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March 11, 2014 Do you know how #Chicago's nursing homes rank? Not well. See for yourself.
March 6, 2014 Read today's blog: OSHA Issues 2014 Plan for Reducing Injuries at High-Risk Workplaces
March 6, 2014 #Aurora woman dies after being hit by a #car. Read more.
March 4, 2014 Read today's blog: Family Files Lawsuit Against Petco Over Rat Bite Death
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April 12, 2014 Just sold this batik. :-)
April 11, 2014 Fort Collins First Friday: Kevin Houchin at the Art Lab
April 11, 2014 I'll have the Geometry & Gesture show open tonight 6-9 and tomorrow 2-6.
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April 12, 2014 No Increase in OUI Drug Cases in Massachusetts After New Marijuana Laws: With the decriminalization of under a...
April 9, 2014 Massachusetts Man Who Threatens Suicide Faces Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Charge: The Brockton Enterprise...
April 8, 2014 Amesbury Massachusetts Pair Face Heroin and Cocaine Trafficking Charges: Today’s Newburyport News reports that...
April 1, 2014 Will Massachusetts See Smartphone Apps for Drunk Driving?: Imagine this.  You get pulled over for drunk drivin...
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April 13, 2014 Obama reportedly lets NSA keep some security flaws secret via @CNET
April 13, 2014 Windows XP gets put to pasture and Heartbleed causes heartburn via @CNET
April 13, 2014 10 Things to Know for Monday (from @AP)
April 13, 2014 Official says sub will be used in search for jet (from @AP)
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March 26, 2014 RT @LiberalEffects: Obama Totally Blew America's Chance
March 26, 2014 RT @azmoderate: Donald Rumsfeld is quite simply a racist asshole with blood of thousands of young Americans on his hands. #GOP
March 26, 2014 RT @KennettDems: The difference between Viagra and birth control: #StandWithWomen
March 18, 2014 RT @ChrisJZullo: #Obamacare has helped touch the lives of 15 million Americans. I'm sorry. I consider that success. #uniteblue #tcot
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November 9, 2013 @KeithShannon8 ...but I'm hoping to take 20+ years of medical records review and patient advocacy in a different direction :)
October 8, 2013 @WahyuSPd There are many terrific LinkedIn & Facebook groups for paralegals, inc. ParalegalGateway & Paralegal Society. Explore & have fun!
October 8, 2013 "Forget Fashion, Have Fun" via @Vintage_Vix66 | Have you hugged your own clothes today? #goodwill #secondhandclothes
October 8, 2013 @halosecretarial So excited for you! Learning new things keeps us young. Yep :)
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April 14, 2014 Jake Deikman, you suck. #Phillies
April 10, 2014 Is it too early to write off the #Phillies? They are seriously awful so far.
April 2, 2014 The stuff my cat coughs up looks better than Jonathan Papelbon looked tonight. #Phillies
March 31, 2014 Every spring the US conducts joint military games with South Korea just as North Korea gets more bellicose. Exactly who is provoking whom?
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April 15, 2014 Illinois man killed in work-related incident in Cedar Rapids #injurylawyers
April 14, 2014 Medication May Increase Risk of Falls for Elderly Patients #slipfalllawyer
April 11, 2014 What is the Difference between Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuit? #injurylawyer
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4 days ago @gideonstrumpet @MarkWBennett The fun doesn't start until the adrenaline kicks in. And trial is about the best/worst weight loss plan.
April 15, 2014 Classic Portland. And right outside my office window. Bees.
April 14, 2014 @ThinkYiddish: @DavidSug Chad Peach Sameach!”>Another victim of dread autocorrect. Or Chad Peach to you, too.
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February 12, 2013 @NRuess Congrats!
February 10, 2013 @ddd Point taken. And that would be times, plural, we couldn't get him to party.
February 10, 2013 @ddd Yeah, but how often do you know a Grammy winner?
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April 14, 2014 We are proud to have some Florida's most talented #Paralegals on our team.
April 13, 2014 Lorena and Dr. Michael Cook. The Cookies... @ Villagio
April 13, 2014 Wow look who is driving. saraaronfeld saronfeld and @mbusa my daughter's first time drive. @ Cocoplum…
April 13, 2014 I was just endorsed by Alexander Edward Barthet on Avvo
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April 13, 2014 #lwow2014 winner overall is JudgmentPay a practical application
April 13, 2014 RT @Just_Innovate: An excellent presentation by LegalLeave - clearly a lot of hard work/prep and it really paid off! Congrats! #lwow2014
April 13, 2014 Really interesting presentations today at # lwow2014. Getting ready to vote for a winner in a few minutes.
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March 5, 2014 ABDO - Direito de Propriedade
November 27, 2013 O direito à privacidade é uma garantia constitucional e é inviolável e a Abdo defende os seus direitos....
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4 days ago RT @cattleprod: I would like it if someone could create a bag made out of carpet to give to @dancanon
4 days ago I think my brain is on fire. Is that possible?
April 15, 2014 @JoeDunman NO CAN DO
April 15, 2014 @shrryph Welcome to Twitter. Here, I twat about zany court hijinx.
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August 30, 2013 @pdstuff @gideonstrumpet Too bad a more qualified candidate can't run a better campaign to take back the position.
August 26, 2013 I've lost 10 lbs using garcinia now..., try it for free
August 22, 2013 Intoxilyzer 8000 found not to be scientifically reliable and therefore inadmissible in DUI cases in Ohio.
August 21, 2013 Jason Sammis was quoted by Bay News 9 - talking about Florida medical marijuana legalization and the necessity...
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February 28, 2013 Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices
February 28, 2013 RT @StateDept: #SecKerry: I am proud to announce US will provide an additional $60 million in non-lethal assistance to support Syrian Opposition Coalition.
February 28, 2013 @JCook32 @jacquieCallahan Does coach Zorn know about this?
January 11, 2013 Owner of Pit Bull That Chased Police Horse 1.5 Miles Gets Federal Court Order to Delay Euthanasia -
49 CC72 CF900 AC1,860 AF0 TT#17 CC
April 12, 2014 Suspicious package at courthouse is blown up - Local 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - Top Stories:
April 8, 2014 There is a new TLC reality show starring two Cincinnati area female detectives
April 7, 2014 Law school tuition and access to legal advice via @foxbusiness
April 5, 2014 Cincinnati start up business registry
43 CC54 CF196 AC360 AF0 TT#18 CC
April 14, 2014 Does The Alcohol You Drink Impact How Drunk You Get?
April 12, 2014 What Do Police Look For When Pulling Over Suspected Drunk Drivers?
April 11, 2014 DPS Launches Campaign To Crack Down On Distracted Driving « CBS Minnesota
April 10, 2014 How Do Breath Tests Work?
36 CC46 CF945 AC1,485 AF0 TT#19 CC
March 7, 2014 FAA can’t regulate small RC aircraft as “drones,” administrative law judge rules
March 6, 2014 Does the FAA have the jurisdiction to regulate UAVs. See also
March 2, 2014 Many Ukrainians Want Russia To Invade |
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April 14, 2014 View Our Lawyer Website Portfolio
April 14, 2014 I posted a new photo to Facebook
April 3, 2014 Proud to announce we just redesigned the website for the most well-known criminal defense firm in the country....
February 17, 2014 We just launched a new website for an immigration attorney in Houston, Texas. Kathryn Karam is board certified in...
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September 20, 2013 NY banks helping make illegal payday loans in NY? - Follow the Money: Payday Laundry Edition
February 14, 2013 Equifax Sells Private Information To Debt Collectors In 'Biggest Privacy Breach In Our Time': Rep... via @HuffPostBiz
January 30, 2013 Free law service helps consumers battle abusive creditors - Business - The Buffalo News via @TheBuffaloNews
November 15, 2012 Ninth Circuit Holds Best Buy's "Dual Purpose" Calls Regarding Its Rewards Program Violates TCPA | Loeb & Loeb LLP -
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April 13, 2014 RT @CBC: It's time. MT @CBC_Publicity: Check out CBC's sched for the 1st round of the #stanleycup playoffs: #canadaloveshockey
April 11, 2014 RT @OntMinLabour: QOW Answer: No. Any such agreement is invalid.
April 11, 2014 RT @Ben_T_Johnson: HELP! My wife lost her iPhone 4S containing irreplaceable photos of our son. Last seen near Bathurst and St. Clair. REWARD. Please RT!
April 11, 2014 RT @DanPollock: Top 11 Neighbourhoods for Commuting by #Bike in Canada: #yyjbike
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March 7, 2014 RT @Litag8r: Update: no new candidates qualified to run for office at the Hall County GOP. #hallgop #gapol
March 6, 2014 RT @Litag8r: @Litag8r @BeattyForGa Confirmed. Tony is out of the race for commissioner leaving Ken Cochran and Kathy Cooper (so far).
March 6, 2014 RT @Litag8r: Update: Paul Wayne Godfrey qualifies to run for #hallco school board at large. That makes a two-man race. #hallgop #gapol
March 3, 2014 RT @JackKingston4GA: Jack qualifying as a candidate for Senate today, joined by Jim, Libby, and his mother Ann. [staff] #gagop
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April 15, 2014 This is why we defend the accused. Innocent man set free after 25-yrs in the joint for wrongful murder conviction:
April 15, 2014 Kudos to Mayor Duggan for quickly erecting web site to auction Detroit homes; great investments await. Via Freep:
April 14, 2014 Washington Post has a detailed article on the contemporary no-fault #divorce process & requisite wait period:
April 4, 2014 Blogged: Michigan AG seeks en banc appeal of Judge Friedman's ruling on same-sex marriage:
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June 14, 2013 A Queens man is pursuing action against the NYPD, who arrested and held him in jail for violating a protective...
March 28, 2013 The link to my feature has changed and can now be found here:
March 25, 2013 Looks like a great new website for finding a lawyer #LawyerLegion - check out my page:
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3 days ago The Pay's the Thing: How America's CEOs Are Getting Rich Off Taxpayers
3 days ago We Built This Country on Inequality
3 days ago Wealth Gap is a Feature, not a Bug
3 days ago GOP Congressman Can’t Quite Explain The Problem With Raising Minimum Wage h/t @BlueDuPage
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April 14, 2014 RIAA also suing Megaupload for copyright infringement
April 7, 2014 Founder of Chobani yogurt faces stolen recipe allegation
April 3, 2014 Tarantino, Gawker lawsuit complications continue
April 2, 2014 Animator claims Disney infringed on copyright in ‘Frozen’ trailer
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January 6, 2013 Information on Florida's board certification for criminal trial law -
August 20, 2012 Galigani Law Firm would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend to the Gerald T. Bennett Prosecutor /...
June 22, 2012 Controversy with the Florida juvenile-justice system. #Reform #FLlaw
March 28, 2012 Thank you for the 5 star review on Avvo!
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April 13, 2014 @fifty2twenty 20! Man it doesn't seem like that long ago that we were all on HHI! Well done, #Bawbag
April 13, 2014 @fifty2twenty Anniv Trip? 20?
April 11, 2014 Man appears in court on child support charges
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April 14, 2014 RT @MichaelEhline: Ten Dead in Glenn County, California Tour Bus Collision via @socializeWP
April 14, 2014 RT @StevenMSweat: Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles | Glotzer & Sweat LLP #personalinjuryattorney #losangeles
April 14, 2014 RT @jdlawpsu: State College, PA - Alleged State Patty's Day Burglars Face Up to 20 Years in Prison | @scoopit
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April 15, 2014 Brian M. Fishman Daily is out! Stories via @PhillyCrimLaw
April 14, 2014 Check out my @newsmix channel Criminal Law featuring @smolenskylaw @jeffreylapin @1800fightit
April 14, 2014 RT @StaceyMWashingt: Frequently Asked Questions about DUIs in Michigan -
April 14, 2014 RT @jdlawpsu: Assault with a Sexual Weapon - Daughter Hits Mother with Vibrator, Arrested for Assault #statecollegedefenseattorney
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4 days ago RT @weknownext: The NLRB continued on its quest to knock overbroad language out of employee handbooks...
4 days ago RT @DuaneMorrisInst: To defend FMLA retaliation claims, employers should show the fair, nondiscriminatory basis for the adverse action.
April 14, 2014 RT @BizAdvisories: Eleventh Circuit Rejects Employee's Request for FMLA Leave for Possible Health Conditions | by @parkerpoe
April 14, 2014 Court Holds Placing Pregnant Employee on Paid Leave Not a "Per Se Reasonable Accommodation": A federal distric...
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April 15, 2014 Attorney-client privilege is a fundamental part of the relationship between attorney and client. It allows the...
April 7, 2014 Parents Not Liable for the Acts of Mentally Ill Adult Children:...
March 29, 2014 A person who has filed bankruptcy must disclose all assets, including personal injury actions. The Third District...
March 21, 2014 Supreme Court Overturns Florida Medical Malpractice Damage Caps...
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April 15, 2014 Animal Rights Activists Should Have Clear Notice of the Bounds of the Animal Enterprise...
April 14, 2014 N.Y. search warrant case shows why we need the Exclusionary Rule
April 12, 2014 Fed. Ct. Order granting summary judgment in US v. Bundy. The real facts #clivenbundy #courtorder #thefacts...
April 11, 2014 Deal or No Deal? Amazon Offers Employees $5K to Quit
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October 22, 2012 Isaac Flood Insurance Claim Proof of Loss Deadline: If your home of business flooded due to Hurricane Isaac, you...
May 31, 2012 Drew Brees Insurance: Louisiana attorney Tony Lemon has created an irrevocable trust for Saints fans to make don...
May 29, 2012 Drew Brees Insurance: Louisiana attorney Tony Lemon has created an irrevocable trust for Saints fans to make don...
April 21, 2012 Economic and Property Damage Settlement Agreement: Economic and Property Damage Settlement Agreement
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April 15, 2014 Up since the crack of dawn as usual heading off to Albany to meet with some police officers regarding discrimination within their agencies.
April 14, 2014 The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @alwayssmile67
April 13, 2014 The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @rbettenc @wanttruth
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February 29, 2012 Add me to one of your Google Plus Circles!
January 11, 2012 New Blog Post: Phony “Tenant” Nailed for Identity Theft
January 11, 2012 New Blog Post: Landlord Waives Anti-Waiver Provision!
January 8, 2012 FAQ: Can you help me decide whether an appeal would be worthwhile?
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4 days ago #NewHampshire State Officials Make #DrugFree Push.
4 days ago #NewHampshire agrees man was insane during hotel killing. #stabbing
4 days ago A Seabrook officer indicted for #policebrutality. #NewHampshire
4 days ago Woman drives Beacon St. the wrong way. #NewHampshire #DUI