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September 18, 2015 I'm playing new daily fantasy leagues at - come and join me!
June 4, 2015 RT @practicepanther: Highlights from the ABA's National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services #lmamkt
June 4, 2015 RT @ToxConsulting: STUDY: Stoned Drivers At Far Lower Risk Of Crash Than Drunken Drivers
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5 days ago 80% Glock Lower Preorders - Polymer80 - Also 80% Full AR Budget Kit – Shot Show 2016 -...
5 days ago Most hated cable company is Comcast. I can believe that
5 days ago FL House – Open Carry Bill – 2/2/16
February 2, 2016 Top 8 trust funding mistakes
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5 days ago Bill Cosby filing says former DA made binding agreement not to prosecute…
5 days ago Ex-law firm worker stole $500K to pay for medical bills, $40K boat and $55K vehicle…
5 days ago 100 innovations in law…
February 2, 2016 Which 10 law schools have the most indebted grads?
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January 29, 2016 Why Some Massachusetts Judges Delay Dangerousness Hearings Under G.L. c. 276 Section 58A For Three Days: Massa...
January 13, 2016 The Importance of Legal Representation at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing: Over the years I have repeated my strong...
January 4, 2016 Why You Need a Lawyer For a Restraining Order Hearing in Massachusetts: Criminal defense lawyers in Massachuse...
December 14, 2015 Diversion Instead of Prosecution of Drug Possession Charges in Massachusetts Courts: At least one Massachusett...
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4 days ago Database create access to police misconduct cases and offer a handy tool for defense lawyers
4 days ago 8 Ways To Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of Financially In #Divorce
4 days ago #SlipandFalls can lead to life changing injuries. Our attorneys believe you deserve justice.
4 days ago New Survival Guide: How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer
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5 days ago RT @BN9: US 301 reopens after double fatal crash:
5 days ago RT @MaryKayCabot: #Browns Johnny Manziel will be waived March 9: 5 takeaways including will #Cowboys Jerry Jones get his man?
5 days ago RT @SunSentinel: 6 new travel-related cases of Zika reported in Florida
5 days ago Federal Jury Finds Cruise Ship Employee Guilty Of Smuggling Cocaine Into The United States: A federal jury rec...
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January 31, 2016 The Greater Good: What Happens to Kids When Parents Fight?
January 29, 2016 RT @TexasNewsdaily: 'Affluenza' teen, Ethan Couch, staying in juvenile detention center in Texas, judge rules - Newsday
January 29, 2016 Getting divorced? YES, you really do need a lawyer
January 28, 2016 When you're separated and your soon-to-be ex get's sick...
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4 days ago Australian Surrogacy and Adoption Blog: US to allow the sky's the limit for donors
4 days ago Cambridge expert says unlicensed sperm donor who fathered 800 children is 'completely irresponsible'
4 days ago US to allow the sky's the limit for donors - From the US today comes news that the American Society for Reprodu...
4 days ago Australian Surrogacy and Adoption Blog: Surrogacy inquiry gets under way
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3 days ago If you haven't heard, Women on Course founder Donna Farkas Hoffman is up to something new. Join in the fun!
4 days ago Stacy Serviss Fizell
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February 2, 2016 Ride-share services may have played role in falling number of drunk driving deaths
February 1, 2016 ND Drunk Driving/Refusal Case to be Reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court
January 29, 2016 Felony Casino Gambling Charges Dismissed | Law Offices of Matthew T. Marin, Esq., Inc.
January 28, 2016 WWPD arrests man for DUI... twice
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4 days ago Negotiating with insurance companies in an effort to obtain compensation after a vehicle accident is often challengi…
January 31, 2016 Lucas first time on roller skates and he continues to be my little racer boy.. always trying to go so fast
January 24, 2016 Lets t it up
January 24, 2016 One death, 12 illnesses linked to salads from Springfield plant
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February 1, 2016 Clinging to hate while separating + getting divorced leads to suffering. Mindfulness matters @JackKornfield #divorce
February 1, 2016 Use these 4 Things Really Productive People Do Every Day to find more ease + inspiration in #divorce @marieforleo
February 1, 2016 Married a trust fund beneficiary in California? Here are 8 things to know #trustfundbeneficiary #divorce
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3 days ago The Mason Law Firm is proud to serve the motorcycling community. Get a Free Case Evaluation!
February 2, 2016 Construction sites are full of risks and potential hazards for workers.
January 26, 2016 Slip and Fall Accident? Get the money You Deserve. Secure your Free Consultation today!
January 25, 2016 Get the compensation you deserve - contact The Mason Law Firm today! #personalinjuryattorney
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May 29, 2014 @gjsteinmph Sent you an email.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Thank you. I will forward to it. There is much that I don't understand about the current debate.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Can we talk?
May 27, 2014 @gjsteinmph LErt me know what you think of the satvix article. You can publish it with Ariena. Just give me a byline.
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January 20, 2016 My colleague's 12 year old daughter Jessica is learning in school how she can help make a difference by raising life…
November 26, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and lots of fun. I am so grateful for a...
October 22, 2015 Attorney Lunch October 22, 2015 @ Tavlin, Tenafly, NJ
October 20, 2015 We will be hosting an Elder Law Attorney Q&A on November 12, 2015, at 500 Southern Boulevard Chatham, NJ 07928....
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January 14, 2016 What's going on in Tallahassee during the 2016 Legislative session?
January 5, 2016 We are diving into the new year! What do you need to do to legally protect yourself, your assets and your...
January 1, 2016 I posted a new photo to Facebook
December 28, 2015 Hear about the story and history behind DeWitt Law Firm...
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February 1, 2016 BUSTED: Iowa Precinct Captain Revealed as Paid, Out-of-State Staffer for Clinton Campaign
January 31, 2016 After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here's Why. - via @BillMoyersHQ
January 30, 2016 Soltani exits White House after clearance denial -- FCW via FCWnow
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January 31, 2016 Help us find Urijah Seagraves!
January 31, 2016 Child Abducted: We need your help!
January 31, 2016 New blog: The Missing Children’s Defense Fund
January 28, 2016 Wilmington NC - send a singing valentine to your special person on 14 February
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3 days ago 7 ways Millennials can get a jump-start on retirement planning! Yeah!
3 days ago #Civil Litigation and The Road to Trial?
4 days ago Supreme Court scorecard: Cases to watch in 2016?
February 2, 2016 City of Dallas' case against low-rent landlord faces setback!
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4 days ago Dealing with the social, emotional fallout of family legal issues | Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP
February 1, 2016 Separating sentimental value from monetary value during divorce
January 26, 2016 Good advice for children of divorce: "Stay neutral, respectful during parents’ divorce" | via @SacBee_News
January 18, 2016 Separating sentimental value from monetary value during divorce | Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP
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March 5, 2015 Andrea Dalton representing the SJS Foundation at the NIH symposium yesterday. Amazing work by an amazing woman.
March 2, 2015 Andrea is also delivering a petition of nearly 5000 signatures to the FDA requesting a mandatory reporting system for adverse drug reactions
March 2, 2015 Andrea Dalton in DC this week representing SJS Foundation at National Institute of Health symposium.
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January 12, 2016 @RocklandTrust Thanks (as usual) for the great customer service. Whether on the business or personal side, it is all good.
November 9, 2015 I just received excellent service from @AmericanExpress. #AmexFan!
November 8, 2015 RT @lawyerist: Vehicles Lawyers Should Not Drive
October 24, 2015 RT @goclio: Be the law firm that makes it easy for clients to pay their bills.
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2 days ago RT @MPRnews: Dayton visits Madelia, says state will provide aid after fire.
2 days ago RT @LindseySeavert: Jury of 7 men, 5 women deliberated 3.5 hours whether Aaron Schnagl supplied cocaine that led to Jelinek's death.
2 days ago RT @MPRnews: Golf in Feb? You betcha, over at the Wayzata Chilly Open this weekend + more weekend events
3 days ago Local Law Enforcement takes on the Feds: Rise of the Sagebrush Sheriffs
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January 16, 2016 I liked a @YouTube video One Tin Soldier - The Legend of Billy Jack
December 3, 2015 This is my annual picture slideshow from the 2015 75th annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Enjoy the great...
September 8, 2015 I am pleased to introduce the all new California accident app for Apple mobile devices and android devices. The...
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3 days ago Get up every morning and remind yourself: "I can do this!" #WordsToLiveBy
3 days ago RT @kstange: Our new location in Lee's Summit, MO in #KansasCity now open for business! Call today at 816-875-4505.
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January 20, 2016 Excited to announce Cristina Andrews has joined our office as associate attorney! Read bio:
January 4, 2016 Can you share a divorce lawyer with your soon to be ex?
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August 14, 2015 If consolidating your bills makes the most sense to reduce debt, take the steps you need now.
July 16, 2015 Eliminating your bills may be one important step to reducing the amount you owe and getting out of bankruptcy!
June 16, 2015 Do you have questions about bankruptcy? Watch our helpful videos to get the answers you need!
May 26, 2015 Have questions about bankruptcy? Check out our helpful bankruptcy FAQ page!
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January 26, 2016 RT @Sitecore: New webinar with @ScottsVoice. #Context is next: Are you ready for the next wave in #marketing?
January 26, 2016 Olson Engage wins US PR work for Jim Beam | PR Week -
January 23, 2016 I just earned the 'Bar Explorer (Level 11)' badge on @untappd!
January 19, 2016 I just earned the 'Hopped Up (Level 5)' badge on @untappd!
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July 15, 2011 OUCH! Greenpoint's Coco 66 Raided, Owner Arrested, Booze Poured Out via @gothamist I'd be happy to help.
July 11, 2011 No more liquor truck in Central Park.
July 3, 2011 @pxismyname I travel to California when needed. Licensed in CA, MA and NY and can appear in any federal ct.
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February 1, 2016 Research suggests overexertion is a leading cause of workplace injuries #worksafe #personalinjury #workplaceinjury
February 1, 2016 #Diesel remains big business in Europe despite WHO’s declaration that it is a carcinogen on the level of #asbestos
January 29, 2016 After the Volkswagen scandal, the difficulty of regulating greenwashing #volkswagen #greenwashing
January 29, 2016 Ruth Bader Ginsberg hands victory for consumers by allowing class action to go ahead #ClassAction #consumersrights
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3 days ago .... and up into the mountains... #CantonLawyer (@ 515 North Of Ellijay in Ellijay, GA)
3 days ago ... and more drive ... #CantonLawyer (@ Gilmer County in Ellijay, GA)
3 days ago My drive to court. #CantonLawyer (@ Buford Dam in Cumming, GA)
3 days ago Meeting with clients in Lawrenceville. #CantonLawyer (@ Margaret Gettle Washburn)
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4 days ago @clmazin Aren't you worried about being audited/drafted/kidnapped by the CIA and tortured/etc?
5 days ago @EricGuster @jozenc is that a spoiler? Sorry
5 days ago @EricGuster @jozenc surprise plot twist OJ found NOT GUILTY!
5 days ago @Diane_7A Cruz would look awkward shooting that or doing anything manly
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August 4, 2011 Will the bankruptcy court allow equitable distribution to proceed in a Virginia divorce case?
June 26, 2011 Will a Virginia court reduce support due to a downturn in the real estate business?
June 15, 2011 Is a divorce indemnification dischargeable in bankruptcy?
June 15, 2011 Bankruptcy judge declares Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional Bankruptcy Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional
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2 days ago 7 Conversations To Have Before Marriage (If You Want To Avoid #Divorce) by @HuffingtonPost
2 days ago FAQ How do I get a legal separation in #NewJersey? by @youtube
3 days ago When Is The Right Time To Start Dating Again After #Divorce? by @WeinbergerLaw
3 days ago How many followers do you get weekly? 17 awesome new followers for me! Grow with
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January 31, 2016 Give your passwords to your Power of Attorney. I can not stress enough how helpful this information could be if something happens to you.
January 29, 2016 If you resolved to get your financial house in order, attending one of these free seminars is a great first step!
July 24, 2014 RE: A FREE seminar on the Importance of Estate Planning for Young Families
July 21, 2014 RE: A FREE seminar to help you plan for your child's future