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3 days ago Little Sheba the Hug Pug the puppy years :)
May 16, 2015 Hug Pugs at the Los Altos Pet Parade ?????????? #pug #pugs #mops #hugpug #hugpugs #petpatade
May 15, 2015 Rio & Hulk and Sheba & Spider-Man ??????????
May 13, 2015 Rio Bravo Dog Park Fun ??????
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1 day ago ‘Natural’ sounds improve mood and productivity, study finds | KurzweilAI
1 day ago St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway - tickets $100/each /via @nashvillehhgmag
1 day ago Program in Trade Bill Likely Hurts, Not Helps, Workers and Promotes Cronyism | The Daily Signal
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May 15, 2015 RT @JDSupra: From Fitbit's IPO to Bitchy Trademarks to the Internet of Things: Popular Reads on JD Supra This Week
May 15, 2015 RT @TheAtlantic: "He's trying to get off the table!" The cruel and unusual execution of Clayton Lockett:
May 14, 2015 Nice @nytimes read --> In Flight "...[when] a city appears, the water we see near it ... looks holy as blood."
May 14, 2015 because inertia I haven't changed browser homepage ( since... 1995. But I think it's time:
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1 day ago RT @FamilyFsc: Here's your daily reminder to vote for Compass! We are at 32 right now and with your help we can get back into...
1 day ago PLEASE VOTE NOW! Your vote at the link below will send these Springfield homeless/ low income…
2 days ago Have you voted for Compass yet today?  Reason #5 to vote: Arts Week! At Camp Compass the kids get a…
2 days ago RT @FamilyFsc: Have you voted for Compass yet today? Reason #5 to vote: Arts Week! At Camp Compass the kids get a whole week...
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February 23, 2010 Some insight into the Illinois recount process that could be set in motion re: the recent Illinois election results
February 18, 2010 Chicago native Shani Davis wins Olympic gold in speed skating
February 17, 2010 Chicago lawyers do their part for Haiti orphans affected by recent earthquake
February 2, 2010 Medical journal retracts claims that autism linked to MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine
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April 20, 2015 RT @Toyota: Can these parents and teens drive distracted? Short answer: no. Long answer: #TeenDrive365
April 20, 2015 RT @WestboroToyota: Delivered 50 #sweetcases @TogetherWeRise to the Worcester DCF office. Thank you all who helped make this possible!
April 20, 2015 RT @NEBComplex: 27 teams showed up this weekend, but so did our great sponsors @WestboroToyota and @Wegmans !
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2 days ago RT @leesmileyman: @GailHoover @taxgirl The family that votes together stays together!
2 days ago RT @GailHoover: Show us your "I voted" sticker! I want to thank you for voting.
2 days ago Kids, arguing over a football. 9yo: It's mine! 10yo: No because you can't legally own anything until you're 18. #lawyerkids
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April 30, 2015 RT @snellingslaw: Woman files lawsuit claiming inappropriate contact by massage therapist - WPBF West Palm Beach #lawsuit
April 30, 2015 RT @GMcCordLaw: In a switch of roles, Disney is the defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit (regarding a trailer for the...
April 30, 2015 RT @KesslerLawFirm: Suspicious lawyer finds malware on external hard drive supplied by police lawyer in discovery -
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November 24, 2014 SEC Responds to Criticism of Use of Administrative Proceedings
November 24, 2014 Justices Scalia and Thomas Invite Supreme Court Review of Chevron Deference
November 24, 2014 Judge Rakoff Criticizes SEC Administrative Proceedings
November 6, 2014 NYC Funds Rolls Out Boardroom Accountability Project to Improve Responsiveness of Boards to Shareholders
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4 days ago Another use for gun trusts
5 days ago UPS Refuses to Ship Firearms Suppressors Used for Hearing Protection - Shooting...
May 15, 2015 List of common things a PR for a Florida estate must do or consider.
May 15, 2015 Wuala is having server issues since early 5/14.
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1 day ago The Octopus: Honorary Vertebrate? #law #feedly
2 days ago Manufactured Magic: The story behind the story of Disney World’s $1-billion re-imagineering #construction #feedly
2 days ago How to Take a Deposition Like a Pro
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1 day ago Emojinsanity? ???? WSJ columnist uses emojis to to use ????????????
October 3, 2013 Scientific proof of the benefits of reading literary fiction
August 7, 2013 How Exercise Can Help Us Learn. Timing and Intensity impact the ability to remember
March 26, 2013 RT @bobambrogi: LawSites blog: Judge Explains Difference Between Tweeting from Courtroom and Blogging from Courtroom
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8.2 hours ago Lawyers should be business literate. Find out why: #LegalMarketing #lawyers
15.2 hours ago The number of new lawyers admitted to the bar was lower in 2014 than in 2013: #lawyers #attorney
19 hours ago Save 10% on the Attorney's Guide to Successful Business Planning #LegalMarketing #lawyers #discount
1 day ago Myth: Bankers hate surprises and will never honor an emergency need #LawyerRelationships #layers
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January 8, 2014 Frontline on How Do You Catch a Trader?
January 8, 2014 SEC Stops Texas Securities Scam Involving Oil and Gas Investments: The Securities and Exchange Commission has ...
January 8, 2014 Sec Staff Issues New Guidance to Clarify ‘Beneficial Owner’ in Bad Actor Provision
January 7, 2014 RBS Securities’ Japan Unit to Pay $50M Criminal Fine Over Libor Manipulation: A US judge has ordered Royal Ban...
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2 days ago RT @TheNorseEmpress: Well, @HopkinsMedicine is officially the worst hospital I've ever been to. Nurses and staff were mean, made me cry, I didn't receive help..
4 days ago Today 20 kids weeded a yard for community service.They worked & did OK job but for $20/ piece my lawn guy could have done MUCH better.
5 days ago Community forced servitude for my kid; 45 minute drive each way for mom. #indenturedparenthood
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3 days ago @rossandpines You bet Noah. Pleasure meeting you. Regards - Mark
May 15, 2015 RT @jonathangstein: @Yelp just told me they are more trusted than @Avvo. Somehow I doubt that
May 15, 2015 .@fdansiciliano of @StanfordLaw dazzling the @avvo #lawyernomics crowd with finance, law and humor.
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3 days ago Wisconsin Chief Justice Denied Injunction that Would Have Restored Her to Chief Justice Post: A federal judge ...
May 15, 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Clarifies Class Action Certification: In order to obtain class certification under Federal ...
May 12, 2015 $9.36 Million Jury Verdict for Injured Bicyclist Who was Severely Injured in UPS Truck Collision: Scott Rankin...
May 11, 2015 Lufthansa Airlines Exposed to Unlimited Liability for the 150 People that Died In the Airline Crash in the Fre...
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12.2 hours ago RT @StephNewmanNJ: Man With #Autism Who Graduated From Law School Passes Bar Exam! via via @autismspeaks
17.8 hours ago RT @kpolantz: Corporate America was a little less litigious last year. The number of patent lawsuits dropped by 13% #BigLaw
17.8 hours ago RT @katiejwriter: ICYMI: The world's top CEOs are tweeting more, Facebooking less. #socialmedia #strategy #engagement
1 day ago RT @ej_knows: @SCICleveland office recently placed a IP Legal Secretary in a leading law firm! If you're ready for a career change...DM me now. #jobs #law
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May 8, 2015 EEOC to interact with employers on line
April 30, 2015 "Yawn," "Pyrrhic victory" greet EEOC conciliation decision
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May 14, 2015 RT @DottiVDiFiore: #4DCA #caselaw #privileges 4th DCA rules there is no balancing test to permit discovery of atty-client communications
May 9, 2015 Waiting on 5.0 RT @yurJURY: So much fun to be had in the transition from 2.0 to 3.0 - heartily embracing it.
May 9, 2015 RT @CFBPlayoff: Happy #collegefootball hump day! 117 days down with only 117 to go before the 2015 season kicks off.
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July 5, 2011 A Lawsuit Is Never Frivolous When It’s About Your Family: The Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow wrote las...
2 days ago FDA Proposal Would Allow Drug Companies to Contradict Official Safety Warnings
2 days ago Federal Regulators Call for Requiring Dealers to Fix Recalled Vehicles
3 days ago Fourteen State AGs Call on Congress to Investigate Herbal Supplements Industry
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November 10, 2014 It's that time of year to recognize top clients & referral sources!!!
September 20, 2014 Don't forget to make a life while you are making a living!
September 18, 2014 Simple Steps For Strong Team Building
September 17, 2014 In celebration of Constitution Day! ;) School House Rock - The Constitution
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6.9 hours ago RT @TrebuchetLegal: "What Law School Did and Didn’t Teach Me: A Personal Injury Lawyer Reflects"
7.8 hours ago 4 reasons providing online client intake could be a gamechanger for your firm:
8.7 hours ago Don’t Blow It with Those Statutes of Limitations Dates: (via @SoloPracticeU)
9.8 hours ago Three areas to focus on when aiming to improve client experience: (via @AttnyAtWork)
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May 15, 2015 The Number One Tip for Success as a New Lawyer - @LawyersMutualNC
May 15, 2015 The Law Firm Guide to Email Marketing - @Lexicata
May 15, 2015 Legal Podcasts
May 15, 2015 Be Careful What You Reveal About Clients on Your Law Firm's Website - @lawyerist
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May 7, 2015 RT @BakerHostetler: BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report Shows Human Error is More Often to Blame
May 6, 2015 Online registration is up for ABA Section of Litigation's Regional CLE on class actions & mass torts June 19 in SF.
May 5, 2015 Congrats to my BH partner, Joanne Lichtman, on being named to The NLJ's "Outstanding Women Lawyers" List -
May 4, 2015 Don’t Miss Upcoming CLE Webinar on Statistics in Class Actions
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3 days ago Lawyer will earn $1,300+ an hour to represent Ferguson in Justice Department probe…
3 days ago 10 Ways To Predict If Couples Counseling Will Save Your Marriage…
3 days ago 7th Circuit: Law firm doesn't owe fired PI attorney bonuses, due to terms of compensation pact…
4 days ago Her Fiancé Called Off The Wedding, But This Woman Went Ahead With The Photoshoot Anyway…
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July 20, 2011 @colligan Paul, glad to see that Internet Marketing This Week is back in operation with Episode #52.
July 11, 2011 My presentation to the Utah State Bar on why lawyers should have a YouTube channel seemed to be well-received.
June 2, 2011 It's a surprisingly chilly Salt Lake City day - summer will arrive eventually.
June 2, 2011 @peterbaskind Interesting thought on a video in the Utah Supreme Court.
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May 9, 2015 From my little book of quotes.
May 6, 2015 "190 Sometimes our greatest strength shows when we let go of things we can’t control."
May 6, 2015 "186 When hope is worn out and faith too, my life must be led instead by love."
May 6, 2015 "171 Immeasurable treasures are locked inside you. Open and share them."
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4 days ago The Amtrak train that derailed and killed at least eight people sped up for about a minute before derailing at a...
4 days ago NTSB: #Amtrak #train sped up for a minute before #crash
May 7, 2015 How do you know which attorney to choose to represent you? #attorney #personalinjury
May 7, 2015 How do you know which #attorney to choose to represent you? - The Malman Law Difference
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May 2, 2015 Just posted a photo @ Film Society of Lincoln Center
April 4, 2015 Jack and Jim and a 1200 year old redwood @ El Corte De Madera Open Space
April 3, 2015 Coffee and beer combo at Beer 30 @ Beer Thirty Bottle Shop & Pour House
March 13, 2015 Just posted a photo @ Castaways
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May 15, 2015 Former wrestler could be jailed for life for ‘recklessly’ transmitting HIV
May 14, 2015 Appeals Court Rules That Your Electronics Can Stay Turned On In Flight
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3 days ago Texting and Driving and Reasonable Suspicion For Motor Vehicle Stop: Not too long ago Massachusetts enacted a ...
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March 2, 2010 Your Personal Brand vs Your Corporate Brand _ Added Clarity for Legal Marketers
March 2, 2010 "Legal Marketers, Attract More Clients With SEO Copywriting St."
April 16, 2015 I'm at the Apple Store in Gilbert, AZ. I've been on hold with the Apple Support people - on the store phone - for 40 MINUTES!!! UGH!!!!!
April 5, 2015 Lots of beautiful items still available!! Garage-sale# Phoenix#
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May 6, 2015 The defendant in the ambulance death case, American Medical Response, is re-negotiating its contract with Brockton:
May 6, 2015 My partner, Marc Breakstone, got a great verdict in a wrongful death case this week. Here is some more information:
September 2, 2014 Always nice to see a rainbow! Downtown Boston.
June 11, 2014 Congratulations to our next Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice, Ralph Gants.
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2 days ago Wisconsin Democrats reintroduce student loan refinancing bill -
2 days ago Waiting for a fellow Brooklyn boy to take the stage. #tweetcaroline
2 days ago Collapse of Corinthian Colleges sparks effort to cancel student loan debt -
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February 13, 2010 Google Buys Social Search Company (@BayNewser) value in search our exchange/results based on our network
June 30, 2011 How lawyers can use an iPad for professional and business development ~ from RLHB
January 17, 2010 Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
11.7 hours ago Do lawyers need an app to see if their profile picture depicts competence? - RLHB h/t @joshuamking @samglover