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April 24, 2016 Looks like a fun job for the right person.
April 22, 2016 RT @envisionexp: Students says college and education is the most important issue in their lives:
April 21, 2016 A model for higher education where all learning counts
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February 6, 2016 Blow back against company enforcing noncompete agreement against young employee.
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4 days ago Up next: "Earthquakes are absolutely safe!" and "Toxic chemicals in your water are delicious!"
4 days ago @LexisNexis Tried to fill out online form to have LexisAdvance rep contact me. Crashed 3 times. Have rep email
4 days ago Read: The Munger Operating System: How to Live a Life That Really Works
4 days ago Yet access to legal servs for poor & mid class worse than ever. TexLegislature effort to block court access working.
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3 days ago Keep in mind this is from a tech vendor, but another view of FINRA exam priorities
April 22, 2016 RT @brocromanek: FINRA: Proposes Delay for New Debt Research Rule
April 20, 2016 The Top 10 Regulatory Enforcement Trends for 2016
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3 days ago Pasco-Hernando State College Softball Player Killed In Hudson Car Accident: A softball player at Pasco-Hernan...
3 days ago Pasco-Hernando State College Softball Player Killed In Hudson Car Accident — Pasco County Injury Attorney Blog
3 days ago RT @PreserveTheBurg: We'd also like to give a big thank you to a Gold Level sponsor of Movies in the Park. Whittel & Melton, LLC! If...
4 days ago Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Spring Hill Crash: A Spring Hill man was critically injured Thursday after ...
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May 28, 2011 Another Pennsylvania Court Holds: Hand Over Your Facebook Password - COTW #42 via @PhilipMiles
April 21, 2016 New post: Curt Schilling, ESPN, Free Speech and quirky state laws
April 21, 2016 RT @danielschwartz: Has to be an issue of public concern and can't disrupt workplace. Speech here arguably has issues with both.
April 21, 2016 (2/2) ...interfere with the employee's bona fide job performance or the working relationship between the employee and the employer"
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April 22, 2016 Supreme Court case addresses refusals of BAC testing -
April 22, 2016 The criminal penalties associated with mortgage fraud convictions are only the beginning of the bad news.
April 21, 2016 A Disorderly Persons Offense is punishable by up to 6 months imprisonment.
April 20, 2016 'Affluenza' teen sentenced to 720 days in jail -
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April 22, 2016 Local Alert: Police are asking that anyone with information call them at 714- 245-8200.
April 22, 2016 Nearly half of us are still texting while driving.
April 21, 2016 RT @LALitigators: We have a 41year old client that is paralyzed from the chest down after being a back seat passenger in a Polaris.
April 19, 2016 Recreational vehicle recalled for fire danger: The company has received more than 160 reports of fire.
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April 22, 2016 RT @Wwm_Shakespeare: Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
April 21, 2016 The world is a little less cool today. #RIPPrince
April 20, 2016 RT @Cpt_Throwback: @htc @htcdev @HTCUSA @moversi I'm getting the #HTC10 and want to know if you guys will (for a change) be releasing kernel source timely?
April 20, 2016 RT @elizabethforma: Hey @TedCruz: Maybe you should spend less time complaining about your "significant sacrifices" - & more time doing something about theirs.
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March 24, 2015 Inclusion to Leaves of Absence Graces Peace Officers and Rescue Personnel -
March 23, 2015 Tips on How to Avoid Car Accident When You're in Los Angeles -
March 12, 2015 Know more about how you can file a discrimination case through the EEOC:
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3 days ago What Factors Make it Harder to Settle a Civil Case- A business litigation
3 days ago A business litigation attorney represents individuals and companies who are involved in business disputes. Our...
3 days ago What Factors Make it Harder to Settle a Civil Case- A business litigation
4 days ago How Does Breach of Fiduciary Duty Affect Shareholder Disputes?-
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2 days ago Judge: No proof fired @CollegeDuPage administrator committed misconduct. via @dailyherald
2 days ago Judge says College of DuPage controller did not engage in misconduct
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April 22, 2016 State failed to act on inspector's call for repairs to Bath bridge where SUV fell 40 feet
April 21, 2016 Augusta Police Step Up Distracted Driving Enforcement
April 19, 2016 In wake of daughter's death, Maine mom warns of distracted driving
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April 18, 2016 In case you think you are flying out of Hobby today . . .
April 18, 2016 The De Ford Law Firm will be closed Monday April 18th due to flooding in the area so our employees can stay...
April 17, 2016 @lisasolomon Great meeting you in person in West Palm Beach this weekend. Welcome to "the Bubble"!
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January 30, 2016 Happy Saturday from PAUL PADDA LAW! Drive safely!
December 28, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car a...
December 14, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car ac...
November 24, 2015 What are the causes of Las Vegas wrong-way accidents?
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April 21, 2016 If you’ve been #injured by the fault of another, it’s time to learn how our team at Cutler Rader, PL may be able...
April 20, 2016 Many people are injured while at #work. Is your employer doing everything to ensure a safe work #environment?
April 18, 2016 #Legal assistance starts with understanding. At Cutler Rader, PL, we provide the utmost understanding and...
April 15, 2016 Proud to see the amazing efforts of the Zweig family & our community coming together to show their love & support.
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February 9, 2016 My week on Twitter: 3 New Followers. How's your audience growing? via
February 2, 2016 My week on Twitter: 1 New Followers. How's your audience growing? via
January 12, 2016 My week on Twitter: 2 New Followers. How's your audience growing? via
December 29, 2015 My week on Twitter: 4 New Followers. How's your audience growing? via
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March 5, 2015 Andrea Dalton representing the SJS Foundation at the NIH symposium yesterday. Amazing work by an amazing woman.
March 2, 2015 Andrea is also delivering a petition of nearly 5000 signatures to the FDA requesting a mandatory reporting system for adverse drug reactions
March 2, 2015 Andrea Dalton in DC this week representing SJS Foundation at National Institute of Health symposium.
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November 10, 2008 Depos early am. Tonight... Drinks with buddies. I am either reckless, stupid or really good. We'll se tomorrow.
November 9, 2008 I have a love-hate relationship with trials. I hate them on Sundays and love them once I am in the action.
November 3, 2008 @mkastrab I couldn't agree more. Please research your candidates before you vote. Takes 15 min max.
November 3, 2008 Proud to report that my partner and I are shutting down our office all day tomorrow to serve as observers
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April 19, 2016 California Court of Appeal Finds Employers Must Accommodate Employee's Association with Disabled Individuals:
April 19, 2016 California Court of Appeal Finds Employers Must Accommodate Employee’s Association With Disabled Individuals:
March 29, 2016 Tonight only. Go Canucks!
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April 8, 2016 RT @kayvanwey: Why should I find a #personalinjuryattorney who advertises handling my specific type of accident case?
April 5, 2016 RT @whurstlaw: Will I Lose My Medicaid When I Settle My Indiana Personal Injury Case?
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April 22, 2016 Drinking a Pineapple Rye Saison by @TenacityBrewing @ Little Joe's Restaurant —
April 12, 2016 Of course they will do so
April 12, 2016 I'm assuming it is due to sales commissions. If @HubSpot creates an economic incentive for their sales agents to change terms...
April 12, 2016 You'd think that @HubSpot would be smarter then to try to change contract terms on attorneys, but apparently not.
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4 days ago RT @JimmyHarrisSays: @TheCowenGroup @acedsonline You two were a hit together! I learned a ton from your session. Thanks again.
April 20, 2016 Don't miss our 1st #W2K Session at #ACEDS eDiscovery Conference in NYC today at 8am! Our topic is: “What’s your story? What’s your pitch?”
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2 days ago RT @RealEvilHRLady: If only Congress could do something about bad employment law @inc
2 days ago Proposed salary test is 25% higher than even California. Clearly we need a salary test lower than $50K.
2 days ago RT @donttrythis: VERY excited to be in Cleveland checking out some maker spaces like @CWRUthinkbox! #NationOfMakers @WhiteHouseOSTP
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April 13, 2016 [Blog Post] Allstate tests new method for mooting class claims; falls short in Chen v. Allstate Ins. Co.: Norm...
April 7, 2016 [Blog Post] Pull up a chair...and listen to the nightmarish tale of....suitable seating (in Kilby v. CVS Pharm...
March 22, 2016 [Blog Post] Overreach results in rare class action dismissal via demurrer in Schermer v. Tatum: While getting ...
March 18, 2016 [Blog Post] Law-less Friday: Irony and Hipocrisy are no bar to standing: We all need a bit of levity on Friday...
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4 days ago California Injury Verdict: Eggshell Plaintiff Receives $2.8M
4 days ago California Injury Verdict: Eggshell Plaintiff Receives $2.8M
4 days ago California Injury Verdict: Eggshell Plaintiff Receives $2.8M: A California woman was awarded more than $2.8 mi...
4 days ago California Injury Verdict: Eggshell Plaintiff Receives $2.8M: A California woman was awarded more than $2.8 mi...
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2 days ago They key to making things happen is to do the work.
2 days ago Losses by US #smallbiz who can't afford lawyers is in the trillions. We figured out how to fix that.
2 days ago The Basics of Commercial Leases - Bellatrix PC #business #entrepreneur
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April 23, 2016 Still talking about what a great thing @natborchers and @JewsburyJ did yesterday w/neighborhood school fundraiser- class acts. #RCTID
April 23, 2016 RT @ThornsFC: Congrats @ORLPride on setting the new #NWSL single-game attendance record today. #GrowTheGame #BAONPDX
April 16, 2016 Wherefore Art Thou, Fisher? U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Decides Not to List the Pacific Fisher via @dmmeyers1
April 14, 2016 Big Win For Policyholders in Fourth Circuit Finding Duty to Defend Under General Liability Policy for Data Breach
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2 days ago Illinois Wrongful Termination Laws |
April 22, 2016 Appellate Courts Hold Typical Collection Letters Violate FDCPA
April 12, 2016 When Old Debt Resurfaces, Consumers Should Be Wary of Scams - MainStreet
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April 23, 2016 RT @AllisonCBrown: Right now I'm on my way back from my epic drive to Texas and back- but NINE shows in Ontario in May!
April 23, 2016 RT @EnduroSport: Get out there and enjoy the warm weather with a new pair of shoes!!!
April 23, 2016 On our way to the @BlueJays game. Just need to recharge first at @AmsterdamBH
April 18, 2016 Worse than lost cash from my stolen wallet today was @AmsterdamBH gift card that was in it. $130 or so still on it. :( (a lot of boneshaker)
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November 5, 2015 After Tampa longshoreman's death, 609-foot ship has become a phantom. See my comments in the article. via @TB_Times
September 15, 2015 Our thoughts go out to all involved in the tragic HISD school bus accident that took place this morning: #HISD #HTX
September 15, 2015 Employers are responsible for ensuring adequate water supply for employees.
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3 days ago RT @LXBN: Utah Leads the Way On Non-Compete Legislation
3 days ago The Utah legislature adopts a progressive approach to non-competes.
3 days ago Government to consult on non-compete clauses, but is reform really needed? #searches #feedly
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February 8, 2010 Reviewing San Jose zoning ordinances for a condo conversion..
January 25, 2010 @first140 I guessed one right! Shopgirl!
January 21, 2010 Working on a demand letter to an association manager gone bad!
January 11, 2010 @jmoney345 I've always wanted jury duty!
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3 days ago RT @EmployeeAtty: EEOC Files Suit Targeting Employment Application “Health History” #emplaw #hr #employees
3 days ago RT @psecundaWrkProf: WISCONSIN JUDGE WON'T STAY RIGHT-TO-WORK DECISION: A Wisconsin judge refused to stay April 8 decision to invalidate state's 2015 RTW law.
3 days ago RT @ProofHearsay: In case of unexplained attempted homicide, expert says eye witness identifications cause many wrongful convictions.