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August 22, 2015 An old one, but still fun. "Pull My Finger’ iPhone Fart App Dispute Lingers via @WIRED
August 21, 2015 See, it just did with you. "Ambiguity distracts the conscious mind."
August 11, 2015 "How many personalities resided in a single body? Was it possible all aspects of a person could be real?"
August 6, 2015 Just notified that this batik "Geometry Problems" will be part of the home page rotation
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23.4 hours ago Learn the risks of incorrect due dates for pregnant women:
3 days ago Mass shootings are a rapidly growing epidemic that continue to pop up all across the United States. Everyone in...
3 days ago Here are some common causes of trucking accidents:
3 days ago Here are some common causes of trucking accidents:
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23.6 hours ago Pretrial diversion in Lawrence District Court for minor hosting party and providing alcohol. No record. No arraignment.
2 days ago If No One Read Me My Rights Will My Case Be Dismissed?: I get this question every day. “If no one read me my r...
August 24, 2015 New Rules For Massachusetts Probation Violation and Detention Hearings: Starting in September Massachusetts wi...
August 21, 2015 How Long Can The Police Hold Someone If They Are Not Under Arrest?: This past weekend I got a call from someon...
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3 days ago RT @Hari_PR1: *Amal bursts into room* "I'll save you" "Are you a lawyer?!" "Better. I'm Amal Clooney. Actor's Wife." "Thank god!"
4 days ago RT @shawngude: Hahaha the WSJ editorial board is maaaad
4 days ago Working my way through my weekend reading list, courtesy of @jonhyman
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August 24, 2015 That's why we call him Justin DeFlatus, because he's the closest thing the @Phillies have to a guaranteed "own goal. "
August 23, 2015 Just to replace a bad phone case I am at an AT&T retail store. This is the closest thing to Purgatory on earth.
August 21, 2015 @briantaff6abc her name is Sharrie, not Shawnie. @WilliamsSharrie has permission to call you Biff the 3rd time you get it wrong.
August 20, 2015 @99pi Just listened to #145. Does this mean that #octothorpe is redundant?
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August 27, 2015 Bravo: In a brilliant gesture to promote #worldpeace @burgerking has reached out to mcdonalds to…
August 27, 2015 Let he games begin! #Spentember is right around the corner. How can I be 50 years old? #big50 @…
August 27, 2015 I thought we had a meeting and it was a super surprise Birthday party for me! Thank you! My actual…
August 26, 2015 Cayman Islands Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer: via @YouTube
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3 days ago There is apparently no end to the aggravatingly irrational events of today.
4 days ago RT @SeanPHopkins: #VMAs are on tonight if you want some good music. Golden Corral is open tonight if you want a gourmet meal.
4 days ago When the AP misquotes you, it's like everyone in the world misquotes you.
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August 27, 2015 RT @classix_pics: In 1974, Daniel Sorine photographed mimes in NYC. 35 years later he realized one was the then unknown Robin Williams
August 27, 2015 RT @classix_pics: Michael Jackson and Snoopy
August 26, 2015 RT @phillydotcom: AG Kathleen Kane says former associates "corruptly manufactured" criminal case against her.
August 26, 2015 I've got Cruz and Goldschimdt on my fantasy team @acklaw. But, relief pitching is lacking. #MLB
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2 days ago 152 kids 15 and younger have already died in drowning incidents, with 86 of the deaths occurring since Memorial Day.
August 27, 2015 Every personal injury case is different – just like you.
August 25, 2015 Attorney Paul Padda comments on the threats facing Las Vegas Bicyclists.
August 20, 2015 It’s about justice, and it’s about holding people accountable for their actions.
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October 16, 2014 RT @Jonnelle: Complaints about private student loans are up about 40% from last year, CFPB says.
October 8, 2014 Top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee Proposes Sweeping Changes to Fair Credit Reporting Act
October 7, 2014 9 Awesome Black Women Tech Founders to Watch @kathrynfinney
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August 27, 2015 RT @addarioandrea: How did I make it to 10 pm w/out seeing this photo of the guy in the bathrobe at the men's club? Solid gold. #elxn42
August 27, 2015 Don't kid yourself, running is a dangerous sport. "Usain Bolt wins 200m, gets hit by Segway"
August 27, 2015 RT @acoyne: Have a secret you want kept safe from govt? There is now a 100% proven method. Just put it in an email addressed to any member of the PMO.
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June 17, 2015 While misdemeanor #marijuana possession arrests drop in NYC, new data shows racial disparities still prevalent.
April 10, 2015 Legalization of #marijuana in U.S. may have already had an adverse effect on drug smuggling, according to some.
March 3, 2015 #Juvenile justice reform advocates & Gov. Cuomo support raising the age of #criminal responsibility to 18.
February 10, 2015 I was honored to speak at Cannabis Career Institute's seminar on Saturday about legal issues surrounding #marijuana.
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21.6 hours ago Work Schedules That Just Don’t Work
21.7 hours ago Philadelphia tries to put the brakes on Uber
1 day ago Uber now faces class action lawsuit in California over expenses, tips
1 day ago Judge: California Drivers Can Go Class-Action to Sue Uber
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September 20, 2013 NY banks helping make illegal payday loans in NY? - Follow the Money: Payday Laundry Edition
February 14, 2013 Equifax Sells Private Information To Debt Collectors In 'Biggest Privacy Breach In Our Time': Rep... via @HuffPostBiz
January 30, 2013 Free law service helps consumers battle abusive creditors - Business - The Buffalo News via @TheBuffaloNews
November 15, 2012 Ninth Circuit Holds Best Buy's "Dual Purpose" Calls Regarding Its Rewards Program Violates TCPA | Loeb & Loeb LLP -
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August 5, 2015 If someone has caused you intentional harm, you may be able to pursue personal injury charges against them.
July 14, 2015 Slip & fall accidents are some of the most common suffered nationally every year, and they can be prevented.
June 5, 2015 Serious broken bones trauma can have life-threatening effects.If you’ve been hurt, ensure your injury is answered for:
May 15, 2015 Can you receive compensation even if you contributed to your injury? Learn more about comparative fault law here:
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3 days ago Feds Who Stole $167,000 in Cash from Innocent Man in Civil Forfeiture Seizure Refusing to Return...
3 days ago Teacher Was Fired After School Found Out She Was With Black Man: Suit
4 days ago Oregon Court Rules That Sex With Co-Workers Isn’t ‘Work’
4 days ago Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest
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August 27, 2015 New York City Might Get a Climate Change Museum: But it's civil rights issue, argues lawyer Miranda Massie. “I...
August 27, 2015 Amelia Boynton Robinson: the 'indomitable spirit' that carried a movement: Amelia Boynton Robinson, a pivotal ...
August 27, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Requesting Federal Probe in East Ramapo: I am extremely active in the Civil Rights crisi...
August 27, 2015 Introducing Film Club: A New Teaching and Discussion Forum About Short Times Documentaries: You probably alrea...
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February 7, 2015 RT @justingeorge: Maryland Court of Special Appeals GRANTS Adnan Syed's application to essentially re-appeal his conviction. #Serial
January 29, 2015 RT @MDAppeal: Though J Quarles is in Baltimore, J Grimm will move to Balt, opening vacancy in Greenbelt.
January 27, 2015 RT @ekccamp: Who is your pre-season pick to be our next Mayor of EKC? retweet it. shout out retweet @danshaw28 @jaydeebee19 @mkraw232 @rubinemployment
January 13, 2015 RT @RectorSun: If you followed @serial you might be interested in this right here:
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2 days ago California lawmakers approve equal-pay measure via @WSJ
3 days ago Employer Responsible for Attorneys’ Fees After Labor Commissioner Appeal
August 28, 2015 Bill to raise California minimum wage stalls in Assembly
August 26, 2015 Palo Alto Patch: Palo Alto OKs $11-Per-Hour Minimum Wage
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August 27, 2015 The VA touts itself as the leader in mammogram screening. Yet, many of its practices that have come to light,...
August 27, 2015 The VA touts itself as the leader in mammogram screening. Yet, many of its practices that have come to light,...
August 27, 2015 The article notes that "$625 million fund was set up for victims of GM’s faulty switches". Interesting to see...
August 27, 2015 The article notes that "$625 million fund was set up for victims of GM’s faulty switches". Interesting to see...
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May 2, 2014 RT @SportingKV: SKV Adds Craig Rocastle, Former Sporting KC Midfielder, to Coaching Staff Sporting Kaw Valley is extremely...
April 3, 2014 RT @ColbyProdigy: Tim Collins, Washburn Univ. women's soccer coach, joins Sporting Kaw Valley.
March 15, 2014 Dempsey with the assist for Toronto's second goal. Ouch.
March 8, 2014 Fulham v Cardiff is not my "game of the day" but let's not pretend relegation is a weak motivator #beatflounders
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March 3, 2015 Hang in there, Mainers! Spring will be here soon enough!
February 26, 2015 Police: 75-vehicle pileup on I-95 largest chain-reaction crash in Maine
February 5, 2015 What do you think? Do the restaurant owners have a case? Or, do you find them unappreciative of the...
January 29, 2015 Don't put the shovels away just yet, Mainers!
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May 11, 2011 New info - attorney for vicious dog bites / attacks in Weston, FL.
April 15, 2011 Pending Florida bills - products liability automobile lawsuits -
March 28, 2011 Women's Health Issue site - filled with information on numerous medical -highly recommend
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August 3, 2011 Check out our most recent blog entry! Protect your elderly loved ones…
July 21, 2011 Attorney Michael Tam has recently recovered a six figure settlement for his client after she had been sexually...
July 21, 2011 Fernandez & Lauby recently assisted a public safety worker with a discrimination and retaliation claim after he...
July 21, 2011 Firm attorneys, Kyle Lauby and Brian Mankin, recently recovered a six figure settlement for a group of restaurant...
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2 days ago Osteolysis Resulting From the Zimmer Persona Knee Implant via @PBrodhead #ProductSafety #ProductLiability
2 days ago Risks And Symptoms Of Invokana Kidney Failure via @PBrodhead #PatientSafety #DrugSafety
2 days ago 3M Bair Hugger Forced Air Warmer May Allow Pathogens To Contact Surgical Wounds via @PBrodhead #PatientSafety
3 days ago Was Zimmer Aware of the Issues Associated with the Recalled Persona Hip Implant? via @PBrodhead #ProductSafety
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June 13, 2011 RT @CFTalk: Lawyer charged with breaching confidentiality in Tressel emails: #collegefootball
June 13, 2011 Here is a PDF with info for employers on Alabama's new law addressing employment of illegal aliens:
January 5, 2010 Employment law: COBRA subsidy extension - and
December 16, 2009 Alabama lawyer files well-argued motion to continue trial due to BCS game.
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August 24, 2015 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Doctor’s Fraud
August 20, 2015 Virginia: Legal Recognition – a Lawyer’s Announcement
August 17, 2015 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Procedures
August 12, 2015 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Driving
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March 27, 2014 Congrats Pastor @Donnieradio, on #Duets! LUV I am Amazed!! Will try to come out this weeknd, praying special blessings to you & yours Xo:)
March 4, 2014 PIO VideoBlog "God's Got a Blessing"<iframe src="" width="240" height="320" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
March 3, 2014 Beloved, God's got a blessing with your name on it!
February 19, 2014 HOW TO ENTER IN (The Perfect Way Facebook Blog) Beloved, did you know that God cannot lie? He keeps his...
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July 31, 2015 RT @thehill: George HW Bush: "Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed?"
July 20, 2015 Thank you @milner_yuriy for your gift: Yuri Milner, Russian Entrepreneur, Promises $100 Million for Alien Search
July 3, 2015 Insurance companies getting bigger, has to be good for the consumer right ?
June 30, 2015 RT @HorsleyScott: Girl Scout camp out in the backyard at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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August 27, 2015 The St. Paul’s Rape Case Shows Why Sexual-Assault Laws Must Change
August 27, 2015 Why Some College Campuses Are More ‘Rape-Prone’ Than Others
August 27, 2015 These Are The 19 States That Still Let Public Schools Hit Kids
August 26, 2015 The Use of Coercion in the Child Maltreatment Investigation Field: A Comparison of American and…
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August 9, 2009 Arkansas new driving laws to help reduce accidents.
March 15, 2009 Bonus payments at AIG. The arrogance of some people is incredible.
March 7, 2009 Twitter in Courtrooms.
March 4, 2009 Happy about the Supreme Court...
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August 27, 2015 We love reviews on Avvo, Google, Facebook, and Yelp! You can review us on Facebook on the firm page. If we have...
August 25, 2015 We love reviews on Avvo, Google, Facebook, and Yelp! You can review us on Facebook on the firm page. If we...
August 24, 2015 Our firm was proud to sponsor the 2015 Storybook Ball to raise money for the Athens-Limestone County Library....
August 21, 2015 If you find out that your spouse is an Ashely Madison "customer," give us a call to schedule a divorce...
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August 28, 2015 28.08.2015 - 12h-13h15 - conférence : "L'excellence, le comble du bonheur" Ceca - Université Hommes-entreprises > F…
August 28, 2015 Successions internationales > Application en France depuis le 17 août 2015 du Règlement EU du 4 juillet 2012
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August 20, 2015 Labour Law: Derek Brett Featured on Global News Profile of Upcoming La
August 20, 2015 Pleased to have been featured for comment on yesterday evening's Global News profile of the upcoming, anticipated…
August 4, 2015 Election Law: Quick Comment of U.S. & Canadian Elections
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August 5, 2011 RT @DavidCornDC: RT @MotherJones: Chart of the Day: The real employment picture #fb
July 22, 2011 Selected again through peer recognition as a "Super Lawyer" in the top five percent of attorneys in Washington, D.C. See ""
June 30, 2015 Celtics beat podcast
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August 18, 2015 Massachusetts Law and the Role of Insurance Adjusters
July 14, 2015 New post: State Court Judge Rejects Civil Rights And Other Claims Made Against Waltham Chief Of Police And Captain
June 26, 2015 New post: Worcester Dog Bite Attorneys
June 17, 2015 New post: Settlement gives fired Provincetown police chief almost $513K
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July 21, 2011 We just connected with Forever And Always Kennel...;
July 19, 2011 Uriarte & Wood is now following us;
July 12, 2011 We received 1 new compliment: Community Star;
June 21, 2011 We just connected with Sh Global Inc.... and 9 other merchants;