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February 28, 2014 Like this logo! - and Mike Williams will donate $2,000 to the Springfield Area Arts Council #springfield #arts
December 7, 2013 @AlexanderRandi and @raptordactyl are not hanging out with me right now...oh hi @laura_vaught who are you?
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December 20, 2013 RISE and Shine 5k/ Fun Run via @active
November 24, 2013 @MargaretPazant It is my pleasure to follow you Margaret!! xo
November 21, 2013 RT @PamelaWhitmore: Question & Answer of experts by @JDSupra regarding how to improve workplace social media policies
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4.2 hours ago Fired Export-Import Bank Official Pleads the Fifth at Hearing on Corruption, Fraud: An Export-Import Ban... #tcot
4.2 hours ago My Exchange with Two New York Times Writers on Marriage Equality and Civility: Can people respect each o... #tcot
4.4 hours ago 22nd Amendment set term limits for the US President.
4.8 hours ago George Washington set a precedent by serving only 2 terms. 22nd Amendment set the precedent in stone
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July 11, 2014 My Assignment As A Cat Is Now Done via @wordpressdotcom
March 23, 2014 Happy Birthday Sadaf: via @YouTube
February 24, 2014 I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 2014 Birthday Cubicle Vandalism
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1 day ago #NHTSA investigates 320,000 GM cars for air bag defects
1 day ago @CharlieCAndrews @RealJanaBanana I love oh's. How about Post mini-wheats?
1 day ago Perspective And Preparedness For Divorcing Women -
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July 24, 2014 Rate of Speed Directly Increases the Risk and Ruthlessness of Impact and Injuries
July 24, 2014 How to Become More Visible While Riding a Motorcycle
July 24, 2014 Benefits to Wearing a Helmet – Motorcycle Statistics and Facts
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July 23, 2014 Raleigh Leads The Best Places For Business And Careers 2014 #business
July 23, 2014 Best And Worst Places For Business 2014 #business
July 23, 2014 Best And Worst Places For Business 2014 #business
July 23, 2014 The U.S. Postal Service Thinks 3D Printing Can Save It #business
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July 23, 2014 Books Every CEO, Leader & Business Owner Should Read
July 22, 2014 How You Can Create Your Company Culture: Methods of Steve Jobs
July 21, 2014 The Essence of Steve Jobs' Genius Was Simplification
July 21, 2014 For Better Conversations, Replace 'How Are You?' With This One Phrase
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10.4 hours ago "Auld lang syne" Billy Keane, James Taylor, Kim Taylor #music
10.5 hours ago people who work=labor thugs. people who fire them=job creators #rightwingdoublespeak
10.5 hours ago When a species poisons an entire planet ~ #drgrist #eco
10.6 hours ago Indigenous Land Management Highly Effective in Combating Climate Change ~ #yesmagazine
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4 days ago Winning Your Claims Through Responsible Use of Social Media -
July 22, 2014 Record Fines, Unprecedented Oversight Requirements Loom in GM Investigation -
July 22, 2014 What an Auto Accident Victim Must Do In Preserving Rights to Compensation via @wordpressdotcom
July 18, 2014 Record Fines, Unprecedented Oversight Requirements Loom in GM Investigation -
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14.2 hours ago @TODAYshow I'm guessing that "ask your employees to show a little respect for their customers" is a bit too simple, huh?
14.2 hours ago RT @TODAYshow: TSA offers $15,000 for best ideas to speed up security: #WhatsTrendingTODAY
14.3 hours ago @ImJustEri @Forbes I'm a mom of three kids, too, and I can't even imagine the heartbreak.
14.3 hours ago @ImJustEri @Forbes Completely agree. I think it's terrific. There's been very little press.
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37 minutes ago Republican Bogeyman
July 24, 2014 @HryPop That would be something. Definitely would give me some swag in court!
July 24, 2014 I've got 3 cases set for trial on Mon. I think I'm better off wearing a ringmaster outfit instead of my trial suit...
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June 6, 2013 Reminds me of childhood memories... ?
January 17, 2013 And I'm going outside to get soaking wet! ♫
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2 days ago There is No Such Thing As Online Marketing | Lawyerist #lawyers
2 days ago @SandyGuerriere Good morning Sandy!! #CoffeeTime!! Hope you have a wonderful week! ;) #hikes #beachwalks
2 days ago When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter and Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC] | AllTwitter
2 days ago Border agents say violent MS-13 recruiting at Arizona facility for new Central American arrivals | Fox News
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July 22, 2014 Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications
July 22, 2014 Small Business Innovation Research grants seminar at UNL July 31
July 20, 2014 RT @bobgoff: The more beauty we find in someone else's journey, the less we'll want to compare it to our own.
July 17, 2014 Perfect Pilfering
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1 day ago This is the coolest video -- Steak on Coals
3 days ago This is pretty fun if you like lawyer or penguin jokes -
5 days ago RT @TexasTribune: #TBT Tribune enviro reporter @nsatija89's 1st story, on her 1st day, 7/23/13 #hitthegroundrunning
5 days ago Amazon will spend $100M on new, original shows in Q3
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July 18, 2014 My new book is now available on Kindle -
December 5, 2013 Sign up for our monthly newsletter at
October 29, 2013 After the Shutdown...Effects on Immigration #constantcontact
October 4, 2013 Asylum applications from Mexico have dramatically increase recently. Although Mexico has not traditionally been a country from which...
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July 23, 2014 RT @MattGoldstein26: Bill Ackman Hates The Hell Out Of Herbalife Because God Damnit He Loves America via @dealbreaker
July 23, 2014 @FD Let's collaborate on "What should PwC do?" $hlf
July 23, 2014 External auditors can be whistleblowers. Yes you can!
July 23, 2014 RT @latinorebels: Decades before today's child migrant crisis, there was a wave of Cuban migrant kids - sponsored by the U.S....
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July 20, 2014 I just got a whole year of Spotdox for free. Now I have remote access to all the files on my computer via Dropbox.
April 8, 2014 Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple!
March 14, 2014 Marketing materials with a proven track record for success all bundled up & ready for you to implement
March 12, 2014 3 lead generation strategies you can implement now to encourage prospects to take the next step
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July 23, 2014 RT @BDillashaw: The Majority Of Today’s App Businesses Are Not Sustainable via @techcrunch
July 23, 2014 @FPO: Pretty excited to see how does. Its @Lyft for Lawncare.” (Love dirty software solutions like this)
July 23, 2014 RT @rarekeith: Jack White is at a Cubs' game tonight and it's everything we could ever want and need.
July 22, 2014 @kevinokeefe: FindLaw selling pre-owned law blogs/sites on existing domain w/previous owner's content. -” gross
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July 22, 2014 RT: The D.C. Circuit Court upheld a challenge to #ObamaCare that seeks to eliminate insurance subsidies in 36 states.
July 10, 2014 Our veterans must receive the excellent care they deserve and have earned. RT: Reform the VA!
July 9, 2014 #ObamaCare is destroying our nation’s health care and American job security. Click here - -
July 8, 2014 TRUE or False? Click here if you agree we must hold the IRS accountable! -
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4 days ago RT @HC_ChrisGage: Thanks for a wonderful conference #ACTEPC - already looking forward to 2015. Now we can focus on #nacac14 @ACTepc @NACAC @NACACConference
4 days ago Thanks to everyone at #actepc who attended my No-Plan Plan session. You were awesome! #noplanplan
July 24, 2014 RT @ACT: "Don't look outside the box, act like the box doesn't exist" Dr. Bertice Berry #ACTEPC @DrBerticeBerry
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July 23, 2014 Black NYPD Off-Duty Officer 'Choked' Yet He Is Disciplined
July 22, 2014 The Sanders Firm, P.C. Legal News is out! Stories via @CofieldTIS
July 22, 2014 RT @EEOCNews: Please share our page with your friends, family and colleagues!
July 22, 2014 RT @lawdotcom: A case challenging Ariz.'s refusal to reveal info about its execution drugs is headed to #SCOTUS:
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4 days ago Happy I am going to be on my bike next week and not on a plane. :-P
5 days ago @F4LBikerally Good point! :) If I remember my bike, credit card and sleeping bag the rest is just gravy.
July 24, 2014 Packing done for the @F4LBikerally - Hope I didn't miss anything. Getting excited. We leave Sunday!
July 24, 2014 @freshie2777 @4sqSupport @swarmapp Yeah, that would be a drag. We all use it in such different ways, but they have marketed it to just one.
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October 8, 2013 IT Workers Lose Cert. In Amdocs Collective Action #law #employmentlaw #IT
October 8, 2013 Ex-NFLers Seek OK Of Contested $42M Publicity Rights Deal #law #employmentlaw #ex-NFL #publicity #rights #deal
October 8, 2013 Hospital Settles Religious Bias Suit Over Veganism #law #employmentlaw #hospital #suit #veganism
October 7, 2013 Fight Over Wis. Collective Bargaining Law Heads To 7th Circ. #law #employmentlaw #Wisconsin #bargaining
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1 day ago Appellate Court Protects Florida Gun Owners From Prying Doctors and Gun Control Lobbyist: How often does the a...
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3 days ago What Processes in the Brain Allow You to Remember Dreams?
3 days ago Getting Over Procrastination
4 days ago A reward is valued more if you choose it yourself: New quirky byproduct of learning from reward
July 24, 2014 Mind & Brain book club discusses "Buddha's­ Brain" by Rick Hanson tonight
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February 25, 2010 The REAL cost of a traffic ticket: When it comes to moving violations the real cost can be surprising.   Picture t...
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?: The Journal News has been following a story of a County Po..
December 30, 2009 Should you take a Breathalyzer if arrested for DWI?
December 28, 2009 5 MINUTE PARKING METER GRACE PERIOD GRANTED TO DRIVERS: Have you ever waited in line for a purchase and panicke..
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July 22, 2014 Handshakes Don’t Count: Subcontractor’s Guide to Position For Payment
July 22, 2014 Does a General Contractor Have to Tell a Subcontractor that its Bid is Too Low? (via @CraigMartin_jd)
July 22, 2014 The construction attorneys Daily is out!
July 22, 2014 Ohio Supreme Court Gets Pay If Paid Decision Wrong, Hurts Subcontractors
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July 24, 2014 Domestic violence in Australia SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 31 JULY Parliament of Australia
July 24, 2014 Federal judge declares Colorado ban on gay marriage unconstitutional - The Denver Post - Mozilla Firefox
July 24, 2014 Beautiful Brisbane greets the dawn
July 24, 2014 Catriona MacLennan: Strangling law will help tackle domestic violence - NZ Herald News -
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11.3 hours ago A Mensch on the Bench: Federal judge enlists prosecutor to let him reduce 57-year sentence he imposed in carjackings
1 day ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @PrisonReformMvt @medschat
2 days ago Steigerlaw Daily is out! Stories via @ABC30 @JeffersonObama @HashemiLaw
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2 days ago Why Do Americans Stink at Math?, via @nytimes
2 days ago These Are The Best (And Worst) Places In America To Raise Kids via @HuffPostParents
2 days ago Man Dressed as Spider-Man Is Arrested After Scuffle With Police in Times Square, via @nytimes
2 days ago RT @staceyballis: Still time to win this giveaway, don't forget to stop by and comment to enter!
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July 23, 2014 Might be the time for your growing Small Biz to have a discussion with a lender... Worldwide reach, Florida Focus …
July 22, 2014 @PeterMBrown45 @mitchellreports @MikeBloomberg Well done, PMN45. May that never be challenged!
July 22, 2014 @PeterMBrown45 @mitchellreports @MikeBloomberg One now hopes Colite has never challenged government determinations and restrictions.
July 22, 2014 @theContractsGuy Already Stylin !
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4 days ago Financing hotel development today: The 5 questions every hotel developer is asking about EB-5 financing
July 9, 2014 Chinese-language Hotel Law Blog launched by JMBM Global Hospitality Group® and
July 3, 2014 International Passport & Visa on #Yelp: These folks really make it all so easy and painless. This is a great way to …
June 23, 2014 Executive Summary of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program - Hotel Lawyer looking at the EB-5 program Over the past ...
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March 5, 2014 ABDO - Direito de Propriedade
November 27, 2013 O direito à privacidade é uma garantia constitucional e é inviolável e a Abdo defende os seus direitos....
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July 24, 2014 Check out "Texas Women Rainmakers Inaugural Conference" via @eventbrite
July 24, 2014 RT @ricktagious: PowerPoint Master @pauljunger Explains the Value of PowerPoint for Lawyers #legaltech via @BizTechMagazine
July 23, 2014 RT @MariSmith: Desktop Tool for Instagram Marketing Management: ScheduGram via @mike_gingerich [Love it!]
July 23, 2014 @LukeWessman the emojis already exist - download from app store :)
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July 7, 2014 Missing in Miami’s new condo boom: Miamians - Business Monday -
July 3, 2014 Nazi 'perfect Aryan' poster child was Jewish - photographer wanted to make Nazis look foolish.
July 1, 2014 Yes.
July 1, 2014 RT @jeffrey_brandt: RT lol @practicingruby: It is not 1980 anymore. If you hate end users or think they're stupid, you should stop writing software.
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July 23, 2014 We are all pulling for you here in the office. Get well soon Danny!!! #dannynickerson #dannyswarriors
July 10, 2014 @whurstlaw thanks for the RT Bill!
July 8, 2014 Personal Injury Lawyer Brian Chase Featured on the Cover of Attorney Journal Orange County July 2014 Edition.
July 8, 2014 Personal Injury Lawyer Brian Chase Featured on the Cover of Attorney Journal Orange County #Legal
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July 9, 2014 Burger King employee should get 'a real job,' controversial Montana judge says…
July 9, 2014 Student suspended for 7 weeks over 2-word tweet sues police and school officials…
July 9, 2014 6th Circuit reverses $338K libel verdict for ex-Bengals cheerleader against website…
July 8, 2014 Julian @julian_kemp thanks for the Retweet. Much appreciated!
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July 24, 2014 Cops: Dad beats man found raping son - @PhxCriminalAtty @krupaclarklaw
July 24, 2014 DC has three drunk driving offenses: driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, and operating while...
July 24, 2014 To fight crime, Chicago tries wiping away arrests -
July 23, 2014 Lawyer: Dispute With Patriots Over Aaron Hernandez Records Resolved - @SPParkAtty @SeanRobichaud @bizatty