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February 1, 2016 RT @GearUpME: #GUcbw #GearUpWorks "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." Holmes
February 1, 2016 RT @behsprincipal: "Our strengths define where we find our energy vs. what exhausts us." - J. Mosley @GallupEducation @edpartnerships #GUcbw #GEARUPworks
February 1, 2016 RT @MCHS_GEARUP: "Good data, while essiential, is only a start-you then have to use it!" Deliverology in Practice @edpartnerships @EdDelivery #GUCBW
February 1, 2016 RT @edpartnerships: "Whatever it takes means doing more than you thought was possible" @JIMSEDU #GUcbw #GEARUPworks
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2 days ago What movies don't tell you about personal injury claims. #InTheMovies
2 days ago What movies don't tell you about personal injury claims. #InTheMovies
3 days ago 12 things to know about injury cases that you might not know
3 days ago 12 things to know about injury cases that you might not know
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January 29, 2016 Why Some Massachusetts Judges Delay Dangerousness Hearings Under G.L. c. 276 Section 58A For Three Days: Massa...
January 13, 2016 The Importance of Legal Representation at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing: Over the years I have repeated my strong...
January 4, 2016 Why You Need a Lawyer For a Restraining Order Hearing in Massachusetts: Criminal defense lawyers in Massachuse...
December 14, 2015 Diversion Instead of Prosecution of Drug Possession Charges in Massachusetts Courts: At least one Massachusett...
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January 31, 2016 RT @EmploymentLawAL: Equal pay order: Obama issues gender gap rule on anniversary of law named for Alabama woman #EmploymentLaw #HR #EPA
January 31, 2016 RT @FlitterOnFraud: A 26-year-old woman who was fired from Trump's campaign Jan 14 has filed a sex discrimination complaint in Iowa
January 30, 2016 RT @BileCube: If everyone contributes a small amount of their income, we can pool all the resources together to defeat socialism
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January 22, 2016 @scifri Webform for #SciFriBookClub not working. Permission required. Might want to fix that before 2 p.m.
January 15, 2016 @StephenAtHome Mos' Def Michael Jordan #FridayNightFighrs
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3 days ago Cruise Ship Accidents In Jamaica - Jamaica is one of the world’s most popular cruise ship destinations and is c...
3 days ago The heroic Thurgood Marshall was a real #lawyer who brought school desegregation to the Supreme…
3 days ago Happy Birthdqy saronfeld world's most beautiful daughter. 17 years ago today you changed my life…
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4 days ago Another Kentucky lawyer suicide over the weekend. The world is full of horrible things and beautiful people. Please take care of each other.
4 days ago why i’m in law school - ileftmydignityinthegl:
5 days ago I don't deny that she is a garbage candidate. I just think misogyny has likely played a role in Bernie's popularity.
5 days ago I mean, I'm sure this is a sign of a grassroots revolution and blah blah blah, but it's hard to think of an old white dude as the underdog.
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2 days ago Thanks @raymondmailey @KellyVLanders @prisonpath1 for being top engaged members in my community this week (Via
3 days ago Record number of false convictions overturned in 2015. 149 cleared last year. #wrongfulconvictions #criminallaw
3 days ago @CredibleAlibi thanks for sharing Jeffrey Zimmerman, have a great Wednesday :) (Get your FREE twitter ads by
3 days ago Thanks @sumitmishra1231 @RobinSaghian @CSISidebarShow for being top new followers in my community this week (Via
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January 30, 2016 Happy Saturday from PAUL PADDA LAW! Drive safely!
December 28, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car a...
December 14, 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Injury And Car Accidents - Brain Injury Lawyer Paul S. Padda Following a car ac...
November 24, 2015 What are the causes of Las Vegas wrong-way accidents?
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October 16, 2014 RT @Jonnelle: Complaints about private student loans are up about 40% from last year, CFPB says.
October 8, 2014 Top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee Proposes Sweeping Changes to Fair Credit Reporting Act
October 7, 2014 9 Awesome Black Women Tech Founders to Watch @kathrynfinney
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December 31, 2015 @TheHillmanGroup So, first key didn't work at home, then second key, the machine spit out the blank, and it wouldn't fit in the slot.
December 16, 2015 Climate change? Poo pah... Isn't it always 19 degrees on Christmas day? Oh yeah, that's Celsius, not Fahrenheit.
December 16, 2015 .@MetrolandMedia Please stop leaving this to get rained on and eventually thrown out. 292greenwood
December 11, 2015 .@MetrolandMedia Please stop leaving this to get rained on and eventually thrown out. 292greenwood
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June 17, 2015 While misdemeanor #marijuana possession arrests drop in NYC, new data shows racial disparities still prevalent.
April 10, 2015 Legalization of #marijuana in U.S. may have already had an adverse effect on drug smuggling, according to some.
March 3, 2015 #Juvenile justice reform advocates & Gov. Cuomo support raising the age of #criminal responsibility to 18.
February 10, 2015 I was honored to speak at Cannabis Career Institute's seminar on Saturday about legal issues surrounding #marijuana.
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2 days ago American capitalism has failed us: We’re overworked, underemployed and more powerless than ever before
3 days ago RT @jacobinmag: Despite all evidence to the contrary, blaming black culture for racial inequality remains politically dominant.
3 days ago When The Bankers Plotted To Overthrow FDR
3 days ago RT @EconomicPolicy: Raising wages for workers would lift incomes and reduce reliance on public assistance.
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December 3, 2015 RT @StanfordLaw: #SCOTUS read of the day: “Justice Scalia’s Majoritarian Theocracy” by Richard Posner & @espinsegall
November 27, 2015 Student Loan and Mortgage Debt and the Racial Wealth Gap - forgiving student loan debt would further racial justice
November 25, 2015 RT @ShaunKing: The @nationalbar & @AttorneyCrump call for the resignations of Chicago's Police Superintendent & State Prosecutor.
November 25, 2015 Jamaican Sentenced To U.S. Prison for selling lists of "leads" to scammers
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November 19, 2015 Not sure what's required for a wrongful death claim? We explore this topic in our latest blog:
September 10, 2015 Victims of sexual assault can often seek relief with a civil suit. Call our skilled team to learn more today:
August 5, 2015 If someone has caused you intentional harm, you may be able to pursue personal injury charges against them.
July 14, 2015 Slip & fall accidents are some of the most common suffered nationally every year, and they can be prevented.
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January 31, 2016 Mario Batali must pay $5.25M for skimming tips
January 29, 2016 Lawyer Seen ‘Bent Over A Table Apparently Having Sex With An Inmate’
January 29, 2016 Big Employer Win in Wellness Program Case EEOC v. Flambeau
January 29, 2016 Jury awards fired Wal-Mart worker $31 million
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2 days ago @ABANews $15M award for NYPD cop beaten by police officers - NY Daily News
2 days ago @AP $15M award for NYPD cop beaten by police officers - NY Daily News
3 days ago The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @NHLP @PoliticalPort @LiriKopaci
3 days ago Today, secured a $15 million dollar verdict in Larry Jackson's case. Black male cop accusing NYPD cops of false arrest and excessive force.
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November 6, 2015 RT @CJBrownLaw: Syed’s Motion to Re-Open GRANTED
February 7, 2015 RT @justingeorge: Maryland Court of Special Appeals GRANTS Adnan Syed's application to essentially re-appeal his conviction. #Serial
January 29, 2015 RT @MDAppeal: Though J Quarles is in Baltimore, J Grimm will move to Balt, opening vacancy in Greenbelt.
January 27, 2015 RT @ekccamp: Who is your pre-season pick to be our next Mayor of EKC? retweet it. shout out retweet @danshaw28 @jaydeebee19 @mkraw232 @rubinemployment
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4 days ago @ThatKevinSmith I want someone to create a "What if Kevin Smith directed Star Wars Ep7." 2 stormtroopers telling dick jokes and smoking pot
4 days ago Changes to the California Code of Civil Procedure You Should Know About NOW
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2 days ago Cerebral palsy birth injuries are both tragic for the family and the child. On top of the awful emotional and...
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September 16, 2015 RT @AndyEdMLS: #MLS has fined Orlando City SC's David Mateos for simulation. Remember him? #SportingKC
August 28, 2015 Is it too early to call it a classic.
May 2, 2014 RT @SportingKV: SKV Adds Craig Rocastle, Former Sporting KC Midfielder, to Coaching Staff Sporting Kaw Valley is extremely...
April 3, 2014 RT @ColbyProdigy: Tim Collins, Washburn Univ. women's soccer coach, joins Sporting Kaw Valley.
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May 11, 2011 New info - attorney for vicious dog bites / attacks in Weston, FL.
April 15, 2011 Pending Florida bills - products liability automobile lawsuits -
March 28, 2011 Women's Health Issue site - filled with information on numerous medical -highly recommend
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August 3, 2011 Check out our most recent blog entry! Protect your elderly loved ones…
July 21, 2011 Attorney Michael Tam has recently recovered a six figure settlement for his client after she had been sexually...
July 21, 2011 Fernandez & Lauby recently assisted a public safety worker with a discrimination and retaliation claim after he...
July 21, 2011 Firm attorneys, Kyle Lauby and Brian Mankin, recently recovered a six figure settlement for a group of restaurant...
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January 31, 2016 RT @realDonaldTrump: Ted Cruz is in trouble for not reporting his bank borrowing in his very important Financial Disclosure Form. Very low interest loans, scam!
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January 29, 2016 Inmate’s Death Confirms Risks of Prone Position Restraint is a great blog by @NickDicello #CivilRights #UseofForce
January 29, 2016 Exhibit highlights what's new, healthy on school lunch menus via @MyCentralJersey #HealthyStudents #HealthyLunches
January 29, 2016 The Perfect Storm That Threatens the Quality of Healthy School Meals via @eatandrunusn #HealthySchools
January 29, 2016 RT @CadyReporting: Volunteering at #mocktrialCLE today & loving it!!
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June 13, 2011 RT @CFTalk: Lawyer charged with breaching confidentiality in Tressel emails: #collegefootball
June 13, 2011 Here is a PDF with info for employers on Alabama's new law addressing employment of illegal aliens:
January 5, 2010 Employment law: COBRA subsidy extension - and
December 16, 2009 Alabama lawyer files well-argued motion to continue trial due to BCS game.
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4 days ago Virginia: Special Cases – a Lawyer’s Radiologist
January 30, 2016 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Misnomer
January 27, 2016 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s CEO
January 27, 2016 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s CEO
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November 9, 2015 If You're A Poor Defendant In Utah, Good Luck: You'll Need It.
August 1, 2015 Judge throws out phone records in boat arson case via @bangordailynews
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March 27, 2014 Congrats Pastor @Donnieradio, on #Duets! LUV I am Amazed!! Will try to come out this weeknd, praying special blessings to you & yours Xo:)
March 4, 2014 PIO VideoBlog "God's Got a Blessing"<iframe src="" width="240" height="320" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
March 3, 2014 Beloved, God's got a blessing with your name on it!
February 19, 2014 HOW TO ENTER IN (The Perfect Way Facebook Blog) Beloved, did you know that God cannot lie? He keeps his...
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January 17, 2016 RT @SpaceX: First stage on target at droneship but looks like hard landing; broke landing leg. Primary mission remains nominal ?
December 15, 2015 RT @washingtonpost: All Los Angeles public schools closed due to threat to "many" schools
December 8, 2015 As a 9/11 first responder, I urge Congress to pass and make permanent the Zadroga Reauthorization Act #dotherightthing @SenateMajLdr
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January 27, 2016 The Ethics of a Child Pornography Sting - Room for Debate
January 27, 2016 Judge Rules FBI Running Child Porn Site for 13 Days Was Not ‘Outrageous Conduct'
January 26, 2016 Overdose Reversal Drug Now Available To Every U.S. High School Free Of Charge
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October 3, 2015 RT @Hogtrough: 6 points left on the scoreboard by the coaching staff. It could be a two possession game
August 9, 2009 Arkansas new driving laws to help reduce accidents.
March 15, 2009 Bonus payments at AIG. The arrogance of some people is incredible.
March 7, 2009 Twitter in Courtrooms.
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January 28, 2016 Our legal community and the State of Alabama lost a legend this week. We were terribly saddened to hear of the...
December 26, 2015 @TideintheNW @AlabamaFTBL so that high school has a better indoor facility than UGA (at least for now)?
December 26, 2015 @AlabamaFTBL whose indoor facility is that? It looks pretty nice. Roll tide!
December 15, 2015 Today the whole team went toy shopping for Toys for Tots! It is not too late to bring us toys or make donations....
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January 28, 2016 #Rachat d'Entreprise : le film pour savoir comment racheter une #PME | @scoopit
January 27, 2016 Piratage de ses comptes sociaux : le mini-guide de la @CNIL pour prévenir, repérer et réagir ! | @scoopit
January 26, 2016 #Fontainebleau : @Insead devant Harvard propose le meilleur MBA du monde via @lemondefr @Entreprises77 | @scoopit
January 26, 2016 #Fontainebleau : @Insead devant Harvard propose le meilleur MBA du monde via @LeMonde @Entreprises77 | @scoopit
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January 12, 2016 @gbbaburnside Unfortunate that District 6 is not able to presently assert robust voice at present. Hoping right decision is made on issue.
January 12, 2016 RT @BurnsideNews: Defeated: McCluskey's motion for deferral of @hfxfire vote b/c Dist. 6 has no rep., @gbbaburnside letter @DartmouthG
January 7, 2016 Pleased to announce my election to the position of Vice Chair with the Greater Burnside Business Association:
January 7, 2016 Pleased to announce my election to the position of Vice Chair with the Greater Burnside Business Association.
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August 5, 2011 RT @DavidCornDC: RT @MotherJones: Chart of the Day: The real employment picture #fb
July 22, 2011 Selected again through peer recognition as a "Super Lawyer" in the top five percent of attorneys in Washington, D.C. See ""
January 23, 2016 RT @EricFidler: Artwork satirizes people who say, "I'm not racist but… [totally racist remark]."
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December 17, 2015 South Hadley Fire District 1 to keep Robert Authier as chief despite refusing to renew contract
December 11, 2015 Premises Liability – What is it and Who is at fault?
November 19, 2015 South Hadley Fire District 1 Fire Chief Robert Authier hires lawyer after board fails to renew contract
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July 21, 2011 We just connected with Forever And Always Kennel...;
July 19, 2011 Uriarte & Wood is now following us;
July 12, 2011 We received 1 new compliment: Community Star;
June 21, 2011 We just connected with Sh Global Inc.... and 9 other merchants;