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April 3, 2014 "Fort Hood Does Little to Keep Out Firearms" good read
January 1, 2014 Do cashiers and bank tellers get to sit while working? 9th Circuit asks California Supreme Court to decide.
November 8, 2013 SCOTUS argument: Does a neutrality agreement violate labor laws?
November 4, 2013 SCOTUS sets argument dates in three employment law cases
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July 25, 2014 RT @HC_ChrisGage: Thanks for a wonderful conference #ACTEPC - already looking forward to 2015. Now we can focus on #nacac14 @ACTepc @NACAC @NACACConference
July 25, 2014 Thanks to everyone at #actepc who attended my No-Plan Plan session. You were awesome! #noplanplan
July 24, 2014 RT @ACT: "Don't look outside the box, act like the box doesn't exist" Dr. Bertice Berry #ACTEPC @DrBerticeBerry
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2 days ago New York passes new law to protect interns from illegal employment practices.
4 days ago The new EEOC pregnancy discrimination guide lines give woman more protection. Big companies are worried.
5 days ago RT @richarddoetsch: It doesn't matter how smart you are, if you have self doubt it will kill your genius...
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July 24, 2014 RT @davidsirota: As Comcast merger advances, the US House just quietly passed a GOP bill to block local competitors to Comcast
July 24, 2014 RT @beclawyers: Barton, East & Caldwell is pleased to announce that partner Dawn Finlayson elected as 2014-2015 Director of the San Antonio Bar Associaion
July 21, 2014 The New Yorker Opened Its Archive — Here's Where To Start via @Digg
July 20, 2014 Thanks for the RTs this week! @nbtxbob via
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3 days ago Advisors-Now Might Be the Time For A Move
June 17, 2014 Financial Pros - Yes, You Can Sue Your Firm and Win
March 27, 2014 FINRA Removes Arbitrator For False Disclosure
February 22, 2014 10 Countries Sitting on Mounds of Gold: 10 Countries Sitting On Ginormous Mounds Of Gold #securitieslaw
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2 days ago 9-Year-Old Girl Critically Injured in Beach Plane Crash Dies — Tampa Bay Injury Attorney Blog
3 days ago Mistrial Declared in Trinity Highway Guardrail Case
3 days ago Man Dies in Industrial Accident in Brooksville — Hernando County Injury Attorney Blog
3 days ago Prosecutors Bending the Rules to Snoop on Inmates Email — New York Criminal Blog
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July 25, 2014 RT @jonhyman: New post: WIRTW #329 (the “amicus” edition)
July 23, 2014 New post: Obamacare Opinions Galore!
July 22, 2014 BREAKING — D.C. Circuit strikes down tax credits in federal exchanges via @washingtonpost #ACA
July 21, 2014 RT @MatthewSMiller2: Pa. Supreme Court to decide if man under house arrest was eligible for jobless aid @PennLive
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2 days ago Union City man, 35, accused of leading Guttenberg police on a chase
3 days ago Women Arrested Following Vehicle Stop on Rt 15
4 days ago Hillside man arrested on child pornography charges
July 27, 2014 Truck driver arrested for drunk driving
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16.3 hours ago Honoring their vow: One attorney's passion for his clients.
19.8 hours ago I just got a 5-star review from Tim on Avvo
2 days ago #Hyundai Recalls #Sonata Cars for Transmission and Braking Issues
3 days ago Yet More General Motors Recalls: 800,000 Vehicles For Various Defects
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July 24, 2014 @sethgoldstein I am out of town on client business through Monday. Give me a phone # and will try you during down time.
July 23, 2014 @HTCDev Why is there NO kernel source for any Verizon One M8 handset available? How does that comply with the license?
July 22, 2014 Anyone else notice how the white Range Rover Evoque sorta looks like an Imperial Storm Trooper?
July 20, 2014 Best opening credits. Period. #MastersofSex
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July 25, 2014 Winning Your Claims Through Responsible Use of Social Media -
July 22, 2014 Record Fines, Unprecedented Oversight Requirements Loom in GM Investigation -
July 22, 2014 What an Auto Accident Victim Must Do In Preserving Rights to Compensation via @wordpressdotcom
July 18, 2014 Record Fines, Unprecedented Oversight Requirements Loom in GM Investigation -
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July 25, 2014 How do I start a business? The first step is drafting a business plan. This requires that you research the ins...
July 23, 2014 Congrats on the 2014 highest possible rating of "Superb 10/10" by national attorney rating company AVVO!
July 23, 2014 Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers
July 23, 2014 Gregory G. Brown receives 2014 highest possible rating of "Superb 10/10" by AVVO
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July 26, 2014 LA Clippers Settle Junk Text Class Action By Providing Thousands of Tickets: As of June 2, settlement document...
July 25, 2014 Nordstrom Settles Class Action Where it was Accused of Allegedly Failing to Pay Minimum Wage and Overtime to C...
July 20, 2014 Taco Bell’s Motion to Dismiss Denied in Unpaid Overtime Class Action: When a lawsuit reaches the court level,...
July 13, 2014 Class Action Against Universal Alloy Alleges Failure to Maintain Accurate Time Records: While many employees ...
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2 days ago Fake Patients Let Medical Students Practice on Underserved Populations
3 days ago NCAA Reaches $75 Million Settlement In Head-Injury Lawsuit
3 days ago Maine nurse practitioners can recommend marijuana starting Aug. 1
5 days ago Howe v. MMG Ins. Co. – Dangerous Dog Bite Liability in Maine: During the summer in Maine, we inevitably see an...
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2 days ago RT @BNightengale: Vin Scully, the most popular man in #MLB, is coming back for 66th season next year as #Dodgers beloved broadcaster.
July 8, 2014 or Ziegler, or Perez, or . . . de la Rosa, or . . . RT @Gambo987: It's time to demote Reed and let Matt Stites close
July 8, 2014 @B_Murdock1320 Perhaps, but the lead-off walk and the monster home run are.
July 8, 2014 RT @The_Real_Sparky: Googled Addison Reed and this was the first pic that came up. Wonder why... #Dbacks
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1 day ago Guess who forgot to put on his sunscreen at camp today?
1 day ago If you haven't read this book yet, you should. Only $.99 on Amazon today. via Julie Flygare
1 day ago It's a caramel bourbon milkshake kind of night
2 days ago @wendync3803: #childlabor #workingmom #gettinitdone @ Law Office of Wendy H. James, PLLC” Love it!
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July 26, 2014 I crushed a 6.0 mi run with a pace of 9'50" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
July 25, 2014 RT @bookpatrol: Sneakers for the literary set: New Balance unveils the "Author Collection"
July 24, 2014 Co-editor Caroline Haskell will discuss Combined Destinies: Whites Sharing Grief About Racism tomorrow at #2014NASW.
July 24, 2014 Talent agency WME Launches Pop-Up Bookstore:
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3 days ago Considering filing a rear-end accident lawsuit in Las Vegas? Explore your options
July 22, 2014 Do insurance companies often refuse to pay victims with car accident injuries?
July 19, 2014 A driver who is using a cell phone may have four times the risk of becoming involved in a collision.
July 15, 2014 Considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Las Vegas? Contact us
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April 24, 2014 FDA Proposes First E-Cigarette Rules via @NBCNews
April 9, 2014 Last nights fundraiser in #Parkland for the #FriendsoftheParklandLibrary and the #ParklandHistoricalSociety
April 7, 2014 We had a great time at the #GLLN 3rd annual fundraiser that benefited #OURFUND
March 4, 2014 Are you an attorney? Worried about costs on a case? Don't focus on PI? Call us at 954-913-2273 for details as to how we can work together.
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July 22, 2014 My week on twitter: 2 New Followers, 1 Replies. via
July 3, 2014 IAB: Top five tips on knowing social media -
July 3, 2014 LocatePLUS Introduces the Latest Social Media Search Capabilities for Lawyers and Legal ... -
July 3, 2014 A Rare Win: National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Judge Upholds an Employer's Social Media ... - #GoogleAlerts
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December 7, 2013 Posting upon request...Brady Dalton #AGTDenver
November 15, 2013 Sometimes it is simply time to bring an end to those things that only cause you pain.
October 3, 2013 Nothing else in the world smells like that...
September 18, 2013 RT @Bla1ze: These icons in the Aviary app for iOS 7.. They look familiar. -
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July 2, 2014 Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby on Affordable Care Act Contraceptive Mandate:
June 30, 2014 CA Supreme Court Holds Unauthorized Workers Not Precluded From Suing Employers For Violations Of CA Employment Laws
October 28, 2013 Federal Arbitration Act Preempts State Laws Prohibiting Berman Hearing Waivers in Arbitration Agreements:
September 25, 2013 Governor Signs Bill Increasing California Minimum Wage to $9.00 Effective July 1, 2014 - See more at:
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July 25, 2014 RT @whurstlaw: Motorcycle rider ejected in Flora Indiana accident via @sharethis #indianalawyer
July 25, 2014 RT @whurstlaw: Lawsuit claims neighbor's cat odors hurt property values #indianalawyer
July 25, 2014 RT @TrafficMike_BHM: #Texting while driving bans really do save lives, #UAB study finds #bhamtraffic
July 25, 2014 Texting Laws Are Working, According to Study
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18.3 hours ago @R_Watsonian @TCFF You can’t handle my popped collar
18.6 hours ago Our sailboat made the @TCFF daily:
July 26, 2014 @CJAD800 @ToddCTV thank you for having me! Have a great weekend
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July 14, 2014 The Cowen Group is back on the road, this time in D.C. for our Q3 Summer Breakfast Series. We're tackling the impact of Cyber Security on y…
July 13, 2014 Ralph- I am envious
July 13, 2014 Summer Escape from the e-Discovery Bubble via @RalphLosey
June 20, 2014 Law Firm’s App Tackles Data Breach Issues via @sharethis
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July 25, 2014 @maripops Amazing venue / insanely jealous.
July 25, 2014 RT @walterolson: As discrimination law gradually swallows all else: "Rep. Keith Ellison wants to make union organizing a civil right"
July 25, 2014 RT @SocialMediaLaw1: "Securing What’s At Stake with the Internet of Things" #IoT @CiscoSecurity #cybersecurity
July 24, 2014 How cool is this? Watch one lucky girl jam with Jack White on “Seven Nation Army”
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June 23, 2014 [Blog Post] BREAKING NEWS: Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Los Angeles, LLC eulogizes Gentry and buttresses PAG...
June 23, 2014 [Blog Post] Ninth Circuit joins the list of other Circuits rejecting Norris-LaGuardia and NLRA-based challenge...
June 22, 2014 [Blog Post] Episode 11 of the Class Re-Action podcast is now available: Episode 11 of the Class Re-Action Podc...
February 14, 2014 [Blog Post] Ninth Circuit finds that California's "good cause" requirement for a license: The Ninth Circuit di...
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July 24, 2014 San Francisco South Beach District 6 Democratic Club July 31 Event!
July 18, 2014 Stephen Jaffe visited the The Jaffe Law Firm company page.
July 18, 2014 RT @SJEmpEssentials: #EEOC issued updated guidance on #pregnancy #discrimination 2day. Addresses #ADA/#accommodation issues 4 pregnancy, 2
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July 25, 2014 Anti-Discrimination Laws That Apply To Employers
July 24, 2014 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic's ‘Mission Statement’ pokes fun at corporate jargon.
July 24, 2014 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Wraps 8 Days of Videos With ‘Mission Statement’ (Exclusive)
July 24, 2014 RT @alyankovic: If you thought I didn’t know that I ended “Word Crimes” with a split infinitive… you don’t give me nearly enough credit.
29 CC48 CF246 AC608 AF0 TT#33 CC
16.9 hours ago The Northwest Policyholder: Idaho Court Gives Win to Policyholder Where Exclusion Conflicts With Coverage Grant
3 days ago "12 Words Never to Say to Your Insurance Company | United Policyholders" good read
July 25, 2014 The Northwest Policyholder: Washington Federal Court Orders Broad Discovery of AIG Defense Rates
July 18, 2014 The Northwest Policyholder: Insured Cannot Place Extra-contractual Conditions on Compliance with Policy
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July 18, 2014 The Long-Term Outlook for the Federal Budget
July 10, 2014 7 ways to increase the profits of your business
July 9, 2014 Government made $100B in improper payments
June 13, 2014 5 Things a Contracts Lawyer Can Do (That You Probably Can't)
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July 22, 2014 RT @CBCCanada: Asteroid named after CBC science journalist Bob McDonald
July 13, 2014 @ostrawcz yeah, well, swim-run-bike-run-swim. :)
July 13, 2014 @EYTRunners @unMicD @EhMcC @ostrawcz @li_annimal @Eastyorkrunner Hope everyone had a great (albeit wet, for many) day of racing!
July 11, 2014 Waiting for the pre-race briefing to begin for @TriathlonTO
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4 days ago Ammonia Leak Sends 4 to Hospital, Closes #Houston Ship Channel - #chemicalexposure
July 23, 2014 Thousands of older rail tank cars that carry crude oil may be phased out under regulations proposed today. -
July 22, 2014 How do insurance companies determine what your injuries are worth? -
July 21, 2014 Costa Concordia Refloated, Preparing for Final Tow -
27 CC49 CF226 AC522 AF1 TT#37 CC
July 16, 2014 More thoughts on the new EEOC pregnancy guidelines.
July 11, 2014 Workplace Prof Blog
July 9, 2014 Proposed Noncompete Compromise Not Retroactive
July 8, 2014 My thoughts on forum selection clauses in employment contracts.
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July 26, 2014 Cutting jobless benefits did nothing to lower unemployment in North Carolina.
July 26, 2014 Five Myths About the Gender Pay Gap
July 26, 2014 A Push to Give Steadier Shifts to Part-Timers
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February 8, 2010 Reviewing San Jose zoning ordinances for a condo conversion..
January 25, 2010 @first140 I guessed one right! Shopgirl!
January 21, 2010 Working on a demand letter to an association manager gone bad!
January 11, 2010 @jmoney345 I've always wanted jury duty!
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2 days ago RT @greenhousenyt: My far more complete story on the NLRB ruling declaring McDonald's a joint employer--a boost to unionization efforts
2 days ago RT @CCHWorkDay: #NLRB GC has authorized complaints that could name McDonald’s as joint employer in complaints against franchisees -
2 days ago RT @CCHWorkDay: NLRB rejects micro-unit of Neiman Marcus shoe dept associates as not distinct from other store employees -
2 days ago RT @thinkprogress: No, cutting unemployment benefits didn’t boost North Carolina’s workforce