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September 20, 2014 RT @heatherjolee: We can't just put our kids in harder classes and expect them to achieve. Help people understand who they serve. #NACAC14
September 20, 2014 ACT’s @tylercoonact is presenting on ACT PROFILE in the exhibit hall learning lab right now. #nacac14
September 19, 2014 @NCAA_EC thanks for the clarification. It can be confusing.
September 19, 2014 @NCAA_EC pretty sure that ACT score in your tweet is a typo. :-) please do an edit & correction. 36 is the highest score possible.
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March 11, 2014 Do you know how #Chicago's nursing homes rank? Not well. See for yourself.
March 6, 2014 Read today's blog: OSHA Issues 2014 Plan for Reducing Injuries at High-Risk Workplaces
March 6, 2014 #Aurora woman dies after being hit by a #car. Read more.
March 6, 2014 #OSHA Issues 2014 Plan for Reducing #Injuries. Read more on our blog.
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September 15, 2014 53 Year Old Man Charged Under Massachusetts Upskirting Law: Last week employees at an Arlington, Massachusetts...
August 28, 2014 Will My Sentence Be Worse If I Go To Trial And Lose?: One of the toughest decisions defendants in criminal cas...
August 19, 2014 What Should I Do If I Missed My Court Date in Massachusetts?: There are times when I am sitting in court waiti...
August 12, 2014 Cab Drivers Falsify Claims of Malicious Destruction to Property: Just yesterday I signed up a client being cha...
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September 25, 2014 Just finished Ep2 of @abexlumberg ‘s new podcast: StartUp. Great show! Hope you stop seeking VC. They are poison. #Bootstrap
September 22, 2014 RT @EmployeeAtty: "Ban The Box" Legislation Limiting Employment Criminal Background Checks Becoming Prevalent K #emplaw #hr #employees
September 22, 2014 RT @Labor_Law: Misclassification of Workers: An Attempt to Save Could Cost Your Business A Bundle | by @PessinKatzLaw
September 22, 2014 Today's Reader: Work Life Balance in France; Prohibiting Off-Duty Drinking by Alcoholics Violates ADA
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September 24, 2014 Blackish = crappish. I give it 3 episodes at most. #ABCandtheDisneyficationofAmerica
September 19, 2014 Are 10% of YOUR employees stoned? If so, what does that say about YOUR company?
September 15, 2014 @JimSannes Now don't go getting Keith's and my hopes up......we're used to booing here.
September 9, 2014 Apple Pay v. Google Play. Compare and contrast, class.
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September 24, 2014 It's been a long day but somehow the finamore1925 has been able to keep up. Thanks to artigianomiami…
September 24, 2014 6:30 A.M. Teaching my "Sunrise #Meditation with Spencer" class influenceatelier in #SOMI. First time…
September 24, 2014 Two brand new #lawyers! Nadine Gedeon and Chris Tsitos become members of the #Florida Bar. I am…
September 23, 2014 Awesome day- I swore in two brand new #lawyers to the Florida Bar and yes- I cried a few tears
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4 days ago Venture capital funding, exit plan, whatever. Just please, please don't make me join another social network.
4 days ago Geeking out a little over the fact that @marybtinker has a Twitter account and appears to actually use it.
4 days ago "@SPLC: .@marybtinker brings her student free-speech evangelism to Ohio U." Cool!
4 days ago RT @loueyville: In advance of the dreaded Breast Cancer Awareness month, advice: ta-tas, boobies, 2nd base and bra colors are offensive. Please RT.
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September 24, 2014 Thanks @Better_Evidence @rsmithpdx @TokyoRoseOrchid for being top new followers in my community this week (via
September 24, 2014 Philadelphia Municipal Court judge resigns amid alleged FBI investigation of court. via @thelegalintel
September 23, 2014 RT @SchimmelFamLaw: The Family Law Weekly Top Stories Recap is up! Check it out here! ~Diana
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September 22, 2014 Medicaid/Medicare fraud, tax fraud and more. Contact Cohen & Padda law firm today
September 10, 2014 About 715,000 HS kids get hurt while playing sports each year, and around 8,000 children are treated daily in the ER
September 8, 2014 What are common examples of discrimination at work?
September 3, 2014 Contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at Cohen & Padda LLP. Call today at (800) 967-1923
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September 24, 2014 "@EvoNexus: The art of bootstrapping is in progress with @Derrick @parand"<--had a wonderful evening here!
September 22, 2014 Alaska KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene Quits On Air Like a Boss! @CharloGreene <----U R AWESOME!!!!!
September 22, 2014 Home Depot security staff started telling friends and family to only "use cash" at its stores.
September 22, 2014 10 Startup Founder Blogs You Should Be Reading
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2 days ago Seriously Canadian Tire? Christmas lights???
September 22, 2014 And @JoeyBats19 makes it 11-1 #bluejays
September 22, 2014 Lighting 'em up. 9-1 @BlueJays in the 3rd inning.
September 19, 2014 Not enough coffee in the world this morning.
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September 10, 2014 A NY resident claims he was a victim of #PoliceBrutality by the #NYPD.The surveillance video has been aired on ABC-7.
August 29, 2014 With the recent influx of police misconduct cases, a NYPD officer camera plan has been proposed. #policemisconduct
June 14, 2013 A Queens man is pursuing action against the NYPD, who arrested and held him in jail for violating a protective...
March 28, 2013 The link to my feature has changed and can now be found here:
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2 days ago RT @SuppressThis: @metkelaw "Here Comes The Freedom Winter: The Failure of Truth to Keep Black Men Breathing"
2 days ago The Mysteries of #Inequality Are Only Mysterious to Elites
2 days ago Krugman: "Our Invisible Rich"
2 days ago For a Worker With Little Time Between 3 Jobs, a Nap Had Fatal Consequences
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September 20, 2013 NY banks helping make illegal payday loans in NY? - Follow the Money: Payday Laundry Edition
February 14, 2013 Equifax Sells Private Information To Debt Collectors In 'Biggest Privacy Breach In Our Time': Rep... via @HuffPostBiz
January 30, 2013 Free law service helps consumers battle abusive creditors - Business - The Buffalo News via @TheBuffaloNews
November 15, 2012 Ninth Circuit Holds Best Buy's "Dual Purpose" Calls Regarding Its Rewards Program Violates TCPA | Loeb & Loeb LLP -
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May 16, 2013 If you were injured because of #emergencyroom errors, you may be able to recover compensation. Learn more here:
March 1, 2013 We are proud to announce the addition of the Honorable Ian Levin (Ret.) to our skilled legal team. Learn more:
August 2, 2012 Breaking news -- St. Louis bound Megabus crashes into I-55 overpass: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a Meg...
August 2, 2012 Jury awards record verdict in Colorado medical malpractice case: On July 9, 2012, a Colorado Springs jury return...
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September 24, 2014 Woman Claims That Movie Frozen Is Based on Her Life, Suing Disney for $250M | Liberty Viral
September 22, 2014 [Infographic] First They Came For the Books
September 22, 2014 Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not public safety
September 18, 2014 Apple Throws Down Privacy Gauntlet
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September 24, 2014 The iPhone 6 Presentation Shows Apple Still Rocks With Slides -
September 24, 2014 How I Overcame the Fear of Public Speaking -
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August 26, 2014 RT @MDAppeal: Md appellate court issues #benchslap for "misogynistic" insinuations as to rape victim cc @atlblog
August 15, 2014 RT @Marylandgovjobs: An opportunity to be involved with fair compensation WAGE AND HOUR INVESTIGATOR I #jobs @MD_DLLR
July 24, 2014 RT @MDDailyRecord: Former MdTA officer awarded $130K in sexual harassment case | via @TDRDanny
June 18, 2014 RT @aliknez: Hopkins Hospital workers give notice to strike (by @ankwalker)
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August 18, 2014 Alzheimer’s Patient Not Liable for Injury to Caregiver
August 13, 2014 @J_GriffinB I heard about the book. Congrats! Which one? And when is 1639 coming out?
June 26, 2014 See my answer on @Avvo to: Will a youtuber, labeled as both self-employed and sole proprietor, be able to f...
February 16, 2014 Weekend project: Wheel-o-Fines for my service club. #exchangeclub #woodworkingisfun
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September 23, 2014 VA Position On Delayed Treatment and Veteran Deaths Evasive at Best - Albuquerque Attorneys
September 23, 2014 Failure to screen for and monitor potential harmful drug interactions happens far too frequently in all medical...
September 23, 2014 Failure to screen for and monitor potential harmful drug interactions happens far too frequently in all medical settings. The problem has...
September 19, 2014 If you have been in a car accident, the other driver’s friendly adjuster will no doubt be calling to request a...
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April 3, 2014 RT @ColbyProdigy: Tim Collins, Washburn Univ. women's soccer coach, joins Sporting Kaw Valley.
March 15, 2014 Dempsey with the assist for Toronto's second goal. Ouch.
March 8, 2014 Fulham v Cardiff is not my "game of the day" but let's not pretend relegation is a weak motivator #beatflounders
December 8, 2013 RT @thayne_griffin: This took guts. Big time guts. @OmoshLaw13
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August 11, 2014 A great cause for anyone who knows their way around knitting needles!
April 21, 2014 Community comes out in force, restocks Bangor Area Homeless Shelter food pantry
April 15, 2014 Boston Strong - 04/15/13
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May 11, 2011 New info - attorney for vicious dog bites / attacks in Weston, FL.
April 15, 2011 Pending Florida bills - products liability automobile lawsuits -
March 28, 2011 Women's Health Issue site - filled with information on numerous medical -highly recommend
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August 3, 2011 Check out our most recent blog entry! Protect your elderly loved ones…
July 21, 2011 Attorney Michael Tam has recently recovered a six figure settlement for his client after she had been sexually...
July 21, 2011 Fernandez & Lauby recently assisted a public safety worker with a discrimination and retaliation claim after he...
July 21, 2011 Firm attorneys, Kyle Lauby and Brian Mankin, recently recovered a six figure settlement for a group of restaurant...
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September 18, 2014 @AkaJoshuaThomas great. Really enjoy
September 17, 2014 Arizona Cardinals Running Back Arrested On Aggravated Assault Charges
September 13, 2014 RT @SteelCityImprov: AMAZING lineup tonight! Hotel Nowhere & Well Known Strangers at 8 and BARProv at 9:30! Shows are $5 each!
September 12, 2014 20 Habits Of Highly Authentic People by @simonarich via @MindBodyGreen How many of these habits apply to you ?
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4 days ago Community turns out for free child safety seat checks via @PhxvilleNews #ChildSafety #ChildSafetySeats
4 days ago Even suspected concussion cause for concern via @phillydotcom #Concussion #BrainSafety #BrainInjury
4 days ago Car recall phone app keeping your family safe via @WRDW #FamilySafety #Technology #TechSafety
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August 9, 2014 More power to you @droidlawyer @Ener_Plex #enerplexgiveaway EnerPlex Jumpr Mini Power Bank
July 23, 2014 RT @JusticeWillett: I, for one, welcome our new @AlYankovic & @BryanAGarner grammarian overlords. #WordCrimes
July 10, 2014 RT @PAC43: I remember prehistoric googling
June 7, 2014 @JusticeWillett @drmoore Yes, Hank Sr. was born in Alabama.
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September 21, 2014 Virginia: Wrongful Death – a Lawyer’s Denial
September 18, 2014 Virginia Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Order
September 9, 2014 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Regulation
September 6, 2014 Virginia: Nursing Homes – a Lawyer’s Regulations
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March 28, 2014 State supreme court overturns convictions of 2 men convicted of sex crimes
September 23, 2013 Transient found not guilty of manslaughter in First Street stabbing death last year via @bangordailynews
September 18, 2013 First Circuit vacates conviction after government violates proffer agreement by using proffer evidence at trial
August 23, 2013 Illinois man acquitted of possessing child pornography
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January 1, 2014 Karen Clark Sheard & Donnie McClurkin "Wait on the Lord"
January 1, 2014 Kirk Franklin "Faith"
January 1, 2014 God Bless 1 & All in 2014!! THANK YOU FATHER 4 BLESSING ME CRAZILY IN 2013..2014 will be OUTRAGEOUS..Join me Beloved! #faith #obey #done Xo
January 1, 2014 @JoyceMeyer Love you so much - God bless you & keep you, make His face to shine upon you, & give you the very best 2014!! Happy New Year!!!
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September 19, 2014 Janet Levit to step down as dean of University of Tulsa College of Law via @tulsaworld
August 26, 2014 RT @SeanBaser: Whether republican or democrat--- get out and vote.
July 23, 2014 Watching the ceremony in Eindhoven, Netherlands and hearing the families weep. Sad day for the world.
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September 24, 2014 Congress Acts, Someone Might Actually Look At Hundreds Of Thousands Of Backlogged Rape Kits | ThinkProgress
September 23, 2014 What to do if you are sexually assaulted or raped | Title IX on Campus
September 23, 2014 The courageous story of Surviving by Lily M.
September 22, 2014 @revollusionist yes send me the details at
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August 9, 2009 Arkansas new driving laws to help reduce accidents.
March 15, 2009 Bonus payments at AIG. The arrogance of some people is incredible.
March 7, 2009 Twitter in Courtrooms.
March 4, 2009 Happy about the Supreme Court...
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September 25, 2014 RT @AnthonyDasher1: The father of the late Philip Lutzenkirchen came and spoke to the UGA football team today. Wants other kids to make better decisions.
September 20, 2014 @uagameday Traffic director on north side of BDS needs training/anger management classes. The fumbles were not only on the field today.
September 19, 2014 The firm's unofficial mascot "Bear" is glad it is Friday. Are you? 256-539-3110
September 14, 2014 View from the parking garage after an afternoon of trial preparation. We are here when you need us, even on the...
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September 24, 2014 vient d'ajouter aux bibliothèques : UFC Que Choisir - Palmarès des banques françaises 201 ...
September 24, 2014 vient d'ajouter aux bibliothèques : UFC Que Choisir - Palmarès des banques françaises 201 ...
September 24, 2014 vient d'ajouter aux bibliothèques : Confiance des ménages : août 2014 - Insee
September 24, 2014 vient d'ajouter aux bibliothèques : Confiance des ménages : août 2014 - Insee
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3 days ago Picaroon's new Tabulator Ale pokes fun at N.B. election
4 days ago Secret Recordings Expose The True Relationship Between Goldman And The NY Fed via @HuffPostBiz
September 19, 2014 Report: How Ravens, NFL Tried to Cover Up Ray Rice Scandal (via
September 4, 2014 This Is What It's Like To Sit Through An Anti-Union Meeting At Work
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August 5, 2011 RT @DavidCornDC: RT @MotherJones: Chart of the Day: The real employment picture #fb
July 22, 2011 Selected again through peer recognition as a "Super Lawyer" in the top five percent of attorneys in Washington, D.C. See ""
September 22, 2014 Please see my answer on @Avvo to: How can I find out if I am being blacklisted from my field ??
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August 29, 2014 South Hadley Police Department theft remains unsolved years later
August 29, 2014 $10,000 South Hadley Police Department theft remains unsolved years later
August 28, 2014 South Hadley police complaint seeks $222K in back pay
August 28, 2014 RJA Obtains $58,000.00 Settlement In Motor Vehicle Accident Case
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October 30, 2012 We just connected with Liori Diamonds Inc...;
October 26, 2012 Should I Be Worried About Going To My Meeting of Creditors? via @BKLawNetwork
October 25, 2012 give us a call and we gladly give you a free Bankruptcy consultation