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October 1, 2013 I just backed Public Safety Codes of the World: Stand Up For Safety! on @Kickstarter
September 29, 2013 RT @1906Ultras: Final in Carson, Quakes 1-0 Chivas USA. Great heart and resolve from the boys! Big result and closer to a playoff spot!
September 29, 2013 RT @SJEarthquakes: FT: Quakes 1, @cdchivasusa 0. A massive late goal from @ChrisWondo leads the Quakes to 3 HUGE points. #neversaydie #CHVvSJ
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3 days ago RT @KysaCrusco: Check out @NHBar's article on New Hampshire's blogging attorneys Way to go Kysa, you're a star!
3 days ago Looks like @Mariners pitcher Blake Beavan hasn't lost his touch. 2 home runs in 2 innings in his first start.
4 days ago Facebook Forces Users to Install Separate Messaging App. Messaging no longer part of FB app. ~ @vindugoel
4 days ago .@Avvo CEO @Mark_Britton on future plans, where to expand, and what people ask lawyers - @PSBJcopydesk
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4 days ago RT @ScottGreenfield: Deception, Once Removed
5 days ago @NicoleBradick @rightbrainlaw I think I cited your piece in the article
5 days ago @lbridgesmith @nikiblack You'd think by now that lawyers would learn...,
April 13, 2014 In honor of Passover, lend a hand to those who don’t know how to ask. (5 yr old post that stands the test of time)
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5 days ago MyCase--Seen and Heard - MyCase Blog
5 days ago An Indiana Ethics Opinion That May Kill Legal Start Ups (My Shingle via @Carolynelefant)
5 days ago Who Should Buy Google Glass? (RWW)
5 days ago Anyone buying? I'm waiting for likely fall price drop: Get Google Glass Tomorrow Lawyer via @jeffrey_taylor)
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3 days ago Legal Perspectives on Heartbleed <-- @JDSupra reader
3 days ago RT @BizAdvisories: Will Heartbleed Affect Data Breach Insurance Coverage?
4 days ago RT @GregBufithis: It's #palindromeweek !!! 4/11/14 4/12/14 4/13/14 4/14/14 4/15/14 4/16/14 4/17/14 4/18/14 4/19/14
4 days ago Also that's Mars hanging out with the moon in the sky. Awesome.
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3 days ago 8 Rad College Courses Inspired by the Internet
4 days ago #ContentMarketing for Attorneys: How to Keep Feeding the Beast #lawmarketing
4 days ago 5 Steps to Use #SocialMedia Effectively for Business Development #lawmarketing
4 days ago @legaleagleMHM That's great! Congrats. :)
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4 days ago Payday lenders that allegedly used unfair and deceptive tactics to collect on payday loans settle with FTC #ftc
4 days ago Appreciate the RTs + HT! @NinaHLanina @PRpfb @lsuttell + @LegalLanguage
4 days ago When to Watch Tonight's Total Lunar Eclipse
4 days ago Bend it, charge it, dunk it: Graphene, the material of tomorrow | The Times of India
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4 days ago Thanks to all who have been so kind after the passing of @jcerb's father. In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to @KidneyFund.
4 days ago @davidwebbshow Thank you so much, I had a great time on the show! Many happy (tax) returns!
4 days ago RT @davidwebbshow: On the line w/ @Forbes Writer & Tax Lawyer Kelly Phillips Erb (@Taxgirl) . Tweet and Call 866-957-2874 . Discussing #Taxday on #DavidWebb
4 days ago @JimLangdon Ah, it could be worse... I had to write a check that would have made my Momma cry.
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4 days ago 20 Treats Under $20 » Student Debt Survivor via @StuDebtSurvivor
4 days ago @PTShuttle Had an 8:15 pickup time from LAX. It is 9:15 and no van assignment Still.
4 days ago Did the Federal Government Pick Up Your Student Loan Tab? -
5 days ago The Dangers Of Defaulting On Student Loans - NPR - The Dangers Of Defaulting On Student LoansNPRLoans allow many s...
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3 days ago LawSites blog: We Test WordRake’s Beta Version 2.0 on ‘McCutcheon’
3 days ago It is simply bizarre that @SCOTUSblog still can't get SCOTUS press credentials:
3 days ago RT @jimcalloway: This review is REALLY worth a read. @bobambrogi We Test WordRake’s Beta Version 2.0 on ‘McCutcheon’
3 days ago RT @rickhasen: Tom Goldstein explains: An update on our press pass via @scotusblog
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4 days ago Don’t Skimp on Legal Training via NYTimes
April 11, 2014 Co-writing an article on legal education reform for ILTA publication. #Legaled #legaltech
April 10, 2014 @shaunjamison I have stats on VLOs if you want them. Happy to share that freely. @rgranat also has some actual data/stats.
April 10, 2014 Does Internet Advertising Drive Work for Online Businesses? Lessons for Virtual Law Firms...via @carolynelefant
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4 days ago So, What Is Wrong With Law Firm Libraries Today? New #3Geeks post.
5 days ago Legal Careers: Are Women Still Judged by Different Standards?
April 10, 2014 The Breeders Prep First New Music in Five Years — yay!!
April 10, 2014 Why Music Sounds Better When You Know the Artist Is Eccentric
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4 days ago RT .@sfinnovation: Data is your friend, but how do you keep it secure? Read ‘Cyber-Security for Law Firms’
4 days ago RT @OPENForum: Before you hire your BFF to work for you, read this:
4 days ago RT .@jordan_law21: Why Would Your Best Clients Fire You? My newest article for the Edge Communique:
4 days ago RT .@rgranat: Considering Mobile Law Practice? Here’s Your User Guide @jaredcorreia
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April 8, 2014 RT @mgeist: CanLII Connects launched with nearly 27,000 docs on cases from 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces & territories.
April 8, 2014 Ontario court rules requiring a franchisee to release a franchisor of all claims as a condition of resale Is invalid:
April 5, 2014 RT @DavidFSkinner: CanLII Connects Breaks New Ground – Law Firm Web Strategy Great news @stevematthews. Welcome @CanLiiConnects!
April 4, 2014 RT @MEKowalski: CanLII Connects website connects accessible law to Canadians via @legalpost
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August 23, 2013 @joshdreyer @LizLidgett I am surprised you spotted me; I was in my Pollock Camo.
August 23, 2013 @Suzika @ericaism Are you needing legal representation, or help disposing of the body? I have to know what clothes to wear.
August 23, 2013 @johnpemble I heard they are making him a Copyright Attorney, rather than a Patent Attorney, to throw adoring fans off my scent.
July 1, 2013 @joshdreyer I don't know if Kimi will move to RBR. I know Vettel wants a say, and Vettel would never want a teammate that good.
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February 28, 2014 Like this logo! - and Mike Williams will donate $2,000 to the Springfield Area Arts Council #springfield #arts
December 7, 2013 @AlexanderRandi and @raptordactyl are not hanging out with me right now...oh hi @laura_vaught who are you?
December 6, 2013 @prebynski will milk be served with the cookies?
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5 days ago Seder in a few hours. Almost time to have some of this:
April 13, 2014 Mark is making chicken soup for Passover. The house smells wonderful!
April 11, 2014 It's 1 thing 4 my 16 y/o daughter 2 share my clothes, but I discovered when my 11 y/o son got home just now that he was wearing my jeans O_o
April 11, 2014 .@bren924 Release of Office for ipad is what made me pull the trigger on Office 2013 #legalchat
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4 days ago NEW! Third Edition - Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law. 25% OFF! #Legal #Attorney
4 days ago Increasingly, litigators pursue alternative dispute resolution through arbitration or mediation. #LegalMarketing #Law
4 days ago Thanks for the mention! @kevenator RT: Ace Legal is out! Free subscription! Stories from @LawBiz @NicholasRiley1
5 days ago There are about 1.2 million lawyers in the U.S. At least half are solo practitioners; 400,000 will retire by 2020.
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3 days ago RT @MyCaseInc: Asked & Answered: Your Top 3 Legal Marketing Questions (Lawyernomics)
3 days ago RT @tim_baran: What Is Wrong (and Right) With Law Firm Libraries Today
4 days ago RT @jaredcorreia: RT @Brewbom: Here are the 5 things that I wish everyone knew about email marketing
4 days ago RT @goclio: Laws and Ethics Can't Keep Pace With Technology: (via @techreview)
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March 2, 2014 RT @kborbely: Cold nose, warm heart.
January 6, 2014 Follow E. Steven Coren @VerdictAttorney Personal Injury Lawyer - Massachusetts Attorney Mentor #bigcaselawyer #wellesley
January 6, 2014 Follow E. Steven Coren @VerdictAttorney Personal Injury Lawyer - Massachusetts Attorney Mentor #followmonday #boston #autoaccident
January 6, 2014 RT @VerdictAttorney: Counsel to Plaintiff in the largest slip and fall verdict in the history of the Norfolk County Superior Court -
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4 days ago “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius
April 11, 2014 Password manager "1Password" Is on Sale in wake of Heartbleed security problem:
April 11, 2014 @davidamoore You're welcome! Glad you could finally view it.
April 11, 2014 Are you a good speaker? What do your audiences think? -
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4 days ago Florence attorney charged with stealing from clients (Hint: It's a good practice to NOT steal from clients!)
4 days ago 9th Circuit affirms lawyer's conviction for attempting to extort rabbi by threat of court testimony
4 days ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @argentbeauquest @ABC30 @MichaelStanisci
5 days ago Neighbors never suspected there were seven dead babies in her garage
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April 12, 2014 Just sold this batik. :-)
April 11, 2014 Fort Collins First Friday: Kevin Houchin at the Art Lab
April 11, 2014 I'll have the Geometry & Gesture show open tonight 6-9 and tomorrow 2-6.
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March 23, 2014 Happy Birthday Sadaf: via @YouTube
February 24, 2014 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 2014 Birthday Cubicle Vandalism
October 5, 2013 I liked a @YouTube video Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)
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4 days ago How phones work in flight
4 days ago RT @StevePasierb: #mindyourmeds @ the DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day April 26, 2014. 10AM - 2PM help to #endmedicineabuse
4 days ago RT @DASethWilliams: In 1947 my father & other returning WW2 Vets desegregated campus housing at #PennState. Prior to '47 black students had to live off campus
4 days ago RT @FOX40: On Passover, Sacramento Jewish Community Reacts to Kansas City Shooting
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3 days ago @GirlsGuidetoLS @JD_COT right! great way to frame it!
4 days ago Equal Pay Day Poetry Challenge: Our Winners!
4 days ago Homemade chocolate dipped macaroons from scratch for #passover #seder #ProudShiksa!
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4 days ago Utah cops warrantlessly search drug records of 480 emergency personnel
March 13, 2014 "13 March 2014: The first MIT Legal Science Salon online event"
March 4, 2014 Benefits of having a mild case of prosopagnosia: people think I'm really observant when I notice haircuts.
March 4, 2014 @mariebeaudette To be fair, it's hard to have a target customer of "people who need something NOW and are willing to pay 5x the price."
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3 days ago RT @swingfireca: Taking a moment to reflect on the events of last yr but more importantly 8yr old Martin Richards msg "no more hurting people" #BostonStrong
3 days ago #BostonStrong today.
3 days ago RT @darrenrovell: Over the past year, the US Patent & Trademark Office has rejected all attempts to trademark #BostonStrong
3 days ago RT @msnbc: "26.2 miles of therapy" One year later in Boston: #BostonStrong
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April 8, 2014 Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple!
March 14, 2014 Marketing materials with a proven track record for success all bundled up & ready for you to implement
March 12, 2014 3 lead generation strategies you can implement now to encourage prospects to take the next step
March 12, 2014 My friend is in a contest & I would love your help can u go like his band page? and share this status? TY!
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March 3, 2013 I've updated my site! See what's new.
January 17, 2013 I've updated my site! See what's new. #yahoosite
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3 days ago Focus on eliminating negative experiences before improving decent ones. Bad Is Stronger Than Good. HBR
4 days ago RT @jordan_law21: Why Would Your Best Clients Fire You? My newest article for the Edge Communique:
4 days ago RT @PaulSloane: De Bono's 6 Hats method explained in this tutorial
5 days ago The death of hourly fees in litigation?
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4 days ago ATF Agent Attempts to Illegally Scan Gun Owner Forms of Pac N Arms Multiple Times – Threatens to...
5 days ago Looking for a Family / Criminal law attorney. If you know of anyone who might be looking please let them know or let me know. Thanks
April 12, 2014 at The Bolles School
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October 3, 2013 Scientific proof of the benefits of reading literary fiction
August 7, 2013 How Exercise Can Help Us Learn. Timing and Intensity impact the ability to remember
March 26, 2013 RT @bobambrogi: LawSites blog: Judge Explains Difference Between Tweeting from Courtroom and Blogging from Courtroom
March 18, 2013 Good News Beats Bad on Social Networks
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4 days ago .@HLSRootstrikers are wildly well organized:
4 days ago Oh great. Now Lucas, a 16yo "in Mr. Pittman's Am Hist Class" has started a feed: @MoneyEquaPower Soon we'll have all out revolution.
4 days ago Ok I was wrong. Brody Tupy — a boy scout from Iowa made the @KeepMoneyOut twitter feed; Conor made the first video.
4 days ago @carlmalamud hey that's a pretty broad attribution.
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3 days ago What would happen to the profession of law if it became a business?
4 days ago RT @SoloPracticeU: The court’s Kayak? JustiServ wants to let you compare legal pricing online
4 days ago Where is the Excitement about the Future of the Legal Market? - @ronfriedmann
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3 days ago Sup?! Been so busy working on extra special fun stuff in honor of 13 years in biz & Admin Prof Day next week #tweetahug to you all!!
3 days ago Interesting RT @bobambrogi: We Test WordRake’s Beta Version 2.0 on ‘McCutcheon’
3 days ago I cannot stand the new Paypal home page. Annoying and wicked slow to log in.
3 days ago @satstokes Hey Craig! Nice. Mine are home this week. We may do day trip to Boston. We are also hosting on Sunday. I'll be doing the cooking.
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4 days ago Enjoy these Tax Day Freebies via @taxgirl
5 days ago @jriversmn Right?! Hopefully just an isolated incident for this one firm.
5 days ago Brown Rudnick rescinds offers to 10 of 23 associates scheduled to start in Fall 2014
April 13, 2014 @AmyBock_PNW Congrats!!!