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3 days ago Temporary Driving Permit After DUI in Florida: How to Receive a Temporary Driving Permit after a DUI in Florid...
June 25, 2015 Brady vs. Lucky Gunner
June 25, 2015 Interesting considering his recent statements on Gun manufactures and those who invest in them.
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June 27, 2015 25 Things Ofter Overlooked in a Divorce...
June 27, 2015 Too busy to take time off? The workcation may be for you…
June 27, 2015 Judge sues neighbors over injuries she suffered in donkey attack…
June 26, 2015 Has your law firm hired an innovation intern?
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June 23, 2015 Defending Date Rape Allegations in Massachusetts: When someone is charged with rape in Massachusetts the indic...
June 15, 2015 I Got Arrested Over The Weekend And I Need A Criminal Attorney, What Should I Do?: I never took the time to fi...
June 10, 2015 Uninsured motor vehicle case dismissed on court costs in Lawrence District Court today.
June 8, 2015 Always amazed at the number of nonsense #restraining #order cases heard in the district courts. Incredible drain on court resources.
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3 days ago RT @MarcWhitehead Can You Win Social Security Disability Benefits for Peripheral Arterial Disease? Yes! Try Using…
3 days ago Judge blocks new #Florida law that delays abortions 1 day
3 days ago .@kayvanwey You're welcome Kay.
3 days ago Thanks for the RT @myecoll
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5 days ago When people are arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, they may harbor the hope that the arresting officer will go easy...
5 days ago Police officers are constantly on the lookout for drivers whom they can charge with a DUI in Los Angeles. So the...
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July 24, 2014 How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You and Your Case: via @YouTube
June 13, 2014 Have you heard about the recent changes in Maryland involving Marijuana possession? Get the inside scoop here!
June 13, 2014 Marijuana Now Legal in Maryland: The Straight Dope!: via @YouTube
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May 13, 2015 Westchester County Bus Driver Faces Felony DWI Charges: A 56 year old school bus driver in the Lakeland School...
April 21, 2015 The Refusal Hearing–What Is It?: When operating a motor vehicle in the state of New York, drivers give their a...
April 13, 2015 Texting Tickets On The Rise in New York: Tickets for texting while driving have increased 35% between 2013 and...
April 8, 2015 Rollover Accidents Responsible For Hundreds of Truckers Dying Annually: Each year, hundreds of truck drivers a...
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June 9, 2015 @BBQBackyard I registered on Sunday, 6/7, but my membership is still pending. Is it normal to take so long
June 7, 2015 Up bright & early making chicken stock #chicken #soup #stock #cooking
May 14, 2015 The only thing chubby about my "chubbee burger" from @Rameys is the bread.
January 22, 2015 Yeah, I hate it when people do this, but here's a contest to win 10 piece snapper collection. #contest #snapware
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4 days ago Stay Safe this Fourth of July: More house fires occur over the Fourth of July weekend than at any other time d...
4 days ago Stay Safe this Fourth of July - Citrus County Injury Attorney Blog
5 days ago Bebè Muerto en Choque por Conducir en Estado de Ebriedad: Segùn la policìa, un niño de 2 años resultò muerto c...
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11.5 hours ago Fourth of July Travel Risks Are Up
1 day ago New laws go into effect in Md., Va. and D.C.
1 day ago Donald Trump Gains Infamy in Mexico for Comments on Immigrants
2 days ago Suspect in D.C. Mansion Murders Due in Court
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2 days ago Supreme Court says career criminal law is too vague -
2 days ago The crime of endangering the welfare of a child is a complex one in the State of New Jersey and is codified under N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4.
5 days ago Under law, a "lewd act" includes the exposing of the genitals for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the actor.
June 26, 2015 When a child molestation charge threatens your privacy, Brickfield & Donahue are ready with your defense.
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June 28, 2015 32 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
June 28, 2015 RT @NixonPeabodyLLP: New York State Bar Association updates its Social Media Ethics Guidelines
June 28, 2015 RT @EERhinehart: Changes on the horizon for consumer laws?
June 27, 2015 Courts Restrict Ability of Customers and Employees to Sue Companies Following a Data Breach, But Risks of Other Liab…
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June 24, 2015 "How Much Does Marijuana Impact Your Driving?-TIME"
June 13, 2015 RT @tcita: Congratulation to @ACLUNJ on passing bail reform! This year, there will be 8500 fewer people in jail as they await trial. #ACLUleads
June 10, 2015 RT @AP: Release of jurors in Colorado theater shooting trial shows news on big cases are hard to avoid:
June 5, 2015 RT @PublicSourcePA: Four inmates have died this year and some say Allegheny Co. Jail Warden Orlando Harper should be fired, via @TribLIVE
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3 days ago Medical marijuana is covered by workers' comp, says NM Court of Appeals
June 3, 2015 House Members Reauthorize Measure Protecting State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana Programs
May 20, 2015 Washington Driver Gets Six Months for 'Marijuana-Related' Crash That May Have Had Nothing to Do With Marijuana
May 7, 2015 Progressive strides in reforming a broken system
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June 27, 2015 RT @DrArtikaTyner: As lawyers, we can use our legal training as a force for promoting the common good. @naacp @NatUrbanLeague @mncompact
June 27, 2015 "Recognize people for the work that they do." Hon. Reyes #CBLA2015
June 27, 2015 RT @BryanBrowning: Hon. Reyes: Use SMART guidelines in developing plan - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. #CBLA2015
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June 25, 2015 The 411 on Florida's Felony Murder Law
June 22, 2015 South Florida Man Arrested After Advertising Marijuana on Craigslist
June 19, 2015 Supreme Court: What Children Tell Teachers Counts as Evidence in Child Abuse Cases
June 15, 2015 Ex-Miami Dolphin Faces Criminal Charge Related to Ponzi Scheme
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March 20, 2015 RT @StartupLJackson: If this tweet receives 1000 RTs I will run a Kickstarter to pay YouTube to remove pre-rolls from this video for 1yr.
March 20, 2015 RT @StartupLJackson: "We are so freaking mad the NSA is constantly surveilling us!" "Meerkat is amazing! Check out my living room!"
March 7, 2015 RT @StartupLJackson: There are two kinds of people, those who set their phone to display the exact battery % and—WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE REST OF YOU.
February 1, 2015 AT&T pre-super bowl commercial: “we’re doing things like putting LTE radios on top of our antennas.” WHERE WERE YOU PUTTING THEM BEFORE?
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June 27, 2015 The Truth Behind a DUI:
June 26, 2015 Contact Appelman Law Firm for a free legal case evaluation:
June 26, 2015 Boaters beware! Minnesota DNR officials will be cracking down on drinking and boating this weekend!
June 26, 2015 RT @UofMNLawSchool: University of Minnesota law degrees most common among state's top general counsel
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June 27, 2015 This is a good piece on the current state of Saratoga.
June 27, 2015 RT @docfonda: Gazette's @Mike_MacAdam carefully dismantles NYRA'S baloney about changes at Saratoga.
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August 5, 2014 Majority of Florida health insurance rates expected to increase in 2015.
June 30, 2014 SCOTUS has ruled in favor of #HobbyLobby. "Closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage."
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1 day ago RT @cjproctor74: "Cruel & All To Usual" @dliebelson's big heave on treatment of kids in Michigan prisons is devastating, so important.
2 days ago RT @DavidNelsonNM: Sure are a lot of people running for a job where you get blamed for everything, never have free time, and ages the holy shit out of you.
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June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: Former HealthSource RI chief Ferguson arrested on social-host charges via @projo
June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: R.I. AG's offices amends DUI form after legal challenges to test results #courts #RI via @projo
June 11, 2015 RT @kmulvane: Former HealthSource RI chief arrested on social-host charges via @projo
June 11, 2015 R.I. amends DUI form after challenges to test results
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4 days ago Contact The McShane Firm, LLC,
5 days ago EMTs and DUIs in Pennsylvania
June 25, 2015 The Top 10 DUI Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
June 23, 2015 Time for Centre County to demand that their judges have at the very least a smidge of morals and ethics.#VoteNo.
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1 day ago RT @ItCanWait: You’d be surprised what you miss when you tweet and drive. Was that a panda handing out a pizza? Bummer. #ItCanWait
4 days ago Chester county corrections officer arrested for smuggling drugs into prison. #CriminalLaw
4 days ago Thanks for the retweets this week @shirleylimgm @HebertLLC much appreciated :) (insight by
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August 6, 2010 The Real Reasons Some Young People Shoplift - Eye on Parenting - CBS News
August 6, 2010 RT @cbsnews Behind Giuliani Daughter Alleged Shoplifting - The Early Show - CBS News
July 27, 2010 RT @EcoGlam: 5 million "suspected" counterfeit body products seized ..
July 27, 2010 RT @LANow: Lindsay Lohan allowed to keep hair extensions in jail; officials say it's not special treatment
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June 27, 2015 @TheWubster Exactly.
June 27, 2015 @TheWubster 47th & Biscayne
June 27, 2015 Bye bye Brickell. It was fun while it lasted, but you're just not worth the drive anymore. #moving
June 26, 2015 Is it a crime to not stop at the tiki bar at 5 p.m. on a Friday on my way home from depositions all day in Key West?
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March 12, 2013 Bicyclist killed when struck by tanker truck in Newark |
March 12, 2013 Husband of 'Melrose Place' actress left accident after her sentencing, police say |
March 11, 2013 Photos: Car nearly crashes into home in Mine Hill on Route 46 |
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2 days ago It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau #quote
2 days ago A 4th of July Story Richard Henry Lee presents The Resolution for American Independence: Part One #PJNET #TCOT
2 days ago My new sounds: Constitutionally Speaking: Otis McDonald takes on Chicago Gun Laws on #SoundCloud
2 days ago Obama to Open US Embassy in Cuba. What That Means.: President Obama announced Wednesday morning that Cub... #tcot
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June 27, 2015 RT @daclawfirm: Some police think they can spot intox even before they complete the full battery of SFSTs. Or so they say.
June 26, 2015 RT @LSMInsurance: Are All Marijuana Users Considered Smokers To Life Insurance Underwriters?
June 26, 2015 RT @barstoolsports: This guy was arrested in a bar parking lot licking a toad to try to get high
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May 29, 2014 @gjsteinmph Sent you an email.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Thank you. I will forward to it. There is much that I don't understand about the current debate.
May 28, 2014 @gjsteinmph Can we talk?
May 27, 2014 @gjsteinmph LErt me know what you think of the satvix article. You can publish it with Ariena. Just give me a byline.
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June 28, 2015 How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Theft - #legal #blog
June 28, 2015 In Honor of Pink Shirt Day: Tips for Legally Stopping Bullying - #legal #blog
June 27, 2015 New #blog post: Cyberstalkers: You Can Type But You Can't Always Hide #Cyberbullying
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August 19, 2012 RT @msnbc: Paul Ryan defended stimulus in 2002, when George W. Bush wanted it Great catch from @upwithchris' @salgentile
August 15, 2012 Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan
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4 days ago Demand justice. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury law firm today.
June 28, 2015 Call (800) 967-1923 and schedule a free case evaluation.
June 18, 2015 Call (800) 967-1923 and schedule a free case evaluation.
June 4, 2015 Texting Bans Reduce Hospitalization Rates Due to Car Crashes
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June 25, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown- Oppose Vaccine Mandates
May 24, 2015 Be Careful out there this weekend
May 22, 2015 That's some good lookin cookin
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June 26, 2015 Teacher Sued After Punishing Second-Grader for Being an Atheist - via @Shareaholic
June 26, 2015 Why many rape victims don’t fight or yell
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June 2, 2015 If your loved one has been arrested for DUI in Florida, don't panic.
May 26, 2015 If caught carrying a concealed weapon without a permit you can face harsh consequences. Learn about your rights.
April 23, 2015 U.S. Supreme Court rules against police in drug-sniffing dog case. For more info check out our latest blog post.
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June 26, 2015 RT @BiscuitOfBnGTS: I thought gay marriage was going to destroy all the straight marriages and I would get rich but I didn't get any new divorce clients today.
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November 10, 2008 Depos early am. Tonight... Drinks with buddies. I am either reckless, stupid or really good. We'll se tomorrow.
November 9, 2008 I have a love-hate relationship with trials. I hate them on Sundays and love them once I am in the action.
November 3, 2008 @mkastrab I couldn't agree more. Please research your candidates before you vote. Takes 15 min max.
November 3, 2008 Proud to report that my partner and I are shutting down our office all day tomorrow to serve as observers