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August 17, 2015 @NBTALawyers Thanks for all the hard work following up on my application for Certification as a Civil Trial Law Specialist
August 17, 2015 I've been certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a specialist in Civil Trial Law. @NBTALawyers
July 28, 2015 4000 deaths a day is 4000 too many! Prevent hepatitis: It's up to you #4000voices #WorldHepatitisDay
April 16, 2015 Las Vegas lawyer Donald Kudler has posted to his blogComparative Negligence in Nevada: Equal Fault Does Not Bar Re…
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September 29, 2015 RT @PorcaroLaw: Volkswagen staff acted criminally, says board member
September 29, 2015 A Roman road, this case. Gone from the firm, but very proud of the writer and result.
September 13, 2015 Chesapeake Settles Gas Royalty Clash With Bass Brother, Other Plaintiffs via @TexasLawyer @BurnsCharest
September 10, 2015 Thanks for the unexpected recognition! The @TulaneLaw Force is strong at @BurnsCharest--all four partners are grads.
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November 24, 2010 RT @abaipl: RT @ballard_ip: 7th Cir. sets its rule for when to award attys fees in trademark cases: | Huge!
3 days ago Friday in Washington with a dozen of my closest friends | LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® #trademarks @theslants
3 days ago Friday in Washington with a dozen of my closest friends | LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® #trademarks @theslants
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August 3, 2011 Check out our most recent blog entry! Protect your elderly loved ones…
July 21, 2011 Attorney Michael Tam has recently recovered a six figure settlement for his client after she had been sexually...
July 21, 2011 Fernandez & Lauby recently assisted a public safety worker with a discrimination and retaliation claim after he...
July 21, 2011 Firm attorneys, Kyle Lauby and Brian Mankin, recently recovered a six figure settlement for a group of restaurant...
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September 24, 2015 I'm always amused at opp. counsel that act like third graders. A little sad when I have more intelligent conversations with my 3 yo niece.
September 17, 2015 A very positive tentative ruling this morning on MTD and MSJ in USDC for CD of Cal in LA. Work to be done, but a great result!
September 8, 2015 I can't believe I've been on Twitter for six years? Wow. Time flies. The Internet is so grown up now.
August 3, 2015 Good idea by @brianlittleton to have interactive polls during keynote at #ASE15. Helps to keep audience engaged.
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August 21, 2014 NYT dropped from consumer #classaction over alleged 3rd party subscription billing scam (reg req'd)
August 21, 2014 MN federal judge finds problem with ascertainability in blast fax TCPA #classaction - denies class certification
August 21, 2014 Court holds that actual, rather than sample arbitration agreement required in bid to defeat wage & hour #classaction
August 21, 2014 After a somewhat longer than expected hiatus, we now resume our regularly scheduled tweeting
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July 21, 2015 @danversbaillieu I say Vote Andy. JC obvious disaster. Andy less so.
June 2, 2015 BBC News - Fifa's Sepp Blatter 'under investigation in US'
November 19, 2014 RT @itvnews: Fifa whistleblower Phaedra Al-Majid: 'I fear for my safety'
September 10, 2014 RT @Tech_Law: ICO publish Data Protection Guide for the media | by @DLA_Piper (via @Media_Laws)
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September 14, 2009 Publicist: Patrick Swayze dies at 57
August 13, 2009 Another flight delayed from Beijing to Shanghai (sigh).
August 7, 2009 Rain and more rain in Beijing. This is not normal "desert" weather, is it?
July 23, 2009 RTChina Daily: "Coca-Cola on a rosy perch in China as sales soar"
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July 13, 2011 @GavinNewsom My #smallbiz clients tell me they want lower #taxes; few will benefit from tax breaks/incentives for select industries only
July 13, 2011 RT @GavinNewsom: Wasting no time! Unveiling CA's economic dev plan ths mth. "California companies fleeing the Golden State" via @CNNMoney
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September 30, 2015 Congratulations Robert! You are the perfect fit for the job. Cresanti chosen as IFA's new president and CEO
September 24, 2015 I have the best staff in the world!! — feeling thankful at Shelton & Power, LLC
September 24, 2015 Ready to get back to work! I missed everyone!
September 21, 2015 Even $5 helps. A franchise system, or vendor within the education industry that would like to partner would be a...
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August 12, 2008 criminal defense
September 30, 2015 The Blanch Blog - September 2015: A Month of Evolving Issues in the Criminal Realm in NY & Beyond
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3 days ago Weekends and vacation days too. I have worked more hours than I want to say while in hotels on vacations on writing projects
3 days ago Former Fed chief criticizes DOJ for not prosecuting individuals for acts leading up to 2008 financial crisis
3 days ago How Gun Control Made England The 'Most Violent Country In Europe' - via Breitbart
3 days ago White Collar Crime Daily is out! (A collection of news & articles on white collar crime issues)
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September 15, 2015 One of the few non-tech journals to mention the dark web. Interesting details.
June 9, 2015 Cool nanotechnology!
May 25, 2015 Does Your Business Put You at Risk of Lawsuits?
May 10, 2015 10 things you didn't know about texting on your iPhone
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February 2, 2010 @Disneyland Enter me in your Southern California Resident 2fer Sweepstakes. #Disney2fer
June 20, 2011 Great article on how small businesses and online retailers can win consumer trust.
June 4, 2011 But Wait -- There's More!
June 4, 2011 In case you were curious about who I am, here's an interview I gave at
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July 3, 2015 Driving on Utah Freeways requires caution to avoid wrecks, wrongful death, and other accidents. via @kslcom
June 29, 2015 Saratoga Springs family sustains minor injuries after rollover on I-80 Please drive safely on Utah roads this summer
June 22, 2015 Avoid Dog Bites - Please be aware of children near animals, some dogs don't recognize children as human beings.
June 3, 2015 Injuries and Deaths increase for children during summer months. Be cautious during your summer fun! via @deseretnews
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December 30, 2014 Claire McCaskill: Statistics? We don't need no stinkin' statistics! -
December 30, 2014 TAMIYA MONA MCALLISTER « Wake County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
December 27, 2014 I won the first Star in my MINI Cooper S RYF in #CSRRacing #RaceYourFriends. Download FREE!
December 27, 2014 I just moved up to level 5 in #CSRRacing for Android! You should check it out for FREE!
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2 days ago RT @ClementCharles: #web The Scottrade data breach affects 4.6 million accounts - Retail brokerage firm Scottrade has announced that i...
2 days ago RT @radartweets: Data Breach News - American Bankers Association Discloses Data Breach - Associations Now
2 days ago Chester prosecutor helps rescue man, dog in Columbia flooding Really proud to know you Tom--great job!!!
2 days ago It’s+the+day+before+‘the+day+the+world+changed’+—+are+you+ready+for+TRID?+|+Inman @amyswankmedia excellent article!!
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October 1, 2015 RT @wvgazettemail: Family members of 2010 mining disaster victims arrive in Charleston for #Blankenship proceedings.
October 1, 2015 RT @Kenwardjr: ICYMI: defense team for Don #blankenship filed last-ditch motion last night to try to delay trial again
October 1, 2015 RT @Kenwardjr: Also lawyers for @wvgazettemail and @wvpublicnews filed motion for access to jury selection and daily trial exhibits
September 30, 2015 RT @Kenwardjr: In #Blankenship case, @wvgazettemail and @wvpublic just filed motion to ensure public/media access to jury selection and trial exhibits.
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October 1, 2015 RT @BCLSOE: In memoriam: Carolyn Lynch, friend & benefactor of the Lynch School of Education
September 24, 2015 RT @ReutersLegal: U.S. court denies FTC request to stop Steris-Synergy #merger #antitrust
September 23, 2015 I was there. Excellent talk about an important subject.
September 22, 2015 RT @BosBizJournal: Staples, Office Depot shares down on reports that feds may block merger
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January 25, 2013 RT @O: Looks like the HSM press is back on Twitter @HSMPressOffice
January 25, 2013 RT @O: Onymous prankster MAXIMUM STIRNER @MegaAndOmega featured in @Salon next to @rabite exposing the hypocrisy of the U.S.
January 24, 2013 RT @O: According to a source within Anonymous @Agency reported that "NO SHIT WERE GIVEN! " at @YourAnonNews too busy being djs at @AnonymousFM
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August 5, 2014 New post: Bay City, Michigan couple crash motorcycle in Bangor Township, taken to Saginaw, Michigan hospitals
August 5, 2014 New post: West Bloomfield Township man dead after fatal accident in Auburn Hills, Michigan
July 4, 2014 New post: Fireworks are to blame for a house fire in Grand Haven MI
July 4, 2014 New post: Boating safety over the Fourth of July holiday in Michigan
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November 26, 2013 Reorganizing your business' debts? Learn about Chapter 11 bankruptcy on our firm's website:
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November 28, 2013 Why set up a trust? Learn more here!
November 20, 2013 Why plan for your estate? The reasons go on and on! Learn a few of them here:
September 17, 2013 Read our recent blog post on dealing with business succession planning!
September 10, 2013 Read our blog on power of attorney and how it affects estate planning!
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9.2 hours ago What Can Your Friendly Antitrust Lawyer Do for You?
10.7 hours ago Major League Baseball, an Antitrust Exemption, and the Ninth Circuit (Update: Supreme Court rejects cert).
21.5 hours ago RT @Canadaattorney: #Antitrust & grocery: Canadian competition watchdog continues probe into Loblaw’s pricing practices: Globe:
22.2 hours ago RT @AT_CP_Digest: Supreme court won't hear challenge to baseball #antitrust #immunity #ABASAL #MLB