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Insurance Bad Faith Legal Birds by Community Connections

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September 10, 2014 Vehicle Crosses Centerline: "We base these posts on information retrieved from on-line crash reports and oth...
August 28, 2014 Vehicle Was Hit Head On Causing Serious Injuries: "We base these posts on information retrieved from on-line...
August 26, 2014 Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle with attached Tractor and Trailer: "We base these posts on information retrieve...
August 12, 2014 Vehicle Loses Control Causing Vehicle to Overturn: "We base these posts on information retrieved from on-lin...
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March 11, 2016 Jury Finds WellStar 'Willfully Violated' Age Bias Law, Awards $374K
January 26, 2016 Lawyer Turns Tech Geek to Launch Unique Practice Management System | Daily Report Online
July 24, 2015 Considering Data Security from the Discovery Perspective
March 31, 2015 Jeff and I recently wrote a piece data breaches and e-discovery available on
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May 17, 2008 Received alert 80, damn.
May 17, 2008 curse you, man in the middle
May 17, 2008 encrypting....
May 17, 2008 handshaking...
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February 19, 2016 Wrongful Death Claims 101: Answers to your questions:   In Florida, an average of 42.7 per every 100,000 peopl...
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April 13, 2014 Find out your helath Insurance is covered
April 13, 2014 What if you cannot pay your txaes
April 12, 2014 Zaher Fallahi on 670 AM
April 12, 2014 Last Minute Filers avoid these common mistakes
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April 26, 2016 Tomorrow at #CollisionConf we will be at C 241 in the Marketing/Enterprise/Music.
April 26, 2016 Excited to take part in @CollisionHQ this week. If you are here tomorrow come see Locally on the main floor. Can give you a demo.
April 26, 2016 Welcome to NOLA #collisionconf. We are a local tech company exhibiting at stand C 241 tomorrow. Swing by to chat. We would love to meet you.
March 31, 2016 The Mutiny River Short by @Kuhl_USA is perfect for Spring and Summer time in the water. - #buylocal
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March 25, 2016 Ex Post Facto – counsel’s failure to seek a sentence by application of the Guidelines in effect at the time of...
February 23, 2016 “There is something very wrong with this picture – so wrong Stevie Wonder could see the flaw from a phone boo...
February 9, 2016 The Government Waives Waiver (or Forfeits Forfeiture): United States v. Soto-Rivera In this case, the First Ci...
February 9, 2016 Ineffective assistance of counsel and standards of review – counsel’s failure to seek a continuance of sentenc...
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May 12, 2016 Stetson University College of Law News - Florida's First Law School
May 8, 2016 Florida Supreme Court weighs death penalty law
May 3, 2016 Three former Florida Supreme Court chief justices urge court to overturn hundreds of death...
April 3, 2016 Pinellas Sheriff Proposes Pre-Arrest Diversion for Adults
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June 4, 2014 @AlvaroAlvaradoC el billete era 7604, ojala no juegue ,
June 4, 2014 @AlvaroAlvaradoC denunciar billetera en el machetazo de tocumen q no vende billetes bajos si no le compras altos
June 4, 2014 @limyueng Esta es la billetera del machetazo de tocumen
June 4, 2014 @limyueng denunciar billetera en el machetazo de tocumen q no vende los billetes bajos si no compras los altos