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August 19, 2014 What Should I Do If I Missed My Court Date in Massachusetts?: There are times when I am sitting in court waiti...
August 12, 2014 Cab Drivers Falsify Claims of Malicious Destruction to Property: Just yesterday I signed up a client being cha...
August 6, 2014 Challenging Criminal Confessions in Massachusetts When the Cops Are Lying: Anytime a criminal defense lawyer g...
July 28, 2014 Why Waiting Until the Last Minute to Hire a Criminal Lawyer is Not a Good Idea: Not unlike most Sundays I woke...
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August 5, 2014 Majority of Florida health insurance rates expected to increase in 2015.
April 10, 2014 Kathleen Sebelius is resigning.
April 10, 2014 Breakaway Florida Warlocks member acquitted of 2 murders, 1 attempted murder.
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August 21, 2014 Blog: GAO Report recommends better oversight of CMS contractors for #Medicare audits re: duplication & communication to
August 18, 2014 Physician contract language leaves physician paying hefty attorney fees
August 12, 2014 From our blog: #HIPAA authorization required for baby photo displays OB or peds #physician offices
August 7, 2014 From our blog: Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) Slated To Make A Limited Return
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2 days ago @Nick_Steffens @JustinSnyderFL Different email. My tweet was referring to Scott admin use of private email accounts.
2 days ago .@FLGovScott appointee convicted of bribery today, ex-LG rips the Gov in a new book, and email cover up is reported. What happens tomorrow?
2 days ago RT @imillhiser: Bobby Jindal is suing the Obama Admin to stop Jindal's own education plan. Because that somehow makes sense.
2 days ago An Orlando jury found a @FLGovScott appointee guilty of bribery charges this afternoon:
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4 days ago Arizona law lets golf carts rule the road
4 days ago Student Lawyers Get in on the Intellectual Property Boom
August 22, 2014 Mural Artist Sues Sara Bareilles and Coach for Copyright Infringement
August 21, 2014 Fashion Institute of Technology student and Barnes & Noble involved in design copyright dispute
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2 days ago Reasonableness of Non-Economic Damages in Florida: Plaintiffs in personal injury cases may be entitled to reco...
4 days ago Middle District of Florida Remands Case for Lack of Diversity: Jurisdiction is particularly important in Flori...
August 22, 2014 Claims against the Florida Department of Transportation: Pursuing a personal injury claim against the governme...
August 22, 2014 Pursuing a personal injury claim against the government is very different from pursuing a similar claim against...
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2 days ago Earthquakes, Insurance, and Liability: Over the weekend, our area was hit by a 6.o earthquake. As Californian...
3 days ago Theater’s Alleged Bedbug Problem Reminder That Parasites Can Strike Anywhere: Theatergoers typically flock to...
August 22, 2014 Back to School Safety II - San Francisco Child Injury Attorney on School Zone Safety: Earlier this week, we fo...
August 20, 2014 Back to School Safety: School Bus Accidents & School Transportation Safety: With commercials for laptop comput...
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August 22, 2014 Patient Safety, Poor Training, and Medical #Malpractice :
August 22, 2014 Patient safety problems can arise due to poor training on technology: #malpractice
June 28, 2014 Congratulations to my #OTLA colleague Patrick Block!
June 26, 2014 Senate report: VA's scheduling problems are a symptom of malpractice epidemic
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June 4, 2014 @NMTelegram: Statement from Rio Arriba Cty Sheriff Rodella's lawyers after FBI raid at house” Rothstein Law repping
June 4, 2014 NBC/Ctr for Pub Integrity- M'care Advantage abuse alleged to cost taxpayers billions: <#NM among states investigated>
June 4, 2014 #NM Telegram - Battle for the Roundhouse will center on ten districts in the House:
June 4, 2014 Valencia #NM News-Bulletin - 7 attys vie for 13th Judicial Dist Court judgeship:
16 CC20 CF256 AC367 AF8 TT#11 CC
15.9 hours ago Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Judge Rules
15.9 hours ago What does the ADA have to say about employer inquires about prescription drugs
15.9 hours ago Third Circuit Joins Second Circuit In Rejecting Vague Pleadings of FLSA Violations
4 days ago EEOC Lawsuit Challenges Orion Energy Wellness Program and Related Firing of Employee | The National Law Review -
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August 22, 2014 @ClarissaRedwine start local with @keyringapp or @shopsavvy LMK if you want intros
August 12, 2014 I'm going to September Dallas New Tech #BigDNT
August 4, 2014 RT @bradleyjoyce: Join me at @theDECtx tomorrow for Dallas New Tech!! #startups #pitches #BigDNT
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August 12, 2014 Beautiful morning in #Destin, Florida. #vacation
June 25, 2014 Thanks college baseball, for another great year. Congrats to Vandy. Thanks #espn. #GamecocksbackinOmahain2015
June 24, 2014 Dirty play by UVA's Papi. Sweating bullets now. #ejection?
June 24, 2014 Gosh this whistler at #cwsomaha is annoying.
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3 days ago Timely diagnosis is key in the treatment of prostate cancer.
4 days ago Two-year-old Missouri boy dies in rollover crash: driver arrested (via @krcg13)
4 days ago Are you suspicious that your medical records have been altered in an attempt to hide evidence of medical negligence?
August 23, 2014 What are your #legal rights if #MedicationError has been committed?
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March 28, 2013 Is it safe to put your loved one in a nursing home?
March 26, 2013 Personal Injury FAQ: Will I will your case?
March 22, 2013 @aawaltera Hah - no kidding!
March 22, 2013 Is your car among the most accident prone?
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September 30, 2010 @IThinkBigger Thanks for the RT. ;)
September 30, 2010 TIP OF THE DAY: Don't Wait For Someone To Give You Authority -- Seize It Yourself
September 30, 2010 8 Innovation Secrets From Steve Jobs
September 30, 2010 The Lowdown on Buying Carbon Offsets
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August 22, 2014 Who ordered the Apocalypse? #newx
August 12, 2014 @dundeevc I was just about to call you. Good luck.
July 25, 2014 RT @MemorialLLOmaha: Omaha World Herald recognizes State Champions.
July 15, 2014 The @MemorialLLOmaha 12U District team's tourney bracket, as req'd by @JMeysenburg. Bracket changes if Benson wins.
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August 22, 2014 .@Matt_R_Fisher @jborton1641 @VentureBeat Some enlightened souls care abt whole pt. Challenge: data=>info; See also:
August 21, 2014 MT @health2con: Don’t miss all the #healthcare #innovation next month at the #health2con fall conf // See you there!
August 21, 2014 Massive data breach. Time for sports analogies? #HIPAA #HITECH #privacy #security #CHS
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August 21, 2014 Get the inside scoop on this local Pennsylvania #DUI case by @jbmartinlaw
June 25, 2014 Learn how the new #Pennsylvania same-sex marriage ruling could affect you and your family. #gaymarriage
June 19, 2014 #DOMA paves the way for same sex marriage, but what about divorce? All your questions answered,
June 11, 2014 When was the last time you've reviewed your #LastWill, Power of Attorney & Advanced Directive? #estateplanning in #PA
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August 9, 2009 Arkansas new driving laws to help reduce accidents.
March 15, 2009 Bonus payments at AIG. The arrogance of some people is incredible.
March 7, 2009 Twitter in Courtrooms.
March 4, 2009 Happy about the Supreme Court...
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August 23, 2014 Trial is truly the alternative in dispute resolution #choosemediation
August 18, 2014 Admin. Order Re: Use of Electronic Devices in Ninth Judicial Circuit Effective 1/1/15
August 18, 2014 USS Theodore Roosevelt Conducts Combined Manned, Unmanned X-47B Operations
August 16, 2014 RT @UWWMmediation: John has his mic and is ready to begin at the DRC annual conference in Orlando.
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June 16, 2014 Check out these 10 tricks from award winning caregivers! What helps you? #Caregivers #CaregiverTips
June 13, 2014 Have you heard? Male #caregivers are on the rise.
June 12, 2014 #CaregiverTip | One kind word can change someone's entire day.
June 9, 2014 "Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." –Charles Swindol
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August 23, 2014 Finished Cycle with #cyclemeter, on a new route, time 2:16:56, 39.86 miles, see, average 17.47.
August 23, 2014 Started Cycle with #cyclemeter at 6:16, on a new route, see, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me.
August 13, 2014 Started Cycle with #cyclemeter at 7:32, on a new route, see, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me.
August 12, 2014 Started Cycle with #cyclemeter at 6:20, on a new route, see, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me.
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July 30, 2014 Appreciate a Whistleblower today--
January 2, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from a Bankruptcy client on Avvo
November 28, 2013 Please see my answer on @Avvo to: My wallet was stolen and they ordered things on my credit what now? #fraud
October 8, 2013 Please see my answer on @Avvo to: Can I sue for false advertising if a company advertises ... #falseadvertising
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August 23, 2014 Political Insider: #Hudson #Democrats bask in light of #WNY mayor's fundraiser #NJ #politics #Fulop via @njdotcom
August 22, 2014 Court Rules Atlantic City Internal Affairs Files Are Discoverable #OPRA #law #public #NJ
August 20, 2014 Heading to West New York to prepare for the meeting to hire a new Municipal Administrator at noon today.
August 19, 2014 @Mike_Cifelli Michael, thank you for the RT on my LinkedIn post. Glad you enjoyed it!
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August 23, 2014 Go ahead-make my day....LOL.
August 23, 2014 You KNEW it was coming-"Cell Phone Loss Anxiety Disorder":...
August 22, 2014 “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ~ Dr. Seuss
August 22, 2014 The most rational guy EVER!!
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3 days ago Health care workers learn how to adjust to different cultures, races | News |
3 days ago Is medical marijuana the answer to America’s prescription painkiller epidemic?
August 20, 2014 Preventable hospital deaths after urological surgery rising: study via @reuters
August 19, 2014 CHS: Data breach affected practices affiliated with Memorial Hospital
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June 17, 2014 I just contributed to @MichelleNunnGA -- please join me in supporting her campaign!
April 2, 2014 Larry Walker Jr. to receive ABA solo and small-firm Lifetime Achievement Award...
April 1, 2014 NEW BLOG POST!...
January 6, 2014 Proud of Kellye Moore who is among Houston County's leaders to watch in 2014....
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July 29, 2013 RT @mashable: #Apple Patent Could Bring Videos and Status Updates to On-Hold Calls
October 18, 2012 Group of music publishers wins $6.6 million in copyright infringement case over song lyrics posted on websites owned by MySpace cofounder.
October 18, 2012 Pennsylvania July 2012 bar examination results were the lowest in five years, with some law schools dropping by several percentage points.
October 18, 2012 Lawsuits filed on Tuesday in New Jersey over the nationwide meningitis outbreak.
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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August 22, 2014 My week on Twitter: 461 views, 16 new followers & 3 favs.
August 22, 2014 White Collar Crime Daily is out! (A collection of news & articles on white collar crime issues)
August 21, 2014 Congress fumes as idle federal workers went shopping, sent on private errands
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March 1, 2010 Sometimes when your friend is depressed, all you can do is hold their hair while the spiritually vomit.
July 14, 2011 Enjoying some well needed rain.
July 11, 2011 Being first and being bests have NOTHING to do with each other.
December 17, 2009 Ungodly amount of rain for this most Godly time of year. Everything is brown, mushy and musty.
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2 days ago Los Angeles County Public Defender 2015 Law Clerk Program
2 days ago LA Philippine Consul General Leo Herrera-Lim with #PABA pres Hildy Aguinaldo at reception
August 23, 2014 #TeamPABA after their Game-1 victory at the @yapabas Softball Tournament. @ Whittier Narrows Softball…
August 20, 2014 Bristow Fellowship with the Office of the Solicitor General
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April 14, 2011 What happened to the promise of "shared parenting"?
March 28, 2011 Call the Georgia House Judiciary Committee Members and tell them SB 139 is BAD for Georgia children!! Urgent action needed!
September 28, 2009 Trial went well today, looks good on custody.
November 29, 2013 @ACLU your reproductive irresponsibility should not rule my religious beliefs
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August 19, 2014 Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law requiring for the first time that assisted living homes carry liability insurance
June 27, 2014 It is hard to believe that in this day and age that people still think they can get away with stuff like this....
June 6, 2014 Wishful Thinking... AHA wants OIG to stop auditing claiming they are redundant and burdensome
May 5, 2014 Employers Must Notify Laid-Off Workers of Health-Care Options, New Rule Says
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3 days ago The latest in the broadcast TV #copyright #kerfuffle
4 days ago Half of #trademark registrations are at least partially illegitimate
August 22, 2014 #Amazon and #Disney’s Media Feud: What You Need to Know
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3 days ago @Jacobarla ...we can try to find your transaction and give you your receipt number - Louise
3 days ago @Jacobarla found, we can sort you out with a refund or exchange. We do need proof of purchase but if you don't have your receipt...
3 days ago @Jacobarla Hi Jake. You can return them to any of our stores or back to our Head Office for a manager inspection. If a manufacturing fault..
3 days ago @iamtomprice Come and try your luck tomorrow :-) - Louise
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4 days ago Party Bus Company Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Some bus companies are still underinsured or not insured at all. Fed...
4 days ago Party Bus Company Wrongful Death Lawsuit
4 days ago Party Bus Company Wrongful Death Lawsuit
August 22, 2014 What are the Side Effects with Xarelto?
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August 14, 2014 - Free Healthcare Classifieds and More!
August 13, 2014 Published a new blog entry HMO Rate Cuts: Urgent Practical Guide in Medicaid and Medicare.
August 13, 2014 Published a new blog entry Provider Audits - We Fight for Healthcare Providers' Rights in Alerts.
August 13, 2014 - Healthcare Classifieds and More!