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3 days ago I was happy to be a part of Twitter Power 1.0. Glad to see my friend @joelcomm at version 3.0. Great stuff.
3 days ago ACT and Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Announce Collaboration... -- ALEXANDRIA, Va. and...
5 days ago I'll be serving on the national Manufacturing Skills Standards Council's Leadership Council.
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March 15, 2015 I'm at the way cool @aurasma booth at SXSW!!!
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3 days ago Love you @tedcruz but you're gonna need hair club for men.
5 days ago Getting ready for an emergency hearing in Forsyth County this afternoon at 2:00. Going to be one of those weeks.
March 22, 2015 You can get Louis Vuitton scarf with the Starsky & Hutch car. (at @LouisVuitton)
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July 15, 2014 Ohio Guv race in dead heat.
July 15, 2014 Poll: Ohio Guv Race In Dead Heat
July 4, 2014 The Founding Fathers backed Thomas Piketty – and feared a powerful 1 percent via @Salon
June 26, 2014 What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades
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5.3 hours ago 11 things Huntsville does better than any other city
4 days ago 11 things Alabama does better than any other state
March 21, 2015 A Luxury Liner Docks, and the Countdown’s On
March 19, 2015 Did You Know Delta Airlines Did This? | Catfish on 94 Country WKKJ
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January 7, 2014 Revised #autism screening tool offers more precise assessment- #nih #autismtesting #diagnosis
January 7, 2014 Great Los Angeles Times feature on #IdoKedar, a high-schooler and memoirist who writes about his experiences with...
December 13, 2013 Study findings show that bacterium can reverse autism-like behavior in mice. #autism #autismresearch #ASD
December 1, 2013 RSVP today for this invaluable free event! Dec 7th 10:30am-12pm at ACES ABA's Irvine office.
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February 23, 2010 s happy to help today. What can I do for you?
February 22, 2010 | I don't have a cushy job, but I do have a cushy seat.
February 22, 2010 calculating a potential sentence using sentencing guidelines, wondering how MD manages to sentence minorities longer in spite of guidelines.
June 29, 2011 Hey friends! I've got a potential federal work compensation claim case sitting at my desk. PC would like to find a good attorney in the DC …
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September 14, 2009 Publicist: Patrick Swayze dies at 57
August 13, 2009 Another flight delayed from Beijing to Shanghai (sigh).
August 7, 2009 Rain and more rain in Beijing. This is not normal "desert" weather, is it?
July 23, 2009 RTChina Daily: "Coca-Cola on a rosy perch in China as sales soar"
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March 19, 2015 Racial remarks alleged get VP in hot water.
March 18, 2015 School set ablaze in suspected arson in Southern Cal
March 13, 2015 9 arrested and looking for 5 more minors in sexual misdeeds alleged at Venice High School.
March 12, 2015 Can college student avoid his/her course graduation requirements because of learning disability? Michelle...
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August 21, 2012 Rhode Island Estate Planning and Elder Law Blawg: The Tax Deductibility of Long-Term Care Insurance ...
November 9, 2010 The Providence Journal has excellent coverage of the Ryan v. Providence arguments heard by the Rhode Island Supreme Court this Morning
June 28, 2012 RT @MatthewFabisch: Today liberty was sacrificed on the alter of judicial restraint
April 6, 2012 Glad to be attending this year's Wrights Law Special Education Law "Boot Camp" Seminar this weekend.
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March 6, 2012 Please see my latest blog entry about Protective orders at
February 6, 2012 Please check out my most recent blog entry, "Parenting Time and Decision Making Disputes" at
January 23, 2012 Please check out my new blog entry, "Planning for a Divorce," at
January 12, 2012 Family Law Firm in Denver, CO focused on effective resolution of cases preserving rights w/o creating needless expense/ emotional turmoil.
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September 14, 2014 Please connect with me on Naymz! It's a great tool for personal brand management.
September 14, 2014 See my new website.
March 3, 2012 "One with the law is a majority." CALVIN COOLIDGE, New York Times, Jul. 28, 1920
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February 27, 2015 Wendy Samuelson has been named as one of the American Society of Legal Advocates' 2015 Top 100 Family Lawyers.
February 13, 2015 Ludacris - I Got Primary Physical Custody of Our Daughter.
February 12, 2015 Jeremy Renner's estranged wife demanding custody and child support.
February 11, 2015 Griffin's hedge funds down.
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September 19, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from a Employment client on Avvo
August 21, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from a client on Avvo
July 16, 2014 I just got a 5-star review from a Employment client on Avvo
December 31, 2013 Sexual harassment suit against AstraZeneca removed to federal court - West Virginia Record
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June 8, 2013 RT @instapundit: COFFEE: Is There Anything It Can’t Do? For hundreds of years, coffee has been one of the two... via @instapundit
June 8, 2013 RT @GovGaryJohnson: #Obama assurances that #NSA dragnet is OK are premised on govt being 1) competent and 2) trustworthy. Feel better? #ItrustTheGovtLike #tlot
June 7, 2013 RT @Mediaite: Paper Of Re-Record: New York Times Softens Criticism Of President Obama And Glenn Greenwald (COLUMN by @tommyxtopher)
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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March 12, 2015 I'm attending 4/2/2015 Building a Unified Approach to Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Mental Heal #constantcontact
March 9, 2015 Strengthening public education for all children in MA - foundation budget, extended day, and more
March 6, 2015 Reforming The Use Of Physical Restraints And Seclusion In Massachusetts Schools via @LearningLabMA
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February 26, 2010 I subscribed to lawyermarketingtv's channel on YouTube
February 26, 2010 I uploaded a YouTube video -- David-web-MPEG.mp4
February 11, 2010 The Office provide its clients in the following areas: Criminal Defense ,Personal Injury,Civil Litigation, Contract Disputes,
February 11, 2010 Office is a law firm that was founded with one goal in mind, to provide effective legal services to clients.
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March 20, 2015 Court Rules for Whistleblower Who Made Internal Report of Alleged Financial Violations
March 19, 2015 Court Rules for Whistleblower Who Made Internal Report of Alleged Financial Violations: A federal court ruled ...
March 13, 2015 $2.3 Million Settlement Resolves Misclassification, Overtime Dispute Between Exotic Dancers and Clubs, Leaves Questi…
March 5, 2015 $2.3 Million Settlement Resolves Misclassification, Overtime Dispute Between Exotic Dancers and Clubs, Leaves ...
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February 12, 2015 New Result: Not guilty at the traffic court.
February 8, 2015 Jason Knight Rhode Island juvenile defense attorney: via @YouTube
January 23, 2015 Rhode Island Lawyer Results: Felony Assault - by Jason Knight
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5 days ago Lowball unit price comes back to bite contractor: A contractor bid a price of one penny per cubic yard to exca...
September 11, 2014 Online Business Reviews Can Have Serious Consequences: Boston business attorneys and First Amendment free spee...
June 18, 2014 Court Rules on Supervisor Liability in Employment Retaliation Claims: The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that ...
June 10, 2014 Business Partnerships in Boston: Protecting Your Interests: The formation of a business partnership can serve ...
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March 19, 2015 For those who have been following my jury trial . . . Defense Verdict!! A win for a good guy!
February 2, 2015 RT @PaCPAs: First video in our new series, Legal Brief: @JeffreyTMcGuire explains what to do if someone else uses your #tax ID
December 22, 2014 RT @SwimmingWorld: Twins Colin, Morgan Richter Make Impact on Goucher Swimming
November 22, 2014 RT @SwimmingWorld: Coming Up Next in Landmark Conference Swimming @landmarkconf
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January 11, 2015 My answer to: Wondering if we need a lawyer for this process and estimated cost
January 11, 2015 My answer to: Wrong surgery done during PRK surgery.
January 11, 2015 My answer to: On appeal from drug case, can the state (indiana ) raise double jeopardy in their response br...
January 7, 2015 My answer to: Can I file for an extension?
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3 days ago RT @SteveHinnefeld: Conservative journal: Charter schools aren’t fulfilling promise
5 days ago RT @HSESchools: #ForCarrie! Our students are ready for the Carrie Colglazier Scholarship Workday March 28th!
March 21, 2015 RT @IN4publicEd: ..."if money doesn’t matter, then why is it that people who have money send their kids to schools that have many,...
February 28, 2015 RT @amhistorymuseum: Today in 1784: John Wesley charters first Methodist church in US.
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March 18, 2015 Information regarding the 2015 #adoption tax credit from the attorneys at Bianco Professional Association. See here:
November 10, 2014 Medication administration in New Hampshire schools is a thorny legal issue. The attorneys at Bianco PA discuss:
September 3, 2014 The clean water offered by our lakes is one of NH's biggest assets. Bianco PA is proud to have worked on HB 292:
August 18, 2014 Bianco PA is proud to be an author of new legislation that places NH at the forefront of gestational surrogacy law.
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December 9, 2014 I posted a new video to Facebook
July 28, 2014 Balancing Special-Education Needs With Rising Costs
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January 20, 2015 Blog Post: @USSupremeCourt to Review State Bans on Judicial Campaign Contributions #SCOTUS
December 22, 2014 RT @RazNation: Big props to Hog FB and Academy for providing bikes to local youth.
October 17, 2014 Blog Post: This Week at the Arkansas Supreme Court.... #voterID #Midterms2014 #arpx
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April 20, 2014 Alex Vernon, Siomara Umana, and myself after a dependency hearing to help a child obtain special immigrant...
April 20, 2014 I posted a new photo to Facebook
April 20, 2014 I posted a new photo to Facebook
February 7, 2014 Here is a local news report that I was interviewed for. If you are interested, I have about 15 seconds of only...
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October 29, 2014 RT @USTLawAlumni: @USTLawMN Dylan Knoll '12 joins Johnson, Yacoubian & Paysse in New Orleans, LA @dylankknoll
August 5, 2014 RT @USTLawAlumni: Dylan Knoll ’12, relocated to New Orleans and opened Dylan Knoll, LLC. Wishing you success @dylankknoll! @USTLAWMN
July 30, 2014 Death & Taxes—Estate Planning
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4 days ago Bill would limit adult court for minors | March 20, 2015 | Lloyd Dunkelberger | HT Politics
4 days ago Woman who spent 22 years on death row has murder case tossed
March 22, 2015 The Florida Supreme Court has thrown out the 70-year prison sentence of a Jacksonville man who was 14 at the time...
March 22, 2015 Anyone with information is asked to call Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-TIPS (8477).
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December 19, 2013 RT @eB2B_law: Car Accident Lawsuit - Get a Suitable Lawyer for Legal Consultation
December 16, 2013 RT @njcourts: Unpublished Appellate Opinions for Dec. 13, 2013
December 12, 2013 RT @njcourts: Unpublished Appellate Opinions for Dec. 12, 2013
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2 days ago Join me @TheiaStudios for a workshop on contracts and other legal agreements for photographers.To register
March 16, 2015 RT @USDOL: For the first time in 30 years, avg. annual #unemployment declined in all 50 states & D.C.
March 15, 2015 My latest article in the @EagleTrib summarizing common issues businesses face with employees
March 13, 2015 I am honored to be a mentor at the upcoming Newburyport Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals with a Purpose