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7 hours ago Check out "Texas Women Rainmakers Inaugural Conference" via @eventbrite
10.9 hours ago RT @ricktagious: PowerPoint Master @pauljunger Explains the Value of PowerPoint for Lawyers #legaltech via @BizTechMagazine
1 day ago RT @MariSmith: Desktop Tool for Instagram Marketing Management: ScheduGram via @mike_gingerich [Love it!]
1 day ago @LukeWessman the emojis already exist - download from app store :)
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June 30, 2014 Nine Figure Settlement Goes Through in Omnicare Case
June 22, 2014 Mark Your Calendar: Rallying for Quality Nursing Home Care
May 18, 2014 More Claims of Veterans Administration Abuses
May 12, 2014 RT @GroundworkTC: Congratulations to fellow @ChicagoKentLaw alum Jordan Powell of @IllinoisInjury on his jury verdict win late Friday afternoon!
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3 days ago 10 Arrested in Undercover Sting Targeting Unlicensed Contractors in Hernando County
3 days ago Tampa, Florida 4-Year-Old Killed by Uncle’s Pit Bulls — Tampa Bay Injury Attorney Blog
3 days ago The Villages Motorcycle Accident Attorney :: One Killed, One Critically Injured in Lake County Motorcycle Crash
3 days ago Preventing Child Injuries in Hot Vehicles — Hernando County Injury Attorney Blog
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2 days ago Auto Accidents Caused by Running a Red Light #autoinjurylawyer
2 days ago Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for Back and Neck Pain? #injurylawyer
2 days ago Three Years After Warnings, FDA Bans Last High-Dose Aceptaminophen Products
3 days ago What is Supplemental Security Income? #ssiattorney
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October 29, 2010 Is the ABA Trying to Kill Lawyer Blogs, Facebook Profiles, Twitter Updates, Forum Posts and Lawyer Websites?: Is t...
October 26, 2010 The Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference: The Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference is this Thursday at ...
October 21, 2010 Violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials...
October 21, 2010 Apple Announces Mac App Store; Opens Market to New Developers and Internet Law Issues: Mac OS X Lion is scheduled ...
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1 day ago Gay Marriage In Florida: Impact on Personal Injury and Consortium Rights
1 day ago Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. @faheeminfluence unleashes the #Beast.
1 day ago @wholefoods almonds my snack of choice. @ Aronfeld Trial Lawyers
1 day ago Chronixx: Here Comes Trouble - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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July 18, 2014 Camp Forest Rocks Boats to Teach Life Saving Skills
July 18, 2014 Fort Kent hospital cited for altering medical records of patient who reported domestic abuse
July 17, 2014 Bangor Injury Lawyers Must Often Fight for Uninsured Motorist Coverage: A Bangor man is facing numerous charge...
July 16, 2014 Susan Collins is serious about truck safety on Maine highways
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February 28, 2013 Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices
February 28, 2013 RT @StateDept: #SecKerry: I am proud to announce US will provide an additional $60 million in non-lethal assistance to support Syrian Opposition Coalition.
February 28, 2013 @JCook32 @jacquieCallahan Does coach Zorn know about this?
January 11, 2013 Owner of Pit Bull That Chased Police Horse 1.5 Miles Gets Federal Court Order to Delay Euthanasia -
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3 days ago Florida Jury Awards $24 Billion in Tobacco Wrongful Death Case
July 15, 2014 P.I. Pulse: Tourist Loses Fingers on Disney “Pirate” Ride
July 15, 2014 P.I. Pulse: Tourist Loses Fingers on Disney “Pirate” Ride - Aronberg & Aronberg, Personal Injury Law via @sharethis
July 14, 2014 Comedian/Actor Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Following Last Month’s Crash
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2 days ago How do insurance companies determine what your injuries are worth? -
3 days ago Costa Concordia Refloated, Preparing for Final Tow -
July 18, 2014 The search has been called off for a Texas diver who disappeared during a shark diving venture off the Bahamas. -
July 16, 2014 Spending your summer working outside in the heat? Find out how to avoid heat-related illnesses -
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July 16, 2014 Spending your summer working outside in the heat? Find out how to avoid heat-related illnesses -
July 14, 2014 Find out what to do after a hit-and-run accident - #caraccident
July 2, 2014 After 2 fatal alcohol-related crashes, Harris County sheriff pleads with public not to drink and drive -
July 2, 2014 1 Killed, 5 Injured In GM Plant Explosion -
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July 16, 2013 RT @7thAmendmentAdv: MT "@bestdoctors: Is your hospital leader committed to patient-centered care? #medicalhome #epatient #ptsafety"
February 6, 2013 Illinois Car Accident Settlement - Who do I have to Pay Back Out of My Settlement?: There are many reasons why i...
February 6, 2013 MISSOURI DWI/DUI Expungement: Residents of Missouri who had an unfortunate run-in with the law might wonder whet...
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October 22, 2012 Isaac Flood Insurance Claim Proof of Loss Deadline: If your home of business flooded due to Hurricane Isaac, you...
May 31, 2012 Drew Brees Insurance: Louisiana attorney Tony Lemon has created an irrevocable trust for Saints fans to make don...
May 29, 2012 Drew Brees Insurance: Louisiana attorney Tony Lemon has created an irrevocable trust for Saints fans to make don...
April 21, 2012 Economic and Property Damage Settlement Agreement: Economic and Property Damage Settlement Agreement
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3 days ago Evan Guthrie Law Firm Holding A Voter Registration Drive At...
3 days ago Evan Guthrie Law Firm At The Trident Technical College Spring...
4 days ago Evan Guthrie Law Firm held a Voter Registration Drive At Ashley Ridge High School In #Summerville SC
4 days ago Evan Guthrie Law Firm Holding A Voter Registration Drive At Ashley Ridge High School In #Summerville SC April 10 2014
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February 11, 2014 @LawyerJET I'm lol'n so hard right now at this
February 11, 2014 @BloomKinnearR lolz this update by you is crazy
February 11, 2014 @MesoGuide I'm laughing so hard right now at this
February 11, 2014 The fastest way to burning off fat and lose weight featured and recommended by Dr Oz. show.
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1 day ago Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Trial
4 days ago Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Newspaper
July 17, 2014 Virginia: Vehicle Accident – A Lawyer’s Settlement
July 11, 2014 Virginia: Constitutional Law – a Lawyer’s Privacy
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July 16, 2014 Another Violent Crime Reported in Roatan Island – What this Means for Guests Considering a Cruise Vacation (Pa...
July 16, 2014 Another Violent Crime Reported in Roatan Island – What this Means for Guests Considering a Cruise Vacation (Pa...
July 13, 2014 Crime on Cruise Ships – How Cruise Lines Can Better Protect Those On Board (Part 1): Crime is something that a...
July 13, 2014 Crime on Cruise Ships – How Cruise Lines Can Better Protect Those On Board (Part 2): In our last blog, our cru...
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July 16, 2014 Another cloudy day in #Norfolk, but that can't bring our #lawfirm down! We're dedicated to our clients.
June 13, 2014 AndroGel Testosterone Lawsuits Consolidated in Chicago via @serpelawfirm
April 16, 2014 Get Your Eyes Back on the Road! Distracted Driving Awareness Month
April 14, 2014 Woman Injured in Virginia Beach Town Center Car Accident
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July 18, 2014 #Sharetheroad, and keep other safe! Here are some tips on how to drive smart:
July 17, 2014 Texas ranks No. 19 in the country for the best states for teen drivers, according to a recent study:
July 16, 2014 Having a hard time keeping up with all the GM #recalls so far this year? Check out our blog for a breakdown:
July 15, 2014 Get to know Greg Baumgartner and learn about his community involvement in this short video:
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April 21, 2014 @london_mec I'm looking for a bike trailer. Do you have any in stock? And how do they attach to the bike?
April 21, 2014 @london_mec how late are you open today?
April 21, 2014 @DeanShpprd @late2game He never worked out for me. He needed 5 days warning to fix a flat for me. I always just go to Cyclepath or To Wheels
April 18, 2014 @emilieiswell I can get that fixed for you.
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July 18, 2014 If you enjoy the quiet, beauty of the back country in winter, hiking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, AT and nordic…
July 13, 2014 My cuisine is always homemade!  Glad they are doing this!
July 13, 2014 France introduces new label to address substandard restaurant food via @sharethis
July 1, 2014 #Obamacare Benefits Unlikely to Be Cut Under Court Ruling via @BloombergNews #smallbusiness #individualrights
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July 17, 2014 RT @jonmachota: RT @ESPNNFL: Since 2006, Tony Romo's 20 fourth quarter comebacks is 2nd only to Peyton Manning (21)
July 17, 2014 RT @RayBeckerman: "Long tall mama" Big Bill Broonzy #music #blues #rock
July 15, 2014 RT @dailykos: Open thread for night owls: Warren's red-state campaigning for Democrats raises her national profile
July 15, 2014 RT @MotherJones: Here's How You Can Help Unaccompanied Border Kids Without Giving to Glenn Beck
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1 day ago Could I Sue a Foreign Company for Exposing Me to Asbestos?
2 days ago Did You Know? According to the NCI, CT scans might be more effective than chest x-rays at detecting #asbestos-related lung problems.
July 18, 2014 #DidYouKnow According to Johns Hopkins, on average, the wrong operation is performed on a patient 20 times per week.
July 18, 2014 Could a Surgeon’s Mistake Cause a Stroke?
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March 12, 2014 RT @natlawreview: PTO Litigation Center Report – March 11, 2014 @SterneKessler #law #IP #patent #USPTO
August 17, 2013 @ABAJournal we are all guilty of being naive and trusting of the people in our offices. Great warning #hackers #computer
February 26, 2013 Driving Responsibly: Avoiding New Orleans Car Accidents by Knowing How Your Medications Affect You
February 22, 2013 BP Settlement Negotiations Failed, Trial will Commence Next Week
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July 17, 2014 GM Legal Dept. the focus of today's Senate hearing: #TJHLaw #GMRecall
July 17, 2014 Federal prosecutors pursue fraud case against GM: #TJHLaw #GMRecall
July 8, 2014 Power morcellators linked to spread of uterine cancer? The FDA will assess this week: #TJHLaw
July 4, 2014 Remember- our Independence does not come free…thanks to our military and veterans. Happy 4th of July!
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August 7, 2013 @HLNAfterDark The Nicole Baukus case is tragic. We feel for the families of the 2 victims. Here is our persepctive.
November 26, 2012 Bounce houses a party hit but kids' injuries soar - Houston Chronicle
November 21, 2012 RT @Slate: Wealthy tax whiners don't understand how marginal tax rates work:
November 16, 2012 Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico; 2 missing, others hospitalized - U.S. News via @NBCnews
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July 16, 2014 Own a vehicle that required three (3) or more warranty repairs? Purchased your vehicle no later than 2009? You...
June 16, 2014 GM decided this issue was a "customer convenience" issue; not a safety matter. This firm believes a stalling...
June 14, 2014 Can I get my money back after buying a defective automobile? Yes, in many instances you can or you may qualify...
June 13, 2014 Here's an interesting article discussing which cars could last 250k miles. Some of these brands are not...
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March 12, 2014 Meet fellow Stetson Alumni at the Brewery!
March 8, 2014 Thank you Pinot's palette and fusion for the painting party last night. I don't think that Andrew and I should...
February 21, 2014 Finally a character that I can relate to....
January 5, 2014 Considering writing a book in 2014? This book looks very useful
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August 23, 2013 21% decline in people who think drunk driving is a serious threat. News story: Legal info:
August 21, 2013 Amateur video catches a "Dukes of Hazard" style jump and truck crash in Michigan
August 21, 2013 Amateur video catches a "Dukes of Hazzrd" style jump and crash in Michigan
August 19, 2013 Injury Law Wiki: Civil Practices & Remedies Code § 71.002 – Wrongful Death Cause of Action
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February 29, 2012 Jefferson Parish Woman Sues Boomtown Casino in Louisiana's 24th Judicial District Court Over Slip and Fall: A Ha...
February 28, 2012 St. Landry Parish Man Files Jones Act Claim in New Orleans Over Burn Injuries Received While Onboard Sinking Shi...
February 28, 2012 Transocean Employee Seeks Separate Deepwater Horizon Personal Injury Trial: A Transocean employee injured onboar...
February 28, 2012 Chemical Waste Spilled After Driver Backs Into 18-Wheeler on I-10 Near Slidell: On Wednesday, a semi-truck carry...
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April 16, 2014 RT @Reuters: Wisconsin passes law to curb private custody transfers of children, the first law of its kind in the U.S.:
February 21, 2014 Who cares?
February 19, 2014 RT @FLCourtsEFiling: Check out updated E-Portal FAQS page for current e-filing information
February 17, 2014 RT @ezraklein: The most beautiful piece of writing I've read this year.
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November 30, 2010 "'Immediately' Means Now! - U.S. Coast Guard Marine Casualty Reporting Regulations" is the title of my new column in M…
May 19, 2011 My column in the May 2011 issue of the popular workboat industry magazine, MarineNews, is "Utmost Good Faith: Marine Insurance."
May 9, 2011 I completed and made a near-perfect score on the final for the PA Motorcycle Safety Foundation's http://www.pamsp.com
May 9, 2011 My column in the April 2011 issue of MarineNews magazine explains the potential impact on seamen's and railroad worke…
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April 9, 2014 Jury Awards $9 Billion in Damages in Drug Case
June 7, 2013 Da Vinci Robots: NB&A's complex litigation team is investigating cases of injuries resulting from surgeries with these Robots.
June 7, 2013 Check out our new summer updates to our Facebook page.
March 8, 2013 DePuy ASR Hip Implant Trial Verdict: