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April 15, 2014 4 Steps to Building an Engaging Presence on Social Media…
April 15, 2014 Rosy times ahead for law grads? Another law prof weighs in…
April 15, 2014 The Neuroscience of How We Make Decisions, Summed Up in 30 Seconds…
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2 days ago Cops In One State Can Have Sex With Prostitutes…Until Now: As a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer I learn ...
April 18, 2014 Massachusetts Search Warrant Exception Applies to Animals: Commonwealth v. Duncan, 467 Mass. 746 (2014): On A...
April 15, 2014 What Happens in Massachusetts if You Obliterate a Firearm Serial Number: Today’s Lawrence Eagle Tribune has an...
April 12, 2014 No Increase in OUI Drug Cases in Massachusetts After New Marijuana Laws: With the decriminalization of under a...
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April 13, 2013 I hear you can catch these right off the pier #fmb #fortmyersbeach #swfl #fishing
April 11, 2013 Thought this was pretty funny
April 5, 2013 I favorited a @YouTube video To Catch A Predator 5 Fort Myers Florida Part 1
March 29, 2013 My widdle niece Kenley
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October 7, 2013 Arrested for DUI near USC or UCLA and Underage?: Whether you’re a budding filmmaker at USC – hoping to become ...
October 4, 2013 The night that you were arrested for DUI in Pasadena is a night that you would love to forget. Unfortunately,...
October 4, 2013 The night that you were arrested for DUI in Pasadena is a night that you would love to forget. Unfortunately,...
October 4, 2013 Did You Really Say/Do That? (Your Pasadena DUI Symptoms): The night that you were arrested for DUI in Pasadena...
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December 20, 2013 @froknowsphoto have you tried #okdothis app? I think you’d love it.
December 15, 2013 I joined the Flair For Flare Photo Contest on ViewBug.
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4 days ago Joe Crawford working Game 1 tonite in San Antonio. NBA just can't help themselves... #GoSpursGo
4 days ago Manatee High Quarterback Charged with Lewd and Lascivious Battery — Florida Criminal Attorney
April 17, 2014 Convicted Child Abuser Wanted for Posing as Attorney and Stealing $70,000 — Florida Criminal Attorney
April 16, 2014 Tampa Bay Lightning left winger Ryan Malone was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of cocaine possession...
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2 days ago RT @CONNnewswire: Burlington woman charged with woman's death - CT Post #connecticut
3 days ago RT @scannerboy02: RT .@FOX19: Update: 16-year-old girl arrested in Hyde Park bank robbery
April 18, 2014 Washington Township teen accused of killing sister pleads not guilty
April 17, 2014 Englewood massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting 6 women, report says
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2 days ago Kentucky inmate starves himself to death
April 16, 2014 Common sense wins:"Authorities to drop wiretapping charge against South Fayette student who recorded bullying-WTAE"
April 16, 2014 Parents are going to prison for a medical diagnosis that may not exist | The Verge
March 21, 2014 Here's #onething I'm doing to live better: Eating food from Luvo! Thanks @luvoinc for helping me live healthier.
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2 days ago Merle's Bar toasts Brisbane suffragette via @brisbanetimes Merle was a lecturer of mine many years ago.
April 15, 2014 Children see domestic violence that often goes unreported: US study:
April 14, 2014 The baby makers: Critics push for regulation of India's booming surrogacy industry - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)...
April 9, 2014 We now have 100 people turning up to my #surrogacy #donor seminar on Saturday- So You Want to Make a Baby- the biggest in Brisbane ever!
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2 days ago Share the road - motorcycle safety #autosafety
3 days ago What is Supplemental Security Income? #ssilawyer
3 days ago Concussion Cases Inspire New Course at George Washington’s Law School #injurylawyer
April 15, 2014 Illinois man killed in work-related incident in Cedar Rapids #injurylawyers
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3 days ago Incrimination via Instagram
April 16, 2014 Police Test "Live Google Earth" Tool for Monitoring Possible Crimes
April 9, 2014 Miami Cop Implicated in Cocaine Conspiracy
November 28, 2013 Palm Beach Felony Child Abuse Arrest for Boynton Mother
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4 days ago RT @projo: Providence man, juvenile face firearms charges after .@RIStatePolice stop -@kmulvane
5 days ago RT @projo: Woonsocket police scoop up drugs, arrest wanted man
April 19, 2014 The Law Offices of Matthew T. Marin, Esquire, Inc. - visit our website:
April 19, 2014 Great Info on the Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement from @Gibson_Law. Visit:
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2 days ago My @newsmix channel Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer featuring @stevenmsweat @michaelehline @topriattorney
2 days ago Check out my @newsmix channel Law News featuring @legalweek @thelawnews @abajournal
2 days ago Check out my @newsmix channel Lawyers who Like Twitter and the Law
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August 30, 2013 @pdstuff @gideonstrumpet Too bad a more qualified candidate can't run a better campaign to take back the position.
August 26, 2013 I've lost 10 lbs using garcinia now..., try it for free
August 22, 2013 Intoxilyzer 8000 found not to be scientifically reliable and therefore inadmissible in DUI cases in Ohio.
August 21, 2013 Jason Sammis was quoted by Bay News 9 - talking about Florida medical marijuana legalization and the necessity...
55 CC67 CF88 AC194 AF0 TT#15 CC
August 6, 2010 The Real Reasons Some Young People Shoplift - Eye on Parenting - CBS News
August 6, 2010 RT @cbsnews Behind Giuliani Daughter Alleged Shoplifting - The Early Show - CBS News
July 27, 2010 RT @EcoGlam: 5 million "suspected" counterfeit body products seized ..
July 27, 2010 RT @LANow: Lindsay Lohan allowed to keep hair extensions in jail; officials say it's not special treatment
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2 days ago Separated at birth?
3 days ago In case you can't read the sign, it says: "Rental Car Return Only." #classic
April 18, 2014 A worthy read. Seriously. READ IT: Google, once disdainful of lobbying, now a master of Washington influence
April 12, 2014 And you thought Florida's juvenile justice was draconian...
52 CC55 CF967 AC1,513 AF0 TT#17 CC
March 12, 2013 Bicyclist killed when struck by tanker truck in Newark |
March 12, 2013 Husband of 'Melrose Place' actress left accident after her sentencing, police say |
March 11, 2013 Photos: Car nearly crashes into home in Mine Hill on Route 46 |
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February 28, 2013 Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices
February 28, 2013 RT @StateDept: #SecKerry: I am proud to announce US will provide an additional $60 million in non-lethal assistance to support Syrian Opposition Coalition.
February 28, 2013 @JCook32 @jacquieCallahan Does coach Zorn know about this?
January 11, 2013 Owner of Pit Bull That Chased Police Horse 1.5 Miles Gets Federal Court Order to Delay Euthanasia -
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April 16, 2014 My new book 'Getting Divorced in New Jersey' is now on Amazon!
April 9, 2014 Lloitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution and soliciting prostitution charges in Wall Township fo...
April 6, 2014 We are now handling real estate closings across NJ. We are looking to network with real estate agents as well as fellow real estate lawyer…
April 1, 2014 Two Ferrari drivers charged with vehicular homicide in New Jersey: Two men, have been indicted on aggravated m...
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3 days ago Commander of OSP Wilmington post arrested - Local 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - Top Stories:
3 days ago U.S. Marshal shoots defendent during trial - Local 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - Top Stories:
5 days ago Man with concealed loaded weapon caught rolling a joint in front of Hamilton Co (Cincinnati) courthouse via @enquirer
5 days ago Greater Cincinnati area prosecutor warns families going to Easter Egg Hunts about used heroin needles in area parks
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March 27, 2013 @MichelleInCAL SB 567 doesn’t outlaw all handguns. Handguns don’t fire “shotgun shells”.
March 23, 2013 Sweeeet! I earned $175.04 this week just taking some surveys.
March 22, 2013 Aweesomeee! I earned $102.30 this week so far doing surveys.
March 12, 2013 This rocks! I earned $175.75 so far doing a couple of surveys.
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October 12, 2013 @GarrettLawGroup Thanks for mention!
March 4, 2013 How to Choose a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer
March 4, 2013 They Want to Forfeit My Car, My Cash, My Home! What Is Forfeiture?
March 3, 2013 Five Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Urban Legends Debunked
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April 13, 2014 Watching the #MastersSunday and updating the Firm's #divorce website
March 25, 2014 Hello Facebook, We have a new website. What do you think? Drop me a line and let me...
March 13, 2014 We've updated the office website!
January 1, 2014 RT @TonyDungy: Congratulations to the Bucs. I think they made a very good choice in hiring Lovie Smith. Now I'm excited about watching the Bucs next year!
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4 days ago What Do Cops Look For When Interacting With DUI Suspects?
April 19, 2014 DUI laws could be complicated by SCOTUS ruling
April 14, 2014 Does The Alcohol You Drink Impact How Drunk You Get?
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2 days ago The artist who lays eggs with her vagina – or why performance art is so silly via @guardian
3 days ago Appeals Court Rules Government Can't Have It Both Ways on Targeted Killing -- via @aclu
3 days ago RT @MRvanBalken: Especially for 'world #homeopathy awareness week' my all time favourite:
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2 days ago What do you think of this?
2 days ago Bad mouthing husband during divorce reduced wife's share of marital property #divorce
2 days ago SCOTUS takes up NC traffic stop case #scotus
3 days ago Our Hen House - Victory In Massachusetts: Now Police Don’t Need A Warrant To Rescue Animals
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March 1, 2014 County to pay $8.8 million to families of pedestrians fatally struck by deputy – Bakersfield Californian: See ...
February 16, 2014 Biker hits Echo Park firehouse in suspected street race – Los Angeles Daily News: See on – California...
January 11, 2014 Norm’s Tidbits, January 11, 2014
October 2, 2013 A Ladies first ride on the back of a Harley Davidson
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August 9, 2013 If your cell phone or smartphone was searched during an arrest, please read:
November 1, 2012 According to Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, so far this year we have seen a reduction in crime statewide....
August 26, 2012 I uploaded a @YouTube video Seal / Expunge Criminal Record
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2 days ago New Mexico Law Journal #nmlaw is out! Stories via @411Mexico @NMSupremeCt
3 days ago New Mexico Law Journal #nmlaw is out!
4 days ago New Mexico Law Journal #nmlaw is out! Stories via @rockoftalk @LasCrucesHub
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April 14, 2014 View Our Lawyer Website Portfolio
April 14, 2014 I posted a new photo to Facebook
April 3, 2014 Proud to announce we just redesigned the website for the most well-known criminal defense firm in the country....
February 17, 2014 We just launched a new website for an immigration attorney in Houston, Texas. Kathryn Karam is board certified in...
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April 6, 2014 RT @mellorlawfirm: Court Reporter Causes Chaos By Repeatedly Writing ‘I Hate My Job’ On Trial Transcripts « Above the Law: A Legal Web …
April 6, 2014 Appeals Court Rules in Favor of 61 Year old Former Employee Read more out this ruling from The Mellor Law Firm
March 11, 2014 I gave @ridivorcelawyer +K about Family Law on @klout
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3 days ago Are there outstanding #studentloans before marriage? Discuss them. #IllinoisDivorceAttorneys
April 18, 2014 Paola Stange and Cynthia Garnholz posing for a photograph regarding their recent family law CLE on international child custody....
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4 days ago Happy Easter Flowers
April 18, 2014 Baby boomers still have higher divorce rate
April 18, 2014 Haverstraw dad who owes family $17G arrested in effort to track deadbeats
April 17, 2014 Child Support Owed Leads To Jail
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April 17, 2014 @apakula How long have you been "out" of the atheist closet? It's been only 2 years for me.Thanks for following
April 17, 2014 Save our bees and food supply from Bayer and Monsanto's toxic pesticides!
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April 17, 2014 Questions linger in '08 CHP taser death |
April 17, 2014 California rail line fined for worker deaths
April 17, 2014 California rail line fined for worker deaths
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3 days ago 2014 Georgia Legal Food Frenzy to benefit The Georgia Mountain Food Bank via @sharethis
March 7, 2014 RT @Litag8r: Update: no new candidates qualified to run for office at the Hall County GOP. #hallgop #gapol
March 6, 2014 RT @Litag8r: @Litag8r @BeattyForGa Confirmed. Tony is out of the race for commissioner leaving Ken Cochran and Kathy Cooper (so far).
March 6, 2014 RT @Litag8r: Update: Paul Wayne Godfrey qualifies to run for #hallco school board at large. That makes a two-man race. #hallgop #gapol
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July 21, 2011 Texas Credit Card Fraud and Theft Crimes Increase Due to Technology; Houston Defense Lawyer Analyzes Criminal Penalties
June 11, 2011 Houston DWI refusal - the good and bad news -
June 11, 2011 Houston DUI Attorney on the Breath Test - To Blow or Not Blow...
June 11, 2011 Law enforcement officers in Texas actually hire psychics?
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4 days ago Final Round, Greater Gwinnett Championship at TPC Sugarloaf. #CantonLawyer #pga2014
5 days ago Walking off the 18th at TPC Sugarloaf today. #GreaterGwinnettChampionship. #CantonLawyer #PGA2014
April 3, 2014 Real Gone! Douglas D.A. to Resign and Pay $4K, Resolving Criminal Investigation #GaLegal
March 23, 2014 Great weekend at Reynolds Plantation with @washburnlawyer Time to head back to Atlanta. #galegal #judgewashburn
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June 14, 2013 A Queens man is pursuing action against the NYPD, who arrested and held him in jail for violating a protective...
March 28, 2013 The link to my feature has changed and can now be found here:
March 25, 2013 Looks like a great new website for finding a lawyer #LawyerLegion - check out my page:
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2 days ago RT @Jesusontwittorr: Technically I'm allowed to leave doors open because I actually was born in a barn
2 days ago Thought provoking Earth Day quote. hmmmnn...
4 days ago To my mind to kill in war is not a whit better than to commit ordinary murder. -Albert Einstein
April 16, 2014 RT @Ryanintheus: A great post about why the conversation about men is so incredibly important: @GoodMenProject