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January 10, 2014 I had a dream that Burt's Bees had a roasted asparagus flavored lip balm. It resembled mashed potatoes with chives.
April 25, 2013 @triviamafia @MacsIndustrial Correction: Second quiz starts at 9:45. Don't be late!
December 21, 2012 RT @bessyboo: Happy new year from #HipsterLawFirm! RT @MNCreativeLaw: Check out our awkward Happy Holidays video:
October 25, 2012 The Vikings play tonight, so trivia @macsindustrial will not commence until the game ends (10:30 or so). One quiz, rapid fire. Bring it.
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June 20, 2016 Great piece: What Donald Trump Learned From Joseph McCarthy’s Right-Hand Man
June 20, 2016 RT @IndieWire: Before his Sundance breakout, this director spent 30 years working for David Letterman
June 19, 2016 RT @espn: LeBron led all Finals players in ... Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks First player in ANY series to do that.
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June 7, 2016 Alright @austinfish! Your article has me intrigued (I saw it RT’d by @ElPibe627 ) & @digitalocean sounds pretty kewl. Who handles legal?
June 6, 2016 Gr8 comments at @GDIGM 2nite Annie! @wearemitu. My ? that some1 interrupted: What do u hear from GenZ Latinos abt Nick’s telenovela remakes?
June 3, 2016 #ListenTo "What shows are the kids you know watching? Article: HTTP://Adam ?
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June 16, 2016 RT @PlaybillBlake: And the torch is officially passed @Lin_Manuel hands @HamiltonMusical to @JMunozActor July 11
June 12, 2016 Tony Awards live coverage: 'Hamilton' already four wins but can't break record - LA Times
June 12, 2016 Tony Awards Nominations 2016: Complete List - Hollywood Reporter
June 12, 2016 Raise a Glass to Broadway With These Tony-Inspired Cocktails | Playbill
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June 21, 2016 Gained 24 new followers in the past week. I’m growing my account the right way, are you? Do it with
June 21, 2016 RT @msteinesq: SDTX certifies #ClassAction over prison heat exposure; ascertainable bc Ds has records even tho definition vague.
June 20, 2016 1 Month Later: Reflections On Spokeo
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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June 13, 2016 InternetLawyer CDA Section 230 Takes a Big Hit in California: Business defamation lawyers need to take note o...
June 13, 2016 CDA Section 230 Takes a Big Hit in California: via @YouTube
June 9, 2016 InternetLawyer Obtaining Jurisdiction Over Chinese Intellectual Property Infringers: The Raines Feldman cyber...
June 9, 2016 How to Obtain Jurisdiction Over Chinese Defendants in Federal Court: via @YouTube
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February 2, 2016 What's it say when you tie the guy your friends call unelectable?
January 28, 2016 @djcraigmitchell @lorieliebig when I worked door at wetlands celebs would rush to front of line & I sent them back and the id'd them.
January 15, 2016 RT @guardian: Go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman | Jessica Valenti
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April 19, 2016 Inflatable swans are a thing today: Can get one for $24 @KinjaDeals or one can help your midwife deliver your baby in a flood @kcstar. wow.
April 15, 2016 Always good to see the "best fans in baseball" out in force... err... wait...
March 5, 2016 RT @RiverboatRonHC: Picking up the NFC COY AT #101Awards w/ #AndyReid AFC COY ???????? @Panthers #KeepPounding
March 5, 2016 3rd try the charm 4 #kscaucus in joco. 1st line under half mile is at brentwood elem. Crazy turnout. #Marcomentum
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October 4, 2008 Searched Twitter for lemon law:
September 25, 2008 @JSammon512 Doc Brown is my vote.
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Put your website in your profile. Give a brief description of what you do. That is the way to start!
September 25, 2008 @robandrew Rob, This is a great new way to build professional and social relationships over the internet.
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June 1, 2016 How and why to update handbooks and #employment contracts to comply with new federal #TradeSecrets law
June 1, 2016 Wisconsin State Law Library thanks for including @ArtsLawConvos in your art law exhibit!
May 25, 2016 Copyright Office seeks comment on reducing #DMCA agent designation fee from $110 to $6. Um...yes please??
May 18, 2016 Estate planning tips for #artists
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May 31, 2016 Congrats to client #meetcircle who appeared on Ellen! I negotiated the contract.#productionlegal #entertainmentatty
April 12, 2016 Check out my latest article- How to Register your Script/Work- WGA vs. Copyright Office.
March 29, 2016 Catch "Dead 7" on Syfy Fri! I served as production counsel on the film.. #NickCarter #syfy #entertainmentatty
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June 18, 2016 RT @Ninacharters: Only a week until the opening reception block party for #NCSC16! Will I see you in Nashville?
June 18, 2016 The First White House Maker Faire
June 10, 2016 RT @MartenRoorda: Washington Post: gaps between Core standards and what college instructors consider important to succeed - ACT study
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1 day ago Some post-Svajerløb bicycle ballet. #CPH #larryvsharry #svajerløb @ Warpigs
1 day ago Copenhagen Airport, apologizing for the eleven minutes I spent going through security. #CPH
3 days ago Some of the bike parking at the Nørreprt Station. #cph #leftitheresomewhere @ Copenhagen, Denmark
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June 22, 2016 RT @KingBach: Thank you @JamaicaPegasus for hosting @RuJohnNation in Kingston.
June 21, 2016 RT @shots: The evolution of the Shots app: ??selfies 2014 ??home videos 2015 ??stickers and memes 2016 #NationalSelfieDay
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May 30, 2016 Small Firms Look to Attract Middle Class with Flat Rates: When I chatted with The Legal Intelligencer’s Lizzy...
May 9, 2016 Small Firms Look to Attract Middle Class with Flat Rates: When I chatted with The Legal Intelligencer's Lizzy...
May 2, 2016 Law360: How to Manage the Millennial Lawyer: In today's Law360, reporter Matthew Bultman writes on How to Man...
January 19, 2016 MLB broadcast class action settled. What a concept-Only pay for your team! Great outcome from client Langer Grogan..
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June 9, 2016 I just submitted "Her Name Was Samantha" to The Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest via! -
June 1, 2016 Check out my revamped website!
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June 22, 2016 RT @THR: Jury deliberations begin in 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright trial
June 22, 2016 OK - I am done - please ignore.
June 22, 2016 RT @HillaryClinton: "Trump's economic plans would destroy the U.S. economy." —@TheAtlantic
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4 days ago 'Futurama' Producer Rough Draft Studios Signs With Animation Guild via @thr
June 21, 2016 Matthew Weiner Among Candidates for WGA West Board of Directors via @thr
June 16, 2016 Review: Enclave Audio CineHome HD Wireless 5.1 Home Theater System via @HuffPostTech
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3 days ago How long until they give #Texit another try? I'm guessing sometime around November. #LoneStar #Brexit
June 22, 2016 A generous Vonnegut fan has offered to pledge $10K if the Kickstarter project gets 500 backers by Saturday. Pls join
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June 22, 2016 8 Considerations for Ownership Agreements Among Multiple Founders
June 22, 2016 Turns out following through on email requests is equally important as in person requests. #productivity
June 22, 2016 12 effective phrases to improve work performance. "Can it scale" and "buy-in" are not on the list #leadership
June 22, 2016 Debunking the #Introvert Label. Thanks to @susancain for the refreshing perspective.
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3 days ago Hey startuppers, need quick "on demand" counsel on that new venture, deal or product? Give me a call & get clarity.
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March 10, 2016 .@united Customer Care completely ignored canceled flight problem >2 weeks so back in the endless maddening loop of seeking resolution
September 10, 2015 @AcerAmerica My Case ID is 3969039U. Asked to speak with a supervisor and have been placed on hold and disconnected twice today.
September 10, 2015 @acerhelp #acer laptop returned twice under warranty for the same problem and still unsolved. Now in circular cust service limbo. Not good
May 31, 2015 Celebrating 1 year, 3 months as Assistant General Counsel at #verizon
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March 20, 2015 I just endorsed David Blum on Avvo
March 16, 2015 7 Tips to Stop Creditor Harassment
February 1, 2015 Did you see #Missy on the halftime stage? We're declaring it #TronGoneWrong. RT if you agree!
January 17, 2015 @edge_cap And who is joining you on stage? Glad you're packing the house already!
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March 15, 2016 What will it take for @KylieJenner to #trademark her first name?
March 15, 2016 Kylie vs. Kylie. Can a #trademark war be won by social media? @KylieJenner
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June 18, 2016 RT @bbcdoctorwho: #OTD in 2005 Nine became Ten in The Parting of the Ways!
June 14, 2016 RT @EW: Watch @iamsambee's furious response to the Orlando mass shooting:
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June 22, 2016 RT @john_overholt: FINE, I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE YOUR STUPID CONTENT ANYWAY *slams door, collapses onto bed sobbing*
June 22, 2016 Homeless author unsuccessfully sues Amazon a 2d time for not delisting his vagabondage books.
June 21, 2016 RT @TheLibnLawyer: "Can I redraw this image?" is an oft-discussed topic with researchers. Interesting to read court's interpretation.
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7.6 hours ago RT @toddmnoftall: Anbang to close Waldorf Astoria for three years during $1B condo conversion
7.6 hours ago US #SupremeCourt Strikes Down Texas #Abortion Restrictions
2 days ago RT @AlArabiya_Eng: #SaudiArabia brokered a deal with #Microsoft that will see them train young Saudis
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June 22, 2016 Cleveland residents' reaction to #GOP intent to replace posters of LeBron James with posters of Donald #Trump's face: "Say what?"
June 22, 2016 Rogue One, the story of a self-professed billionaire seeking to take over the galaxy by the sheer force of his personality. Sounds familiar.
June 21, 2016 It was just a matter of time before Donald #Trump got around to suggesting #Hillary was either a Muslim, an atheist, or a devil worshiper.
June 21, 2016 GOP reportedly shocked at Trump fundraising efforts that #Trump calls incredible. "We do not think it means what he thinks it means."
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June 16, 2016 Jimmy Page Testifies as Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' Trial Heats Up via @rollingstone
June 10, 2016 Gawker Bankruptcy Introduces a Number of Interesting Ethics Questions via @CNNMoney
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20.4 hours ago Yes, I'm sure the parking lot saved by #FOTPChicago will be a huge tourism draw.... Asphalt is huge w/ the Euros. ????
1 day ago Exactly! The #LucasMuseum would've opened up an entirely new strain of tourism...and global tourists with ????????????.
1 day ago I'm sure all 1200 people that go to DePaul basketball games will enjoy yet ANOTHER off-campus arena... #MakesNoSense
1 day ago RT @BU2358: @ScottAndresen but they'll give $50 million towards new DePaul basketball stadium.... Hmm I wonder which investment will be more profitable?
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June 20, 2016 Employees can make or break your business, make sure you're recruiting the best of the best.
June 18, 2016 “Happy” & “satisfied” are subjective terms, but typically, satisfied employees are those with a sense of well-being.
June 17, 2016 We've all felt writers block - but what about when it keeps your company blog from thriving?
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June 20, 2016 Summer solstice here, but if you subscribed to @corbett's newsletter you'd see some Antartica mid-winter celebration
June 19, 2016 RT @Dualityman81: Great list. 35 Shots of Rum and Killer of Sheep are especially unique in their nuanced depiction of fatherhood.
June 18, 2016 RT @ladyxscience: Lady Science no. 21 is out! Women at the Intersection of Art and Science w/ guest Sarah Horne #histSTM #sciart
June 18, 2016 RT @godtributes: @heratylaw MAYAS FOR THE MAYA GOD
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July 13, 2011 @GavinNewsom My #smallbiz clients tell me they want lower #taxes; few will benefit from tax breaks/incentives for select industries only
July 13, 2011 RT @GavinNewsom: Wasting no time! Unveiling CA's economic dev plan ths mth. "California companies fleeing the Golden State" via @CNNMoney
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October 19, 2009 @USlegalquestion Get online and read up on the procedure for small claims court in that county. Normally you can due process.
October 1, 2009 Top ten online PR fails from @econsultancy
May 21, 2013 My vision of equity in the legal profession is not needing to ask...but we do still. #equityABA
August 4, 2009 NJ State Police arrest man for theft of domain name with an estimated value of $200,000