Always helps to have certified copy of marriage certificate and driver's license.
February 20, 2015 Malden District Court. One of the best district courts in the state.
62 CC64 CF891 AC1,062 AF0 TT#2 CC
August 5, 2014 Majority of Florida health insurance rates expected to increase in 2015.
June 30, 2014 SCOTUS has ruled in favor of #HobbyLobby. "Closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage."
54 CC63 CF1,083 AC2,015 AF0 TT#3 CC
February 25, 2015 #Physician certification of home health for remuneration found to be a "referral" and violation of AKS
February 19, 2015 From our blog: #CMS Announces Webinar on Comparative Billing Reports for Modifiers 24 & 25 for Specialty Surgeons
February 11, 2015 #HLSchat A safe harbor for PODs would be nice
February 11, 2015 @joelgwakefield T5: Also good to hear that they allowed Stark to be resolved at same time #HLSChat
38 CC117 CF360 AC2,348 AF3 TT#4 CC
February 26, 2015 RT @CookPolitical: It's not enough for the GOP nominee to get GWB levels among non-whites. Why #DHS showdown = trouble for Rs in '16
February 26, 2015 RT @learyreports: Obama nominates Mary Barzee Flores for U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida.
35 CC52 CF118 AC361 AF0 TT#5 CC
November 10, 2008 Depos early am. Tonight... Drinks with buddies. I am either reckless, stupid or really good. We'll se tomorrow.
November 9, 2008 I have a love-hate relationship with trials. I hate them on Sundays and love them once I am in the action.
November 3, 2008 @mkastrab I couldn't agree more. Please research your candidates before you vote. Takes 15 min max.
November 3, 2008 Proud to report that my partner and I are shutting down our office all day tomorrow to serve as observers
25 CC31 CF549 AC775 AF0 TT#6 CC
2.7 hours ago Wondering how to #launch a successful startup? Look to professional #entrepreneurs
4 days ago Getting your #startup off the ground could be as simple as avoiding #copyright infringement.
4 days ago #Startups can be successful. But only if they avoid these five simple missteps:
February 26, 2015 Nephew of composer on "Big Pimpin'" now suing @LiveNation for #copyright infringement on the track.
22 CC24 CF149 AC208 AF0 TT#7 CC
February 26, 2015 Florida Negligent Security Is a Form of Premises Liability: Sometimes, when a person is attacked, a property o...
February 26, 2015 Sometimes, when a person is attacked, a property owner may have liability for failing to provide adequate...
February 24, 2015 Variations in Coverage Limits in Florida Uninsured Motorist Policy: Pursuant to Florida Statutes § 627.727, an...
20 CC22 CF142 AC167 AF0 TT#8 CC
February 25, 2015 California Child Injury Lawyer on the Danger of Scooter Accidents: There are few sounds as good for the soul a...
February 24, 2015 San Francisco Apartment Rental Fires & The Law: There are few images as peaceful and serene as a cozy room ado...
February 23, 2015 Medical Equipment Fraud and Power Wheelchair Scams: It seems like you can barely turn on the television these ...
February 20, 2015 A Reminder: Santa Rosa Renters, Like All California Tenants, Have Rights Regardless of Housing Shortages: For ...
18 CC20 CF246 AC299 AF0 TT#10 CC
2 days ago Southern Silver Exploration Corp. development in Little Hatchet Mtns #NM | Silver Investing News
February 21, 2015 NYT - #NM Med. Bd. Votes to End Suspension of NM Med Society Prez-elect Driskill:
February 21, 2015 BloombergBusiness - #NM $100 Million Accounting Error:
10 CC131 CF411 AC3,942 AF0 TT#12 CC
February 24, 2015 Join me and the rest of Dallas for HH at SXSW 3.14 6pm: cc: @bhunstable @MarcNager @Pv
February 24, 2015 Join me and the rest of Dallas for HH at SXSW 3.14 6pm: cc: @bradhunstable @MarcNager @Pv
February 11, 2015 RT @LAUNCHDFW: Announcing our March Dallas New Tech presenters and location! See you at @trinitygroves on March 4! #BigDNT
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3 days ago RT @HarrisPastides: For every RT this gets till midnight tonight I will donate $0.25 to @USCDM to help them reach their goal of raising 30k in 1 day! #1day30k
February 7, 2015 @BrockmanPTO Daddy-Daughter dance last night. My beautiful girls.
February 1, 2015 So proud of @JackEasterby. Awesome! The Patriots say a team pastor has fueled their rise.
7 CC15 CF160 AC447 AF0 TT#15 CC
March 28, 2013 Is it safe to put your loved one in a nursing home?
March 26, 2013 Personal Injury FAQ: Will I will your case?
March 22, 2013 @aawaltera Hah - no kidding!
March 22, 2013 Is your car among the most accident prone?
6 CC17 CF697 AC1,392 AF0 TT#16 CC
September 30, 2010 @IThinkBigger Thanks for the RT. ;)
September 30, 2010 TIP OF THE DAY: Don't Wait For Someone To Give You Authority -- Seize It Yourself
September 30, 2010 8 Innovation Secrets From Steve Jobs
September 30, 2010 The Lowdown on Buying Carbon Offsets
5 CC23 CF119 AC311 AF0 TT#17 CC
February 22, 2015 RT @ChrisDilks: In this week's Bracketology, St. Cloud State creates a dilemma for the Selection Committee
February 9, 2015 You can tell a lot about a man by the way he orders a burrito.
February 5, 2015 @Outlook Glad to hear it. Things have subsided at my end. Thanks for your quick response and kindness.
February 5, 2015 @Outlook It takes the password. It's just strange behavior. Terrific app, by the way. Love it.
5 CC74 CF197 AC8,846 AF1 TT#18 CC
1 day ago Why comply w #HIPAA? Because I said so. // Not much fed enforcement. What abt State AG actions, private lawsuits?
1 day ago Help #LickCancer - Sponsor my 2-day, 200-mi bike ride this summer @PanMass #PMC2015
4 days ago Why comply w #HIPAA? Because I said so. // Not much fed enforcement. What abt State AG actions, private lawsuits?
February 26, 2015 Check out the latest Health Wonk review @healthbizblog & wish David Williams a happy blogiversary
4 CC17 CF84 AC273 AF0 TT#19 CC
February 26, 2015 All that is required for public drunkenness is the officer's subjective opinion that you are intoxicated #law
February 26, 2015 Have children but don't have an #estateplan, what are you waiting for? #finance
February 26, 2015 Answers to all your #alimony questions #divorce
February 25, 2015 Recent #Pennsylvania Superior Court appeal provided much needed clarification on public drunkenness law
4 CC11 CF5 AC47 AF0 TT#20 CC
August 9, 2009 Arkansas new driving laws to help reduce accidents.
March 15, 2009 Bonus payments at AIG. The arrogance of some people is incredible.
March 7, 2009 Twitter in Courtrooms.
March 4, 2009 Happy about the Supreme Court...
3 CC11 CF80 AC152 AF2 TT#21 CC
2 days ago Via @nprmusic Jeff Beal composes 'House Of Cards'
2 days ago Looking good for 10:50 launch of Falcon 9!
4 days ago Florida exports reached nearly $59 billion in 2014
4 days ago Pleased to be recognized for excellence among Orlando Arbitrators - Members of National Academy
3 CC3 CF32 AC39 AF0 TT#22 CC
June 16, 2014 Check out these 10 tricks from award winning caregivers! What helps you? #Caregivers #CaregiverTips
June 13, 2014 Have you heard? Male #caregivers are on the rise.
June 13, 2014 Five things every new family caregiver needs to know. What would you add? #caregiving #pca
June 12, 2014 #CaregiverTip | One kind word can change someone's entire day.
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September 14, 2009 Publicist: Patrick Swayze dies at 57
August 13, 2009 Another flight delayed from Beijing to Shanghai (sigh).
August 7, 2009 Rain and more rain in Beijing. This is not normal "desert" weather, is it?
July 23, 2009 RTChina Daily: "Coca-Cola on a rosy perch in China as sales soar"
2 CC11 CF8 AC59 AF0 TT#24 CC
February 23, 2015 Started Run with #cyclemeter at 18:19, on a new route, see, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me.
February 20, 2015 “Vision is an inspiration to stand us in good stead in the drudgery of discipline; the temptation is to despise the discipline.” Chambers
February 18, 2015 “People go wrong spiritually because they stubbornly refuse to discipline themselves physically, mentally, or in any way..." Chambers, O
February 12, 2015 People who are continually criticised can end up_____. Remember, criticism can knock all the gumption out of a person. Chambers paraphrased
2 CC4 CF17 AC41 AF0 TT#25 CC
December 9, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from Wayne on Avvo
December 8, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from Gregory on Avvo
December 8, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from Nancy on Avvo
December 6, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from Sheila on Avvo
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2 days ago True friends stab you in the front.-Oscar Wilde
2 days ago Chocolate. Socrates.
2 days ago Nothing changes if nothing changes.
2 days ago Acceptance AND COMMITMENT Therapy (ACT). Just DO it.
1 CC4 CF15 AC124 AF0 TT#28 CC
4 days ago Few docs on track with ICD-10 implementation, survey indicates - FierceHealthIT
4 days ago RT @alleghenycms: Guyaux named Highmark Health chairman - J. Robert Baum, chairman of the Highmark Health board, has stepped down an...
4 days ago RT @rvaughnmd: "We’ve developed a generation of surgeons who don’t know how to do vaginal surgery, quite frankly"
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October 12, 2014 RT @ABANews: ABA @LawPracticeTips presents workshop "Women Rainmakers: Navigate Your Own Course" Nov. 7-8:
June 17, 2014 I just contributed to @MichelleNunnGA -- please join me in supporting her campaign!
April 2, 2014 Larry Walker Jr. to receive ABA solo and small-firm Lifetime Achievement Award...
April 1, 2014 NEW BLOG POST!...
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July 29, 2013 RT @mashable: #Apple Patent Could Bring Videos and Status Updates to On-Hold Calls
October 18, 2012 Group of music publishers wins $6.6 million in copyright infringement case over song lyrics posted on websites owned by MySpace cofounder.
October 18, 2012 Pennsylvania July 2012 bar examination results were the lowest in five years, with some law schools dropping by several percentage points.
October 18, 2012 Lawsuits filed on Tuesday in New Jersey over the nationwide meningitis outbreak.
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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3 days ago Thousands of medical files containing PHI found in Chicago dumpster--how and why? Old fashioned breach.
3 days ago Honored to introduce IG Levinson @OIGatHHS, keynote keynote speaker for @abahealthlaw's EMI
3 days ago Court's letter in Wyndham cyberbreach appeal focuses on FTC's use of unfairness doctrine
3 days ago Study says insurance costs will spike if SCOTUS rejects Obamacare
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March 1, 2010 Sometimes when your friend is depressed, all you can do is hold their hair while the spiritually vomit.
July 14, 2011 Enjoying some well needed rain.
July 11, 2011 Being first and being bests have NOTHING to do with each other.
December 17, 2009 Ungodly amount of rain for this most Godly time of year. Everything is brown, mushy and musty.
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February 25, 2015 29th Annual Installation and Awards Gala
February 5, 2015 Save the Date for the 29th Annual PABA Gala at the JW Marriott at LA Live! #pabagala2015 #teampaba
January 22, 2015 RT @BruinMel: .@PhilAmBarAssn RT @apaba: JABA welcomes you to join APABA, APAWLA, KABA, PABA, SABA & SCCLA for a special reception
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April 14, 2011 What happened to the promise of "shared parenting"?
March 28, 2011 Call the Georgia House Judiciary Committee Members and tell them SB 139 is BAD for Georgia children!! Urgent action needed!
September 28, 2009 Trial went well today, looks good on custody.
January 28, 2014 The best help to prosperity for each american family is to lower oppressive taxes.
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February 5, 2015 RT @OIGatHHS: Another N.J. doc admits taking bribes – 35th defendant convicted in $100M+ lab scheme.
December 20, 2014 Bad news for Hospitals' Cash Flow... Recovery audit lawsuit dismissed by federal judge
December 14, 2014 Big changes to the Medicare Program coming in 2015?....
November 14, 2014 HIPAA Privacy Rule is not suspended during a public health or other emergency (like Ebola)
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February 25, 2015 RT @LCGreig: Bought some shoes from @schuh online on Monday, free standard delivery, they arrived today. Very impressed!
February 25, 2015 Day 2 of the #schuhss15 range review is go! We've already spotted a massive Superstar.
February 24, 2015 #schuhss15 party brought to you by @MaverickSabre and @adidasoriginals.
February 24, 2015 We're channelling that sweet 70s look. Wooden block heels and wedges got us like ???? #schuhss15
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4 days ago Actos Bladder Cancer Claims Continue: Recently earlier this month, seventeen plaintiffs filed an Actos bladder...
4 days ago Actos Bladder Cancer Claims Continue
4 days ago Testosterone Pulmonary Embolism, Heart Attack Lawsuits Over 1,000
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February 20, 2015 - Healthcare Classifieds and More!
December 19, 2014 MDRXLaw - Sauchik & Giyaur, P.C. is looking for a full-time associate attorney with 1-2 years of experience in comme…