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February 2, 2016 80% Glock Lower Preorders - Polymer80 - Also 80% Full AR Budget Kit – Shot Show 2016 -...
February 2, 2016 Most hated cable company is Comcast. I can believe that
February 2, 2016 FL House – Open Carry Bill – 2/2/16
February 2, 2016 Top 8 trust funding mistakes
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February 5, 2016 10 common misconceptions about the Constitution…
February 5, 2016 E-Cig Explodes In Man's Mouth…]
February 5, 2016 Yale remains No. 1 in US News law school rankings; some schools suffer because of new methodology…
February 4, 2016 Shannon Liss-Riordan Sues Harvard on Behalf of Massage Therapists - See more at:
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February 4, 2016 How Attorneys Defend Rape Allegations in Massachusetts: One of the most heinous accusations you can face in th...
January 29, 2016 Why Some Massachusetts Judges Delay Dangerousness Hearings Under G.L. c. 276 Section 58A For Three Days: Massa...
January 13, 2016 The Importance of Legal Representation at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing: Over the years I have repeated my strong...
January 4, 2016 Why You Need a Lawyer For a Restraining Order Hearing in Massachusetts: Criminal defense lawyers in Massachuse...
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5 days ago .@CocoPazzo Sorry I was behind a little bit ;)
5 days ago Avvo Officially Launches its Fixed-Fee Legal Services in 18 States
5 days ago What If You Caucused Your Divorce?
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4 days ago Avoiding prosecution for a DUI in Los Angeles usually requires the skills of an experienced attorney. In Hawaii,...
February 8, 2016 Will judges in California soon be working round-the-clock issuing warrants for blood alcohol tests for drivers...
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July 24, 2014 How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You and Your Case: via @YouTube
June 13, 2014 Have you heard about the recent changes in Maryland involving Marijuana possession? Get the inside scoop here!
June 13, 2014 Marijuana Now Legal in Maryland: The Straight Dope!: via @YouTube
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September 22, 2015 Tell Obama We Want Serious Action on Climate Before Paris Take Action w @Roots_Action
August 13, 2015 NFL Settlement Of Concussion Class Action Lawsuit With Former Players–Is It Adequate?: There was an interestin...
July 23, 2015 Tragic DWI Crash in Cutchogue: This past Saturday, July 18, 2015, there was an horrific DWI crash in Cutchogue...
July 10, 2015 Lower Hudson Valley Motor Vehicle Crashes 2011-2014: As anyone who drives on the major highways and parkways i...
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February 5, 2016 Ryan Leaf on Johnny Manziel: It's like a mirror - via @ESPN App
February 3, 2016 Man Killed in Brooksville Collision: A Live Oak man was killed Saturday in a single-vehicle collision in Brook...
February 3, 2016 Man Killed in Brooksville Collision — Hernando County Injury Attorney Blog
February 3, 2016 Zephyrhills Man Killed in Motorcycle Crash: A 21-year-old Zephyrhills man was killed Tuesday in a motorcycle c...
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2 days ago RT @PriceBenowitz: When the Hospital Fires the Bullet #security #deadlyforce
2 days ago Aide charged with child porn grants jailhouse interview
2 days ago RT @dcestatelawyer: I.R.S. delays deadline for basis reporting from estate distributions via @GovDelivery
2 days ago Enjoy! RT @KavehEsq: Very excited to attend today's ribbon cutting ceremony of new @auwcl law school campus, featuring the #notoriousrbg
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1 day ago FBI collecting more data on animal cruelty -
2 days ago Attorneys Brickfield and Donahue each have learned invaluable lessons about court procedure and the law as former prosecutors.
3 days ago We are experienced negotiators and trial lawyers who have a proven record of success in criminal cases.
4 days ago If you have been arrested for a violent crime, the attorney you choose is significant.
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February 3, 2016 Tag, You’re It: Biometric Information Privacy Act Class Action Against Shutterfly Moves Past 12(b)(6)
February 3, 2016 Top 10 Tips For Your Next Class Action Settlement Mediation
February 2, 2016 8 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with
February 1, 2016 RT @TaylorKirklin: Judge Rakoff: Lanham Act Cannot Be Used to Deem Foreign Trademarks Abandoned
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January 31, 2016 RT @SentencingProj: Inside the world of civil commitment: Why some people convicted of a sex offense are held indefinitely @MarshallProj
January 17, 2016 Warrantless searches for suspicion of texting and driving?:"Proposed law could allow warrantless phone searches"
January 10, 2016 RT @robbysoave: Arresting kids for sexting is a greater moral evil than the alleged crime itself, I argue in an op-ed for @USATODAY
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2 days ago If you are in the neighborhood, I will be speaking Thursday @ 2:30.
January 30, 2016 “Our findings suggest that cannabidiol might reduce seizure frequency and might have an adequate safety profile in......
January 30, 2016 “Should a cop who thinks you're cute have access to your daily movements for the past 10 years without your...
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January 22, 2016 RT @LatinoVoices: .@Juanes & @JohnLegend joined forces to raise awareness about "crimmigration" in the U.S.
January 19, 2016 Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama #Immigration Actions #DAPA #DACA
January 12, 2016 RT @cnnbrk: .@POTUS: "The Cold War is over. Lift the embargo." U.S. & Cuba have agreed to resume commercial flights: #SOTU
January 12, 2016 RT @Butler_Fund: Food stamp recipients did not cause the financial crisis. #SOTU POTUS
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February 3, 2016 The right to remain silent: How Ernesto Miranda's confession changed criminal justice forever via @NewstalkFM
February 3, 2016 "What Happened When I Stole From Target": A Former Shoplifter Tells His Story via upvoted
February 2, 2016 License plate readers are solving crimes, cities say
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November 27, 2015 NuDock Mini, looks super exciting!
November 21, 2015 @SOULTRIPPIN70 good advice. Let me know if you find any new details? Thanks!
November 21, 2015 @SOULTRIPPIN70 thank you. And no, no one is quarantined that I can tell. All seems to be business as usual on the ship.
November 21, 2015 @SOULTRIPPIN70 hey there. I’m on the ship now. Wondering how you’re finding this out? We know nothing except 4 people need hospital.
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February 4, 2016 CDL drivers are held to a higher standard in Minnesota. See how the state views commercial DUIs:
February 4, 2016 Obama Bans Solitary Confinement for Juveniles:
February 4, 2016 You Can Be Persuaded To Confess To An Invented Crime, Study Finds
February 4, 2016 RT @RepErikPaulsen: Coordination by MN prosecutors and law enforcement is helping protect victims of trafficking
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October 15, 2015 @DWAnimation My approval rating of you is at 130%. The space between your eyes is perfect!
October 15, 2015 @DWAnimation You handsome feller you! Let's par-tay! I'll bring the mangoes and waterslides!
October 15, 2015 #AskKingJulien Any new merchandise about to come out?
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12.5 hours ago RT @GeraldoRivera: Actually #GOPDebate reminds me of my old daytime show when I had the rumble with the skinheads
12.5 hours ago RT @UnstableIsotope: Praising Reagan for tearing down a wall while advocating building a wall. #GOPDebate
13.8 hours ago RT @HuffingtonPost: Hi Ben Carson, might we suggest you look at Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution?
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4 days ago Marijuana DUI Testing: The New Technology for Police
February 8, 2016 Attorney Marin Featured in Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly for Drug Defense
February 2, 2016 Ride-share services may have played role in falling number of drunk driving deaths
February 1, 2016 ND Drunk Driving/Refusal Case to be Reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court
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3 days ago Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney Now: #1 This Won?t Go Away
February 9, 2016 Defending DUI Drug Cases Part 6
February 8, 2016 How a DUI Affects College Students
February 2, 2016 Attorney Urges Illinois to Review Convictions Based on Debunked Science
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3 days ago RT @PhilaBar: Chris Bartlett of @waygay receives 2016 Cheryl Ingram Advocate for Justice Award from @PhilaBar #LGBT Rights Comm.
4 days ago Thanks for the retweets this week @iam_KMFB @WellingtonLawDC much appreciated :) (FREE Automation >>
4 days ago PA judge's refusal to strike police officer for cause from jury pool ruled reversible error. #CriminalLaw
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August 6, 2010 The Real Reasons Some Young People Shoplift - Eye on Parenting - CBS News
August 6, 2010 RT @cbsnews Behind Giuliani Daughter Alleged Shoplifting - The Early Show - CBS News
July 27, 2010 RT @EcoGlam: 5 million "suspected" counterfeit body products seized ..
July 27, 2010 RT @LANow: Lindsay Lohan allowed to keep hair extensions in jail; officials say it's not special treatment
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4 days ago Board Upholds Ex-Prosecutor's Disbarment for Sending Innocent Man to Death Row & Hiding Exculpatory Evidence
February 4, 2016 This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories
February 4, 2016 'Docs v. Glocks' Case Gets En Banc Review at 11th Circuit
February 4, 2016 D.C. Judges Weigh Rule to Curb Prosecutor Misconduct
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December 28, 2015 New Brunswick, NJ DWI And Refusal Attorney
December 18, 2015 Woodbridge, NJ Shoplifting Attorney
December 18, 2015 Driving While Suspended Attorney in Edison, NJ
December 18, 2015 East Brunswick, NJ Shoplifting Attorney
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3 days ago Constitution's 25th Amendment: 3rd of 3 Amendments Resolving Issues About the Vice-President #PJNET
3 days ago Agency Theory of The Constitution as a Power of Attorney - views the PEOPLE as principal and gov't as the servant:
3 days ago Two questions: What Constitutional Amendment took longest to ratify? How long did it take? #PJNET
3 days ago Get Constitutional Sound Bites the Collected Edition to prepare for voting in 2016: #PJNET
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January 15, 2016 Interesting criminal defense stories from the past week at The Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer Stories
January 15, 2016 RT @bruvs: Pot smugglers get creative: Fake carrots packed with 2,493 pounds of weed caught at border.
January 15, 2016 RT @IoconaPeter: Deputies: Stuart woman arrested for DUI on golf cart | Local News - WPBF Home via @WPBF25News
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May 29, 2014 @gjsteinmph Sent you an email.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Thank you. I will forward to it. There is much that I don't understand about the current debate.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Can we talk?
May 27, 2014 @gjsteinmph LErt me know what you think of the satvix article. You can publish it with Ariena. Just give me a byline.
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February 7, 2016 The Necessity Defense for DWI Drivers in Minnesota
January 24, 2016 Americans are bargaining away their innocence
January 12, 2016 Minnesota Touts High Probation Rates, but with High Revocation Rates
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13.9 hours ago If You Don't Know Your Rights, You Can't Use Them - #legal #blog
19.1 hours ago RT @writingpis: #ArchiveDay "Female Private Eyes on TV: Nora Charles in The Thin Man"
20 hours ago Thank you! RT @ElyseBruce: If you aren't following @ShaunKaufmanLaw, you should be. Great blog articles and more.
1 day ago Five Gmail Tips for Lawyers - #legal #blog
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August 19, 2012 RT @MSNBC: Paul Ryan defended stimulus in 2002, when George W. Bush wanted it Great catch from @upwithchris' @salgentile
August 15, 2012 Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan
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January 30, 2016 Happy Saturday from PAUL PADDA LAW! Drive safely!
December 28, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car a...
December 14, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car ac...
November 24, 2015 What are the causes of Las Vegas wrong-way accidents?
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February 1, 2016 BUSTED: Iowa Precinct Captain Revealed as Paid, Out-of-State Staffer for Clinton Campaign
January 31, 2016 After Living in Norway, America Feels Backward. Here's Why. - via @BillMoyersHQ
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June 29, 2015 U.S. Supreme Court rules catchall phrase in Armed Career Criminal Act unconstitutional.
June 2, 2015 If your loved one has been arrested for DUI in Florida, don't panic.
May 26, 2015 If caught carrying a concealed weapon without a permit you can face harsh consequences. Learn about your rights.
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5 days ago RT @vgr: ...faced with a challenge, they fight by default, quit by exception. Not the other way around.And choosing to fight is not a calculated move
5 days ago @wolmanj It’s a metaphor, you killjoy. It’s not meant to be factual.
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November 10, 2008 Depos early am. Tonight... Drinks with buddies. I am either reckless, stupid or really good. We'll se tomorrow.
November 9, 2008 I have a love-hate relationship with trials. I hate them on Sundays and love them once I am in the action.
November 3, 2008 @mkastrab I couldn't agree more. Please research your candidates before you vote. Takes 15 min max.
November 3, 2008 Proud to report that my partner and I are shutting down our office all day tomorrow to serve as observers