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Domestic Violence Legal Birds by Community Connections

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1 day ago A federal appeals court judge says he may sometimes be "a little brutal to lawyers" when expressing his views…
1 day ago These Dogs Were Scheduled To Die. But A Hug Changed Everything…
1 day ago Family of Smoker That Died From Lung Cancer Gets $10.5 Million - See more at:
2 days ago Worker sues over Kmart's plastic paychecks…
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1 day ago Violation of restraining order case on for pretrial in Framingham today. Always accommodating to lawyers.
July 24, 2015 Attorneys Face Hurdles Defending Assault and Battery on Police Officer Cases: I was recently reading and artic...
July 14, 2015 Pretrial Probation For A Felony Charge Or A CWOF For A Misdemeanor…Which Is Better?: Anytime you can dispose o...
July 14, 2015 Malicious destruction to property charge dismissed in Newton yesterday. Prior to arraignment.
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July 21, 2015 Anyone charged with a Los Angeles DUI can expect a fairly speed resolution to their case, whether that means...
July 21, 2015 Quarterbacks in the NFL typically have a lot of room to run. But one former NFL player, Donovan McNabb, will be...
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June 9, 2015 @BBQBackyard I registered on Sunday, 6/7, but my membership is still pending. Is it normal to take so long
June 7, 2015 Up bright & early making chicken stock #chicken #soup #stock #cooking
May 14, 2015 The only thing chubby about my "chubbee burger" from @Rameys is the bread.
January 22, 2015 Yeah, I hate it when people do this, but here's a contest to win 10 piece snapper collection. #contest #snapware
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2 days ago RT @FCIR: Missing Jupiter teens' survival could rest in their nautical skills
2 days ago Carnival Cruise Lines in Hot Water over ADA Compliance: The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday that Cr...
2 days ago LG Fined $1.8 MIllion for Faulty Dehumidifiers: The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently ...
2 days ago 5 Killed, 2 Seriously Injured in Box Truck Crash in Brooksville: Five people were killed, and two others were ...
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July 24, 2015 We offer assistance with parole and probation violations, appeals and expungement of criminal records.
July 23, 2015 Mr. Donahue served as an Assistant Prosecutor as Assistant Chief of the Trial Section and Chief of the Criminal Investigations Squad.
July 22, 2015 Our Bergen County & Hackensack lawyers have decades of combined experience representing people.
July 21, 2015 Mr. Brickfield served as the First Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor and as Assistant U.S. Attorney and Deputy Chief.
78 CC102 CF476 AC1,302 AF0 TT#7 CC
July 23, 2015 RT @TonyNormanPG: A white former cop to fundraise in blackface for 6 cops indicted in Gray case. Um, this is a monumentally bad idea:
July 22, 2015 The problem is that it's like going to a heart disease fundraiser and screaming "All diseases matter!" @Emberr @BoingBoing
July 22, 2015 If you're a criminal defense attorney who thinks mouthing off justifies an unlawful arrest in any way, you should just quit. #SayHerName
July 22, 2015 If you think that mouthing off to police justifies an unlawful arrest in any way, you are part of the problem. #SayHerName
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July 23, 2015 Pascoe CJ: 30,000 migration matters to be filed in next 12 months, on top of family law cases
July 23, 2015 Pascoe CJ: only 55 of 65 Federal Circuit Court available to sit, placing pressure on the balance
July 23, 2015 Pascoe CFM: only 55 of 65 Federal Circuit Court judges are available to hear matters, due to illness, appointments needed
July 23, 2015 My presentation to the 9th annual Television Education Network family law conference about who is a…
73 CC166 CF172 AC1,314 AF0 TT#9 CC
July 24, 2015 Accident or Child Neglect in Child's Hot Car Death?
July 17, 2015 The Limits and Risks of the Insanity Plea
July 14, 2015 President Obama Commutes Sentences of 46 Drug Offenders
July 12, 2015 Parking Ticket Tossed Over Missing Comma in Citation
59 CC64 CF422 AC735 AF0 TT#10 CC
July 23, 2015 Police find weapons, drugs and neo-Nazi decorations in Johnston man's apartment
July 23, 2015 Medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island skyrocket
July 21, 2015 RT @kmulvane: Suspect in Seekonk hit-and-run held on $1M bail via @projo
July 21, 2015 Grand jury indicts Brooklyn man, 20, allegedly found with marijuana in NYC taxi
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July 22, 2015 RT @mitchjackson: How to Find Useful Legal Industry Content to Share on Twitter via Tim Baran @rocketmatter #law
July 22, 2015 RT @ABAJournal: Facebook lacks standing to challenge subpoenas of users’ info in disability case, appeals court says
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August 6, 2010 The Real Reasons Some Young People Shoplift - Eye on Parenting - CBS News
August 6, 2010 RT @cbsnews Behind Giuliani Daughter Alleged Shoplifting - The Early Show - CBS News
July 27, 2010 RT @EcoGlam: 5 million "suspected" counterfeit body products seized ..
July 27, 2010 RT @LANow: Lindsay Lohan allowed to keep hair extensions in jail; officials say it's not special treatment
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March 12, 2013 Bicyclist killed when struck by tanker truck in Newark |
March 12, 2013 Husband of 'Melrose Place' actress left accident after her sentencing, police say |
March 11, 2013 Photos: Car nearly crashes into home in Mine Hill on Route 46 |
46 CC48 CF530 AC615 AF1 TT#15 CC
July 24, 2015 What To Do When Confronted with a DUI Checkpoint - #legal #blog
July 24, 2015 Should You Lie or Not Talk to the Police? - #legal #blog
July 23, 2015 When Being Questioned, Can the Police Lie to You? - #legal #blog
37 CC46 CF848 AC1,607 AF0 TT#16 CC
July 24, 2015 Lawyer turned reality star found dead; boyfriend arrested
July 20, 2015 Hackers threaten to expose 37 Million Cheating Ashley Madison Users --
July 10, 2015 Lawyer disbarred for social media blitz in a child custody case
July 10, 2015 Kids go to jail for refusal to have a relationship with their dad #parentalalienation
36 CC51 CF94 AC301 AF0 TT#17 CC
June 29, 2015 U.S. Supreme Court rules catchall phrase in Armed Career Criminal Act unconstitutional.
June 2, 2015 If your loved one has been arrested for DUI in Florida, don't panic.
May 26, 2015 If caught carrying a concealed weapon without a permit you can face harsh consequences. Learn about your rights.
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July 2, 2015 Working hard for our clients every day.
July 2, 2015 I posted a new photo to Facebook
July 2, 2015 I posted a new photo to Facebook
June 27, 2015 We are back!
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July 24, 2015 Wake up in the morning with determination. Go to bed at night with satisfaction. #WordsToLiveBy
July 24, 2015 Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. #BeYourChange
July 24, 2015 be #stubborn about your goals. and #flexible about your methods.
July 24, 2015 Child custody case shows importance of legal representation
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July 21, 2011 Texas Credit Card Fraud and Theft Crimes Increase Due to Technology; Houston Defense Lawyer Analyzes Criminal Penalties
June 11, 2011 Houston DUI Attorney on the Breath Test - To Blow or Not Blow...
June 11, 2011 Law enforcement officers in Texas actually hire psychics?
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July 24, 2015 JakesMckenzieFriends is now following me on Twitter! Thanks a bunch! 682 July 24, 2015 at 07:54AM
July 24, 2015 Vid Mihaljevi? is now following me on Twitter! Thanks a bunch! 620 July 24, 2015 at 05:53AM
July 23, 2015 Yves Jean is now following me on Twitter! Thanks a bunch! 309065 July 23, 2015 at 07:54PM
July 22, 2015 ???? is now following me on Twitter! Thanks a bunch! 110135 July 22, 2015 at 11:49PM
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June 17, 2015 While misdemeanor #marijuana possession arrests drop in NYC, new data shows racial disparities still prevalent.
April 10, 2015 Legalization of #marijuana in U.S. may have already had an adverse effect on drug smuggling, according to some.
March 3, 2015 #Juvenile justice reform advocates & Gov. Cuomo support raising the age of #criminal responsibility to 18.
February 10, 2015 I was honored to speak at Cannabis Career Institute's seminar on Saturday about legal issues surrounding #marijuana.
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July 23, 2015 RT @DivorcedMoms: Experience the joy of accepting where you are and letting go of the past #letgo
July 23, 2015 RT @njdivorcelawyr: The post-divorce healing process doesn't have to be costly!
July 23, 2015 RT @JasonTuchman A Key Word in Ending Up Happy After Divorce via @HuffPostDivorce
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August 17, 2014 Yes - the police can lie to you - I was at a seminar last week and watched a presentation on false confessions. A ...
August 5, 2014 Will a court ever exclude testimony from a State's expert? - Defense lawyers are well aware of the unequal treatme...
July 19, 2014 Don't make yourself more drunk - I know the goal is to be less drunk - not more. However, most people end up hurti...
July 10, 2014 Prosecutors coming around on pot - Slowly but surely prosecutors are coming around in their approach to possessing...
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July 11, 2015 @DonVanDemark sweet! Hope you're having a nice trip.
July 11, 2015 RT @WSJ: Why you might want to ask for an ice bucket for your red wine
July 3, 2015 RT @FastCompany: A heartwarming look at the July Fourth parades of yesteryear:
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July 23, 2015 Elder Abuse in Orange County, CA: I receive lots of inquiries about elder abuse from people who have read my p...
July 14, 2015 Crime In The Court in Orange County, CA: I have had many clients come to me and say, either jokingly or for re...
July 8, 2015 Listen to Professor Alexandra Natapoff and I discuss what whats happening in Orange County, CA's DA's office.
July 6, 2015 DUI with Injury. Felony or Misdemeanor?: The DA has the right to charge a DUI where injury is claimed, with e...
20 CC23 CF144 AC174 AF0 TT#30 CC
July 17, 2015 Is it Possible to Have a Los Angeles DUI Case dismissed? (Part One): In order to answer the question of whethe...
July 17, 2015 Is it Possible to Have a Los Angeles DUI Case dismissed? (Part Two): In the previous blog titled “Is it possib...
July 17, 2015 Ways to get a Los Angeles DUI Case Dismissed: If you have been charged with suspicion of driving under the inf...
July 9, 2015 How Important is a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer’s Experience?: Many of our clients are talking to several different ...
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July 17, 2015 Just discovered these. Too funny! Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke via @YouTube
July 17, 2015 Pls consider a donation for a special person and worthwhile cause.Theresa Darling Glioblastoma Stage4 via @gofundme
July 15, 2015 @Pontifex Pope Francis is on Twitter and has less followers than @lindsaylohan or @aplusk. Go figure.
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4 days ago RT @DivorceBlog0: It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln
4 days ago .@Chicago_History where was this store located?
July 24, 2015 #divorce: "lump sum" payout to spouse via property settlement vs split benefit at retirement.
18 CC27 CF200 AC449 AF1 TT#33 CC
June 19, 2015 Watching Golden Dragons at Rhythm on the River in Bicentennial Park!
June 12, 2015 RT @ASCAtweets: RT @PFLAG: We're excited to join @EducationNation for #ToolkitTalk to talk about supporting our #LGBTQ youth!
June 12, 2015 @thepinkwoobie Stay well.
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March 2, 2014 RT @TheEllenShow: If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
October 23, 2013 Anthony Joseph Mastrippolito of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrested for Stalking: Anthony Joseph Mastrippolito, ...
October 23, 2013 Miguel Fonseca Jr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida Corrections Officer, Arrested for Child Abuse: Miguel Fonseca Jr...
October 23, 2013 Robert Connell of Miami, Florida Arrested for Drug Possession: Robert Connell of Miami, Florida was arrested S...
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5 days ago My condition for playing princess Candyland. I get to be superman.
5 days ago RT @CNN: A new Chrome plugin gives you the power to make your sent Gmail messages self-destruct.
July 25, 2015 Testing out box as a google drive replacement.
July 25, 2015 Working on the weekend. (at @SkylarkLaw & Mediation, PC in Framingham, MA)
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July 24, 2015 How Do I Change My Name? #family
July 19, 2015 Great Site!
July 17, 2015 All Family Law Group Updated Post #constantcontact
July 12, 2015 Excellent advice!
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1 day ago Ferguson Taps Black Interim Police Chief Who Backs Changes @HuffPostCrime
2 days ago When Drug Warriors Burn A Baby, Who's To Blame? @jacobsullum
3 days ago Kill a Worker? You're Not a Criminal. Steal a Worker's Pay? You Are One. @HuffPostCrime
4 days ago Former Cosby Show Actor: 'Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty' - Time
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April 20, 2015 @kinseyschofield Why the need for personal attacks.
March 5, 2015 On King Jordon Radio tonight at 7:30 Arizona time, Talking #JodiAriasTrial and other topics. #BethKaras
December 30, 2014 I was just endorsed by John R Gaertner on Avvo
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July 22, 2015 #KSCourts: 10 candidates apply for 9th judicial district (#McPherson #Harvey judge vacancy created by retirement
July 22, 2015 US Appeals Court rejects judge’s order that man cannot have sex without contraception:
July 22, 2015 #KSCourts: 9th District (#McPherson #Harvey) Chief Judge Richard #Walker to retire August 1, 2015 after 31 years: