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January 1, 2016 @nuunhydration 2015 goes to the recycle bin; here's to a new 2016 season #nuunlove #nuun
December 28, 2015 @jasonhobson #United I have some really great news: afylter 4 hours and 42 min on hold, @united answered the phone #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @united Good news: After 4 hours and 42 min, I was connected! #epicfail #breakingnews
December 28, 2015 @joero83 @United on hold for 4 hours 25 min here...good job #united
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March 2, 2010 Your Personal Brand vs Your Corporate Brand _ Added Clarity for Legal Marketers
March 2, 2010 "Legal Marketers, Attract More Clients With SEO Copywriting St."
February 20, 2016 The Long Short | Official Trailer [HD] Shabazz Ray Presents
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May 19, 2016 Compact for America Solution to Article V Convention Issues According to Founders, Part II #BMRTG #PJNET
May 19, 2016 Analyst with stellar election-projection track record predicts Clinton win: Hillary Clinton will... @JohnLockeNC
May 18, 2016 Very highly incendiary column of the moment: Been awhile since I’ve read anything like this. Chr... @JohnLockeNC
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April 18, 2016 Snapshots of life! Alum Rock Park - Boccardo Loop: JohnMPruitt posted a photo: Just under six miles total ...
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May 18, 2016 5 Reasons Women Leave Their Marriages, In Their Own Words
May 18, 2016 RT @CNNMoney: A new rule expands overtime pay to millions of workers
May 18, 2016 To the Dads Out There Thinking About #Divorce
May 18, 2016 Four Ways to Make the Case for New Technology in Your Law Firm
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May 6, 2016 Building Meaningful and Effective Web Content via @
April 3, 2016 @@Tabizel so sad to see all the legal educational videos go down off of videojug. Any way to get them back online? :-(
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3 days ago Do Millennial Entrepreneurs Need A College Education? #business
3 days ago What Scares Billionaire Racing Magnate Roger Penske? #business
3 days ago Friday Box Office: 'Angry Birds' Soars To $11M, 'Neighbors 2' Snags $8M, 'Nice Guys' Finishes Fourth #business
3 days ago Weekend Favs May Twenty #marketing
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4 days ago Leadership Lessons from Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs Manager @CubsJoeMadd via @EOSWorldwide
4 days ago 5 Strategy Questions Every Leader Should Make Time For
4 days ago Be More Successful: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Do It
4 days ago Want to Be More Productive? Be More Punctual via @richardbranson
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May 18, 2016 "I'm so lonesome I could cry" Seasick Steve & Amy LaVere #music [live]
May 18, 2016 "Stand by me" Ben E. King (2012) (excerpt) #music
May 18, 2016 "Catch the wind" PS 22 Chorus #music
May 18, 2016 "You can't always get what you want" Nikki Jensen # music
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March 24, 2015 Inclusion to Leaves of Absence Graces Peace Officers and Rescue Personnel -
March 23, 2015 Tips on How to Avoid Car Accident When You're in Los Angeles -
March 12, 2015 Know more about how you can file a discrimination case through the EEOC:
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May 16, 2016 RT @hkeolaw: Last day 2 vote 4 UM Law Alum Carlos Martinez 4 Miami Herald Visionary Award. Pls vote here:
May 16, 2016 Twitter may cut photos and links from 140-character limit, report says
May 16, 2016 How researchers identified a heart condition using telephone metadata and search engines alone
May 10, 2016 Cursing Is F**king ‘Commonplace,’ Says Lawyer Who Was Admonished For Cursing At Federal Prosecutor
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October 23, 2014 Been awhile! :)
May 9, 2014 .@lowes: 2/3 of our food crops need bees. Stop selling bee-killing pesticides. #BeeLove #BeeAction @foe_us
June 6, 2013 Reminds me of childhood memories... ?
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4 days ago RT @jaredcorreia: MT @DanPinnington: RT @HarvardBiz: 4 Guiding Principles for Navigating a Late-Career Journey:
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May 19, 2016 If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35 - YouTube
May 15, 2016 How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing
May 14, 2016 Trends in angel investing
May 13, 2016 UNL's E-Clinic on the Wild West of securities-based crowdfunding - Silicon Prairie News
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May 18, 2016 Texas Adult Protective Services completed 78,180 investigations of abuse, neglect or exploitation in 2015 #ElderLaw #SpecialNeeds
May 18, 2016 RT @PetersonLawGrp: Good info to know especially in a college town -- 3 Legal Risks When Hiring Unpaid Interns
May 18, 2016 Texas Adult Protective Services received 110,277 allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation #ElderLaw #SpecialNeeds
May 18, 2016 There are 3.2 million Texans over age 65 and 1.7 million Texans that are disabled #ElderLaw #SpecialNeeds
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October 31, 2015 I just entered the GIA Cell Guard Giveaway Contest. #cellphone
June 15, 2015 Relocating to Florida with a Business Visa-
February 27, 2015 FREE CITIZENSHIP CLASS March 2, 2015; 435 12th Street W., Bradenton, FL 34205. Register at 941-773-1523
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1 day ago How a Chewbacca mask in the clearance bin turned into free advertising for Kohl’s
1 day ago RT @cate_long: Francine McKenna: "Deloitte, auditor of those illustrious failures Bear, Merrill, RBS, WaMu, Fannie Mae & American Home Mortgage..."
1 day ago RT @specialreports: While Schnurr was in charge of audits at Deloitte, the firm gave clean audits to Bear Stearns and Fannie Mae
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May 17, 2016 If you weren’t aware, July is Sandwich Generation Month. I want to help you get ready for this great marketing opportunity now! Here's how:
April 26, 2016 Tomorrow is Administrative Professional's Day - a day to be sure to say "Thank you!"
February 15, 2016 When you are dealing with a crazy Monday & you receive this. We love what we do - and the clients we work with!!!
February 11, 2016 RT @Jeena_Cho: Paying attention requires practice. And what you practice becomes easier.
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3 days ago Clausematic the Destroyer was released over night. No insurance policy is safe. #insurtech
4 days ago Dear Google, Gboard is amazing. You may have all my data. Love Chris
5 days ago #insurtech is about to be introduced to Clausematic the Destroyer. He eats insurance policies for breakfast. You've been warned.
5 days ago RT @grantgooding: Check out @riskgenius showing industry leadership. Take notes, that's how it's done! #micdrop #insurtech
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April 13, 2016 A man known for his integrity and commitment to freedom. RT
April 6, 2016 The Obama administration's fumbling of foreign policy leaves Americans vulnerable. RT
April 4, 2016 Pentagon officials have called these terrorists the worst of the worst. And now Obama is setting them free.
March 22, 2016 The tragedy in Brussels reminds us of the great evil we are fighting.
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May 12, 2016 RT @TheMfgInstitute: Finding quality workers takes time and money. To find out how much, visit
May 12, 2016 RT @MartenRoorda: Student population is more diverse than ever. What would America look like as 100 students?
May 11, 2016 SkillsUSA is doing some amazing work teaching the next generation of leaders.
May 11, 2016 Check out this ACT Success story about how Envision Experience is using ACT Engage to help the students and parents…
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4 days ago Furious Federal Judge Orders Justice Department Lawyers to Undergo Ethics Training
4 days ago Mom of seven found dead with throat slashed on Brooklyn bench
4 days ago De Blasio: Not always unethical for business interests to donate
4 days ago A $2G ambulance ride shows health providers, insurers' Mafia ways
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May 18, 2016 RT @CALLACBD: Thank you to Specialty Technical Publisher for supporting #callacbd2016
May 18, 2016 RT @clothingdriveca: Honoured to be recognized @GGDavidJohnston 4 helping Syrian newcomers.Thanks @COSTI_org & volunteers 4ure hard work!
May 18, 2016 RT @clothingdriveca: Thank u4d honour.Heartwarming 2meet other organisations working hard 4settlement of r new Syrian friends! #Gratitude
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October 8, 2013 IT Workers Lose Cert. In Amdocs Collective Action #law #employmentlaw #IT
October 8, 2013 Ex-NFLers Seek OK Of Contested $42M Publicity Rights Deal #law #employmentlaw #ex-NFL #publicity #rights #deal
October 8, 2013 Hospital Settles Religious Bias Suit Over Veganism #law #employmentlaw #hospital #suit #veganism
October 7, 2013 Fight Over Wis. Collective Bargaining Law Heads To 7th Circ. #law #employmentlaw #Wisconsin #bargaining
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May 19, 2016 A Real-Time Visualization Of Electrical Activity In The Brain Is Here And It's Beautiful
May 18, 2016 'It's rude to point,' right? Not always
May 18, 2016 Words, more words ... and statistics: To segment words, the brain could be using statistical methods
May 17, 2016 The 'Echoverse': New way to think about brand-consumer interactions
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February 25, 2010 The REAL cost of a traffic ticket: When it comes to moving violations the real cost can be surprising.   Picture t...
May 19, 2016 Your rights and responsibilities on a traffic stop when you are a passenger
May 19, 2016 Your rights and responsibilities on a traffic stop when you are a passenger
May 19, 2016 Your rights and responsibilities on a traffic stop when you are a passenger
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2 days ago Harrington Family Lawyers receives an Equity and Diversity Award;Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog
2 days ago Check out this link
3 days ago I have been nominated for LGBTIQ Activist of the Year. Please vote!
3 days ago Labor promises LGBTIQ watchdog if elected
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May 19, 2016 James is Graduating!!! (@ The Pavilion - @villanovau in Villanova, PA)
May 18, 2016 I'm at Medical Arts Pavilion 2 in Newark, DE
May 18, 2016 RT @CMGHVAC: Are You Losing Out? Don't Forget Online Referrals #HVAC #BBB by @ldpodcast
May 17, 2016 James's academic award ceremony (@ Delaware County Community College in Media, PA)
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5 days ago Take a few minutes to remember how Terry Tomalin took us all outside...
5 days ago Such sadness, such respect for Terry Tomalin's many years of work. He gave his outdoor world to us. #tightlines
May 18, 2016 RT @S_TAMPAChamber: #STCOC Chairman Bill Yanger addressed 150 chamber members today at out annual meeting and ended his remarks with...
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May 13, 2016 Industry fundamentals are good now and will continue improve
May 10, 2016 Hotel Cybersecurity: Closing the doors before the horses leave the barn
May 7, 2016 Hotel Industry Outlook: presentations from Meet the Money® 2016, now available
May 3, 2016 The 2016 LIIC Top Ten: The annual survey of lodging investment trends and challenges
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April 15, 2016 Senhores, abaixo transcrevo mais uma causa de aeronauta ganha. A decisão favorável veio da cidade de São José do...
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4 days ago I'm at Barnett Vineyards - @barnettvineyard in Saint Helena, CA
4 days ago I'm at Sacramento International Airport - @sacintlairport in Sacramento, CA
4 days ago On-Site SEO You Can Do Yourself
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May 18, 2016 Textbook company accused of copyright infringement | Pennsylvania Record
May 18, 2016 Too Big to Sue: Why Getty Images Isn’t Pursuing a Copyright Case Against Google in the U.S.
May 18, 2016 Google Tries "Pretty Woman" Tactic in Oracle Copyright Suit | The National Law Review
May 18, 2016 Copyright trolls Rightscorp are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy / Boing Boing
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May 9, 2016 Do you take a LOT of photos of your kids? Check this survey out...
May 8, 2016 Want to read some Good News about the value of Parenting? Check out this Study...
May 8, 2016 Happy Mother's day to ALL! Hope it is a great one..
April 27, 2016 Debunking the Myths the 12 Step Programs...
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4 days ago San Francisco police chief ousted after latest fatal shooting, mayor says
4 days ago DC fire captain arrested on gun, drug charges
4 days ago New Senate bill would block SCOTUS-approved rule change expanding DOJ’s surveillance powers
4 days ago Maryland high court issues opinion in Gray case