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June 17, 2016 This week, people all over the world came together to stand with the LGBT community—take a look:
June 17, 2016 RT @VP: Taking steps to reduce gun violence worth doing if it could save one life. But it could save far more. Finish this.
June 16, 2016 RT @WhiteHouse: Today @POTUS & @VP visited Orlando. Watch the President give remarks after meeting with the families of the victims:
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3 days ago RT @KingBach: Thank you @JamaicaPegasus for hosting @RuJohnNation in Kingston.
3 days ago Jamaica Day 1: via @KingBach vlogs
3 days ago RT @shots: The evolution of the Shots app: ??selfies 2014 ??home videos 2015 ??stickers and memes 2016 #NationalSelfieDay
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June 16, 2016 RT @frankelfrankel: The best way to reduce the clout of the NRA might be to reduce the role of money in politics, see @lessig @MAYDAYUS @ZephyrTeachout
June 15, 2016 RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I am prepared to stand on the Senate floor and talk about the need to prevent gun violence for as long as I can. I've had #Enough
June 15, 2016 RT @kevinjohnson: EMC employee #noncompetes become target of labor organizing campaign ahead of Dell/Denali's leveraged buyout of EMC:
June 14, 2016 This is a great article but even better: someone has solved the problem of footnotes! I love this design.
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February 11, 2016 RT @okgo: Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out". Watch here:
December 29, 2015 Got an NeTV for Xmas. I'm going to try to develop something really nifty with it.
December 17, 2015 Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle
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January 17, 2010 Continued shift in mix of condo sales will raise median condo price (OC).
January 17, 2010 RT @lancearmstrong: Whoa!!! Adelaide came out!! Thx to every1 for being there. Estimates were anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand folks. On bikes!!
January 17, 2010 RT @kevinokeefe: Lance Armstrong Tweets for people to join him for ride. Chaos when 5,000 show up (@sphasiaone)
January 17, 2010 RT @aplusk: never underestimate the value of quality execution. Every one has ideas, success is driven by execution.
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June 18, 2016 Today's a triple white Thea kinda day.
June 17, 2016 Probably the freshest pair of Gazelles you'll ever own.
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June 18, 2016 Free "Living Will" [Advance Health Care Directive] plus Front Sight training just for attending! #tcot #2A #CCW #OC
June 18, 2016 If You Don’t Get #EstatePlanning Done Now, Your Family May Hate You Later! See Checklist: http://Protect.LIFE #tcot #OC
June 18, 2016 #EstatePlanning for Gun Owners! - Why You Need to Plan Now!!!!!!!!!! Webinar schedule: #tcot #2A #CCW #OC
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3 days ago RT @kevsceo: @AGoodLawyer congrats!!
3 days ago 100k yeahhhhh
3 days ago Big S/O to C.H. for all your hard working in getting us here.
3 days ago RT @Sir_biyela_: School Bus With 27 Kids Fell Into An Alligator Pond, Then THIS Happened.
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2 days ago About to drop some Enterprise SEO street knowledge at #SMXadvanced. Looking to change your POV of the corporate environment.
June 18, 2016 #EURO2016 Look at Iceland go. Keep fighting!
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20.4 hours ago #MustResign Outcome of officers' trials could affect prosecutor Marilyn Mosby's political career, observers say
20.8 hours ago RT @PrisonPlanet: The BBC is already floating the idea of a "second referendum". Fuck off. YOU LOST. Accept it.
20.8 hours ago GUESS WHO ARE ALL WORKING THE PHONES & VERY WORRIED: Crooked Hillary, Merkel, Obama, VINCENTE Fox & PAUL RYAN #DumpRyan
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2 days ago Early to bed, early to rise? Corporate wellness policies may not be wise: Heidi Liu '17 via @OnLaborBlog
2 days ago RT @HLS_CJPP: CJPP's leaders signed a letter urging @POTUS to expand the scope of the administration’s #clemency efforts. More at
2 days ago Nancy Gertner talks Utah v. Streiff on @RadioBoston
3 days ago Alan Jenkins’ ['89] agenda for social change starts with communication
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June 19, 2016 RT @justipedia_com: The FBI has collected over 411 million photos for its facial recognition system via @186696GMLAW @ByeByeDWI
June 18, 2016 RT @jstevenyoung: Thanks for the recent follow @ByeByeDWI @MirkoCiminiello @samssamax Happy to connect :) have a great Saturday.
June 17, 2016 RT @james_kimble: Family of Atkinson man unsatisfied with prison sentence for man who supplied fatal dose | via @UnionLeader
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2 days ago RT @MPHaus: Today's #HausRules archive & summary with HausGuests @larrypratt of @GunOwners and @shestokas Details:
2 days ago RT @Constitution89: The Birthing of the Declaration of Indpendence started in a Tavern Part One: #PJNET @shestokas #IARTG
2 days ago RT @MatthewPollard_: @shestokas @StevenBegg @ALEX1966BEL, thanks for following! I'm honored! I'll check out your profile and follow you back soon.
2 days ago The USA vs. King George. Or as we know it, the Declaration of Independence
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4 days ago RT @lepiarz_trish: Good show @DrDrewHLN , that first story was difficult to hear. Love your guests,
4 days ago RT @DrDrewHLN: Tonight's Panel: @LisaBloom @acriminallawyer & @TheDrJena — We're LIVE at 7pmET/4pmPT on @HLNTV.
4 days ago On @drdrew @DrDrewHLN tonight discussing a few legal items like the horrible alligator attack. Is Disney liable?
June 16, 2016 On @msnbc @AlexWitt this weekend speaking about the horrible accident at Disney World that could have been prevented
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January 1, 2016 @nuunhydration 2015 goes to the recycle bin; here's to a new 2016 season #nuunlove #nuun
December 28, 2015 @jasonhobson #United I have some really great news: afylter 4 hours and 42 min on hold, @united answered the phone #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @united Good news: After 4 hours and 42 min, I was connected! #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @United on hold for 4 hours 25 min here...good job #united
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May 9, 2016 @Alblint Nope! But I'm here just in case!
April 13, 2016 Calif. DMV Offers Veteran Designation on Cards
April 13, 2016 2 ousted executives defend work at Wounded Warrior Project
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June 17, 2016 5 Reasons to Improve Your Company Culture via @EOSWorldWide
June 17, 2016 Hire based on character. Train skills. ~Peter Schutz
June 17, 2016 JUX works for enterprises empowering MN cities' green transitions.
June 17, 2016 Why the Best Managers are Great Coaches via @BIZgamesinc via @JuxLaw
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June 18, 2016 RT @IEX: IEX has been approved as a national stock exchange. Thank you! #InvestorsExchange
June 14, 2016 #jheneaiko private #ubersummerseries concert @ Mr. Purple
June 12, 2016 RT @alkidavid: Hot 97 & FilmOn TV Partner to Live Stream Summer Jam Concert via @billboard
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June 3, 2016 June 7th is the global #Academy4Women commencement at UNM.
May 30, 2016 Today we remember the sacrifice made by so many members of our armed forces in service to our country. Thank you.
May 16, 2016 Alert - 5-16-16 , 5:14p APD says man with gun got off city bus at Yale/Central wearing wht polo, drk pants, blue back pack. WB on campus,
May 8, 2016 Tonight is the semester’s Late Night Breakfast! Starting at 8, free breakfast will be in the SUB! Get your grub on! ????
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June 17, 2016 @daveweigel I think it only happens for those who've signed up for Apple Music? Or is your situation different?
June 15, 2016 .@AliceAWang @fmanjoo Yes, I'm glad to see Apple modularizing Siri a bit -- choice of phone shouldn't dictate choice of ride provider!
June 12, 2016 I worry lots about bias in online search, but recent claims about Google autocomplete favoring Hillary are weak.
June 1, 2016 @dandrezner Congratulations! Now you can relax until the galleys ...
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2 days ago LISTEN: Professor Muneer Ahmad speaks to @NPR about how to unite Muslims and the LGBT community
3 days ago Follow Scott Shapiro, the Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at Yale Law School @scottjshapiro
4 days ago Federal Judge Finds in Favor of Veteran in Harassment Complaint Case
4 days ago Clinic Study Concludes that U.S. Family Immigration Detention Violates International Law
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June 15, 2016 Lawyer is convicted in home-invasion attack on law firm managing partner and his wife
June 11, 2016 #MuhammadAli #Ali #AliMemorial
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2 days ago Spoliation Claims Are Not a Recreational Vehicle to Be Raised at Any Time in a Case | by @zapproved #ediscovery
2 days ago The Myth of Bigger as a Strategy | by @valoremlamb
2 days ago “It’s just $10 an hour.” Not quite. | by @valoremlamb
3 days ago Law Firm Revenue Growth: Business and Market Intelligence Keeps Client Teams Moving... | by @lawvisiongroup
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June 19, 2016 If you could read a blog post right now to help you with your biggest struggle, what would it be about? #askthecollective
June 19, 2016 If you do not have enough in retirement now, and continue to do what you're doing now, when will it ever be enough?
June 19, 2016 What would you do if you knew you had enough? Enough resources, enough time, enough money. What would you do?
June 19, 2016 Let's change the fallacy of “know your value & charge what you are worth”. You are priceless & valuable, w/o the $$
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February 6, 2016 How did Border Grill make the best "old school" Mexican food list? No shortage of great Mex food in LA @Thrillist
February 6, 2016 @guypbenson it was way better than @tedcruz's answer to the heroin question. Cruz didn't seem to have a real answer. #GOPDebate
February 4, 2016 @saraannhammond1 ???? high five
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2 days ago Journos looking for #Brexit expert can talk to Prof. Anu Bradford, international trade and #EU law scholar.
2 days ago Prof. Richard Briffault weighs in on #GOPLouisiana case, dubbed next #Citizen'sUnited by@POLITICOMag. @politico
2 days ago Prof. Jamal Greene on #guncontrol, right to bear arms. @Columbia #Orlando #Constitution
3 days ago .@nytimesbooks: Prof. Graetz' book offers “powerful corrective to standard narrative of Burger court. ” #Scotus
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June 17, 2016 Prof @fdansiciliano on the problem with eyeballing compound interest #finance @StanfordRock via @qz
June 17, 2016 "Data, not anecdote, prevailed," in #SCOTUS False Claims Act case U.S. ex rel. Escobar, says Prof David Engstrom
June 16, 2016 Could Disney be liable for alligator attack? Prof Sykes says yes, if proof of negligence is found @washingtonpost
June 16, 2016 Missed @HankGreelyLSJU discussing The End of Sex on @KQEDForum ? Check out excerpts here:
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2 days ago New @PolicyIntegrity report: 12 steps that could modernize the federal #coal leasing program:
2 days ago Report by Sonya Chung '17 and Andrea Savdie '16 of Immigrant Rights Clinic with Prof. @Das_Alina
2 days ago Net neutrality is great, but it won't make broadband cheaper, Prof. @CJSprigman writes in @NewYorker
3 days ago .@jweisswolf @BrennanCenter writes in NYT re: NY passing nation’s first laws to ensure access to menstrual products
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May 7, 2016 RT @seanahull: Great insights from the grower panel. Another strong event @RLAgInnovation #svagtech2016 #AgTechSV @AgTechInsight
May 6, 2016 Big Data panel. #agtechsv can your tech do better than the farmer's almanac?
April 12, 2016 I liked a @YouTube video from @johnkasich The Kasich Family - CNN Town Hall Highlights
March 14, 2016 RoyseLaw Announces Silicon Valley AgTech Conference For Tech Startups Focused on Agricultural Applications
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June 17, 2016 Forget about calling a lawyer or anyone at all if you're in an #immigration detention facility
June 17, 2016 FedEx beats U.S. case over illegal online #drug shipments
June 17, 2016 Should for-profit crash courses like coding boot camps receive federal funds? #education
June 17, 2016 Hillary #Clinton's VP shortlist has leaked. Here are the pros and cons of each.
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1 day ago Want a Dope Apartment in #DC Area at a minimal price? Then Make Moves. I'll be there 2-5 this Sat & Sun. Early...
1 day ago I'm a SouthPaw, but in honor of Kimbo, I switched everything up as I beat that bag today... R.I.P.
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June 16, 2016 No. Concealment requires more. Things like tampering with evidence, lying to protect someone, etc. is required.
June 16, 2016 Thanks. So whatcha' waiting for. Go out and be naughty! :-)
June 16, 2016 1. Thank you. 2. Yes, unless they admit it.
June 16, 2016 It's just not enough legally. Morally, it's a different story. Of course people should report crimes.
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15.2 hours ago 5 Tricks and Tools to Reclaim Your Social Media Marketing Game | Social Media Today
23.3 hours ago ‘A New Dawn Is Breaking’: Brexit Wins EU Referendum | Breitbart #Brexit
1 day ago European Union Referendum Too Close To Call As Leave Takes Surprise Early Lead | Breitbart #Brexit
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...