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February 23, 2017 RT @DJKAYOTIK: HIT and HURT? TEXT @ijustgothit NOW!????#972IGOTHIT in the DFW! IJustGotHit…
February 20, 2017 #Texting us from the scene of the accident makes achieving just results that much easier. 281-IGOTHIT in #Houston.…
February 7, 2017 RT @htxbui: I just got hit . com
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November 29, 2016 I liked a @YouTube video Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn And Luke Bracey Discuss Their Film, "Hacksaw Ridge" | BUILD
November 29, 2016 I liked a @YouTube video The True Story of Mel Gibsons Hacksaw Ridge
November 29, 2016 I liked a @YouTube video Hacksaw Ridge (2016 - Movie) Official Trailer – “Believe”
November 15, 2016 RT @Rotoworld_FB: Jonathan Stewart not at Tuesday's practice
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December 27, 2016 Jimmy John's backs off controversial noncompetes in deal with Illinois AG
June 22, 2016 Thoughts on handling EEOC on site inspections.
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December 28, 2009 I'm on Facebook now. I'm starting to get the hang of this Interweb thing.
May 28, 2015 @ajjaffe From 1843 to 1938, the Colorado river basin in Central Texas suffered 15 major well documented floods.
May 28, 2015 @ajjaffe For all of recorded history, Texas weather has consisted of a series of droughts separated by floods. Nothing has changed.
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March 21, 2017 White Collar Crime Daily is out! (A collection of news & articles on white collar crime issues)
March 20, 2017 White Collar Crime Daily is out! (A collection of news & articles on white collar crime issues)
March 19, 2017 White Collar Crime Daily is out! (A collection of news & articles on white collar crime issues)
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March 21, 2017 RT @Social_Evidence: Keeps growing! Social Media in the News 2016-2017 [Infographic] - ShortStack #SocialEvidence #socialmediastatistics
March 6, 2017 It's 74 and sunny in Gainesville. It will be nicer still when the conference convenes. Be there!
March 1, 2017 I’ll be speaking at #UFEdisco17 Conference in Florida on March 30th. Always a great program Join me @UFLawEDISCOVERY
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October 22, 2016 RT @ATXANT10: Bill Snyder is not only a Hall of Fame coach but Hall of Fame human being. These 2 men r symbols of core values, cl…
August 9, 2016 RT @clvhtspolice: The male pictured below, 36 year old Evan Byron, is missing since August 3rd. He was last seen driving a black...
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March 18, 2017 IP Weekly Buzz- Week Ending March 17, 2017 ICANN & TMs; Performance Tea; Tweet with Caution #IPLaw @Performance_tea
March 17, 2017 IP Weekly Buzz- Week Ending March 17, 2017 ICANN & TMs; Performance Tea; Tweet with Caution #IPLaw @Performance_tea
March 17, 2017 Apple awarded new facial recognition patent #innovation #tech #patents #Apple
March 17, 2017 Friday Happiness Post -- Commander Mark Divine, ex-Navy SEAL, founder of @Sealfit on The Power of Positive Self Tal…
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March 16, 2017 "You know, it's funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags."
March 15, 2017 RT @Sports_Greats: Don't let obstacles beat you.
March 15, 2017 RT @TheEconomist: Beware the ides of March: Julius Caesar was assassinated #OnThisDay 44 BC
March 15, 2017 RT @HistoricalPics: Apollo 1 crew practicing a water exit in a swimming pool at the Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, 1966.
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December 18, 2016 Ready for the blizzard. Thank you to my 13 yo lumberjack, Martha!
December 17, 2016 Getting ready for Christmas!
November 24, 2016 RT @JusticeWillett: Buried lede: Alabama bolts SEC for Big 10. Immediately slips to #2.
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March 22, 2017 Warnings for car owners.
March 20, 2017 I wonder what the repair bill is going to look like...
March 20, 2017 RT @NBCDFW: Lawmakers push to raise minimum wage in Texas, one of 14 states with the lowest possible minimum wage.…
March 16, 2017 In Chicago for the Law Technology conference -Paul
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March 6, 2017 An Uphill Battle for Money to Battle Human Trafficking #HumanTrafficking #KenPaxton #DCF
February 16, 2017 Appeal Made on Federal Ruling of State Sex Offender Program #SexOffenders #Minnesota #FederalAppeal
February 2, 2017 Supreme Court Reviews Crimes That Are Eligible for Deportation #SCOTUS #Immigration #RefugeeBan #Deportation
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March 17, 2017 10 Documents Your Attorney Needs for Your Car Accident Case -
March 16, 2017 Xarelto Lawsuits Are Being Filed Now For Excessive Internal Bleeding and Death. ==>
March 15, 2017 Inside Edition with Kay Van Wey: Butcher Surgeon of Dallas [VIDEO] -
March 14, 2017 Are you currently taking a prescription drug? Find out which dangerous drugs are still on the market. ==>…
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February 19, 2017 #NotTheEnemy
February 19, 2017 RT @ABC: Sen. John McCain delivers withering critique of Pres. Trump in speech highlighting fractures within GOP…
February 19, 2017 RT @HuffingtonPost: John McCain: Attacking free press is 'how dictators get started'
February 19, 2017 RT @ABC: McCain says a free press is essential to a healthy democracy
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March 14, 2017 Hot Job Alert - Chicago! Our client, a boutique transactional law firm in Chicago, is looking to hire a Chief Techno…
March 14, 2017 Our client, a boutique transactional law firm in CHI, is looking to hire a Chief Technology Officer. See more info.
March 12, 2017 Early Risers Advance their careers. What time do you rise?
March 12, 2017 Early risers advance their careers. What time do you rise?
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February 21, 2017 Texas Attorney Russ Munsch killed in Australian Plane Crash:
January 11, 2017 Investigation Reveals Mechanical Problem Causes Mom's Deadly Fall From Ski Lift in Colorado:
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March 3, 2017 RT @people: Patrick Stewart is applying for U.S. citizenship to fight Donald Trump
January 30, 2017 RT @BadAstronomer: The @ACLU is hoping to get to a million followers by the end of this week. They are protecting the Bill of Rights. Stand with them.
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March 21, 2017 #WorldPoetryDay In a Station of the Metro- "The apparition of these faces in the crowd;/ Petals on a wet, black bough."- Ezra Pound
March 20, 2017 #MoviesThatStink Pulp Mill Fiction
March 20, 2017 RT @actbetter: "There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." -- Sir Joshua Reynolds
March 20, 2017 RT @anneapplebaum: Hearings in the US today on Russian influence should worry Brits: look at the dirty money flowing in to the UK
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March 8, 2017 - Our attorneys achieve great things on a daily basis, and today is no different. Read toda…
March 6, 2017 Congratulations to Cory Itkin on his 10 year work anniversary! Cory was the first attorney hired to join AI & has b…
March 3, 2017 Happy #GoTexanDay from the AI team! We hope y’all enjoy some boot stomping fun in anticipation of @RODEOHOUSTON.
February 20, 2017 Happy 10 year work anniversary to our Settlement Administrator, Erin! She is truly a part of the AI family. Thank y…
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August 24, 2016 You can now find me @contingencyblog. Please follow me there, as this Twitter account has gone inactive.
July 12, 2015 I've moved to @contingencyblog. Please follow me there.
July 7, 2015 Check out my new law blog, The Contingency.
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March 16, 2017 RT @DaBUGang: Best of luck to a LIVING LEGEND @KimMulkey and @BaylorWBB On the road to another NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP??????????
March 16, 2017 RT @BUMafia17: The mafia caught up with @BaylorVBall team they got a big season coming up this fall!! @RyanMcGuyre
March 16, 2017 RT @dfank_BU: the real story here is that we apparently have endless boxes of yeti swag
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February 18, 2017 RT @uiltexas: Congrats to Conf. 6A boys #UILState Swimming & Diving team champion Southlake Carroll, and runner-up Austin Westlak…
February 4, 2017 RT @Westlake_Nation: Swimming 3-peats as Region Champions. 1st time in school history that either team has won 3 straight Region Champio…
February 2, 2017 RT @Westlake_Nation: Swimming & Diving ready for 3-6A Regional Championships. Preliminary events start tomorrow. #GoChaps
December 17, 2016 RT @sjnaustin: Happy Birthday Pope Francis, thank you for leading us!
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March 17, 2017 RT @KamelaBridges: Okay, @UTexasLaw PW&A students, I spent spring break doing the shredding. Now it's your turn.
March 16, 2017 RT @JimNicar: #TBT 1958: A newly opened Townes Hall, home to the @UTAustin School of Law. The Tarleton Law Library was still two…
March 15, 2017 RT @UTLawCLE: Trump era brings hot healthcare topics. You probably should come. 29th Health Law Conference. Go to @texashospitals
March 14, 2017 Jeffrey Abramson op-ed in today's @dallasnews: "Did the Supreme Court open a Pandora's Box on jury discrimination?"…
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March 22, 2017 Thanks again to EMC News for having us out! Just in case you missed it yesterday, here's the link! (Teresa starts...
March 21, 2017 Here are ten more survival tips for Single Parents! #Nationalsingleparentsday
March 21, 2017 Today is National Single Parent's Day! Here is a list of ten tips for single parents from Divorce Strategies...
March 20, 2017 Welcome to my guests today! LaToya Carter of FamilyPromiseofMontgomery County and Teresa Deford of De Ford Law...
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January 12, 2017 ClockBoy loses suit vs City and School District. Suitcase clock legitimately looked like a bomb. #Law #Justice
December 20, 2016 Not the best way to interact with consumers! Dental Firm Tries to dodge anti-SLAPP With Trademark Claims. Fails
November 22, 2016 RT @IJ: Federal court gives taxi competition a green light: via @ocregister
November 16, 2016 RT @businessinsider: Watch this massive shredder swallow cars whole and spit them out in tiny recyclable pieces #AmericaRecyclesDay
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December 14, 2016 Spreading some Holiday Cheer this week! #holidaycheer
December 5, 2016 Congratulations on 5 years Michele!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication!
December 1, 2016 #Drunk&DruggedDrivingPreventionMonth #3DPreventionMonth
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March 15, 2017 Distraction is a Major Threat on Houston Roads: Over 40% of drivers admit to reading a text/email behind the wheel
March 13, 2017 Flood Safety in Houston: Knowing what to do reduces anxiety making you safer.
March 12, 2017 Drunk Driving Leading to Car Accidents in Houston: Drivers are expected to avoid decisions that put others at risk.
March 10, 2017 House committee unanimously approves texting while driving ban.
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March 9, 2017 Learn more about Margaret Amsler's incredible story and how Baylor Law has honored her:…
March 8, 2017 Tim Head, JD '09 (2nd from left) was in a group that met w/Pres. Trump Feb. 23 to discuss admin's commitment to fig…
March 8, 2017 Congratulations to both of our Startup LawMeets teams! Both teams have advanced to the finals! #SicEmBaylorLaw
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August 2, 2011 My first tweet!
August 2, 2011 @dallasseoguru Suggest you consider the lawyer's experience, credentials and client referrals.
March 16, 2017 Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan | Hammerle Finley Law Firm
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February 2, 2017 Your fine Merino wool shirt starts right here. With a happy little woolly.
November 29, 2016 Ladies Couture sequin jacket. Completely 100% hand made by the Master tailors.
November 29, 2016 Model Tailors brings you the finest designs in the world. Designs created that are created and sewn by the...
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February 27, 2017 RT @PhilipRucker: Imagine what Candidate Trump would've said if Obama CoS Denis McDonough asked the FBI to knock a Clinton email story
February 18, 2017 February 2017 is "American Heart Month": Focus on Coronary Artery Disease & Disability by @StanDenman
November 25, 2016 November 2016 is COPD Awarement Month: Is COPD a Basis for Social Security Disability?
November 19, 2016 Waiting Time for ALJ Disability Hearings: Why Does It Take So Long?
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December 20, 2016 RT @PetersonLawGrp: Estate Planning Should Include Digital Estate Assets #willstrustsestateplanning
December 20, 2016 RT @nytimes: A historic number of electors defected, and most were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton