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2 days ago RT @mashable: How to Shift PR From Vanity Metrics to Value-Driven Measurement
2 days ago @LegallyErin cutie pie!
2 days ago @Kerri_HSWire Hi Kerri. Do you still write for Dallas Business Journal? I am having a hard time finding your contact information.
2 days ago @michaelpmarks Hi there. Talked to you before. I have a lead on a Dallas news piece. Watch for my email.
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August 15, 2014 It's Perfectly Legal To Film The Cops #KnowYourRights
August 13, 2014 As I am often asked "Do you actually work?" Here is a picture of me doing just that.... @ Garvin Law Firm
August 13, 2014 ...because no one wants to see another Tarpon feeding video from Robbie's
August 1, 2014 U.S. Attorney General Holder to Rick Scott: We're watching you #pleasedo
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August 17, 2014 Illinois Statute Aims to Decrease Elder Abuse
August 11, 2014 Reminder - The Risk of Bed Rails in a Nursing Home
July 31, 2014 RT @JusticeDotOrg: White House to restore employees’ rights by prohibiting federal contractors from using #forcedarbitration
June 30, 2014 Nine Figure Settlement Goes Through in Omnicare Case
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4 days ago Motorcyclist Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries in St. Pete Crash — Tampa Bay Injury Attorney Blog
4 days ago Cyclist Struck and Killed by Garbage Truck — Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
4 days ago RT @WFTV: VIDEO: Jury selection begins in former Leesburg police officer's sex battery trial @KCraigWFTV reports. #wftv
August 18, 2014 National Safety Council Estimates Traffic Deaths Down 4 Percent in First Six Months of 2014 —
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3 days ago @TenFruits getting my juice on today in #coralgables
3 days ago @marcuslemonis people, products and process! You're my hero!
3 days ago @ckparischauss hmm! I am rocking the #oudwood today. #takeawhiff
4 days ago RT @AnthonysCFPizza: @aronfeld, happy Monday and a sweet welcome back to Dinaash!
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October 29, 2010 Is the ABA Trying to Kill Lawyer Blogs, Facebook Profiles, Twitter Updates, Forum Posts and Lawyer Websites?: Is t...
October 26, 2010 The Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference: The Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference is this Thursday at ...
October 21, 2010 Violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials...
October 21, 2010 Apple Announces Mac App Store; Opens Market to New Developers and Internet Law Issues: Mac OS X Lion is scheduled ...
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August 13, 2014 Responsibility for Injuries at Sporting Events - Aronberg & Aronberg, Personal Injury Law Firm via @sharethis
August 11, 2014 411: How Your Case Will Proceed
August 11, 2014 411: How Your Case Will Proceed - Aronberg & Aronberg, Personal Injury Law Firm via @sharethis
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August 15, 2014 Crewmember Dies After Fall Onto Ship Deck - #maritime
August 6, 2014 Australian Mining Co. to Pay Record $2.2M in Asbestos Mesothelioma Case -
July 28, 2014 Ammonia Leak Sends 4 to Hospital, Closes #Houston Ship Channel - #chemicalexposure
July 23, 2014 Thousands of older rail tank cars that carry crude oil may be phased out under regulations proposed today. -
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3 days ago RT @ryan_bowley: Traffic Light Study Reveals Serious Hacking Risk >@TechReview
August 14, 2014 Tips for Sharing the Road with School Buses - #backtoschool
August 5, 2014 Help Save Lives: Remember to Stop on Red -
August 4, 2014 Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Bus in Maryland -
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23.4 hours ago Le'Veon Bell says he didn't know that you could get a DUI due to marijuana. He was very, very wrong.
2 days ago RT @NBCOlympics: Amy Van Dyken-Rouen stands, walks for first time since accident (video)
3 days ago Possible Health Risk in these butter and almond butters:
3 days ago Family of Amina Bowman Settles Lawsuit with Bremerton SD: The family of a third-grade girl who was injured dur...
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October 16, 2013 Brian Keith Dunn of Coral Spring, Florida Arrested for Lascivious Battery on Minor: Brian Keith Dunn of Coral ...
October 16, 2013 Qwentyn Hunter Drowns Aboard Miami, Florida Cruise Ship: Qwentyn Hunter drowned aboard a Miami, Florida Carniv...
October 16, 2013 Timothy Eugene Alexander Jr., Former South Trail, Florida Firefighter and Joshua Dale Bryan Arrested for Sexua...
October 15, 2013 Sandra Marti, Broward County, Florida Child Protection Agent, Arrested for Falsifying Reports: Sandra Marti, a...
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August 16, 2014 Virginia: Vehicle Accidents – a Lawyer’s Compromise
August 10, 2014 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Challenge
August 4, 2014 Virginia: Medical Malpractice – a Lawyer’s Challenge
August 4, 2014 Virginia: Legal Recognitions – a Lawyer’s Ranking
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August 14, 2014 Teen Dies After Vessel Strikes Waterway Marker; Can the Family Benefit by Contacting a Boating Accident Lawyer...
August 14, 2014 Our Boating Accident Attorney Talks Waterway Marker Laws and How They Might Have Played a Role in a Fatal Nort...
August 11, 2014 Cruise Ship Crew Member Goes Missing from Carnival Spirit; Was a Lack of Safety to Blame? (Part 1): As any mar...
August 11, 2014 Cruise Ship Crew Member Goes Missing from Carnival Spirit; Was a Lack of Safety to Blame? (Part 2): In our las...
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August 14, 2014 Check out this great testimonial from one of our lovely clients!
August 12, 2014 @RebeccaBurbes Happy to help others!
August 12, 2014 Take a look at some #summer #safetytips in & around #water!
August 5, 2014 A brain injury can be life changing, especially for a child.
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August 15, 2014 One of the most important safety concerns on the job is fall protection:
August 15, 2014 Thanks for following, @deisbrouch - happy Friday!
August 13, 2014 31 states have now passed laws that ban texting while driving. But do they work?
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July 21, 2014 Finally living in a top 10 cycling friendly town!  The Bentwood Inn is located right on the Jackson Hole Community…
July 18, 2014 If you enjoy the quiet, beauty of the back country in winter, hiking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, AT and nordic…
July 13, 2014 My cuisine is always homemade!  Glad they are doing this!
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August 12, 2014 RT @ProfDauber: @mcuban How a Handful of Brooklyn Law Students Forced a Patent-Troll to Drop a Meritless Lawsuit
August 7, 2014 RT @ChrisBurke_SI: That's going to be a problem.
August 6, 2014 RT @TheTweetOfGod: Food and clean water are so awesome I sometimes think everybody should have them.
August 6, 2014 RT @julialadewski: exacty! RT @jensinkler: When fielding questions about bulletproof coffee I always point people to @insidepn's article
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4 days ago Please RT. Did You Know? According to the CDC, 14,598 men and 3,485 women died of malignant #mesothelioma from 1999 through 2005.
August 12, 2014 Did You Know? According to the National Cancer Institute, smokers exposed to #asbestos have a greater risk of developing #LungCancer.
August 10, 2014 Statutes of Limitations in Wrongful Death Cases
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1 day ago Attorneys File Lawsuit After 18-Wheeler Accident in #Houston #trucking #safety #law
2 days ago VIDEO: Life on the High Seas - first-hand accounts from seafarers #offshore #maritime
3 days ago Fuel oil spills into Ohio River, portions closed #OilSpill #OhioRiver
August 15, 2014 Generic Drug Liability: A Look Back at Court Rulings
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August 7, 2013 @HLNAfterDark The Nicole Baukus case is tragic. We feel for the families of the 2 victims. Here is our persepctive.
November 26, 2012 Bounce houses a party hit but kids' injuries soar - Houston Chronicle
November 21, 2012 RT @Slate: Wealthy tax whiners don't understand how marginal tax rates work:
November 16, 2012 Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico; 2 missing, others hospitalized - U.S. News via @NBCnews
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July 16, 2014 Own a vehicle that required three (3) or more warranty repairs? Purchased your vehicle no later than 2009? You...
June 16, 2014 GM decided this issue was a "customer convenience" issue; not a safety matter. This firm believes a stalling...
June 14, 2014 Can I get my money back after buying a defective automobile? Yes, in many instances you can or you may qualify...
June 13, 2014 Here's an interesting article discussing which cars could last 250k miles. Some of these brands are not...
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August 23, 2013 21% decline in people who think drunk driving is a serious threat. News story: Legal info:
August 21, 2013 Amateur video catches a "Dukes of Hazard" style jump and truck crash in Michigan
August 21, 2013 Amateur video catches a "Dukes of Hazzrd" style jump and crash in Michigan
August 19, 2013 Injury Law Wiki: Civil Practices & Remedies Code § 71.002 – Wrongful Death Cause of Action
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February 29, 2012 Jefferson Parish Woman Sues Boomtown Casino in Louisiana's 24th Judicial District Court Over Slip and Fall: A Ha...
February 28, 2012 St. Landry Parish Man Files Jones Act Claim in New Orleans Over Burn Injuries Received While Onboard Sinking Shi...
February 28, 2012 Transocean Employee Seeks Separate Deepwater Horizon Personal Injury Trial: A Transocean employee injured onboar...
February 28, 2012 Chemical Waste Spilled After Driver Backs Into 18-Wheeler on I-10 Near Slidell: On Wednesday, a semi-truck carry...
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August 15, 2014 3 things to do if you were involved in the #Greyhound crash yesterday in Florida:
August 15, 2014 3 things to do if you were involved in the #Greyhound crash yesterday in Florida:
August 14, 2014 #JonesAct workers: need help finding a doc after you've been hurt? Get help now:
August 14, 2014 #JonesAct workers: need help finding a doc after you've been hurt? Get help now:
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July 5, 2013 Happy 4th of July from Anderson Carey & Williams
April 19, 2013 Learn more about the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.
April 19, 2013 Attorney David B. Anderson's profile on "Lawyer Legion" highlights membership in the Maritime Law Assocation.
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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April 16, 2014 RT @Reuters: Wisconsin passes law to curb private custody transfers of children, the first law of its kind in the U.S.:
February 21, 2014 Who cares?
February 19, 2014 RT @FLCourtsEFiling: Check out updated E-Portal FAQS page for current e-filing information
February 17, 2014 RT @ezraklein: The most beautiful piece of writing I've read this year.
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4 days ago Truck Accident in Frederick County Kills One Motorcyclist: Earlier this week in Frederick County, one motorcyc...
4 days ago New York Nursing Home Questioned After Another Patient Death: A Long Island nursing home is under investigatio...
August 14, 2014 20-Year-Old DC Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident: Earlier this week, a tragic motorcycle accident took the lif...
August 14, 2014 Vile Conditions in DC Hospital Leads to Jury Verdict for Former Employee: In a truly disgusting and alarming s...
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5 days ago Jake accepts the challenge.
5 days ago And off to hoop it up!!
5 days ago Off to college!!
August 14, 2014 ATL took it up a notch. Sweet terminal!
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November 30, 2010 "'Immediately' Means Now! - U.S. Coast Guard Marine Casualty Reporting Regulations" is the title of my new column in M…
May 19, 2011 My column in the May 2011 issue of the popular workboat industry magazine, MarineNews, is "Utmost Good Faith: Marine Insurance."
May 9, 2011 I completed and made a near-perfect score on the final for the PA Motorcycle Safety Foundation's http://www.pamsp.com
May 9, 2011 My column in the April 2011 issue of MarineNews magazine explains the potential impact on seamen's and railroad worke…
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August 15, 2014 #HappyFriday -- Getting ready for the last weekend of the month. Just 1 more shift before I can sleep in:-)...
August 12, 2014 Learn how #PlantExplosions occur and what type of injurues commonly result. What are the odds you would survive?
August 11, 2014 How can you ensure your child’s safety while in a car? Read the following article for more information. #ChildSafety
August 8, 2014 #SafetyAlert - GM recalled SUVs that are cathing fire. Learn which SUVs are included & what to do is you have...
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April 9, 2014 Jury Awards $9 Billion in Damages in Drug Case
June 7, 2013 Da Vinci Robots: NB&A's complex litigation team is investigating cases of injuries resulting from surgeries with these Robots.
June 7, 2013 Check out our new summer updates to our Facebook page.
March 8, 2013 DePuy ASR Hip Implant Trial Verdict:
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5 days ago Keep Your Kids Safe during the Back-to-School Season #SarasotaChildInjuryLawyer #BradentonPedestrianAccients
August 15, 2014 With school about to start, here's to making it a very...
August 14, 2014 Happy birthday to Lizz with Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage. Lizz is always willing to help others and hope she has a great birthday!
August 11, 2014 What a great way to start the morning! One of our clients brought us "thank you" flowers! So awesome!
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March 10, 2014 The artistry of small business start-up valuation.
January 9, 2014 An interesting variant on other metric based systems. Similar in some ways to the OER system used in the Army. I t…
November 26, 2013 RT @ABC: JUST IN: Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to Obamacare "contraception mandate" - - @Arianedevogue
November 20, 2013 I just got a 5-star review from a Contracts client on Avvo
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August 4, 2014 Clarity on ERISA Liens: Since the passage of the Employee Retirement Insurance Security Act which is also know...
July 25, 2014 July 2014: The month of July, 2014 turned out to be a month filled with tragedy with several motorcyclists and...
July 25, 2014 Interesting Criminal Stories for July 2014: A former Eastchester police officer who accidently shot his friend...
June 10, 2014 Driver Fatigue to Blame in Recently Deadly Truck Crash: Our New York truck accident attorneys know all too wel...
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4 days ago Woman Drowns on Princess Cruise
4 days ago The Biggest Mistakes People Make in a Car Accident: If you've been injured in a car accident, Miami car accident attorney Jack Hickey remin…
5 days ago 2 tourists missing after #cruise boat sinks in Indonesia #CNN
August 14, 2014 Cruise ship comes back to Charleston with #injured passenger
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5 days ago Older Used Vehicles Put Teens at Greater Risk for Accidents #SouthFloridaAutoAccidentLawyer #TeenDrivers
5 days ago Older Used Vehicles Put Teens at Greater Risk for Accidents #SouthFloridaAutoAccidentLawyer #TeenDrivers
August 12, 2014 Cruise Travel Checklist: What to Bring on Your First Cruise #Cruises #CruiseTravel...
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4 days ago Do you need a criminal defense attorney in #rhodeisland or #massachusetts ? Give me a call at 401-351-5100
4 days ago John Calcagnis Daily Paper is out! Stories via @DrHelenKara @LORDDRIFTER1
August 18, 2014 New Client Testimonial: John is an energetic, highly motivated, upbeat, professional and aggressive lawyer
August 17, 2014 Do you need a criminal defense attorney in #rhodeisland or #massachusetts ? Give me a call at 401-351-5100
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June 18, 2014 Court Rules on Supervisor Liability in Employment Retaliation Claims: The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that ...
June 10, 2014 Business Partnerships in Boston: Protecting Your Interests: The formation of a business partnership can serve ...