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4 days ago How Can Social Media Benefit Non-Celebrity Lawyers?
5 days ago Shopping Cart + Urban Dictionary "Bye Felicia" #FoundInMySearchHistory
November 25, 2015 Does lawyer have ethical duty to replace hacked client funds? Maybe.
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November 24, 2015 Risk of Off-Label Uses for Prescription Drugs
November 24, 2015 Ford orders “massive recall” of sedans
November 20, 2015 Insurers refuse to pay Walmart settlement over Tracy Morgan crash
November 12, 2015 Jury awards $21.5 million to man injured by cruise ship door Read more at
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November 25, 2015 RT @ChicagoKentAlum: Thank you to Levin & Perconti for being a Bronze Sponsor for the Alumni Awards! #WeAreKentPeople @IllinoisInjury
November 25, 2015 Attorneys Jordan Powell, Jaime Koziol and Michael Shanahan obtained a $1.169 million verdict for our client!
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November 24, 2015 Thanksgiving Safety Tips: Thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to spending time with those you love. With that sa...
November 24, 2015 Thanksgiving Safety Tips — Pasco County Injury Attorney Blog
November 24, 2015 Travel Safely this Thanksgiving Weekend — Hernando County Injury Attorney Blog
November 24, 2015 RT @TBOcom: Flying or driving from Tampa for Thanksgiving? Be sure to leave early. What you need to know
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5 days ago RT @CamanaBay: @aronfeld It is a small world!
November 26, 2015 Happy #Thanksgiving from all of us at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers!
November 26, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving From Aronfeld Trial Lawyers! (2015) via @YouTube
November 25, 2015 The Aronfeld Profile in all its glory today at Cayman's oldest and most famous #chinese restaurant on…
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November 13, 2015 RT @gobrianhall: Which lawyer is better for a start-up?
November 12, 2015 Do I Need A Pilot;s License or Airman Certificate to Apply for a FAA Section 333 Exemption?
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November 26, 2015 Please be extra careful when driving a motorcycle and when driving a car be on the lookout for motorcyclists!!!
November 25, 2015 Please be careful when riding a motorcycle!!!
November 20, 2015 Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the Season (to familiarize yourself with personal injury law)
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November 5, 2015 After Tampa longshoreman's death, 609-foot ship has become a phantom. See my comments in the article. via @TB_Times
September 15, 2015 Our thoughts go out to all involved in the tragic HISD school bus accident that took place this morning: #HISD #HTX
September 15, 2015 Employers are responsible for ensuring adequate water supply for employees.
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September 15, 2015 Our thoughts go out to all involved in the tragic HISD school bus accident that took place this morning: #HISD #HTX
September 15, 2015 RT @SafeDriver: .@DRPSWestDiv @TorontoPolice @DRPSCEDiv Here's some timely reminders for drivers dealing with school buses;
September 15, 2015 Sending our condolences to the families who have been affected by this horrible accident.
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4 days ago How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in Washington State? -
November 25, 2015 Stay safe tomorrow! Thanksgiving is our nation's deadliest holiday. -
November 25, 2015 What Does a Free Consultation With a Lawyer Actually Mean? -
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March 2, 2014 RT @TheEllenShow: If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
October 23, 2013 Anthony Joseph Mastrippolito of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrested for Stalking: Anthony Joseph Mastrippolito, ...
October 23, 2013 Miguel Fonseca Jr., Royal Palm Beach, Florida Corrections Officer, Arrested for Child Abuse: Miguel Fonseca Jr...
October 23, 2013 Robert Connell of Miami, Florida Arrested for Drug Possession: Robert Connell of Miami, Florida was arrested S...
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November 25, 2015 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Truck
November 18, 2015 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Timeliness
November 18, 2015 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Timeliness
November 13, 2015 Virginia: Patient Fall – a Lawyer’s Amendment
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October 30, 2015 The AAA Tidewater Tipsy Towing service is FREE. Call 757-631-1700 and request a pick up. #HappyHalloween Be Safe!
October 30, 2015 Enjoying our annual Halloween lunch! We wish you and your family a Safe & Happy Halloween! #HappyHalloween
October 30, 2015 Be safe this weekend! Free AAA Tipsy Towing Service. Call 757-631-1700 and request a pick up. #HappyHalloween Artcle:
September 29, 2015 Fatal truck crashes on the rise. Regulations becoming more lax in spite of the scary stats.
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November 23, 2015 Houston Seeks Texting Ban When Texas Leaders Fail:     For the last decade, Texas lawmakers have failed to sig...
November 20, 2015 What You Need To Know About Spoliation of Evidence in Texas: Spoliation of evidence is the destruction or fail...
November 16, 2015 On The Job Electrical Safety Tips:   It is no secret that electricity poses a serious risk of serious injury o...
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October 2, 2015 Fascinating short essay on brainstorming by Isaac Asimov, or as he calls it "cerebration" session. Some good now we…
October 1, 2015 New report: #WhereWeRide - Analysis of Bike Commuting in American Cities @bikeleague
September 29, 2015 Full Coverage: Dewey & LeBoeuf Fraud Trial via @NYLawJournal
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November 25, 2015 RT @CNET: Watch this teenage Rubik's Cube wizard blast through the world speed record
November 19, 2015 RT @kidkeuchy: From NOT being a HS all-state ?? player to now a #CY award winner, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it! #hardworkpaysoff
November 17, 2015 RT @LOLGOP: If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.
November 11, 2015 RT @jwquick: Serious question: Has a Spurs player ever thought they committed a foul?
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November 23, 2015 "The attorneys at Harrell & Nowak are very nice. They really worked hard for me and cared about my case." -Elizabeth Robertson
November 19, 2015 #Transgender inmates face more abuse in prisons. Learn more here.
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November 10, 2015 - Our firm won a $1.75 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson in a #Risperdal case.
November 5, 2015 We filed our second #ElFaro suit. We are committed to demanding justice on behalf of those affected by this tragedy.
November 3, 2015 - Last night, Jason Itkin discussed the #ElFaro tragedy on CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront.
October 29, 2015 - This week, our firm filed the fourth lawsuit in the #ElFaro case. Visit our blog to learn more.
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October 16, 2015 RT @LanceZierlein: Astros & Rockets GMs are like grocery shoppers w/ coupons & a pre-set menu for the week. Texans just grabbing random things off the shelves
October 8, 2015 RT @PayneNFL: Way to go, Astros. Texans, go to your room.
September 3, 2015 Did Forged Signature Clear Way for Dangerous Medical Device? via @nbcnews
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October 10, 2015 Panama City beach
October 8, 2015 RT @MichKrebs: Congressmen skeptical VW emissions fraud committed by a few rogue engineers #VWGate
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November 24, 2015 Chipotle food poisoning cases reported in six states? Sounds like a Tuesday.
November 16, 2015 How many days until Chipotle has another food poisoning outbreak? #ecoli
November 11, 2015 RT @TxDOT: 50K dead on Texas roads since 11/7/2000.Plz share your story with us on social media using hashtag #EndTheStreakTX
November 11, 2015 #Honda is having so many problems with it #airbags, the recall notices write themselves.
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February 29, 2012 Jefferson Parish Woman Sues Boomtown Casino in Louisiana's 24th Judicial District Court Over Slip and Fall: A Ha...
February 28, 2012 St. Landry Parish Man Files Jones Act Claim in New Orleans Over Burn Injuries Received While Onboard Sinking Shi...
February 28, 2012 Transocean Employee Seeks Separate Deepwater Horizon Personal Injury Trial: A Transocean employee injured onboar...
February 28, 2012 Chemical Waste Spilled After Driver Backs Into 18-Wheeler on I-10 Near Slidell: On Wednesday, a semi-truck carry...
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November 26, 2015 "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life." - Melodie Beatty. What are you thankful for today?
November 25, 2015 Find out how we helped a welder with permanent complex regional pain syndrome win his case after he was hurt at work
November 24, 2015 Work injuries can linger - are you prepared? Find out how to cope with the changes that come with permanent injuries
November 23, 2015 "Thank you for all the hard work you did for my family." - Phuong talks about how we helped after her husband died:
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July 1, 2015 If you plan on boating for the 4th of July weekend, take a look at some safety tips released by the U.S. Coast Guard.
June 2, 2015 U.S. Coast Guard releases #boating safety app providing essential services and information to boaters.
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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4 days ago "...Amen, I say to you...Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” LK 21:29-33
November 25, 2015 “10 were cleansed, were they not? Has none but this foreigner returned 2 give thanks 2 God? Stand up + go; ur faith has saved u.”LK 17:11-19
November 25, 2015 “They will seize and persecute you, they will hand you prisons+led...before kings and governors because of my name...."LK 21:12-19
November 24, 2015 “Nation will rise against nation...then... earthquakes famines+plagues...awesome sights + mighty signs will come frm the sky.”LK21:5-11
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November 14, 2014 Car Cuts off Semi-Truck on NJ Highway, Causing Two Deaths: Earlier this in New Jersey, a tragic accident claim...
November 13, 2014 Elderly Woman Killed in Nursing Home Accident, Family Settles Suit: A few years back, in 2010, a 94-year-old w...
November 12, 2014 Hit-and-Run Accident Victim Struck While on Bike, Lucky To be Alive: Earlier this week in Bethesda, Maryland, ...
November 11, 2014 New Study Highlights Dangerous Intersections for Bikers in DC: Riding a bicycle has always been a preferred mo...
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November 19, 2015 Home Depot Sold Over 2,300 Products Under Recall | Fisher Injury Lawyers
November 6, 2015 The Best New York Personal Injury Lawyers Work Fast! | Fisher Injury Lawyers
November 2, 2015 Drunken Drivers Cause Multiple Crashes in Dallas | Fisher Injury Lawyers
October 30, 2015 Drunken Drivers Cause Multiple Crashes in Dallas | Fisher Injury Lawyers
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November 30, 2010 "'Immediately' Means Now! - U.S. Coast Guard Marine Casualty Reporting Regulations" is the title of my new column in M…
May 19, 2011 My column in the May 2011 issue of the popular workboat industry magazine, MarineNews, is "Utmost Good Faith: Marine Insurance."
May 9, 2011 I completed and made a near-perfect score on the final for the PA Motorcycle Safety Foundation's http://www.pamsp.com
May 9, 2011 My column in the April 2011 issue of MarineNews magazine explains the potential impact on seamen's and railroad worke…
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November 23, 2015 Improperly installed car seats a major problem on roadways
November 18, 2015 So how safe can #OSHA keep a workplace in Houston if there is only 1 inspector for every 95K workers you might...
November 11, 2015 We salute our Veterans and thank you for your service. #VeteransDay2015
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November 24, 2015 Smartphones aren't the only distraction drivers have to be wary of. Buildings that are beaut
November 18, 2015 Being declared at-fault for an accident can really hurt financially. If confident you're not
November 11, 2015 To our veterans who made sacrifices for our freedoms, thank you! #HappyVeteransDay #America
November 6, 2015 Did you know that if you text and drive you increase your risk of getting in an accident by
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November 24, 2015 Thanksgiving the #1 Holiday for Traffic Deaths: How to Stay Safe #Thanksgiving #AutoAccidents #SarasotaCarAccidents
November 12, 2015 Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall on the Stairs of Someone Else's Business or Property? #SlipFall #Liability #Stairs
November 3, 2015 Luhrsen Law Group Sponsors the 2015 Giving Hunger the Blues: via @YouTube
October 28, 2015 Luhrsen Law Group Sponsors “Giving Hunger the Blues” Kids Area #GivingHUngertheBLues #LuhrsenLawGroup #Sarasota
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September 15, 2015 One of the few non-tech journals to mention the dark web. Interesting details.
June 9, 2015 Cool nanotechnology!
May 25, 2015 Does Your Business Put You at Risk of Lawsuits?
May 10, 2015 10 things you didn't know about texting on your iPhone
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September 10, 2014 Inmate Assaults at Rikers Island Continue to Be Out of Control: Our New York City police brutality lawyers hav...
September 10, 2014 Early September, 2013 Review: The first couple of weeks of September saw many accidents in the first two weeks...
September 10, 2014 The Benefits of Filing Police Misconduct Cases in New York State Court: Federal Courts were once the protector...
August 4, 2014 Clarity on ERISA Liens: Since the passage of the Employee Retirement Insurance Security Act which is also know...
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1 day ago Why Choose #HickeyLawFirm? Call us today and we will review your case for FREE 855-375-3727
1 day ago Things just keep getting worse for #Volkswagon.
1 day ago Why is Compensation So Important In Brain Injury Cases?
3 days ago Major Concerns for Patients with Hip Implant
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November 10, 2015 Did Trump get invited? #GOPDebate
November 10, 2015 Dogs ran to front door barking wildly with that test time limit bell. #GOPDebate
November 10, 2015 Whenever the time limit bell goes off, the dogs run to the front door barking wildly. #RepublicanDebate
September 3, 2015 From pain and suffering to loss of earning capacity and punitive damages we have won millions for our clients.
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April 8, 2015 Starting a Small Business in Boston in 2015? We Can Help.: Founding a small business is a venture packed with ...
March 31, 2015 Protect Your Boston Business Trademark From Infringement: Your business trademark (also sometimes referred to ...
March 26, 2015 Lowball unit price comes back to bite contractor: A contractor bid a price of one penny per cubic yard to exca...
March 23, 2015 Lowball unit price comes back to bite contractor: A contractor bid a price of one penny per cubic yard to exca...