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March 22, 2017 Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case
March 15, 2017 Forced to have sex with 1,000 men, a girl is now suing the motel that she says let it happen
March 14, 2017 It’s Legal for 14-Year-Olds to Marry. Should It Be?
March 14, 2017 Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones?
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February 22, 2010 Wart excised w/ scalpel but pltf wasn't told: $3MM injury verdict (reduced to $1MM) in NY.
February 16, 2010 NY lawsuit vs. gym teacher tossed out on appeal re injuries in floor hockey game.
February 11, 2010 Come on by 81 Main Street suite 118 Looking fwd
February 7, 2010 RT @tobiasgilk: @johnhochfelder thank you, John. I'm surprised by the silence post-settlement (from medical community).
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November 3, 2016 RT @JohnJWillemsen: Corporations Have ‘Alarmingly High’ Failure Rate with Their Cyber Defenses: Accenture
November 3, 2016 Know anyone who might be interested in a regulatory compliance job working with some great people?
June 15, 2016 RT @BBCBreaking: Wreckage of EgyptAir Paris-Cairo flight MS804 found in Mediterranean a month after crash, Egyptian investigators say
June 15, 2016 RT @JohnJWillemsen: Apple gets patent for wrap-around iPhone screen - CNN
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February 28, 2016 Konst Law offers Uncontested Divorce to save thousands in legal fees. #Divorce #LancasterNYLawyer Call: 716-601-1000
November 9, 2015 .@nomikikonst for Lonny. California's ballot could be a blockbuster next November
November 8, 2015 Use of pictures to make your point. Good job, Unknown.
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January 7, 2017 Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption #Amazon. Amazing Book!
January 3, 2017 Great time in D.C. Congrats Tom Suozzi! #tomsuozzi
October 3, 2016 How decades of divorce helped erode religion
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July 7, 2011 monkey steals camera and takes AMAZING self portraits
May 31, 2011 RT @SteveCase: Startup Genome Report: Patterns Of Successful Internet Startups "Key: ability to learn and adapt" #StartupAmerica
March 19, 2016 Any class action lawyers out there? #radiohead #ticketmaster
May 12, 2011 RT @TEDTalks: Today's #TED: Amit Sood builds a museum of museums on the web:
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February 16, 2017 How One Adventurous Duo Catalyzed The Chicken in a Barrel Brand By Investing in First Franchise
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March 23, 2017 So glad I wasn't in charge of our state's #BarAssociationBracketChallenge. My personal bracket is in tatters. #those1seeds
March 22, 2017 I saw the license plate "JPEG" last night, but this one made me laugh. #geek #fitdrivers
March 22, 2017 I saw the license plate "JPEG" last night, but this one made me laugh. #geek #fitdrivers @…
March 22, 2017 Recommended read on @Medium: “15 Tools That Will Help You Stay Focused”
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September 22, 2015 Tell Obama We Want Serious Action on Climate Before Paris Take Action w @Roots_Action
August 13, 2015 NFL Settlement Of Concussion Class Action Lawsuit With Former Players–Is It Adequate?: There was an interestin...
July 23, 2015 Tragic DWI Crash in Cutchogue: This past Saturday, July 18, 2015, there was an horrific DWI crash in Cutchogue...
July 10, 2015 Lower Hudson Valley Motor Vehicle Crashes 2011-2014: As anyone who drives on the major highways and parkways i...
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March 19, 2017 Should there be cameras in the Court? Another step of the #SCOTUS confirmation dance-a-thon:
March 19, 2017 . @GoldmanZachary @NYU_CLS on the US indictment of Russians allegedly behind Yahoo hack:
March 19, 2017 Look for #Gorsuch to dance around #ReproductiveRights at confirmation hearing, says Prof. @barryfriedman1:…
March 19, 2017 Iris Bohnet discusses how to address unconscious bias in @BelongingNYU speaker series:
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March 19, 2017 RT @nytimes: Jimmy Breslin, a legendary columnist whose savagely funny prose leveled the powerful for over 50 years, has died
March 19, 2017 RT @federalbar: #Congrats to our 2 Civics Essay Contest Winners Isabelle Scott of Long Island, #NY and Alexander Ashman of Phoenix, #AZ !
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January 4, 2016 Older Students Learn for the Sake of Learning
December 16, 2015 Deadline to sign up for health coverage extended to tomorrow.
November 18, 2015 As Lives Lengthen, Costs Mount Older and living in NYC, better to be poor than middle class?
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August 2, 2011 Oh the places an EBT will take you
August 2, 2011 Sumry Judments with a little RJ and JE, all in the 1st Department. One bit of EE in the 2nd.
August 2, 2011 Sumry Judments with a little RJ and JE, all in the 1st Department
August 2, 2011 Experts Shmexperts
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February 5, 2010 I spoke on a Career Panel for the Girl Scouts today; a group of incredible young ladies- 6th graders from the Bronx. I'm fulfilled.
December 20, 2009 DO OVER: How to Handle International Custody Disputes:
December 20, 2009 How to Handle International Custody Disputes
December 9, 2009 Joint Custody and Child Support Determinations #about
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August 30, 2016 Due to our brand transition, we will no longer be posting updates here. Please follow our updates at LDiscovery –@ldiscovery
August 18, 2016 LDiscovery, LLC, announces the release of A/V Suite for Relativity.
June 15, 2016 We are pleased to announce that RenewData is transitioning to the LDiscovery brand.
May 3, 2016 LDiscovery is proud to sponsor the playoff excitement at the Caps game! #RocktheRed
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March 17, 2017 Touro Law forms new Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Names Assoc Dean and Director -
January 25, 2017 RT @tourogsb: Collaboration between #touro at its finest! Excited for the big things to come between @TouroLawCenter & The Gradua…
December 5, 2016 RT @josephdellesq: Touro Law School is a family. I encourage anyone who wants to go to law school - visit Touro , spend some time on this amazing campus. Meet…
December 5, 2016 RT @jimoutoffaf: Great session on making music as a road to social & emotional learning in PTSD w. Harry Ballan @TouroLawCenter @SalzburgGlobal #SGSedu
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March 17, 2017 I'm looking to boycott something. What's available?
March 16, 2017 You can read yet more stories about Trump. And get sick. Or be fascinated by New York's dog bite law....
March 16, 2017 It's the old guns versus butter debate you learned about in Econ 101. Or poli-sci. Or both. Some things never chan…
March 16, 2017 It's the old guns versus butter debate that you learned in Econ and
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March 20, 2017 RT @BCAppelbaum: Trump: “Germany has done very well in its trade deals with the United States.” Actually: Germany has no trade deals with the United States.
February 5, 2017 I liked a @YouTube video UNRWA's Anti-Semitic Teachers Exposed in 130-Page UN Watch Report
January 23, 2017 #breachofcontract claims against our client, a web designer, dismissed by arbitrator
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March 17, 2017 Jerome A. Wisselman recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates! Read more about Jerome here:…
March 17, 2017 Jerome A. Wisselman recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates! Read more about Jerome here:…
March 17, 2017 Jerome A. Wisselman recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates! Read more about Jerome here:…
February 10, 2017 Jerome A. Wisselman Named a Top 100 Family Lawyer in the State of New York for 2017! Read more in our latest blog:
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August 1, 2011 Very excited abt this. MT Coming soon: @spindlelaw profile of Martha Minow, Dean @Harvard_Law.
July 21, 2011 LA, law and politics. MT @spindlelaw Interviews: Mel Levine, partner @gibsondunn and former LA Congressman:
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November 4, 2010 I'll be speaking tonight at the New York City Bar Association's Contemplative Lawyer's Group
July 18, 2009 Blogging 'Follow posts on Moby Dick'
October 3, 2010 RT @PublishersWkly: NYT op ed: Found in Translation How Michael Cunningham learned to write for his reader, not for himself.
October 3, 2010 RT @nyrbclassics: rt @five_books: Free FiveBooks Interview Archive #archive #books # interviews
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June 4, 2015 JP Morgan Is Cutting Something No One Under 40 Uses and Wall Street Thinks Other Banks May Follow On Tuesday, CNBC...
May 16, 2015 Check this out on Pinterest. 15 Storefront Signs That Show These Businesses Have a Sense of Humor - Liquor Store Paradox -...
May 14, 2015 The Motley Fool: A Glimpse Into What Social Security May Look Like When Your Grandchildren Retire The Motley Fool: A Glimpse Into What...
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March 17, 2017 RT @alisonjardine: "White Noise' 50"x46" oil on canvas #painting #art . .
March 17, 2017 RT @NRO: Chuck Schumer criticized Neil Gorsuch for being impartial, but that’s the sign of a good judge…
March 17, 2017 RT @AmyMek: While Trump FIGHTS for Women... Germany has invented “anti-rape undergarments” to make it harder 4 Merkel's MUSLIM…
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January 13, 2013 RT @BorowitzReport: Obama is extremely pissed off:
January 10, 2013 Will The NLRB's Protection Of Water Cooler Conversations Trump A Company's Right To Keep Its Investigations Confidenti…
January 9, 2013 @ezraklein @sarahkliff Is the term "high information Palin supporter" oxymoronic?
January 9, 2013 RT @jedlewison: GOP (w/no Jewish senators) going to have a tough time saying Hagel is anti-semitic when 12 (or 13 w/Frank) Jewish Dem senators vote for him
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March 17, 2017 RT @EFF: "Mistakes happen", but when mistakes mean taking a website off the Internet without notice, we have a problem.
March 17, 2017 Do You Need to Expedite a Copyright Registration Filing?
March 17, 2017 What Does it Mean to File an Intent-to-Use Trademark Application?
March 17, 2017 I was quoted in an article on IP Watchdog about big firms vs. IP boutiques.
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March 17, 2017 Missouri house OKs bill to limit #MedicalMalpractice suits.
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March 17, 2017 The legal & ethical considerations in publishing private truthful information | Columbia Journalism Rev via @CJR
March 17, 2017 The New Yorker’s chief fact-checker on how to get things right in the era of ‘post-truth’ via @cjr
March 17, 2017 RT @PublishersLunch: As Feared, Trump Budget Proposes Eliminating NEA, NEH and Corporation for Public Broadcasting
March 17, 2017 DOJ & FTC Update Antitrust Guidelines for Licensing IP Initiated Under Obama Admin. Will it Stick Under Trump Admin?
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March 20, 2017 Check out Baton Rouge's most dangerous intersections & drive safely out there. Red pins mark 35+ accidents in 2016
March 17, 2017 Baton Rouge's Most Dangerous Intersections in 2016 | Fisher Injury Lawyers
March 17, 2017 Do you frequent any of these accident-prone intersections? Those marked in red saw over 35 accidents in 2016.
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March 19, 2017 RT @waltpavlo: De Blasio official axed over probe says it was to warn others to keep quiet Or quieter ... since we all know
March 19, 2017 RT @OrinKerr: What's the "course of conduct" required under 2261A(2)? Requires "pattern of conduct composed of two or more acts."
March 18, 2017 RT @WomenAttorneys: Sheldon Silver lawyer argues for overturned bribery conviction
March 17, 2017 RT @CKinstitute: Mandatory minimums limit judicial discretion and can lead to disproportionate sentencing for nonviolent offenders.
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March 15, 2017 Anti-Trans Group Forced to Apologize For Using Sexual Assault Survivor's (and Trans supporter) Story to Raise Money
March 14, 2017 RT @peterdaou: 4. Here's the bitter truth: It CAN and IS happening here. @brianklaas explains how American democracy has suffered.
March 14, 2017 RT @peterdaou: A political party that prioritizes stripping health insurance from millions of families and banning war refugees lacks a moral compass.
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March 22, 2017 RT @westinpuntacana: Awaken your inner peace. (Photo: @arritoro)
March 22, 2017 RT @NatGeo: Meaning ‘new day’ in Farsi, Nowruz marks the beginning of the year 1396 in the Persian calendar
March 22, 2017 RT @MetroUK: How the London terror attack unfolded: Timeline of the Westminster attack
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March 10, 2017 All of us @RandisiLaw hope you are safe and warm. We have power & office is open Fri 3/10. Call 585-248-3800 to confirm/reschedule. Thanks!
March 8, 2017 Check out this sweet birthday smile! Mr. JJ is the big 7 today!
March 3, 2017 Ain’t that the truth...
January 6, 2017 Have you heard? Elizabeth Randisi & Meredith Lamb, attys @RandisiLaw, host smart & fun law podcast Real Life Law -
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March 18, 2017 RT @swjjr67: Crime and the Adolescent Brain
March 18, 2017 Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too
March 18, 2017 Derek Walcott, Poet and Nobel Laureate of the Caribbean, Dies at 87
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January 8, 2010 A recent development along the homeland security front:
December 5, 2009 New York — Speedy Trial Laws
November 9, 2009 A quick synopsis of New York's holiday events. Enjoy!
November 1, 2009 Felony Complaint, Indictment & SCI
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March 21, 2017 Have you submitted your #JD application yet? #PriorityDeadline for @SUCollegeofLaw is 4/1/17. Apply now!
September 13, 2016 @SUCollegeofLaw Professor Gouldin to Participate on @GoSUparttime Roundtable 9/15 on Racial Tension in America
August 26, 2016 @SUCollegeofLaw Semester in D.C. Begins w/ Guest Lecture from CIA Associate General Counsel
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March 22, 2017 RT @lauraolin: I think the big news here is that 52% of men are gay and/or virgins
March 22, 2017 "Trump seems tough at first, but he gets weaker with every scratch."
March 22, 2017 You know things are not-great when the legal newsletter's subject line is "Does the Rule of Law Still Matter?" ??????